Chapter 2191 - Chu Feng’s Appearance

Chapter 2191 - Chu Feng’s Appearance

Seeing Hong Xi destroying Chu Feng’s clone caused the expressions of many people present to turn sluggish.

This ending seemed to represent that Chu Feng would truly not show himself.

Even though they had already anticipated this, the crowd were still disappointed to see that things would end this way.

After all, if this was truly the case, this show would truly have been too dull.

At the same time, it would also mean that Chu Feng was, like the great majority of people, a spineless coward.

“Everyone, you’ve all seen this. I, Hong Xi, am straightforward and upright. I have kept my word.”

“As for that Chu Feng, he is extremely despicable; he is someone that goes back on his word.”

“Actually, I, Hong Xi, already expected that he would not show himself. I also know that he is despicable and shameless.”

“However, I still gave in to his demands. The reason for that is because I wanted everyone to see his true colors. I wanted everyone to know that there’s a despicable man by the name of Chu Feng in our Luyang’s Pavilion’s territory.”

“Everyone, you must be careful when you encounter that child. Do not be entrapped by him. The reason for that is because that child is a fully deserving vile bastard,” Hong Xi feared that the people would truly think that he was stupid. Thus, he began to find excuses for himself.

Most ridiculous of it all, though it was unknown as to whether the crowd wanted to flatter Hong Xi or what, but many of them actually took what Hong Xi said to be the truth and began to nod.

In fact, many among them even started to applaud Hong Xi.

“Who said that I, Chu Feng, am someone who goes back on my words, that I will not dare to show myself?”

Suddenly, right at that moment, a figure flew over and entered Hong Xi and the others’ line of sight.

Upon seeing that man, the people present, including Hong Xi, were all startled. The reason for that was because that person was Chu Feng, the real Chu Feng and definitely not a clone.

“Chu Feng?!” Upon seeing Chu Feng, even Hong Xi revealed a surprised expression. He seemed to not dare to believe that Chu Feng would really show himself.

“What’s wrong? Hong Xi, as one of the six grand Vice Pavilion Masters of Luyang’s Pavilion, could it be that you cannot tell whether I am here with my actual body or as a clone?” Chu Feng mocked with a smile.

He was never one to do something without certainty of success. Before coming here, he had already thoroughly investigated that Hong Xi.

Hong Xi was not only a rank nine Half Martial Ancestor, he was also one of the six most powerful individuals in Luyang’s Pavilion underneath Chu Luyang.

His strength was most definitely not limited to merely that of a rank nine Half Martial Ancestor. Reportedly, even ordinary rank one Martial Ancestors would not be a match for him.

It was not because he possessed heaven-defying battle power that surpassed ordinary people. Rather, it was because he was a special monstrous beast. He possessed a special Inherited Bloodline that could allow him to increase his cultivation by a level.

In other words, even though his actual cultivation was that of a rank nine Half Martial Ancestor, his cultivation would increase to that of a rank one Martial Ancestor should he activate his Inherited Bloodline.

“Hahaha, I truly never expected this. Chu Feng, not only are you bold, you’re also very astute. You actually dared to appear by yourself.”

“You couldn’t possibly think that I wouldn’t dare to kill you, right?” After Hong Xi confirmed that it was Chu Feng’s actual body, he was immediately overjoyed. All of the displeasure that was on his face before disappeared, and was replaced with a sense of superiority.

The way he saw it, as long as Chu Feng showed himself, he would be the victor. The reason for that was because Hong Xi felt that Chu Feng would undoubtedly be killed by him because of the difference between their strengths.

Pleasure. He felt extreme pleasure. He felt so much pleasure, that Hong Xi actually forgot himself.

“Who told you that little friend Chu Feng came alone?” However, right at that moment, an old man’s voice sounded.

Following that, the space beside Chu Feng started to fluctuate like water. Soon, an old man appeared from that space and stood beside Chu Feng.

“It’s you?!”

Upon seeing this person, the expressions of the great majority of the people present changed. The reason for that was because this old man was one of the Red Butterfly Society’s management elders, Elder Liu Chengkun.

Furthermore, Elder Liu Chengkun was not concealing his aura. Instead, he had unleashed his aura, his cultivation.

