Chapter 2515 - Stunning Everyone

Chapter 2515 - Stunning Everyone

At that moment, the crowd that were crying out in alarm earlier grew absolutely silent.

As for Kong Doumoyuan, he who was originally extremely proud grew incomparably embarrassed.

Humiliating. This was truly too humiliating. It was originally something worth flaunting. Yet now, due to his own carelessness, he had made an embarrassment of himself.

At that moment, Kong Doumoyuan, who had always cared deeply about his reputation, felt like killing himself out of shame.

“Cough, cough. Actually, being able to condense six black whirlwinds is already pretty decent.”

“Right, right, right. After all, that’s an Ancestral Taboo Martial Skill only True Immortals are capable of unleashing. Brother Moyuan is only a Martial Ancestor. Yet, not only was he able to unleash it, he even managed to condense six whirlwinds, only two whirlwinds short from True Immortal-level experts. This is already extremely amazing.”

Seemingly afraid that Kong Doumoyuan would be placed in a very awkward situation, and because they were truly in admiration, the crowd started to praise Kong Doumoyuan again.

As expected, after hearing those praises, Kong Doumoyuan’s expression was no longer as ugly as before.

“What’s this? You failed? You are truly useless.”

Right at that moment, a voice filled with mockery was suddenly heard.

It was Chu Feng. Chu Feng was the one who had spoken those words.

“What do you mean by that?” Kong Doumoyuan asked furiously.

“What do I mean? Your martial skill is very powerful. However, it requires time to form. I decided not to stop you, and have deliberately given you time to form your martial skill because I wanted to see exactly what sort of martial skill you would bring forth.”

“However, I truly never expected that even though I’ve given you a chance, you would actually be so disappointing, that you actually failed,” Chu Feng shook his head with a disappointed expression.

He was no longer looking at Kong Doumoyuan with a gaze of someone looking at one’s enemy. Rather, he was looking at him as if he were looking at a disappointing fool. The reason for that was because Chu Feng’s eyes were filled with disappointment.

“So Chu Feng actually managed to see through Brother Moyuan’s martial skill, and had deliberately decided not to stop him? This… how confident is he?”

“Could it be that Chu Feng actually possesses a means to handle the Ancestral Taboo: Blackwind Slash?”

The crowd came to a sudden realization after hearing what Chu Feng said. They realized that Chu Feng was not foolish, but rather that he had deliberately allowed Kong Doumoyuan to form his martial skill.

“The hell do you know?! I have already successfully unleashed my Ancestral Taboo: Blackwind Slash, how is it a failure?!” Kong Doumoyuan argued.

“You’re actually willing to believe your own lies? Very well, then consider that I never said anything,” Chu Feng shrugged.

“Arrogant brat, I will have you experience the might of my Ancestral Taboo: Blackwind Slash right now!!!” As Kong Doumoyuan spoke, the six black whirlwinds above his head started to fuse with one another.



At that moment, black clouds were surging in the sky as lightning and thunder galloped about. The fusion of the six whirlwinds brought about a major storm.

Soon, the six whirlwinds fused into a sharp blade that stood horizontally in the sky.

That sharp blade was also black. In the beginning, the blade seemed to be formed of scattered wind. However, it then started to become more substantial.

The more substantial the blade became, the more frightening its aura became.

“Kong Doumoyuan is planning to attack. Why is Chu Feng not doing anything? Is he truly that confident, or is he that arrogant?”

Seeing that Chu Feng’s expression remained unchanged, and he did not do anything to answer Kong Doumoyuan’s Ancestral Taboo: Blackwind Slash that was about to be sent forth toward him, the crowd were confused.

They were unsure as to whether Chu Feng was really confident in being able to take on Kong Doumoyuan’s Ancestral Taboo: Blackwind Slash, or whether Chu Feng was so arrogant that he decided to underestimate Kong Doumoyuan’s Ancestral Taboo: Blackwind Slash.

“Kong Doumoyuan, look, what is this?”

Right when Kong Doumoyuan was about to attack, a large golden sword appeared in Chu Feng’s left hand.

That sword was two feet wide and three meters long. It was larger than even an ordinary person.

Compared to the Stormwind Edge Chu Feng held with his right hand, the sword he took out was many times more domineering. Most importantly, the aura of that sword was actually not at all inferior to the Stormwind Edge in Chu Feng’s right hand.

