Chapter 2513 - Zhan Haichuan’s Successor

Chapter 2513 - Zhan Haichuan’s Successor

The people present were all able to bear witness to exactly how powerful Chu Feng and Kong Doumoyuan were.

The energy ripples that were capable of toppling mountains and overturning the seas, the enormous waves that wreaked havoc through heaven and earth both showed and proved the strength the two fighters possessed.

This was a true battle of peak Martial Ancestors. This was a battle between two of the strongest individuals beneath True Immortals.

“Chu Feng’s speed of progress is truly rapid. His battle experience is also astonishing.”

“Before, I had never believed any of the rumors regarding Chu Feng. However, upon seeing him today, this child is truly capable of making one have a whole new level of respect toward him.”

At that moment, not a single person present dared to question Chu Feng’s abilities.

The reason for that was because they were convinced by Chu Feng’s strength. Apart from Heavenly Bloodline possessors, even though they were also peak Martial Ancestors, they were simply unable to contend against the current Chu Feng.

“Brothers, between Chu Feng and Brother Moyuan, who do you all think will win today’s battle?” As the crowd watched the battle, someone raised a question.

“If Brother Moyuan is to go all-out, that Chu Feng will naturally be no match against him. However, he deliberately refused to use his Thunder Wings to keep his strength equal to Chu Feng’s. As such, it will be very difficult to determine who will win and who will lose,” Someone revealed a deferent expression.

“I think Brother Moyuan will win. No matter what, Brother Moyuan is known as the strongest beneath the True Immortals in the Kong Heavenly Clan. That reputation of his is not baseless.”

“Since he is capable of shouldering that reputation, this naturally means that he possesses the strength. As for Chu Feng, even though he has shocked us with his abilities today, it remains that he is very young,” Someone felt that Kong Doumoyuan would win.

“That might not necessarily be the case. After all, Chu Feng possesses many past achievements, and his battle records are simply astonishing.”

“The fact that he is capable of doing all that means that he is no ordinary character, but is instead a genius. We cannot judge him like we do others. As such, I feel that Chu Feng has a chance to win,” There were also people among the crowd who felt that Chu Feng would win.

At that moment, people actually started to argue due to their differences in opinion as to who would win.

While the crowd was arguing, the battle between Chu Feng and Kong Doumoyuan grew increasingly more intense.

At the beginning, the two of them had fought with one another with their weapons. Then, they started to use martial skills, and then Taboo Martial Skills. Their attacks grew more and more ferocious, and more and more destructive.

At that moment, the two fighters were both using Ancestral Taboo Martial Skills.

Kong Doumoyuan had unleashed an Ancestral Taboo Martial Skill that sent forth a myriad of ferocious beasts. Densely packed, the ferocious beasts were flying in the sky and attacking Chu Feng from all sides.

Most importantly, being controlled by Kong Doumoyuan, those ferocious beasts were not impulsive, but rather attacking Chu Feng in a strategic manner.

That said, the Ancestral Taboo Martial Skill Chu Feng had unleashed was even more dazzling.

Chu Feng’s Ancestral Taboo Martial Skill was four war gods dazzling with golden light. With humanoid appearances, they each stood a hundred meters tall and were clad in armor.

Not only was their armor dazzling with light, but their armor also covered their entire body. As such, one simply could not see their faces. It was only their fierce eyes that emitted a red glint that were visible.

At that moment, the four golden-armored war gods were standing around Chu Feng. Regardless of how many ferocious beasts there were, they were simply unable to approach Chu Feng in the slightest.

All those that tried to approach Chu Feng met tragic deaths by the four golden-armored war god’s giant axes.

“Everyone, look at that, look at Chu Feng’s martial skill…!”

After observing for some time, someone cried out in alarm while staring at Chu Feng’s martial skill.

It was a voice of disbelief…

“What about it?” Someone voiced their confusion.

“According to legend, Zhan Haichuan, the absolute ruler of the Hundred Refinements ordinary Realm back then, possessed a famous martial skill by the name of Ancestral Taboo: Four Heavenly Guards.”

“That Ancestral Taboo: Four Heavenly Guards summoned four golden-armored guardians to fight for him,” That person said.

“You mean to say that the martial skill Chu Feng is using is that Ancestral Taboo: Four Heavenly Guards?”

