Chapter 2189 - To Proceed While Braving Death

Chapter 2189 - To Proceed While Braving Death

The message was being spread by a person from Luyang’s Pavilion by the name of Hong Xi.

It was unknown what sort of method that person had used. However, he had managed to capture Tang Ying, as well as that servant girl by the name of A’cai.

He wanted Chu Feng to show up at the Tang Family within ten days so that they could capture him. Should Chu Feng not appear in ten days’ time, he would skin Tang Ying alive.

Furthermore, judging by the time, the time limit was about to arrive. If Chu Feng did not hurry to the Tang Family, Tang Ying’s life would likely be lost.

However, Luyang’s Pavilion had most definitely come prepared this time around. With Chu Feng’s current strength, he would definitely be courting death should he go there.

“How did this happen? Could it be that servant girl by the name of A’cai led them to Tang Ying?”

“Truly foolish! Didn’t I tell her to run far away? Why would she still be captured?”

Chu Feng was uncertain as to what sort of method Hong Xi had used to capture Tang Ying.

However, Chu Feng felt that the person called Hong Xi was most likely not lying.

The reason for that was because he was able to tell that there was more than a single bird spreading the message. Likely, there were a lot of them.

After that news spread, there would definitely be a lot of people that would proceed toward the Tang Family to watch the show. If Tang Ying was not present then, that Hong Xi would have humiliated himself and the people of Luyang’s Pavilion would be looked down upon by others.


Suddenly, Chu Feng’s body shifted and he began to fly toward the Tang Family.

Even though he knew that proceeding to the Tang Family would be disastrous...

Even though Chu Feng did not have a deep relationship with Tang Ying, and they were merely acquaintances...

Even though Chu Feng had already saved Tang Ying three times and had been meticulously virtuous and dutiful toward her...

Even though Chu Feng had only provoked Luyang’s Pavilion because he had helped that Tang Ying...

For some unknown reason, Chu Feng was actually unable to contain his desire to save Tang Ying.

Thus, even though he knew that it was a trap, Chu Feng was still determined to go there.

The reason for that was because he was truly unable to abandon Tang Ying, he was unable to let her be killed because of him.

The reason for that was because there was something that flowed in Chu Feng’s body that was haunting him.

As for that something, it was called the ‘unyielding and upright nature of a man’!!!”


Chu Feng’s guess was correct. Tang Ying had indeed been captured. Furthermore, other than Tang Ying and that servant girl by the name of A’cai, the rest of the Tang Family had all been massacred by the people from Luyang’s Pavilion.

As for how Tang Ying was captured, it was more or less what Chu Feng had already deduced. Hong Xi had used the servant girl by the name of A’cai to find Tang Ying.

Currently, that servant girl and Tang Ying were both suspended atop a thousand meter-tall iron pole and tied with thorny vines.

The sharp thorns had already pierced through the two women’s tender flesh and blood was flowing from their skin nonstop, dyeing their clothes red. The health of the two women had become extremely poor.

“Young Miss, I have let you down. It is all my fault. I am the one that has harmed you. My death cannot atone for my crimes, my death cannot atone for my crimes.”

The servant girl was crying. Her tears were falling like rain. It was not because of the pain she felt. Rather, it was because she felt that she had implicated Tang Ying.

“A’cai, stop crying. This is not your fault. I have heard about that Hong Xi’s ability from father and the others. Practically no one could withstand his tortures. As such, it is natural for you to give in.”

“Furthermore, you only mentioned the location where my mother was buried.”

“Actually, it is all my fault. I was the one who did not listen to Chu Feng’s advice to quickly leave this place,” Tang Ying said.

“Young Miss, it is not your fault. After all, you just wanted to pay your respects to your mother before leaving,” The servant girl said.

“That’s right. I decided to pay respects to my mother. However, because of this, I’ve implicated Chu Feng now,” Tang Ying said.

“Could it be that Lord Chu Feng will really come?” The servant girl asked. She did not feel like Chu Feng would come. However, she wished that Chu Feng would come.

Even though she knew that Chu Feng would likely die should he come here, it remained that there would be a chance of survival for them should Chu Feng come. However, if Chu Feng were to not come, they would definitely be killed.

“I hope that he will not come,” Tang Ying said.

