Chapter 2543 - Being Even

Chapter 2543 - Being Even

“Milady Queen, please enjoy,” Chu Feng said earnestly.

Before Eggy, he was truly acting like a servant. No, to be exact, he was acting like her guard.

No matter what Eggy did, Chu Feng was able to accept it. He would never feel fed up with her. He only possessed love and affection for Eggy.

By the same account, he would not feel displeased by Eggy’s actions. On the contrary, he was very happy.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng felt happy from Eggy feeling happy.

“Set up the formation for me.”

Her Lady Queen received the source energy gemstone from Chu Feng.


Chu Feng did not hesitate. He knew that Eggy was planning to refine the source energy gem right now. Thus, he hurriedly took a couple steps back and then set up a spirit formation, covering Eggy.

Chu Feng knew that the source energy gem was somewhat special. Even for Eggy, it would take her some time to refine it.

Within that spirit formation, Eggy would be able to refine the source energies in a more focused manner.

“So you’re actually interested in beauty. You chose that thing that is useless for you so that you can obtain a smile from that beauty.”

“That said, it is also understandable. After all, this is also my first time seeing such a beautiful world spirit. Perhaps all you men will not be able to withstand that sort of enticement,” Young Master Li Ming said faintly. It was as if she had seen through Chu Feng.

“Heh…” Chu Feng lightly chuckled at Young Master Li Ming’s words. Then, he said, “Perhaps you do not understand the sentiments between Eggy and myself. That said, as far as I’m concerned, she is more like my relative. Our relationship is most definitely not limited to a contract.”

“Perhaps that’s the case,” Young Master Li Ming spoke indifferently.

“Oh, that’s right, did you also enter the Sacred Heavenly Temple earlier?” Chu Feng asked.

“Of course,” As Young Master Li Ming spoke, she suddenly raised her hand. Then, an item fell into Chu Feng’s hand.

Chu Feng received the item, and discovered that it was a bamboo slip. This tiny bamboo slip was completely engraved with complicated characters.

“This is what you obtained at the Sacred Heavenly Temple?”

“The Sacred Heavenly Temple is truly worthy of its reputation as the most amazing remnant. It truly possesses everything.”

Chu Feng revealed an astonished expression. He was already able to tell that the tiny bamboo slip was no ordinary item.

The bamboo slip was completely engraved with the way of martial comprehension. Furthermore, the martial comprehensions engraved onto it were easily comprehended.

Although Chu Feng only took a glance at the bamboo slip, and did not try to comprehend its martial comprehension, Chu Feng was able to tell that the martial comprehensions contained in it were no small matter.

If he were to comprehend them, he might even reach a breakthrough to rank nine Martial Ancestor.

“I’m giving it to you,” Young Master Li Ming said.

“Giving it to me?” Chu Feng revealed a surprised expression.

“I do not wish to repeat what I said,” Young Master Li Ming spoke coldly.

“But…” Chu Feng wanted to refuse.

“There’s no but. This thing is useless to me. However, if you are able to comprehend it, you will most likely be able to obtain enough comprehension to breakthrough to peak Martial Ancestor,” Young Master Li Ming said.

“Even if it’s useless for you…” Chu Feng still did not want to accept it. The reason for that was because he was only able to enter the Sacred Heavenly Temple thanks to Young Master Li Ming.

As for that bamboo slip, it was something very precious. Even if Young Master Li Ming had no use for it, she would be able to fetch a vast price for it in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm, or even the Upper Realms.

After all, to martial cultivators, what they sought the most was obtaining something that would allow one to gain martial comprehension. As for that bamboo slip, the martial comprehension it contained was very easily comprehended.

To martial cultivators, this was most definitely a valuable item.

“Don’t say anymore. Earlier, you brought me away from the Bloodscale Monstrous Clan. It could be said that you’ve saved my life.”

“Compared to my life, mere worldly possessions like this bamboo slip are not worth anything.”

“If you really feel that this item is precious, we will be completely even after you accept it,” Young Master Li Ming said.

“Girl, I truly can’t argue against you. Since that’s the case, I will accept it,” Chu Feng said.

“Your world spirit will need some time to refine that gem. You can take this time to comprehend it,” Young Master Li Ming said.

“Very well,” Chu Feng did not hesitate. He sat down and planned to comprehend the bamboo slip. 

Chu Feng was not worried about his safety. As matters stood, he could be said to have turned his former hostility with Young Master Li Ming into friendship. 

Furthermore, he felt that, with Young Master Li Ming’s character, she would not seize the opportunity to attack him while he was comprehending things.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng knew very well that making an enemy of someone like Young Master Li Ming would be very dangerous. However… as a friend, she would be very reliable.

