Chapter 2516 - Heaven-defying Ability

Chapter 2516 - Heaven-defying Ability

Astonishment. The crowd were so astonished that they all felt this to be incredible.

When Chu Feng personally admitted to his martial skill being the Ancestral Taboo: Thundercloud Displacement, the surrounding crowd was all instantly petrified.

At that moment, the crowd had been completely stunned by the situation before them.

What was going on?

Chu Feng’s Flame Dragon Greatsword was something that the Kong Heavenly Clan’s Ancestor had used.

As for the Ancestral Taboo: Thundercloud Displacement, it was also the Kong Heavenly Clan’s Ancestor’s most famous martial skill.

Why would these two things that had been lost to the Kong Heavenly Clan for many years suddenly appear in Chu Feng’s hands?

Furthermore, who was Chu Feng? He was someone who viewed the Kong Heavenly Clan as his sworn enemy!!!

This dramatic reveal had truly baffled the surrounding crowd.

At that moment, Kong Doumoyuan shouted angrily, “Chu Feng, you despicable bastard, so you really were the one to intrude upon our Kong Heavenly Clan’s forbidden area!!!”

His furious voice was even more ear-piercing than thunder.

In fact, even his body started to tremble.

Anger, indescribable anger.

As a member of the Kong Heavenly Clan, he knew very well that the Flame Dragon Greatsword and the Ancestral Taboo: Thundercloud Displacement were not lost.

Rather, they were hidden in the Grief Calamity Mountain Range by their ancestor.

The fact that Chu Feng actually possessed those two things meant that the person to intrude upon the Grief Calamity Mountain Range back then was definitely Chu Feng.

“Despicable bastard? What do you mean by that?” Chu Feng showed a confused expression toward Kong Doumoyuan’s accusation.

“What do you mean? Let me ask you, do you dare tell me where exactly you obtained your Flame Dragon Greatsword and the Ancestral Taboo: Thundercloud Displacement?” Kong Doumoyuan asked furiously.

“That’s right. Exactly where did you obtain them?”

The people in the crowd all turned their gazes to Chu Feng. They all wanted to know the truth.

“Why wouldn’t I dare?” Chu Feng said indifferently.

“Then go ahead and tell me!” Kong Doumoyuan urged angrily.

He wanted everyone to know that Chu Feng had intruded upon their Kong Heavenly Clan’s forbidden area and stolen their Kong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Protection Treasures.

“This Flame Dragon Greatsword and the Ancestral Taboo: Thundercloud Displacement were imparted to me by Senior Kong Yingyi,” Chu Feng said indifferently.


Although Chu Feng was completely calm, the surrounding crowd were unable to remain calm.

The reason for that was because they all knew very well that Kong Yingyi was the Kong Heavenly Clan’s ancestor!!!


At that moment, Kong Doumoyuan was so furious that his face turned green. He knew clearly that Chu Feng had stolen their Clan Protection Treasures.

Yet, with the way Chu Feng had explained things, there was a completely different connotation.

Instead of stealing, Chu Feng made it sound as if he had rightfully obtained them.

How could Kong Doumoyuan possibly accept this?

“That senior also stated that his descendants were all incompetent. He had waited many years, but none of his descendants were able to pass through the grand formation he had left behind to obtain his inheritance.”

“He said that since I, on the other hand, managed to pass through his grand formation, I was the fated individual. As such, he decided to pass on his inheritance to me,” Chu Feng said.

“Bullshit! Why would our Kong Heavenly Clan’s ancestor pass on his inheritance to an outsider like you?!” Kong Doumoyuan was so furious that he started to shiver from head to toe.

He felt that Chu Feng was not only making up a story, but he was also insulting their Kong Heavenly Clan at the same time.

“What? So that senior was actually your Kong Heavenly Clan’s ancestor? Then the incompetent descendents that he spoke of also include you, no?” Chu Feng said with a surprised expression.

“Despicable bastard, don’t you show off your so-called ability to spout nonsense. Today… I will use my strength to retrieve all that belongs to our Kong Heavenly Clan.”

After he finished saying those words, the Ancestral Taboo: Blackwind Slash over Kong Doumoyuan’s head was slashed toward Chu Feng.

