Chapter 2188 - Bad News

Chapter 2188 - Bad News

“May I ask another question? If I can, I am willing to give all those to you,” The old monk pointed to the treasures surrounding the coffin.

Chu Feng started to think about it. In the end, he nodded and said, “Senior, please ask away.”

He was able to sense that the old monk does not seem like a bad person. At the very least, he did not possess any malicious intentions toward him. If he did, he could simply force Chu Feng to tell him what he wanted to know. There was no need for him to conduct an exchange with Chu Feng.

Furthermore, there were a lot of treasures that Chu Feng did not possess among the treasures there. Those were treasures that would be useful for Chu Feng to set up spirit formations, refine weapons and concoct medicinal pellets with.

Most importantly, there were a lot of cultivation resources among the treasures. Should Chu Feng refine all of the cultivation resources, he would definitely benefit from them. It might even be possible for him to gather sufficient Natural Energies in his dantian to break through to rank four Half Martial Ancestor.

“Is your father called Chu Xuanyuan?” The old monk asked.

“Senior, how did you manage to guess that?” Chu Feng’s expression changed. After all, he had never mentioned this matter to anyone.

“Haha, there are a lot of people that knew of Chu Xuanyuan. However, only a few people knew that Chu Xuanyuan is someone that trained in the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique. Coincidentally, I happen to be one of those few people.”

“As for you… you are someone from the Chu Heavenly Clan, and also someone who trains in the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique. Thus, the greatest possibility would be that you’re Chu Xuanyuan’s son.”

“After all, it is impossible for others in the Chu Heavenly Clan to be qualified to train in the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique,” The old monk said with a light laugh.

“Senior, could it be that you are my father’s friend?” Chu Feng asked.

“Friend?” Hearing that question, the old monk actually revealed a wry smile. He said, “I do wish to become your father’s friend. Unfortunately… this old monk is not qualified.”

Chu Feng was startled to hear those words. He was able to tell that the old monk was not joking around.

Yet, an expert as powerful as him was actually not qualified to become his father’s friend? Then, how powerful must his father be?

“Forget about it, let me have a look at that world spirit,” The old monk said.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng did not hesitate, and immediately brought out the sleeping Eggy.

“It’s actually an Asura World Spirit?” After seeing Eggy, the old monk revealed a surprised expression. Then, he smiled and said to Chu Feng, “You are truly extraordinary. Not only do you train in the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique, you’re also an Asura World Spiritist.”

“Merely in terms of world spirit techniques, you will be stronger than your father. However, it will likely be extremely difficult for you to reach your father’s heights. The path of martial cultivation is not something where one’s accomplishments will be determined by mere talent alone.”

“Haha, I’ve spoken too much,” The old monk laughed. Then, he waved his sleeve and Immortal-level spirit power flowed from him. His Immortal-level spirit power covered Eggy.

“This?!” However, after the old monk’s world spirit power came into contact with Eggy, his expression changed.

Chu Feng noticed an awkward expression in the old monk’s deep gaze.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Suddenly, the old monk waved his sleeve repeatedly. He actually withdrew his spirit power that covered Eggy. After his spirit power returned to his body, he turned to Chu Feng and said, “This old monk owes you a favor. I can only help you in the future.”

“Senior, what do you mean by that?” Chu Feng asked.

“I am powerless against the spirit formation that has sealed your world spirit,” The old monk said.

Actually, Chu Feng had anticipated that the old monk might be unable to remove the spirit formation sealing Eggy the moment he saw the old monk’s reaction. Merely, when it was determined that that was truly the case, Chu Feng still felt very disappointed.

However, even though that was the case, Chu Feng still smiled as he said to the old monk, “Senior, you are being too courteous. I cannot thank you enough for being willing to help me.”

The old monk sighed in embarrassment. Then, with a shift of his body, he disappeared.


“Senior?!” Chu Feng called out for the old monk repeatedly. However, there was no response. From that, Chu Feng knew that the old monk must’ve left.

Merely, Chu Feng had never expected that old monk to leave so hurriedly, so hurriedly that he did not even bother to bid farewell.

Suddenly, Chu Feng looked at Eggy. At that moment, he seemed to have realized something.

He determined that the old monk must’ve left so hurriedly because he was embarrassed that he had agreed to remove the spirit formation sealing Eggy, only to discover that he would not be able to do so after attempting to do so.

“Mother, it would seem that your world spirit techniques must be above those of an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist,” Thinking of that, Chu Feng revealed a smile on his face. It was a smile of pride.

Even though that monk was extremely mysterious, so much so that Chu Feng didn’t even know his name, Chu Feng had a faint sensation after chatting with the old monk that his father and mother were both extremely powerful.

throughout the world, how could there be people that did not want their parents to be powerful? Chu Feng was naturally no exception.

After that, Chu Feng returned Eggy to his world spirit space. Then, he went and gathered all of the treasures around the coffin.

Of course, the cultivation resources were an exception. Chu Feng did not take them into his Cosmos Sack. Instead, he directly refined them.

To Chu Feng’s surprise, after he completely refined those cultivation resources, the amount of Natural Energies in his dantian were so abundant that he could reach rank five Half Martial Ancestor.

Chu Feng was overjoyed such an outcome. After all, back when he was in the Holy Land of Martialism, it was very difficult for him to even gather enough Natural Energies to reach a single breakthrough in cultivation.

He had only been in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm for a short time. Yet, he had already gathered so much Natural Energy. This was truly something that he had never expected.

At the same time, it also allowed Chu Feng to realize the benefits of the Outer World.

Chu Feng continued to comprehend the way of martial cultivation over the following days. He wanted to reach rank three Half Martial Ancestor as quickly as possible.

After all, that old monk had clearly indicated to him that his current strength was insufficient to be a match against that demonic woman. Thus, if he wanted to avenge Wang Qiang, he had to increase his cultivation.

In the blink of an eye, several more days passed. Chu Feng was still unable to break through his bottleneck. This caused Chu Feng to realize the difficulty in martial cultivation that others had to go through.

After all, before he trained in the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique, Chu Feng was able to break through all bottlenecks and reach a breakthrough in cultivation should he simply possess sufficient cultivation resources.

“Ji, ji, ji~~~”

Suddenly, bird cries were heard. Furthermore, those cries were very ear-piercing.

Hearing the sound, Chu Feng immediately stood up and revealed a cautious expression.

After all, he was still in the Darknight Ghost Forest. The Darknight Ghost Forest was a place with no living creatures. As such, how could there suddenly be bird cries?

Confused, Chu Feng looked toward the direction from where the cries sounded. Upon looking, Chu Feng discovered that it was a special sort of bird. Although its cry sounded like that of a little bird, its voice was very loud and clear. Even though it was very far away, Chu Feng was able to hear it clearly. Furthermore, it was the size of a northern goshawk.

Most importantly, there was a spirit formation on the bird. Dandelion-like bodies of light were spreading from that spirit formation nonstop.

As that bird flew past rapidly, it spread those bodies of light all over the places it passed.

Chu Feng was able to tell with a single glance that those bodies of light contained a special sort of message.


Chu Feng extended his hand and unleashed a suction force.

One such body of light that was over ten thousand meters away was sucked to Chu Feng’s fingertips. Then, it merged into Chu Feng’s fingertips.

“Damn it!” After Chu Feng received the message, he immediately revealed a furious expression.

The reason for that was because that message was related to him.

To put it simply, the message was meant to be passed to Chu Feng.

As for the reason why Chu Feng was furious, it was because it was not good news for him.

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