Chapter 2517 - Surprise Attack With Lightning Mark

Chapter 2517 - Surprise Attack With Lightning Mark

“Kong Doumoyuan, since I, Chu Feng, dared to come here today, that means I possess certainty in being able to fight against you.”

“If you thought that you would be able to defeat me because your cultivation is a level above mine, then you are simply delusional.”

“The battle between you and I… has only just begun.”

As Chu Feng spoke, he controlled the Ancient Era’s War Axe and slashed it at Kong Doumoyuan.

With battle power one level above Chu Feng, Kong Doumoyuan would naturally retaliate against Chu Feng’s attacks. He began to send Ancestral Taboo Martial Skills toward Chu Feng nonstop.

However, regardless of what sort of Ancestral Taboo Martial Skill he sent forth, they were easily hacked down by Chu Feng.

Seeing that the Ancient Era’s War Axe was growing closer and closer to him, Kong Doumoyuan was unable to continue to stand his ground. He began to fall back while continuing to send forth Ancestral Taboo Martial Skills to slow down the incoming Ancient Era’s War Axe.


At that moment, Kong Doumoyuan had a completely unreconciled expression. He was feeling extremely sullen.

Originally, he had thought that he would be able to easily defeat Chu Feng after going all-out. Never did he expect for Chu Feng to take out a thing like that, a thing that was actually able to overcome an entire level of battle power. Not only was Chu Feng able to contend against him, but he was even suppressing him.

“Exactly what is that?! How could it be this ferocious?!”

“This overwhelming aura, this sensation of being under a ruler…”

“That is most definitely not an ordinary martial skill. Even Ancestral Taboo Martial Skills should not be this powerful.”

“Could this be a secret skill?! But, even secret skills shouldn’t be this frighteningly powerful.”

As Chu Feng and Kong Doumoyuan fought, the crowd were unable to calm themselves. They all wanted to know exactly what that technique Chu Feng was using was, and exactly what its origin was for it to be so ferociously powerful, for it to be able to shatter their understanding of martial skills.

“It seems that Chu Feng not only obtained the Ancient Era’s War Clan’s martial skills, he also obtained this sort of thing.”

At the moment when the crowd were all guessing as to exactly what Chu Feng’s Ancient Era’s War Axe was, Old Freak Heng Hui, who had not said anything for a long time, spoke again.

“This is also from the Ancient Era’s War Clan?!”

Old Freak Heng Hui’s words came like a boulder that fell onto the surface of a calm lake. Immediately, a huge wave was raised. All of the members of the crowd turned their gazes toward Old Freak Heng Hui.

“Back then, Lord Zhan Haichuan possessed a true trump card. That was not an ordinary martial skill. Instead, it was a secret skill.”

“That secret skill was called the Ancient Era’s War Spear. Unless he was to not use the Ancient Era’s War Spear, when he did, regardless of how powerful his opponents might be, they would all suffer the same fate of death.”

“Although Chu Feng’s heaven-defying technique is an enormous axe and not an enormous spear, it greatly resembles the recorded descriptions of Lord Zhan Haichuan’s secret technique, the Ancient Era’s War Spear.”

“Thus, it is no wonder that axe is this heaven-defyingly powerful. The reason for that is because… that is most definitely a secret skill from the Ancient Era’s War Clan,” Old Freak Heng Hui said.

“So that’s the case. That’s actually a secret skill from the Ancient Era’s War Clan. No wonder, no wonder.”

“Chu Feng had obtained the inheritances of Grandmaster Kai Hong, Zhan Haichuan and the Kong Heavenly Clan’s Ancestor.”

“When he becomes a True Immortal, who could possibly match him? He will likely really end up being the absolute ruler of the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.”

At the moment when the crowd were astonished, they also felt endlessly excited.

After all, they were witnessing a secret skill comparable to Zhan Haichuan’s strongest ability.

Even though they greatly disliked Chu Feng, and could also be considered to be Chu Feng’s enemies, as they were Kong Doumoyuan’s friends, upon considering how frighteningly powerful Chu Feng was, they had made the decision that if Chu Feng were to win the battle, they would definitely not become Chu Feng’s enemy.

Instead, they would try their best to turn their former hostility with Chu Feng into friendship, and try their best to deepen their relationship.


At the moment when the crowd were pondering, another loud explosion sounded from the sky.

Accompanying that loud explosion was a golden radiance that filled the sky.

The golden radiance illuminated the entire sky and earth. The oppressive might from that radiance caused the crowd present to tremble.

However, that golden radiance… was another one of Kong Doumoyuan’s defeats.

That’s right, Kong Doumoyuan had unleashed another Ancestral Taboo Martial Skill toward Chu Feng. Yet, it was also easily hacked into two by Chu Feng’s Ancient Era’s War Axe.