Once the sword appeared, Chu Feng’s aura immediately increased by a great amount. After all, Chu Feng was dual-wielding two top quality Ancestral Armaments right now.

“Amazing. Chu Feng is actually able to simultaneously wield two top quality Ancestral Armaments,” The crowd gasped in admiration.

Compared to Kong Doumoyuan’s Ancestral Armaments, the two Ancestral Armaments Chu Feng was using at that moment were much harder to subdue. They were, after all, two top quality Ancestral Armaments.

“Flame Dragon Greatsword!!!” Compared to the others, Kong Doumoyuan’s expression became distorted. Incomparable fury emerged in his eyes. It was as if he was about to spray fire out of his eyes.

“Flame Dragon Greatsword, that’s the name of that Ancestral Armament? Strange, why does that name sound so familiar?”

“Wait, Flame Dragon Greatsword, wasn’t that the weapon of the Kong Heavenly Clan’s Ancestor?”

Suddenly, the crowd recalled a matter.

“Ah? That’s actually the Kong Heavenly Clan’s ancestor’s weapon, the Flame Dragon Greatsword?”

“But… but… wasn’t the Flame Dragon Greatsword said to be lost for many years? Why would it be with Chu Feng?”

Once that matter was revealed, the crowd once again became confused.

They knew very well who the Kong Heavenly Clan’s ancestor was. He was the person that had brought the Kong Heavenly Clan to its current level of status.

Although the Kong Heavenly Clan’s ancestor could not match up to Grandmaster Kai Hong and Zhan Haichuan in the history of the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm, he was an existence that was second only to the two of them.

He was a legendary individual who possessed the ability to rule over an era.

Thus, his Ancestral Armament and his techniques were all things that the people of the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm knew about.

Unfortunately, after the Kong Heavenly Clan’s ancestor died, his weapon and his techniques that brought him his fame all disappeared.

Even the Kong Heavenly Clan’s descendants had never used them again.

Thus, the people of the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm had all thought that his weapon had already been lost.

Why would a legendary weapon that had been lost for so many years suddenly appear in Chu Feng’s hand?


At the moment when the crowd were astonished and confused, Chu Feng raised the Flame Dragon Greatsword up high.

The next moment, boundless martial power visible to the naked eye shot from the Flame Dragon Greatsword and toward the sky.


After the martial power was shot forth, it exploded in the sky. In an instant, the entire region was covered in a magnificent golden color.

Soon, black clouds began to gather above Chu Feng. Lightning started to flicker in the clouds.

The fusion of the black clouds and lightning formed a spectacular sight.

Most importantly, those clouds were no ordinary clouds, and that lightning was no ordinary lightning.

Although the clouds and lightning did not appear to be anything but normal, they were emitting extremely frightening auras.

In fact, they were not at all inferior to the aura of Kong Doumoyuan’s Ancestral Taboo: Blackwind Slash.

“That martial skill, could it be… that it’s the Kong Heavenly Clan’s long lost Ancestral Taboo Martial Skill, the Ancestral Taboo: Thundercloud Displacement?”

An old man from among the crowd let out a cry of alarm. There was a tone of disbelief in his cry. Most importantly, that old man had an extremely astonished expression on his face.

“What?! That’s the Ancestral Taboo: Thundercloud Displacement? How could that be?!”

That old man’s cry of alarm brought forth an uproar amongst the crowd.

The people present knew very well what the Ancestral Taboo: Thundercloud Displacement was.

That was the technique that had allowed the Kong Heavenly Clan’s ancestor to become famous, his consummate skill, something that had been lost to the Kong Heavenly Clan for many years.

As such, how could Chu Feng know it? Furthermore, how was he able to unleash it?

After all, it was already incredible that Chu Feng had obtained the Flame Dragon Greatsword.

If the martial skill Chu Feng had used was truly the Ancestral Taboo: Thundercloud Displacement, then it would truly be too astonishing.

At the moment when the crowd were unwilling to believe it to be true, Chu Feng looked to that old man and said slowly, “Nice eyesight. This martial skill of mine is indeed called the Ancestral Taboo: Thundercloud Displacement.”

“Heavens! It’s actually the Ancestral Taboo: Thundercloud Displacement!!!”

At that moment, the people present, regardless of who they might be, and with the exception of Chu Feng, were all stunned.

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