“If he doesn’t come, you will die. If he comes, you will still die,” Suddenly, a man appeared out of thin air and stood before Tang Ying. This person was Hong Xi.

“Kill me!!!” Tang Ying shouted.

“Don’t be in such a rush. I will soon let you reunite with your family. Merely… I’m afraid that your family will not treat you well even if you are to meet them in the netherworld. After all, you are a traitor to the Tang Family. Hahaha!!!” Hong Xi laughed frantically.

“You damned demon! You shall die miserably! Chu Feng will not spare you! He will definitely not spare you!” Tang Ying shouted furiously.

She knew that all the remaining people of her Tang Family were killed by that Hong Xi. He did not spare even the children. All those that he killed were innocent people.

“You couldn’t possibly really be thinking that Chu Feng will show up, right? You’re thinking that he will brave dangers for an insignificant nobody like you?” Hong Xi sneered.

Tang Ying grew silent upon hearing those words. Even though there was not much of a change to her expression, her heart was extremely hurt.

After her family betrayed her, she felt that there was only a single person she could rely on in this world--Chu Feng.

Merely, would Chu Feng really show up? Would Chu Feng throw his life away for her, someone that he barely knew?

Even though she did not wish for Chu Feng to come, she would still feel sad should Chu Feng really not show up.

“Truth be told, I never hoped that Chu Feng would come to save you. The truth is, he will absolutely not come,” Hong Xi said.

“Then why did you do this?” Tang Ying asked in confusion.

“I am doing this all to ruin that Chu Feng’s reputation. I will let everyone know that while you treat that Chu Feng as your friend, that Chu Feng will still refuse to come save you,” As Hong Xi said those words, he looked into the distance.

There were a lot of silhouettes in the distant sky. Those were all people that had received the message Hong Xi had spread, and arrived to watch the show.

After all, Hong Xi had let out more than a single bird to spread his news. Thus, practically everyone knew that Luyang’s Pavilion was planning to use the Tang Family’s Young Miss as a threat to make that Chu Feng show himself.

In the beginning, many people did not know what sort of grudges and grievances there were between Chu Feng and Luyang’s Pavilion.

However, it remained that there were no wind-proof walls in the world. Thus, as the crowd gathered, the people that knew about what had happened began to narrate the course of events to the crowd.

At that moment, practically everyone present knew about the grudges and grievances between Chu Feng and Luyang’s Pavilion.

Even though they had all come here for the sake of watching the show, the great majority of them did not feel that Chu Feng would really come for a mere Tang Ying.


Just then, a golden light flashed past the sky, and entered the city.


After that golden light entered the city, it began to rapidly change, and turned into the figure of a man.

“Chu Feng?”

Seeing that person, Tang Ying’s expression immediately changed. The reason for that was because that person was none other than Chu Feng.

Merely, that was not Chu Feng’s actual body. Rather, it was a clone formed with a world spirit formation.

“Do not bother surveying your surroundings anymore. With merely the bits of perception that you all possess, it is simply impossible for you all to find my actual body,” Chu Feng said to Hong Xi.

He was able to tell that Hong Xi and the experts from Luyang’s Pavilion were all using their perception to try to find him. Merely, they were simply unable to find him.

“And here I thought that you would actually be daring enough to come. Turns out, you actually only dare to come forth with your clone. You couldn’t possibly be thinking that you would be able to kill all of us and save Tang Ying with that mere spirit formation clone, right?” Hong Xi laughed mockingly.

“Hahahaha!!!” The others from Luyang’s Pavilion also burst into loud laughter.

In fact, many of the bystanders unrelated to Luyang’s Pavilion also started to laugh mockingly.

Even though the clone Chu Feng had formed with a spirit formation was much inferior to his actual body, it still gave off the aura of his actual body.

Thus, everyone was able to tell that Chu Feng was only a rank two Half Martial Ancestor. Thus, even if he were to show his actual body, it would still be impossible for him to be a match for Hong Xi and the others. As such, how could a mere clone possibly be a match for them?

“Release Tang Ying and A’cai. If you are to do that, I will show myself immediately,” Chu Feng said.

“What did you say?” Hearing those words, Hong Xi’s expression changed immediately.

In fact, the expressions of everyone present changed.

None of them had expected that Chu Feng would truly come to save Tang Ying.

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