His aura greatly surpassed that of Half Martial Ancestors. Sensing that aura, people felt fear from it. The reason for that was because that Elder Liu Chengkun was actually a Martial Ancestor.

A rank one Martial Ancestor, an actual Martial Ancestor-level expert, an expert that had truly grasped the strength of Ancestral-level martial power.

However, compared to others, Chu Feng did not reveal any trace of surprise after Elder Liu Chengkun appeared.

The reason for that… was because before Chu Feng had appeared, he had already known that this Elder Liu Chengkun would come to help him.

“Little friend Chu Feng, you can rest assured. I have already ordered my men to receive Tang Ying and her servant girl. They are already safe now,” Liu Chengkun said to Chu Feng through voice transmission with a beaming smile.

“Thank you, Elder Liu, for your assistance,” Chu Feng replied through voice transmission. His tone was filled with gratefulness.

Actually, the reason why Chu Feng dared to show himself was precisely because he had discovered Elder Liu Chengkun after arriving to this place.

in the beginning, Chu Feng had merely sent a voice transmission to Elder Liu Chengkun to ask him whether or not he could help him get Tang Ying after they escaped.

At that time, he was uncertain of whether or not Elder Liu Chengkun would help him. After all, he had refused Elder Liu Chengkun’s invitation not long ago.

However, to Chu Feng’s surprise, not only did Elder Liu Chengkun agree to help him without the slightest hesitation, he even told Chu Feng to not quietly leave, and instead show himself after Hong Xi released Tang Ying.

He told Chu Feng that his reputation would be ruined should he escape. At that time, it would become a stain throughout his life. Furthermore, he would be ridiculed all his life for it. Even if Chu Feng managed to obtain an extremely high level of accomplishment in the future, there would still be people that would dishonor him using that.

At that time, Chu Feng realized that Liu Chengkun would definitely show himself to help him should he show himself.

Actually, even if Liu Chengkun had not said such a thing to Chu Feng, Chu Feng had not planned to escape without a trace either.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng knew that he not only carried his own reputation, he also carried his father Chu Xuanyuan and his grandfather Chu Hanxian’s reputations.

Not only could he not afford to shame himself, he could not afford to shame his father and grandfather.

Thus, no matter what, Chu Feng would show himself. Even if he could not defeat Hong Xi, he would still fight him. He had decided to place all of his hopes onto his Evil God Sword.

However, as Liu Chengkun had decided to help him, Chu Feng felt more confident.

Merely, it remained that he did not have much of a relation with Liu Chengkun. They had only met each other once. Furthermore, Chu Feng had refused his invitation.

Thus, Chu Feng truly felt extremely grateful that Liu Chengkun was willing to help him unconditionally.

“So, Chu Feng was actually a part of your Red Butterfly Society? No wonder he’s bold enough to go against our Luyang’s Pavilion.”

“This is the perfect opportunity. Liu Chengkun, I have yet to settle my debt with you from last time,” Hong Xi said fiercely.

“I think you are mistaken. Little friend Chu Feng is merely a like-minded individual to us. However, he does not actually belong to our Red Butterfly Society,” Elder Liu Chengkun explained on behalf of Chu Feng.

Liu Chengkun’s simple explanation caused Chu Feng’s impression of him to increase greatly.

Oriignally, Chu Feng had wanted to explain. However, it remained that Liu Chengkun had helped him like this. Thus, Chu Feng decided not to explain.

Yet, Liu Chengkun had actually decided to explain for him. This meant that Liu Chengkun was truly a good individual.

“Enough of your superfluous words. Today, both of you shall die,” Once Hong Xi said those words, his eyes immediately turned red as an overwhelming killing intent emerged.

Immediately afterward, Hong Xi’s face started to change. Crimson scales began to bore out of his skin. Soon, his clothes ruptured, and his body size increased by threefold.

Even though he still had the appearance of a human, his body was completely covered with crimson scales. Sharp and strong black fingernails appeared on his fingers and he looked very much like a monster.

Most importantly, his aura had increased. He was no longer a rank nine Half Martial Ancestor. Instead, he had become a rank one Martial Ancestor.

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