Chapter 2192 - Trapped In Danger

Chapter 2192 - Trapped In Danger

“Come. Today, the two of us shall settle the grudges we have from the past.”

In response, Liu Chengkun waved his sleeve. Stepping on the air, he began to walk calmly toward Hong Xi.

At the moment he waved his sleeve, a little crystal bowl was tossed toward Chu Feng.

After that little crystal bowl approached Chu Feng, it began to rapidly increase in size. From the size of a palm, it increased to the size of a washbowl. In an upside-down manner, it hovered on top of Chu Feng’s head and spun slowly.

As it spun, a faint light began to sprinkle down from the bowl like a waterfall of light.

In the end, a defensive barrier was formed. That defensive barrier surrounded Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, your life is mine!!!”

At that time, the other experts from Luyang’s Pavilion all rushed toward Chu Feng and surrounded him. They all unleashed their Incomplete Ancestral Armaments and began to attack Chu Feng.

Ferocious martial skills and frightening blade rays, they were all incomparably powerful. To Chu Feng, all of those attacks were capable of taking his life should he be struck by them unprepared. Even if he managed to survive, he would be seriously injured.

However, being underneath the crystal bowl, Chu Feng was completely unharmed.

Regardless of how powerful their attacks were, regardless of whether they were the attacks of rank seven Half Martial Ancestors, rank eight Half Martial Ancestors or even rank nine Half Martial Ancestors, none of the attacks were capable of breaching the defensive barrier formed by the crystal bowl.

The crystal bowl was a defensive treasure. Chu Feng was absolutely safe should he stay inside it.

Unless that Hong Xi were to act, none of the current people from Luyang’s Pavilion would be able to bring any harm to Chu Feng.

Unfortunately, that Hong Xi was simply unable to do anything to Chu Feng right now. The reason for that was because he was locked in a busy battle against Elder Liu Chengkun.

Hong Xi was holding a large crimson blade. That blade was ten meters long, and emitted a very strong bloody odor. It was as if the blade was made of blood.

With each movement, the blade would let out a frightening snarl. His weapon was an Incomplete Ancestral Armament. However, it was an extremely powerful one.

From the discussion of the surrounding crowd, Chu Feng came to know that the crimson sword was an extremely famous Incomplete Ancestral Armament. It was called the Infernal Bloodsoul Blade.

It was indeed a blade formed by the condensation of blood. That was the reason why it reeked so strongly of blood, and emitted an intense killing intent.

Furthermore, the Infernal Bloodsoul Blade was forged by a demonic beast world spiritist. Thus, when it was being used by a demonic beast, the Infernal Bloodsoul Blade would be more powerful than when it was used by a human.

As for Elder Liu Chengkun, he had also unleashed his own Incomplete Ancestral Armament. When compared to Hong Xi’s Incomplete Ancestral Armament, Elder Liu Chengkun’s Incomplete Ancestral Armament looked even more special.

His Incomplete Ancestral Armament was actually a picture scroll. The picture scroll had a painting of a sea. That sea was so vivid and lifelike; it was actually surging in the picture scroll.

The picture scroll was not being held in Elder Liu Chengkun’s hand. Rather, it was completely revealed. Like a special dragon, that picture scroll hovered around Elder Liu Chengkun to fight for him.

From the conversation of the surrounding crowd, Chu Feng found out that that picture scroll also possessed an extraordinary origin.

It was formed by refining a vast sea. Thus, the sea inside the picture scroll was not fake. Rather, it was an actual sea.




At this moment, the battle between the two men grew increasingly more intense. Even though they were equally matched, Chu Feng started to frown.

With his sharp perception and intuition, Chu Feng felt that Elder Liu Chengkun was already going all out, and had unleashed his strongest strength in the fight.

However, as for Hong Xi, Chu Feng kept feeling that he still had hidden tricks up his sleeve. If he were to truly go all out, Elder Liu Chengkun would definitely be no match against him.

Suddenly, Hong Xi shouted, “Emperor Taboo: Blood Lizard Transformation!”

