Chapter 2542 - The Queen’s Smile

Chapter 2542 - The Queen’s Smile

“This guy.”

Seeing Chu Feng suddenly standing back up, Xianhai Shuoyi’s heart grew tense.

He subconsciously felt that the situation was bad. Thus, he gnashed his teeth and went all-out to unleash his spirit power. He wanted to defeat Chu Feng quickly.

However, he was surprised to discover that the gate that could only be moved with spirit power, that gate that was only three meters away from Chu Feng, was actually unmoving.

At that moment, that gate was like an enormous mountain that he was incapable of moving. No matter how much spirit power he poured forth, he was unable to move that gate toward Chu Feng in the slightest.

As for Chu Feng, he was acting as if he had forgotten about his headache. There was only a single person, Xianhai Shuoyi, in his eyes.

There was only a single thing in Chu Feng’s mind, something that he had to do, something that was even more important than his life.

That is, he must defeat Xianhai Shuoyi.

“Xianhai Shuoyi.”

Suddenly, Chu Feng opened his mouth and spoke tranquilly. There was no anger in either his tone or his eyes.


Xianhai Shuoyi was startled. He did not know why Chu Feng would suddenly call out his name at such a time.

Furthermore, Chu Feng was doing so with such a tranquil tone. It was as if his mockeries and insults earlier had not angered Chu Feng at all.

“Listen carefully and remember this properly. My name is Chu Feng,” Chu Feng said to Xianhai Shuoyi.

“What do you mean by that?” Xianhai Shuoyi grew even more bewildered. He did not understand why Chu Feng had said those words.

Right at that moment, the originally calm Chu Feng suddenly let out a shout like an enraged beast, an erupting volcano.

“The reason for that is because your granddaddy, me, is going to be the one to defeat you!!!”


Right after his words left his mouth, enormous spirit power exploded out from Chu Feng’s body. The gate that was only three meters away from Chu Feng was instantly pushed onto Xianhai Shuoyi by Chu Feng’s explosive spirit power. 


At that moment, Xianhai Shuoyi let out an extremely unreconciled shout.

His voice was still lingering in the palace hall. However, his body had already been swallowed by that gate and sent out of the palace hall, sent out of the Sacred Heavenly Temple.

After Chu Feng drove Xianhai Shuoyi away, he sat powerlessly on the ground like a deflated ball. At that moment, Chu Feng’s aura was extremely weak and his complexion was very ugly. It was as if he was seriously ill. Bean-sized beads of sweat covered his entire body and were falling from him nonstop.

However, Chu Feng had a joyous expression on his face. He said to Eggy, “Milady Queen, how was it? I didn’t shame you, no?”

“Oh you, don’t try to flaunt here. You should know that you were originally able to easily win today. The reason why it was so difficult was all because you decided to show off back then,” Her Lady Queen said in a very stern manner.

“I got it, Milady Queen. This lowly one will definitely take note of it in the future,” Chu Feng said with a joyous smile on his face.

“Humph, that’s right,” Her Lady Queen spoke in a pretended strict manner.

However, she clearly had a joyous expression on her exceptionally beautiful face. In her quick-witted eyes was clearly the expression of heartache.

Naturally, she was feeling heartache for Chu Feng.

“The victor can obtain the treasure.”

Right at that moment, that mysterious body of light spoke dully. The next moment, it disappeared. What disappeared together with it was the gate that Chu Feng had used to defeat Xianhai Shuoyi.

“Finally succeeded.”

Chu Feng walked to the gem platform and looked at the source energy gem that was now within his reach. He was still feeling somewhat nervous.

Chu Feng was unable to be certain as to whether or not he could really obtain the source energy gem.

The reason for that was because he kept feeling that he was extremely extremely far away from the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

With how far away he was, how did he arrive in this place? Could it really be as Young Master Li Ming said? That only his soul had traveled there? 

If it was really only his soul, would he be able to successfully bring this source energy gem back to his actual body?

Although nervous, Chu Feng still extended his hand to grab that source energy gem.


At the instant Chu Feng’s hand grabbed that source energy gem, Chu Feng felt that his surroundings started to rapidly change.

At that moment, Chu Feng felt as if his body passed through countless worlds.

However, that sort of sensation lasted for only an instant.

At that moment, Chu Feng discovered that he had returned to the Demon Elimination Cave. 

He was still standing at the same place where he was previously. His surroundings were also exactly the same.

However, one extra item had appeared in his hand. It was that source energy gem he had obtained in the Sacred Heavenly Temple.

Not only was the source energy gem in his hand, but it was also emitting a dense amount of source energy. It was practically the same as when he had obtained it in the Sacred Heavenly Temple.

“It’s actually really here. Milady Queen, do you see this, it’s really here.”

“This is truly mystical. Such a mystical place actually exists in this world.”

At that moment, Chu Feng was endlessly excited. Even though he had been to many remnants and treasure deposits, he had never been to a place as mystical as the Sacred Heavenly Temple. 

“You took so long, and you only brought back a treasure like that?”

Right at that moment, a voice sounded. It was Young Master Li Ming. At that moment, Young Master Li Ming was looking at Chu Feng with a gaze showing her inability to understand Chu Feng. 

“What’s wrong?” Chu Feng continued to smile. At that moment, he was truly overjoyed.

“Is that thing even helpful to you? That’s for your world spirit, no?” Young Master Li Ming said.

“This is precisely what I wanted,” Chu Feng smiled even stronger. He said to Young Master Li Ming, “Girl, thank you. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have been able to enter the Sacred Heavenly Temple, and wouldn’t have been able to obtain this.”

“You don’t have to thank me. I merely did not wish to owe you a favor,” Young Master Li Ming said coldly.

Faced with the cold reply from Young Master Li Ming, the smile on Chu Feng’s face remained unchanged.

He already knew that Young Master Li Ming was actually also an outwardly-cold yet inwardly-warm sort of person.

Chu Feng no longer continued to be courteous toward Young Master Li Ming. Instead, with a thought, he opened his world spirit gate.

Soon, an exceptionally beautiful figure walked out from his world spirit gate.

That woman was devastatingly beautiful. Her appearance was capable of charming all men in the world. As for who she was, she was naturally Her Lady Queen.

“Eggy, refine this. You should be able to reach a breakthrough in your cultivation,” Chu Feng handed Her Lady Queen the gem that contained a dense amount of source energy.


However, Her Lady Queen shot forth her fist and smashed it onto Chu Feng’s chest.

“Bastard, you are simply too disobedient. Didn’t I tell you not to choose this?” Her Lady Queen was actually not happy. She had an expression of complaint.

However, although he was seeing Her Lady Queen angry, the smile on Chu Feng’s face grew stronger. Merely, that smile of his was guilt-ridden.

“Next time, I will definitely listen to you. Is that okay?” Chu Feng said.

“It’s a deal. Next time, if you are to encounter something like this again, you must choose what this Queen wants you to choose. Understand?” Eggy spoke with a commanding tone. 

“Got it, I will definitely do as you order,” Chu Feng said with a beaming smile.

“Act seriously,” Her Lady Queen berated.

“Yes,” Chu Feng revealed a very serious appearance and stood perfectly straight.

“Puu~~~” Seeing this scene, Her Lady Queen was finally unable to contain herself and burst into laughter.

Her smile was so very charming. That smile was simply capable of overturning the entire world. Seeing this scene, Chu Feng felt that everything was worth it.