Chapter 2510 - Killing Intent From Chu Feng

Chapter 2510 - Killing Intent From Chu Feng

“Haha, Brother Moyuan, you are truly the model among us. You actually managed to capture this demonic woman Zhao Hong.”

“You must know how extraordinary this demonic woman is. She has been the nightmare of countless individuals.”

“Yet you were actually able to capture her alive. This monk truly feels admiration toward Brother Moyuan.”

Right at that moment, an extremely sinister laughter was heard. That laughter was actually from the monk.

That monk was very robust, with a stubble beard. Originally, he should have been very masculine-looking. However, he had an extremely vile gaze that was completely inconsistent with his image.

Although he was wearing a buddhist kasaya robe, he did not resemble a monk in the slightest. Instead, he gave off a corrupted air all over.

Especially his pair of small beady eyes. At that moment, they were looking at Zhao Hong lecherously in an extremely vulgar manner.

That monk was naturally that vice indulging Wine-Meat Monk from the Buddha’s Heavenly Temple.

Whilst that monk was extremely wretched, he possessed extraordinary strength.

In the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm, he was one of the most famous Martial Ancestors.

“Wine-Meat Monk, you couldn’t possibly be interested in that demonic woman, right? You should know that demonic woman cannot be compared with ordinary young women, right?” Another individual slowly stood up and walked toward Zhao Hong’s cage.

That person possessed the cultivation of rank nine Martial Ancestor. He was the strongest in the Zhou Heavenly Clan apart from the True Immortals, Zhou Fukong.

Zhou Fukong, the Wine-Meat Monk, Kong Doumoyuan and Dugu Jianxu; the four of them were the most famous existences in the four tier one powers apart from the True Immortals.

The four of them were also very close friends.

Although they were all seen to be representatives of righteousness, when the four of them gathered in private, they would reveal their true ugly appearances.

The four of them were all genuine hypocrites.

“Brother Zhou, you couldn’t possibly be planning to fight over her with me? I remember that you’ve never been one to lust for women, no?” The Wine-Meat Monk said.

“As a man, how could I not be fond of women? Merely, I possess a relatively high requirement toward women. Thus, ordinary women will simply not enter my discerning eye. As for this demonic woman, I am quite fond of her,” Zhou Fukong said with a beaming smile.

“Have the two of you gone insane? This Zhao Hong is our Brother Moyuan’s enemy. Could the two of you be planning to marry Brother Moyuan’s enemy?” Dugu Jianxu also stood up and stepped forward.

“Marry the demonic woman? I wouldn’t dare do something like that.”

“However, playing with her should be fine, no? After all, she’s already been captured, and I believe Brother Moyuan will not spare her either.”

“Since she’s going to die eventually, why not allow us to enjoy ourselves before she dies?” Zhou Fukong began to size Zhao Hong up lecherously. He simply did not resemble an expert from an upright and righteous power. Instead, he seemed to be someone from a demonic sect who would not shrink from any crimes.

“I say that’s fine. Hahahaha!!!” The Wine-Meat Monk voiced his agreement to Zhou Fukong’s suggestion.

The two of them reached an agreement in this.

“Who said that Zhao Hong must die?” Kong Doumoyuan said.

“You’re not planning to kill her?” The crowd asked in unison.

After all, the Kong Heavenly Clan and Zhao Hong were already irreconcilable enemies.

Over the past two years, countless Kong Heavenly Clansmen had died by Zhao Hong’s hand. Many among them were even the Kong Heavenly Clan’s elites.

Thus, the crowd felt that since Zhao Hong was captured by Kong Doumoyuan, then with Kong Doumoyuan’s personality, he would definitely not spare her.

“As long as she obediently listens to me, I will spare her dog life. However, if she doesn’t…”

As Kong Doumoyuan said those words, a flash of ruthlessness shone through his eyes.


Suddenly, a cold flash appeared in Kong Doumoyuan’s hand. That cold flash pierced directly through Zhao Hong’s abdomen.

It was a sword, a silver sword.

“My, Brother Moyuan, why would you act immediately after saying that you will? Don’t you have any tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex?”

“That’s right. Look, you’ve wasted such a decent beauty just like this.”

Witnessing that scene, Zhou Fukong and the Wine-Meat Monk both criticized Kong Doumoyuan’s action.

Although they were criticizing Kong Doumoyuan, they did not have the slightest bit of sympathy on their faces. Instead… they had ridiculing smiles on their faces.