Then, crimson gaseous flames began to emit from his body. The gaseous flames started to rapidly transform. In the end, the gaseous flames turned into a giant thousand-meter-long red lizard. [1. Hong Xi’s name literally means Red Lizard.]

The giant red lizard appeared to be a spirit body, as it was translucent. However, it was emitting an extremely powerful aura, and was controlled by Hong Xi.

At that moment, its bloody mouth was wide open as it moved to bite at Elder Liu Chengkun.

Before the mouth even arrived, the might of the attack was already extremely terrifying.

“Emperor Taboo: Great Tidal Wave!”

Elder Liu Chengkun was not to be outdone. He, too, unleashed a very powerful Emperor Taboo Martial Skill.

Immediately, violent waves of water that contained extremely powerful Ancestral-level martial power began to surge in the sky. It looked like a vast sea had appeared in the sky.

Elder Liu Chengkun was very experienced in battle. At the same time as he started to attack Hong Xi from afar with his Emperor Taboo Martial Skill, he was also moving backwards and maintaining his state of superiority against Hong Xi.

“As expected of a Martial Ancestor. They are not people that can be compared with someone who obtained the cultivation of Martial Ancestor through abilities.”

Seeing the successive tidal waves swallowing the giant red lizard, the great majority of the people present, with the exception of Chu Feng, all felt that Elder Liu Chengkun was going to win.

“Old fart, quite a good technique you have there. However, do not think that you will be able to stop me with only this.”

Suddenly, Hong Xi’s voice sounded from within the surging waves in the sky. Following that, Hong Xi’s figure reappeared.

Merely, when Hong Xi’s enormous figure reappeared, there was an enormous change when compared to before.

If the enormous lizard from before was only a phantom image, then the current Hong Xi’s entire body was rapidly increasing in size.

Hong Xi’s body was fusing with his Emperor Taboo Martial Skill. As this situation continued, the aura that Hong Xi was emitting grew more and more powerful.

“Crash, splatter~~~”

At that moment, Hong Xi began to move forward while braving the waves. He had managed to withstand the overflowing giant waves from Elder Liu Chengkun, and was closing the distance to him. Furthermore, his speed was growing faster and faster. It seemed like he would be able to overtake Elder Liu Chengkun.


Seeing this scene, Chu Feng started to frown even deeper. His ill premonition had happened.

Elder Liu Chengkun had already unleashed all of his power. And now, Hong Xi had unleashed his final trump card.

However, Hong Xi’s trump card was yet to be completely revealed. If he were to reveal it completely, the Emperor Taboo Martial Skill that Elder Liu Chengkun had unleashed with his Incomplete Ancestral Armament would likely not be a match for Hong Xi.

Hong Xi had relied on his Inherited Bloodline and that Incomplete Ancestral Armament specialized for Monstrous Beasts. As such, his might surpassed that of Elder Liu Chengkun.

“How could this be? Hong Xi, he’s actually this powerful? He was actually able to reverse the battle?”

At that moment, the people who thought that Elder Liu Chengkun was going to win all revealed expressions of shock. None of them had anticipated that Hong Xi would be so powerful, so powerful that he could reverse the situation.

“Reverse the situation? You all are overthinking it. Our Lord Hong Xi is someone unequalled among those with the same level of battle power to begin with. That Red Butterfly Society’s Liu Chengkun only managed to fight our Lord Hong Xi to a draw before because our Lord Hong Xi was deliberately going easy on him,” The people from Luyang’s Pavilion said proudly.

“So that was the case?! Lord Hong Xi is truly amazing!!!”

“In that case, it would seem that not only will that Chu Feng not be able to escape today, that Liu Chengkun will also end up meeting a calamity today?!”

At that moment, the crowd all cast glances at Chu Feng. Then, they looked back to Liu Chengkun. Inevitably, there was a slight amount of pity in their gazes.

After all, if Liu Chengkun hadn’t come for Chu Feng, he would not have involved himself with this mess. If he hadn’t involved himself with this mess, he would not have ended up in such a dangerous situation now.

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