Chapter 2518 - This Is Divine Mark

Chapter 2518 - This Is Divine Mark


Everything happened too fast. By the time Chu Feng managed to react, Kong Doumoyuan had already dodged the Ancient Era’s War Axe and arrived before him.

The oppressive might emitted by those two Ancestral Armaments gave Chu Feng a fatal sensation.

It was a very stifling and unbearable sensation.

Even though the Ancestral Armament spears had yet to pierce into Chu Feng’s body, Chu Feng was already feeling the aura of death.

Defeat. Chu Feng was able to fight against Kong Doumoyuan for so long not because of his own strength, but rather because of the Ancient Era’s War Axe.

And now, Kong Doumoyuan’s speed had surpassed that of the Ancient Era’s War Axe, and he had successfully avoided it.

Without the protection of the Ancient Era’s War Axe, even if Chu Feng were to form his Lightning Mark, it would be useless.

“Chu Feng, your carelessness is what has caused your defeat,” Kong Doumoyuan mocked.

He had a very proud expression on his face.

Showing no mercy, he thrust his spears toward Chu Feng’s dantian.

His goal was very clear. He was planning to cripple Chu Feng’s cultivation.

“So it was actually a diversionary tactic. Kong Doumoyuan’s admitting defeat earlier was merely so that he could divert Chu Feng’s attention. Everything was for the sake of this surprise attack. Chu Feng was careless, that’s why he’s going to be defeated.”

Upon seeing all that had happened, the crowd finally realized what had happened.

Kong Doumoyuan had held back on using his Lightning Mark the entire time because he knew that as Chu Feng was a Martial Ancestor, he too possessed the power of a Lightning Mark.

If he were to use his Lightning Mark openly, it would serve no purpose. Only by catching Chu Feng off-guard would he be able to make him pay bitterly.

And now, it was very clear that Kong Doumoyuan’s scheme had succeeded.


Suddenly, a muffled sound was heard, and a spray of blood appeared.


Then, a miserable scream sounded.

However, at that moment, the crowd were all tongue-tied. They were completely stunned.

The reason for that was because the person that was struck was not Chu Feng. Rather, it was Kong Doumoyuan.

It was the Ancient Era’s War Axe. The Ancient Era’s War Axe had chased over and hacked down at Kong Doumoyuan from behind.

At that moment, Kong Doumoyuan had been split open from head to toe. Only a small portion of his bones were still barely keeping his badly damaged body together.

Blood was flowing from his body uncontrollably, and dying his clothes crimson red.

His Thunder Armor, Thunder Wings and even the Lightning Mark on his forehead had all disappeared.

He was seriously injured, and had completely lost the ability to continue fighting against Chu Feng. Merely, he had a completely baffled expression on his face.

“How could this be? I’ve already dodged that strange axe of yours. Even if you were to condense your Lightning Mark, it should still be impossible for that axe to be able to catch up to me. How? How?!”

Kong Doumoyuan was unable to understand how the Ancient Era’s War Axe was able to catch up to him.

“That is?!”

At the moment when Kong Doumoyuan raised his head and saw the current Chu Feng, he was immediately stunned.

At that moment, he did not dare to believe his eyes, did not dare to believe what he was seeing.

It was as he had anticipated, Chu Feng had condensed his Lightning Mark.

Merely, the Lightning Mark on Chu Feng’s forehead was completely different from his own.

The lightning that made up the Lightning Mark on Chu Feng’s forehead was flickering violently. The aura it emitted was countless times more powerful than his own Lightning Mark.

Most importantly, the Lightning Mark on Chu Feng’s forehead was not the character ‘Mortal.’ Rather, it was the character ‘Divine.’

“Divine? How could there be a Lightning Mark with the character ‘Divine?’”

Kong Doumoyuan was dumbfounded. He was truly frightened by the dazzling Lightning Mark before him.

As a member of the Kong Heavenly Clan, as a possessor of a Heavenly Bloodline, he naturally knew there were different ranks between Lightning Marks.

If one wanted to form a Lightning Mark, one must train in a Self-Punishing Mysterious Technique.

As for Self-Punishing Mysterious Techniques, they were separated into three levels according to their strength. Respectively, they were the Mortal Punishment, Earthen Punishment and Heaven Punishment.

Not to mention the difficulty, the higher tier a Self-Punishing Mysterious Technique was, the more precious it was.

Not to mention the others, even the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm’s two strongest Heavenly Clans, the Kong Heavenly Clan and the Zhou Heavenly Clan, only possessed a Mortal Punishment Mysterious Technique.