To them, this was simply a show, a show that they enjoyed watching.


Although Zhao Hong’s abdomen was pierced through by the sword, she did not reveal the slightest expression of pain. Instead, the corners of her lips were raised into a cold smile.

“I’ll make you unable to smile very soon.”

The sword in Kong Doumoyuan’s hand trembled slightly. Then, an electric current emerged from the sword and entered Zhao Hong’s body.


The next moment, being shocked by electricity, Zhao Hong’s body started to shake nonstop. A faint amount of smoke even emerged from her body. Then, she was actually unable to endure the shock, and half kneeled on the ground whilst blood started to involuntarily flow from the corner of her mouth.

“This demonic woman truly possesses quite the endurance. She actually did not even cry out once,” Zhou Fukong said.

“No, it’s not that she possesses high endurance. Instead, I just haven’t put forth enough power,” After Kong Doumoyuan said those words, the electric current once again emerged from his sword and started to flow steadily into Zhao Hong’s body.


This time around, even Zhao Hong was unable to contain herself from letting out a miserable and painful scream.

Her one leg that was supporting her body also grew weak, becoming unable to support her. She fell on both knees, curled over and started to shake violently as she screamed in the cage.

“Zhao Hong, let me tell you this. This sword of mine is called the Punishment Lightning Strike Sword. It specializes in torturing others.”

“Regardless of whether or not you’re a Martial Ancestor or an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist, the pain brought forth by my Punishment Lightning Strike Sword is something that you will not be able to endure.”

“If you are sensible, then tell me honestly where that Wang Qiang and where that Chu Feng are right now.”

“If you tell me where they are and bring me to them, I will spare your life,” Kong Doumoyuan said.

“Hehe…” Zhao Hong let out a sneer. Then, she said two words. Those were the only two words she had said ever since she had been captured by Kong Doumoyuan.

“Keep dreaming!!!”

“Very well, I’ll have you know whether or not I’m the one dreaming or you’re the one dreaming.”


As Kong Doumoyuan spoke, his Punishment Lightning Strike Sword once again let out an enormous electric current.

Zhao Hong started screaming miserably again. Not only that, but her fair skin was also charred black from the electric torture. A burning smell wafted from her.

Her beautiful face was also ruined beyond recognition.

“It was such a beautiful face, what a waste,” Zhou Fukong sighed and shook his head.

As he spoke, he took out an item from his Cosmos Sack.

It was a box. After he opened the box, pitch-black substances could be seen moving about inside. If one were to look closely, one would see that they were ant-like substances. However, they were much smaller than ants. Those were insects.

“Since your face is already ruined, there’s no need for me to have tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex. Since she is unwilling to confess, have her experience the ferociousness of these little treasures of mine.”

As Zhou Fukong spoke, he raised his box toward Zhao Hong. Immediately, the bugs from the box pounced toward Zhao Hong.


At that moment, Zhao Hong’s screams grew even more miserable.

Not only was she suffering the torture of being shocked, she was also suffering the torture of being bitten by bugs.

The pain brought forth by those two things were all things that ordinary people could not possibly endure.

“Seems like Brother Moyuan was correct. This Zhao Hong is only this much. She is simply unworthy for us to be afraid of.”


Even though they were watching a woman undergoing such torture and pain, there was not a single person among the crowd pleading for leniency for her.

On the contrary, they were all acting as if they were enjoying a show. Not only that, but they also had ridiculing smiles on their faces.


Right at that moment, a roar that punctured through the horizon suddenly sounded from outside.

Not only was that voice ear-piercing, but it was also filled with intimidation. That was not a roar from an ordinary ferocious beast. Rather, it was a dragon’s roar.

That sudden roar caused the expressions of the crowd to all change. Immediately, they all turned their gazes toward the outside of the palace.

“That is?!!!”

Upon seeing what they saw, the crowd’s expression all changed enormously.

It was an enormous azure dragon. That azure dragon was currently galloping in the sky and rapidly approaching the island.

A figure was standing atop the azure dragon.

That person’s clothes were fluttering in the air. His long hair was dancing with the wind. However, he stood completely stable on the head of that enormous azure dragon.

From a glance, even the enormous dragon appeared to be insignificant when compared to that individual. That individual was giving off the airs of a ruler.

Furthermore, when the crowd met that individual’s eyes, they all felt fear in their hearts, and goosebumps emerged on their bodies.

It was killing intent. Boundless killing intent emerged from Chu Feng’s eyes!!!

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