Chapter 2190 - Whole New Level Of Respect

Chapter 2190 - Whole New Level Of Respect

“I said, release Tang Ying, and I’ll show myself immediately,” Chu Feng repeated himself.

“Heh, do you take me as a fool? Do you think that I will be toyed around with by you that easily?” Hong Xi said mockingly.

“You have no other choice,” Chu Feng said.

“No other choice? I think you’re mistaken here,” Hong Xi laughed coldly. Then, he extended his palm and grabbed at Tang Ying. Immediately, a boundless oppressive might appeared out of nowhere, covering Tang Ying and the servant girl.

The moment Hong Xi acted, everyone was able to sense Hong Xi’s aura. He was a rank nine Half Martial Ancestor. In other words, he was a peak Half Martial Ancestor-level expert, someone only a step away from becoming a Martial Ancestor.

For someone as powerful as him, he would be able to kill Tang Ying and her servant girl with a single thought. There was simply no need for him to use his oppressive might to do so.

“Show yourself immediately. Else, I will kill them right now,” Hong Xi threatened fiercely.

“Hong Xi, I know that you possess Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritists among your subordinates. However, you should also know that it would be simply impossible for you all to determine where I’m located with your strength.”

“If you dare to kill Tang Ying and A’cai, I will definitely not show myself. I dare to guarantee you that you will never be able to accomplish the mission that your master gave you.”

“However, if you are to spare them, I will immediately show myself. I will definitely keep my word.”

“Today, I have already given you the chance to kill me. The choice is up to you now.”

“Of course, if you choose to insist on killing Tang Ying and not spare them, then it would mean that you are extremely cowardly. The person that will be mocked and ridiculed by the people of the world would not be me, Chu Feng. Instead, it will be you, Hong Xi.”

“However, if I am to not show myself after you released Tang Ying, the person mocked by the people of the world will instead be me.”

“Furthermore, if you choose the former and make it so that you will never be able to capture me again, I believe your master will also not be happy with you.”

“Thus, you should know what to choose,” Chu Feng said confidently. It was as if he had already seen though Hong Xi.

“Heh… you are quite smart,” Hearing what Chu Feng said, Hong Xi suddenly burst into laughter. He was no fool, and was naturally able to weigh the pros and cons.

In this sort of situation, he truly appeared to have no other choice but to release Tang Ying as Chu Feng had said. However, he was unwilling to do so. The reason for that was because it would mean that he had lost to Chu Feng in this contest should he do as Chu Feng wanted.

However, he also did not wish to let go of this opportunity to kill Chu Feng, nor did he want to be punished by his master and mocked by the people of the world for letting Chu Feng go.

Thus, in the end, he waved his sleeve and destroyed the thorny vines tying Tang Ying and the servant girl up.

At that moment, Tang Ying and the servant girl had regained their freedom.

“You can go,” Hong Xi said.

Tang Ying and the servant girl were both bewildered by this scene. They seemed to be at a loss as for what to do, whether to escape or not.

However, they then turned around and began to hurriedly flee toward the distance. Their rear views were very sorry in appearance.

“Tell your men to release their tracking,” Chu Feng said.

Hearing those words, Hong Xi’s expression changed. However, in the end, he looked to the men beside him.

In response, the men’s expressions changed. Even though there was not a lot of change to their appearance, a lot of people present knew that those men were world spiritists.

As such, they must’ve used special techniques to lock onto Tang Ying and her servant girl’s aura. Thus, no matter where Tang Ying and her servant girl were to flee to, they would still be captured by Hong Xi’s subordinates.

However, their tricks were seen through by Chu Feng. Thus, at that moment, Hong Xi’s subordinates had no choice but to stop what they were doing. With that, as long as Tang Ying and A’cai fled far enough, it would be extremely difficult for Hong Xi to find them again.

Even though the people from Luyang’s Pavilion did not chase after Tang Ying and A’cai, and had also released their tracking of them, some of the bystanders began to have the idea of tracking them.

In fact, some people had already entered the void, and were tailing Tang Ying from the shadows.

After all, they all knew how powerful Luyang’s Pavilion was. If they were able to find Tang Ying to hand to Luyang’s Pavilion, they would definitely be able to gain many benefits.

“The people present, listen carefully: If any of you dare to think about doing anything to Tang Ying and her servant girl, I will definitely make you all wish you were dead,” Chu Feng’s voice sounded again. Even though it was only from his clone, his voice contained great killing intent, and was extremely chilly.

At this moment, the expressions of the people who thought about tailing Tang Ying all turned sluggish. They no longer dared to move.

Even though they all felt that Chu Feng was powerless to even protect himself now, they, for some reason, felt that Chu Feng’s words were no joke. It was as if he was truly capable of doing what he said.

They felt that if they were to do something to Tang Ying today, they might really end up dying by Chu Feng’s hands. As such, in the end, not a single person dared to tail Tang Ying from the shadows.

At that moment, many people started to have new opinions of Chu Feng.

His simple sentences had demonstrated his perceptive ability, as well as his careful frame of mind.

Even though it was a path to his own destruction for Chu Feng to come here, he had already planned everything out.

Before this, no one would’ve truly thought that a mere member of the younger generation would be able to accomplish all this against a major power with strength greatly surpassing his own.

In fact, many people felt that Chu Feng would not show up, that it would mean that Chu Feng was a fool should he show up, that not only would he die, but Tang Ying would also die.

However, looking at it now, the crowd felt that they had truly underestimated this Chu Feng before.

The current situation was that Tang Ying had been released. If Chu Feng were to not show himself, Hong Xi would have lost enormously.

In fact, many people felt that Chu Feng would not show himself.

The reason for that was because the people that he wanted to save today had already been saved. Furthermore, he was able to get away safely. Thus, Chu Feng had already won.

Most importantly, no one would give up their lives for the sake of their reputation. The crowd automatically felt that Chu Feng would not do so either.

“They have already gotten far away. They are safe now. You can show yourself,” Hong Xi said.

“Don’t be in such a rush. Wait a bit longer. The two of them have low levels of cultivation. You must give them a bit more time,” Chu Feng said.

“Could it be that you do not dare to show yourself?” Hong Xi said coldly.

“Are you afraid?” Chu Feng asked with a smile.

“Nonsense! Me, afraid?” Hong Xi started to frown as he replied with a cold voice.

“You fear that I will not show myself because you will end up losing enormously should that be the case. Furthermore, you will be ridiculed by the people of the world,” Chu Feng said.

“Ridiculous, even if someone is to be ridiculed, it will be you. You will be the one who will be ridiculed for breaking your promise. As for I… how could I possibly be ridiculed?” Hong Xi said.

“Indeed, I will be ridiculed. However, you will also be ridiculed. If people were to ridicule me for breaking my promise, they would also ridicule you for being extremely stupid.”

“You!!!” Hong Xi revealed a furious expression. He finally realized that he had been made a fool of. If Chu Feng were to really not show himself, he would end up losing enormously.

At that moment, Hong Xi was filled with regret. He regretted his impatience in wanting to kill Chu Feng that caused him to lose his calm and be exploited by Chu Feng.

“Look, didn’t I say that you were afraid?” Chu Feng laughed.

Suddenly, Hong Xi shouted, “Vile bastard!!!” Then, he raised his hand and shot out a palm strike. “Boom!” Chu Feng’s clone was destroyed by him.

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