Chapter 2514 - Clan Protection Martial Skill

 Chapter 2514 - Clan Protection Martial Skill


At that moment, the crowd were all unable to contain themselves from sucking in a mouthful of cold air.

If those words were spoken by someone else, they would definitely not believe them. However, it was Old Freak Heng Hui who said those words. As such, they had no choice but to believe it.

However, upon thinking that Chu Feng actually managed to obtain Zhan Haichuan’s legacy to become Zhan Haichuan’s successor, they were unable to contain their astonishment.

“Two years ago, Chu Feng obtained Grandmaster Kai Hong’s inheritance. It was already something that caused everyone to feel envious.”

“I truly never expected that he would actually also obtain Lord Zhan Haichuan’s legacy. Exactly what is the origin of this child? How could he possess such enormous luck?”

The more the crowd thought about it, the more astonished they became. Even though they were experienced and knowledgeable individuals, they were still unable to calm themselves.

Who were Zhan Haichuan and Grandmaster Kai Hong? They were both super experts who ruled over the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm in their respective eras.

As for Zhan Haichuan, his fame was even greater than Grandmaster Kai Hong’s.

And now, Chu Feng actually became the successor to both Zhan Haichuan and Grandmaster Kai Hong.

Not to mention the others, merely his luck was already something that others would find incredible.

“Your martial skills are Zhan Haichuan’s?”

The discussion from the bystanders entered Kong Doumoyuan’s ears and caused his expression to change too. He actually directly questioned Chu Feng.

“What if they are and what if they’re not?” Chu Feng said in a disapproving manner, and then smiled with contempt.

“In that case, you’ve simply not obtained Zhan Haichuan’s inheritance. Humph, that’s right, how could trash like you possibly obtain Lord Zhan Haichuan’s acknowledgement?” At that moment, Kong Doumoyuan revealed a smile of ease.

Evidently, he personally did not wish for Chu Feng to obtain Zhan Haichuan’s inheritance.

“I’m afraid that I’ll have to disappoint you. The many secret skills that I’ve used earlier are all from the Ancient Era’s War Clan.”

“Although I am not Zhan Haichuan’s successor… I have obtained the Ancient Era’s War Clan’s teachings,” Chu Feng said.

“Ah! It’s actually real!!!”

“Even he himself admitted to it, it must absolutely be true.”

“This is truly unimaginable. Could this Chu Feng be a destined deity? Else, how could he be this lucky?”

The surrounding crowd burst into an uproar.

This was not only those that were purely observing the battle, as even Dugu Jianxu and the Wine-Meat Monk, who had their cultivations crippled by Chu Feng, revealed dumbfounded expressions.

The reason for that was because this matter was truly huge. This was already no longer an issue of talent. Rather, the issue became the fact that Chu Feng had managed to obtain the acknowledgement of both Zhan Haichuan and Grandmaster Kai Hong.

How many people in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm did not believe in Chu Feng’s accomplishments, and looked down on him?

However, from that day forward, they would all be useless. Those people’s questioning of the validity of Chu Feng’s accomplishments would all be worthless.

When even Zhan Haichuan and Grandmaster Kai Hong had acknowledged someone, what could their questioning possibly amount to?

“Good, good, good. This is even better! Today, I will seize your inheritance and make everything that's yours mine!”

Kong Doumoyuan suddenly grew incomparably furious. His anger originated from his jealousy toward Chu Feng. He was truly upset by Chu Feng’s luck.

At the same time as he grew furious, he flipped his palm, and another Ancestral Armament spear appeared in his hand.

The true powers of Ancestral Armaments were something that only Martial Ancestors could unleash. In other words, Ancestral Armaments could be said to be the greatest assistance to Martial Ancestors.

At that moment, Kong Doumoyuan was using two Ancestral Armament spears simultaneously. As such, his battle power greatly increased.

After his battle power increased, Kong Doumoyuan’s martial skills also grew more ferocious. In fact, it seemed like the size of those ferocious beasts had also increased.

Most importantly, a whirlwind appeared above Kong Doumoyuan.

That whirlwind was black. It was very powerful, and caused space itself to distort. Moreover, it was emitting an extremely frightening aura. It was as if that dark black whirlwind was capable of devouring everything.