“That is impossible. Zhan Haichuan is from the Ancient Era’s War Clan. His abilities are all from the Ancient Era’s War Clan.”

“Furthermore, ever since he became famous throughout the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm, he never took a disciple. Thus, after he disappeared, his various abilities also disappeared with him. No one has ever used them again. As such… how could this Chu Feng be able to use Zhan Haichuan’s signature martial skill?” Someone voiced their disbelief.

“Senior Heng Hui, haven’t you been studying Senior Zhan Haichuan the entire time? You should know the characteristics of his martial skills, no?” At that moment, someone turned their gaze toward an old man among the crowd.

That old man had barely any hair left on his head. Not only was he hunchbacked, but he was also holding onto a cane.

However, that cane of his was a bit frightening; it was made out of human bones, and reeked of blood.

As for that old man, his name was Old Freak Heng Hui. He was a very infamous monster in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

The reason why he was infamous was because he possessed a strange craving. That is, he was fond of eating human flesh.

Apart from human flesh, he was not interested in any other culinary delicacies.

That said, apart from his craving for human flesh, Old Freak Heng Hui possessed another interest. That is, he was a Zhan Haichuan nerd.

He considered Zhan Haichuan his idol since he was a child. After his cultivation grew stronger, he began to inquire about Zhan Haichuan’s various achievements and to research Zhan Haichuan’s origins.

Thus, if one wanted to ask who was the most knowledgeable about Zhan Haichuan in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm at that moment, then the first answer people would give was most definitely Old Freak Heng Hui.

“Senior Heng Hui, say, does Chu Feng’s current martial skill resemble Senior Zhan Haichuan’s Ancestral Taboo: Four Heavenly Guards?” Another curious individual asked.

Faced with these curious gazes, Old Freak Heng Hui did not answer their question. Instead, he opened his mouth.

When his mouth was opened, one could see that all of his teeth were actually razor sharp. Those were not beast teeth, but rather human teeth. Merely, they were forcibly ground and polished to their current sharpness. At a glance, his teeth appeared very strange and frightening.

“Humph!!!” Old Freak Heng Hui first let out a strange snort. Then, he raised his head and revealed a very aloof yet displeased expression. Then, he said, “You bunch of rude little brats actually remembered this old man now?”

“Eh… Senior Heng Hui, your status has always been very high in our hearts. Since when have we forgotten about you?”

“That’s right. Senior Heng Hui, you have always been this junior’s idol. How could this junior dare be rude toward you? This is the present that I’ve prepared for you. Merely, I did not have the time to hand it to you yet.”

At that moment, the crowd suddenly recalled that that Old Freak Heng Hui was a narrow-minded individual.

Thus, many people started to flatter him. Furthermore, one by one, they started to take out gifts to hand to Old Freak Heng Hui.

As for Old Freak Heng Hui, he accepted all of the gifts without hesitation. After receiving everything, he nodded in a satisfied manner, “That’s more like it.”

“Then, Senior Heng Hui, please have a look. Is Chu Feng’s martial skill Senior Zhan Haichuan’s Ancestral Taboo: Four Heavenly Guards?” The crowd asked.

“There’s no need,” Old Freak Heng Hui’s neck twisted to the side, and he did not even bother to look. Instead, he cast his gaze elsewhere.


Witnessing that scene, the crowd all felt annoyed. They complained in their hearts, ‘Old Freak Heng Hui is truly avaricious and insatiable. We have already treated him so well, yet he still continues to make things difficult for us. It’s clear that he thinks that our gifts are insufficient.’

At the moment when the crowd were voicing their complaints in their hearts and were thinking about joining hands to take care of Old Freak Heng Hui, he spoke again, “Not only is the martial skill Chu Feng using right now Lord Zhan Haichuan’s martial skill, several other martial skills he used earlier were also martial skills that Lord Zhan Haichuan had frequently used.”

“Ah?” Hearing those words, the crowd were astonished, “Senior Heng Hui, are you certain?”

“This old man has paid close attention to everything. I am absolutely certain,” Old Freak Heng Hui said.

“Senior, then, you mean to say…?” The crowd asked in unison.

“What I’m saying is that this Chu Feng has obtained Lord Zhan Haichuan’s legacy, he is Lord Zhan Haichuan’s successor,” Old Freak Heng Hui said.

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