Chapter 2541 - Awakened Fierce Beast

Chapter 2541 - Awakened Fierce Beast

“What’s this? You want to kill your granddaddy? Seems like you can’t.”

Chu Feng had a smile on his face. That smile was filled with provocation. He had an appearance as if he was saying ‘What could you possibly do to me?’

While Chu Feng’s cultivation was inferior to his opponent’s, he dared to act in such a manner because cultivation was useless there.

Of course, even if his cultivation was effective here, Chu Feng would still not be scared of him.

Chu Feng would never lower his head to such an unreasonable and arrogant individual.

“Damned little thief, do you dare tell this Young Master which Galaxy, which Starfield, which Upper Realm and which clan you’re from?” Xianhai Shuoyi asked furiously. 

Evidently, Chu Feng had completely enraged him. From his tone, it could be determined that he was not merely purely asking Chu Feng about those things because he wanted to know.

Rather, he was asking them because he planned to make retaliations against Chu Feng.


Right at that moment, a body of light suddenly appeared and stood on the platform.

That body of light took a humanoid shape. It held a scepter in its hand, and had the appearance of an old man. However, for some unknown reason, its appearance could not be seen clearly.

Chu Feng did not know whether that individual was an actual person, a spirit body or the creation of a spirit formation.

However, Chu Feng was able to be certain that that individual possessed extraordinary strength. His power was much stronger than Xianhai Shuoyi’s.

“Only one among the two of you will be able to obtain the treasure here. As for the other, you will be leaving.”

“Furthermore, in this place, your cultivations will possess no use. Who stays and who leaves will be dependent on which among you will be able to answer my question correctly,” That mysterious body of light said.

“Senior, go ahead and ask your question. This junior will definitely spare no effort to answer it.”

Xianhai Shuoyi bowed respectfully to the body of light. There was no trace of the arrogance and overbearingness that he had displayed toward Chu Feng. At that moment, he appeared very lowly.

His lowly appearance was not only born of politeness. Rather, it was a humble posture, the lowliness of flattering someone.

“Don’t bother flattering me. Whether or not you’ll be able to stay will depend on you yourself,” The mysterious body of light said indifferently.

Evidently, it was not affected by Xianhai Shuoyi’s flattery.

Being refused, Xianhai Shuoyi’s expression turned ugly. Then, he withdrew his humble attitude and revealed an extremely displeased expression.

To change his attitude immediately upon the failure of his flattery, it could be seen that that man was extremely snobbish.

“Seeing that the both of you are world spiritists, I will give a task that can be completed with spirit power,” The mysterious body of light said.


Right at that moment, that mysterious body of light pointed its scepter forward. Then, a ray of light shot forth and landed between Chu Feng and Xianhai Shuoyi.

That ray of light soon turned into a gate. The gate was only three meters tall and two meters wide. At that moment, it was open.

That gate was located right between Chu Feng and Xianhai Shuoyi without moving at all.

“You all will be able to push this gate with your spirit power. Whoever manages to push this gate to their opponent’s body will be able to send their opponent out of here.”

“As for the person that manages to stay, he will obtain the treasure.”

“The time limit is an hour. If the outcome of the battle isn’t determined in an hour, then…”

“Piece of cake, this Young Master will immediately have you scram out of here,” Before that mysterious body of light could finish its words, Xianyi Shuoyi immediately sent forth overwhelmingly powerful spirit power and started to push the gate toward Chu Feng.

“Truly lacking manners,” Seeing that, how could Chu Feng dare hesitate? He immediately sent forth his own spirit power to push at the gate as well.

Chu Feng’s spirit power was extremely powerful. Even though that Xianhai Shouyi had struck first and gained the upper hand, Chu Feng immediately pushed the gate back to where it was originally.

“Your cultivation is not up to much, but your spirit power is quite strong. Seems like I have underestimated you.”

Seeing that Chu Feng’s spirit power was this strong, Xianhai Shuoyi’s expression also changed. Then, Chu Feng discovered that the gate that he was easily pushing back was being hindered from moving.

It was clear that this Xianhai Shuoyi did not place Chu Feng in his eyes at the beginning, and had not gone all-out at the very start.

However, upon discovering that Chu Feng’s spirit power was very strong, he also no longer held back, and started to go all-out against Chu Feng. 

As that Xianhai Shuoyi’s spirit power was quite strong to begin with, Chu Feng was unable to hold much superiority over Xianhai Shuoyi.

“Seems like I must go all-out too.”

Chu Feng did not wish to delay the match. The reason for that was because he knew that his actual body was still in the Demon Elimination Cave, and the Bloodscale Monstrous Clan was still trying to find and kill him.

Thus, while he was hiding in a very safe place, Chu Feng still wished to quickly settle the match in order to guard against the unexpected.

Thus, he planned to go all-out and settle the match as soon as possible.