“That’s an Ancestral Taboo Martial Skill, what a powerful Ancestral Taboo Martial Skill. Not only is Brother Moyuan utilizing two Ancestral Armaments simultaneously, he is actually also using two Ancestral Taboo Martial Skills at once. Furthermore, the other one is actually this powerful too,” Someone cried out in alarm.

He had already realized that the Ancestral Taboo Martial Skill that Kong Doumoyuan was unleashing was even stronger than those ferocious beasts, that it was a higher tier Ancestral Taboo Martial Skill.

At the moment when the crowd were exclaiming in admiration, four more dark black whirlwinds appeared above Kong Doumoyuan in succession.

Adding them together, there were a total of five such black whirlwinds.

Suddenly, an old man among the crowd said, “That’s no ordinary Ancestral Taboo Martial Skill, that is the Kong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Protection Martial Skill, the Ancestral Taboo: Blackwind Slash.”

“Ancestral Taboo: Blackwind Slash? Isn’t the Ancestral Taboo: Blackwind Slash a slash attack? What Brother Moyuan is using right now are clearly whirlwinds, no?” Someone asked.

“The Ancestral Taboo: Blackwind Slash is composed of black whirlwinds. When one is to attack with the whirlwinds, they will merge into a slash.”

“However, not only does the Ancestral Taboo: Blackwind Slash need a long time to set up, but one must also possess very powerful cultivation to support it.”

“Reportedly, this Ancestral Taboo: Blackwind Slash is a martial skill at the pinnacle of Ancestral Taboo Martial Skills. It is said that Martial Ancestors will find it very difficult to use it. Even in the Kong Heavenly Clan, only the True Immortal-level experts know it. I truly never expected that Brother Moyuan had actually grasped the Ancestral Taboo: Blackwind Slash.”

“Never did I expect that Brother Moyuan was actually this amazing. His reputation as the strongest below True Immortals is truly well justified.”

“It would appear that even Chu Feng will be destined to suffer a crushing defeat today.”

After verifying that the Ancestral Taboo Martial Skill Kong Doumoyuan was utilizing at that moment was the Kong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Protection Martial Skill, an Ancestral Taboo Martial Skill that only the Kong Heavenly Clan’s True Immortals were able to use, the crowd all revealed gazes of admiration as they looked at Kong Doumoyuan.

“Indeed, that is the Ancestral Taboo: Blackwind Slash. I have seen a Kong Heavenly Clan’s Supreme Elder using it before.”

“However, when that Supreme Elder was using the Ancestral Taboo: Blackwind Slash, eight black whirlwinds appeared in the sky. Brother Moyuan’s Ancestral Taboo: Blackwind Slash has only brought forth five whirlwinds. This means that Brother Moyuan still has yet to completely grasp that martial skill,” Another old man from among the crowd said.

“Quickly, look! Another black whirlwind has appeared! There’s a total of six now!” Suddenly, someone cried out while pointing at the sky.

The crowd looked up. Sure enough, another black whirlwind appeared above Kong Doumoyuan.

At that moment, there were a total of six whirlwinds.

Furthermore, after the sixth whirlwind appeared, a seventh whirlwind also appeared.

“Truly unbelievable! As a Martial Ancestor, he is actually able to form seven whirlwinds?”

“Kong Doumoyuan, is he really just a Martial Ancestor?”

At that moment, the bystanders were all stunned once again. Disbelief filled their eyes.

Merely, their disbelief was not aimed toward Chu Feng, but rather Kong Doumoyuan this time around. Their gazes were all focused onto Kong Doumoyuan.

Sthe exclamations of admiration and gazes of adoration from the crowd, the corners of Kong Doumoyuan’s lips rose into a proud smile.

However, right at that moment, the seventh whirlwind that he was still condensing suddenly dissipated.


At that moment, Kong Doumoyuan’s expression instantly changed. He knew very well that he had been careless and failed to condense the seventh whirlwind. He immediately started to concentrate and focus on condensing the seventh whirlwind again.

However, this time around, no matter how hard he tried, he was unable to condense the seventh whirlwind.

Seeing that Kong Doumoyuan was unable to condense the seventh whirlwind, the crowd that were exclaiming in admiration before all revealed awkward expressions.

It would appear that they had praised him too early, that they had exclaimed in admiration too early.

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