“If you are able to comprehend enough to break through to peak Martial Ancestor, you should just break through directly,” Young Master Li Ming said.

“Break through directly? That wouldn’t be good, no?” Chu Feng shook his head.

This place was, after all, the territory of the Bloodscale Monstrous Clan. If he were to reach a breakthrough here, he would definitely give rise to the Divine Tribulation’s lightning.

The appearance of the Divine Tribulation’s lightning would definitely catch the attention of the Bloodscale Monstrous Clan. If that were to happen, their location would be exposed.

“Use this,” Young Master Li Ming tossed an umbrella to Chu Feng.

“This is?” Chu Feng’s expression changed. That umbrella was another treasure.

“Open that umbrella and place it above your head. Not only will it help you avoid a portion of the Self-Punishment Mysterious Technique’s power, but it will also let the Self-Punishment Mysterious Technique land without any sound and movement. Others will not be able to see the descent of the lightning,” Young Master Li Ming said.

“There’s actually this sort of thing?” Chu Feng exclaimed in admiration. The reason for that was because he felt enormous headache at the emergence of the Divine Tribulation’s lightning during his breakthroughs.

After all, the Divine Tribulation’s lightning was so very magnificent. Every single time it appeared, Chu Feng would alarm others. Chu Feng had thought about how good it would be if he had a treasure that could conceal the Divine Tribulation’s lightning.

Merely, Chu Feng had felt that something like that was impossible to accomplish. After all, the power of the Divine Tribulation’s lightning was so very strong. As such, Chu Feng had truly never expected a treasure like that to really exist.

“I am truly becoming more and more curious as to exactly what your origin is, as well as what other treasures you have with you,” Chu Feng said with a beaming smile.

“If you continue on with your nonsense, your world spirit will be able to completely refine that gem,” Young Master Li Ming cast a side eye at Chu Feng.

“I understand,” Chu Feng smiled. Then, he opened the umbrella that was given to him.

After the umbrella was opened, it floated into the air and stopped three meters above Chu Feng. Then, a shower of light fell from the umbrella and surrounded Chu Feng within it.

When that light surrounded him, Chu Feng was able to feel the power of the umbrella with even greater certainty. Indeed, this was a treasure made precisely for those that trained in the Self-Punishment Mysterious Techniques.

“What a good treasure,” After Chu Feng said these words, he closed his eyes and tightly held the bamboo slip in his hand. 

Chu Feng did not have to read the contents of the bamboo slip with his eyes at all. The reason for that was because the contents must be comprehended using one’s heart and mind.

As Chu Feng began his comprehension, the characters that were densely packed on the bamboo slip actually began to disappear nonstop.

Evidently, the bamboo slip could only be used once.


At the same time. In a place extremely far from the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

There was an extremely beautiful lake. That lake was actually seven-colored.

Mist was floating on the surface of the lake. The seven colors of the lake had dyed the mist seven colors too.

That place resembled the world of immortals. It was extremely gorgeous. With a glance, one’s heart would feel untroubled, and one’s spirit pleased.

There were countless little isles on the lake. On one of the isles was a young man sitting languidly with his back against a boulder. 

His hands were tightly clenched. They were clenched so hard that creaking sounds could be heard, and the veins in his arms were all bulging. 

As for that young man, he was none other than the person Chu Feng had defeated in the Sacred Heavenly Temple, that man who had called himself Xianhai Shuoyi.

“Damn it, I actually lost to trash like that!”

Suddenly, Xianhai Shuoyi smashed his fist onto the ground, violently shaking the entire isle and leaving behind a deep crack that extended outward like a cobweb on the ground.

“Am I mishearing things? Xianhai Shuoyi, you were defeated? How were you defeated? Could it be that you encountered a competitor after entering the Sacred Heavenly Temple, and were then defeated by that competitor?” 

“Haha, Big Brother Shuoyi, you are truly pathetic.”

Right at that moment, two figures flew over and landed before Xianhai Shuoyi.

They were a man and a woman. The two of them possessed similar ages to Xianhai Shuoyi.

The man had a handsome appearance, whereas the woman was a beauty. They were truly a model handsome man and beautiful woman.

Not only were they wearing gorgeous clothes, but there were also the same sort of title plate as Xianhai Shuoyi’s title plate, the title plate with the characters ‘Xianhai’ on it, on their waists.  

One thing worthy of mentioning was that those two people were actually also True Immortals. Although they were only rank one True Immortals, it still remained that it was extraordinary.

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