However, right at the moment when Chu Feng was planning to go all out, his head suddenly started to hurt massively. “Putt,” Chu Feng half kneeled onto the ground. 

At the moment Chu Feng half kneeled onto the ground, his spirit power also grew much weaker. That Xianhai Shuoyi immediately captured the opportunity to rapidly push the gate toward Chu Feng.

“Damn it!” 

Seeing this, Chu Feng hurriedly resisted the pain in his head and used his spirit power to push the incoming gate back.

However, the enormous headache made it so that Chu Feng was unable to control his spirit power with full concentration. As such, he was simply unable to unleash the full might of his spirit power.

Thus, at that moment, not to mention not being able to push the incoming gate back, he was unable to even stop it from being pushed his way.

Gradually, the gate was growing closer and closer to Chu Feng.  

“Humph, I thought for a moment that you might be some genius world spiritist.”

“Turns out it’s nothing more than a bluff.”

“However, don’t be down. To be defeated by this Young Master is only natural. You should be honored to be defeated by me.”

At that moment, Xianhai Shuoyi’s face was filled with complacence.

“That damned bastard is actually this arrogant.”

“If it wasn’t for the fact that you seriously injured your spirit power for the sake of obtaining that God Bestowment Bamboo Slip, how could he possibly be a match for you? You would have already defeated him long ago.”

Seeing that Chu Feng was being insulted, Her Lady Queen revealed an unreconciled expression. She was feeling even worse than having herself be humiliated.

After all, she knew very well that in terms of spirit power, Chu Feng was far superior to this Xianhai Shuoyi.

Unfortunately, for the sake of helping the Golden Crane True Immortal obtain the God Bestowment Bamboo Slip, Chu Feng had seriously injured his spirit power on Mount Cloud Crane.

At that moment, Chu Feng was simply unable to unleash the spirit power that he actually possessed. Otherwise… Her Lady Queen felt that Chu Feng would be able to completely trample Xianhai Shuoyi in terms of spirit power.

“Trash, why don’t you pull yourself together? The time limit is one hour, and the match has only just begun.”

“What’s this? You’re planning to let this Young Master win already? This is truly too boring.”

“Say, trash, do you want this Young Master to go easy on you?”

“How about this, call this Young Master ‘ancestor’ and I’ll consider defeating you slower, and give you an opportunity to turn the situation around.”


At that moment, Xiaohai Shuoyi was laughing extremely malevolently. His originally handsome face had turned extremely disgusting from his shameless laughter.

Most disgusting of all, even though he was shouting about going easy on Chu Feng, he was actually going all-out to defeat Chu Feng as quickly as possible.

“Damn it!”

Chu Feng felt extremely unreconciled in his heart. He tried his best to unleash his spirit power.

However, the more he tried to unleash his spirit power, the more unbearable his headache became. In the end, his desire to unleash more spirit power only produced the opposite result, with his spirit power growing weaker and weaker.  

As for that gate, it was also growing closer and closer to Chu Feng.

“Eggy, I’m sorry, it would seem that I’ll be defeated.”

At that moment, Chu Feng felt enormous guilt in his heart.

He was feeling guilty because even though the opportunity to help Her Lady Queen was right before him, he was actually not strong enough to obtain it, and would soon be returning empty-handed. 

He was feeling extremely pained in his heart. In fact, to Chu Feng, the pain in his heart was even more unbearable than the pain in his head. 

“Chu Feng, you can’t admit defeat. You must persevere. You can’t lose to a bastard like him.”

“It doesn’t matter whether or not you can obtain that gem. However, you absolutely cannot allow yourself to be defeated by that sort of bastard. You cannot let him look down on you.”

“How did this Queen teach you? Have you forgotten about all the experiences that you’ve had over the years? Have you endured all that suffering in vain?”

“How could you admit defeat at such a time? This is not like the Chu Feng that I know. The Chu Feng that I know would absolutely not admit defeat toward someone like that, he would absolutely not lower his head at a time like this.”

“Bastard Chu Feng, pull yourself together for this Queen!!!” 

Her Lady Queen shouted hysterically. Her words were filled with unwillingness.

Xianhai Shuoyi was unable to hear this voice. In fact, apart from Chu Feng, no one else was able to hear that voice.

However, when that voice entered Chu Feng’s ears, that voice of unwillingness was like a series of sharp blades that pierced through Chu Feng’s heart.

That’s right. All these years, from when he was an outer court disciple of the Azure Dragon School, he had reached his current accomplishments today one step at a time, and experienced countless difficulties. Yet, never once did he admit defeat. As such, how could he admit defeat at a time like this?

Most importantly, Eggy had given so much for him. She had nearly even lost her life for him.

How could Chu Feng admit defeat? How could he disappoint Eggy?

He could not. No matter what, he absolutely could not do that. Even if he were to die, he still could not admit defeat.


Suddenly, Chu Feng let out a loud shout.

At that moment, Chu Feng suddenly stood up. He stood there like an awakened fierce beast.

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