They did not even possess an Earthen Punishment Mysterious Technique.

As for a Heaven Punishment Mysterious Technique, it was simply a legend to them.

Thus, in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm, there had simply never been anyone that had trained in the Earthen Punishment Mysterious Technique. Naturally, there was no one capable of forming an Earthen level Lightning Mark.

Yet, Chu Feng was actually able to form a Lightning Mark with the character ‘Divine’. Wouldn’t this mean that Chu Feng had formed a Divine level Lightning Mark, that he had trained in a Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique?

But, Divine Punishment Mysterious Techniques were something that Kong Doumoyuan had never even heard of before.

In his mind, a Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique simply did not exist.

Yet, the character ‘Divine’ on Chu Feng’s forehead was clearly right in front of him.

Furthermore, the enormous aura emitted by that Lightning Mark made him feel so extremely small. He felt so small and weak that he started to fear Chu Feng from the bottom of his heart.

It was as if he felt that he was fundamentally inferior to Chu Feng.

It was a sort of humility and submission that originated from the depths of his soul. It was like how a soldier feels when they see their general, how a subject feels when they see their ruler.

Not to mention that he didn’t have the ability to continue fighting Chu Feng, even if he did, he would still not be able to fight against Chu Feng.

He had lost all will to battle.


Suddenly, Kong Doumoyuan’s body fell from the sky and crashed ruthlessly onto the ground. When he landed, he was shivering nonstop.

The sensation he felt from Chu Feng was still lingering within him.

Furthermore, his mouth was open, and he was muttering one sentence repeatedly.

“Impossible, impossible, impossible…”

“I must’ve seen it wrong, I must’ve seen it wrong…”

Seeing Kong Doumoyuan reacting like this, Chu Feng did not continue to attack him. Instead, he turned around and cast his gaze toward the direction of the palace hall.

“Look, on Chu Feng’s forehead, that is…?”

“Is that a Lightning Mark? But… how could there be a Lightning Mark like that?”

“Could it be that the strange yet powerful aura he is emitting right now was brought forth by that Lightning Mark?”

After Chu Feng turned around, the crowd were finally able to see Chu Feng’s Lightning Mark. Upon seeing the dazzling character created by Chu Feng’s Lightning Mark, their hearts all trembled.

At that moment, the bodies of all the people present were involuntarily shaking.

It was as if a group of meek sheep had encountered a savage ferocious beast, and were feeling fear from the bottoms of their souls.

Chu Feng completely ignored the crowd’s fear-filled gazes.

He first put his Stormwind Edge and Flame Dragon Greatsword away. Then, stepping on air, he began to walk toward the crowd.

Although Chu Feng had put his two Ancestral Armaments away, his aura did not decrease in the slightest.

Not only was Chu Feng surrounded by lightning, but the Ancient Era’s War Axe was still floating above him.

With a single thought, he would be able to send the Ancient Era’s War Axe to attack, destroying everything in its path.

The current Chu Feng was like an unparalleled God of War. Not to mention ordinary individuals, even gods and demons would have to shrink back from him.

“Chu Feng, I, I… I was wrong. Please give me a chance. I will never dare to do something like that again.”

Seeing Chu Feng’s arrival, the person that was most scared would be none other than Zhou Fukong.

Earlier, he was eager to fight against Chu Feng. Yet, at that moment he had completely lost his will to battle.

With a ‘putt,’ he knelt in midair, and began to beg Chu Feng for forgiveness.

It was not that he was a coward. Rather, as even Kong Doumoyuan was no match for Chu Feng, he knew very well that even if he were to attack Chu Feng, he was destined to be defeated.

Rather than suffering serious injuries, it was better that he beg for forgiveness to preserve his life before they even started fighting.

“Young Hero Chu Feng, we are merely guests invited here by Kong Doumoyuan. The ones torturing Zhao Hong earlier were all Kong Doumoyuan and the others. We are truly unrelated to this.”

“That’s right. Young Hero Chu Feng, you must not harm the innocent.”

In fact, it was not only Zhou Fukong who started to beg for forgivess. Even some of the older generation’s experts started to beg for forgiveness.

Even though they were all grand and famous characters in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

Even though they were individuals that possessed much greater seniority than Chu Feng.

When faced with Chu Feng, they were still afraid from the bottom of their hearts.

Thus, to avoid being implicated, they truly did not know what to do apart from providing an explanation for themselves and begging Chu Feng for forgiveness.

After all, they knew very well that when faced with the current Chu Feng, they would have no hope of victory even if they were to all join hands against him.

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