“Damn it! Exactly what the hell is that?! How could it be this hard to deal with?! Could it be some sort of treasure?!”

At that moment, Kong Doumoyuan’s complexion had turned pale. Compared to before, he was much weaker.

Regardless of how powerful he was, regardless of how robust his foundation was, he was still unable to support himself through using Ancestral Taboo Martial Skills continuously.

To his great helplessness, Chu Feng’s Ancient Era’s War Axe seemed to be unstoppable. Regardless of what sort of attack he used, he was unable to breach Chu Feng’s Ancient Era’s War Axe. Before the Ancient Era’s War Axe, he could only flee in disarray in a battered and exhausted state.

At that moment, he felt a massive headache.

Kong Doumoyuan still had one final technique that he had yet to use. However, he knew very well that Chu Feng most definitely possessed that same technique.

As it would be his final trump card, he must catch Chu Feng off guard with a surprise attack. Else… he would likely suffer a crushing defeat by Chu Feng’s hand.

“At the very least, you’re a rank nine Martial Ancestor. Why would you continue to flee nonstop? Didn’t you say that you’re going to kill me? Why don’t you try killing me?”

As Chu Feng controlled the Ancient Era’s War Axe to chase after Kong Doumoyuan to kill him, he was also humiliating Kong Doumoyuan.

“Chu Feng, let’s consider it that you’ve won today. Is it possible for us to stop fighting now? If you are to do that, I can plead for leniency for you to my clan’s Clan Chief. I will ask him to no longer look further into what you did back then,” Kong Doumoyuan said.

“He’s actually begging for forgiveness. This…”

Once Kong Doumoyuan’s words were said, the expression of the crowd present all changed. They looked to one another and discovered that they all had bewildered and confused expressions.

This was strange. With their understanding of Kong Doumoyuan, he was not someone who was willing to admit defeat.

Furthermore, he was facing Chu Feng. At that moment, the crowd were all at a complete loss.

“I, Chu Feng, have never done anything that was unrighteous toward your Kong Heavenly Clan. It has only been your Kong Heavenly Clan that has been unrighteous toward me.”

“Thus, it’s not for your Kong Heavenly Clan to decide whether to look further into the grievances between your Kong Heavenly Clan and I.”

“Instead, if your Kong Heavenly Clan does not present to me an answer capable of satisfying me, then I, Chu Feng, will definitely not be willing to let this matter go.”

“Furthermore, as you’ve injured my friends, I will definitely not spare you,” Chu Feng’s words revealed his determination.

That was, that he was not planning to spare Kong Doumoyuan regardless.

“In that case, you are insistent on killing me?” Kong Doumoyuan asked.

“That is not up to me to decide,” Chu Feng said.

“If not you, then who?” Kong Doumoyuan asked.

“My friend, Zhao Hong,” As Chu Feng spoke, he turned his gaze toward Zhao Hong.

Chu Feng had already decided that he would let Zhao Hong determine whether he should kill Kong Doumoyuan, Dugu Jianxu, the Wine-Meat Monk and that Zhou Fukong.


Right at that moment, a loud explosion was heard. Turning toward the direction of the explosion, Chu Feng’s expression changed.

It was Kong Doumoyuan. At that moment, Kong Doumoyuan’s appearance was completely different from his previously sorry state.

A bizarre golden radiance was being emitted from his feet. The reason why it could be said to be bizarre was because the golden radiance was wiggling nonstop.

Upon closer inspection, it seemed to be two dragons. His feet were on top of the two dragons.

It turned out that is was an Ancestral Taboo Martial Skill, a kind of movement Ancestral Taboo Martial Skill.

Those two dragons greatly increased Kong Doumoyuan’s speed. He was so fast that even Chu Feng was caught off guard.

At that moment, the two spears Kong Doumoyuan held in his hands had changed completely.

The two spears were both covered with a purple flame. It was also an Ancestral Taboo Martial Skill. Two Ancestral Taboo Martial Skills were attached to the two Ancestral Armaments, greatly increasing their power.

Most importantly, Kong Doumoyuan’s Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings both seemed to be much more magnificent than before.

In other words, not only had Kong Doumoyuan recovered his energy, but his battle power seemed to have also increased to a whole new level.

All of this originated from the mark formed from the gathering of lightning on his forehead.

Upon closer inspection, it was the character ‘Mortal.’

It was the power that Heavenly Bloodline possessors had after reaching the Martial Ancestor realm, the Lightning Mark!!!

Kong Doumoyuan’s battle power was increased by his Lightning Mark.

It turned out that using his Lightning Mark was his final attack. It was also the surprise attack that he had planned for so long.

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