Once the slash was shot forth, it immediately started to rapidly increase in size. In the blink of an eye, it became so enormous that it covered the sky and earth.

As for the aura that it emitted, it was as if it could destroy all of heaven and earth. It was extremely frightening.

Faced with that attack, Chu feng was not to be outdone. “Humph,” He snorted coldly. As his eyes flickered with lightning, the black clouds filled with over ten thousand galloping lightning strikes came flying down while covering the sky.

The might of his attack was actually even stronger than Kong Doumoyuan’s Ancestral Taboo: Blackwind Slash.


In the blink of an eye, the two colossus-sized attacks collided.

The dark black slash and a pitch-black cloud interweaved together. Apart from the lightning, the only thing one could sense was the gloominess and fearsomeness.

Not to mention the center of the collision, merely the energy ripples caused Chu Feng and Kong Doumoyuan to be beaten back repeatedly.

When even the two of them were unable to withstand the energy ripples, one could very well imagine how disastrous it would be if either martial skill were to land on their bodies.

That said, between a battle of experts, there would inevitably be a victor and a loser. As such, these two Ancestral Taboo Martial Skills said to be peak masterpieces would also have a difference in strength.

Inside the ripples, the black clouds and lightning were decreasing. However, the power from the slash was also decreasing. Moreover, it was decreasing even faster.

After the Blackwind Slash completely disappeared, the Thundercloud Displacement still remained. Furthermore, it began to move toward Kong Doumoyuan.

“Chu Feng has won. As expected of the Ancestral Taboo: Thundercloud Displacement. Its might has reached such a frightening state. Even the Ancestral Taboo: Blackwind Slash was unable to match up against it.”

The crowd started to exclaim in admiration. After all, the outcome of the showdown between Ancestral Taboos had been determined.

However, they did not think that Kong Doumoyuan would be defeated just like this. The reason for that was because they knew Kong Doumoyuan very well, and knew that he was not someone who would admit defeat just like that.


Sure enough, at the moment when Chu Feng’s Ancestral Taboo: Thundercloud Displacement was about reach Kong Doumoyuan, a pair of lightning wings suddenly extended out from behind Kong Doumoyuan’s back.

When the Thunder Wings appeared, Kong Doumoyuan’s battle power instantly increased by a tier.


Kong Doumoyuan suddenly thrust forth the Ancestral Armament spear that he held in his right hand.

A golden dragon flew out. That golden dragon was extremely mighty and oppressive. It was an Ancestral Taboo Martial Skill.

In terms of the martial skill itself, that golden dragon was naturally no match for Chu Feng’s Ancestral Taboo: Thundercloud Displacement.

However, Kong Doumoyuan’s battle power was extremely strong at the moment; he was an entire tier above Chu Feng.

Furthermore, over half of the power behind Chu Feng’s Ancestral Taboo: Thundercloud Displacement had been neutralized by Kong Doumoyuan’s Ancestral Taboo: Blackwind Slash.

Thus, that golden dragon managed to easily pierce through Chu Feng’s Ancestral Taboo: Thundercloud Displacement.

The black clouds were scattered as the golden dragon soared into the sky.


The golden dragon roared. With its mouth wide open, intense killing intent and unstoppable might, it began to charge toward Chu Feng to devour him.

Seeing this scene, the crowd felt that the outcome of the match had been decided.

After all, there was a difference of an entire level of battle power between them. Unless Chu Feng possessed a heaven-defying technique, he would definitely not be able to block the incoming attack.


However, right when the golden dragon was about to approach Chu Feng...

A loud explosion was suddenly heard, and that golden dragon was actually hacked in two.

“That is?!”

At that moment, the crowd was completely shocked. They immediately turned to inspect what had happened.

Upon looking, they discovered that a golden-bright and dazzling giant axe was actually before Chu Feng.

That axe was extremely imposing, and was emitting an indescribable aura.

Most importantly, that giant axe was actually able to easily hack that golden dragon apart. This meant only one thing.

“Chu Feng, he… he… he really possesses a heaven-defying technique! He was actually really able to contend against someone with battle power an entire level above him!!!”

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