Chapter 2509 - Merely Trash

Chapter 2509 - Merely Trash

After hearing what Kong Doumoyuan said, the crowd exclaimed in surprise.

They all became certain of one thing, something that they had been skeptical of the entire time.

That is, they suspected that Chu Feng, Zhao Hong and Wang Qiang were only able to act like mavericks in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm and accomplish so many unimaginable feats because they possessed an enormous backer behind them, a mysterious expert that had nearly eliminated the entire Kong Heavenly Clan.

As for exactly who that expert was, none of them knew. However, one thing was certain: that expert was extremely powerful, and might even be an existence very few people could match in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

“Brother Moyuan, since you know that those three possess the backing of an expert, it is best that you do not make them your enemies again. Else, you will end up suffering enormously,” Someone advised with kind intentions.

“Humph, when I was taking care of that Zhao Hong and Wang Qiang, their backing wasn’t able to do anything to me. I presume that individual possesses misgivings too,” Kong Doumoyuan said.

“What sort of misgivings?” The crowd began to guess.

“That would naturally be our Kong Heavenly Clan,” Kong Doumoyuan said.

“Didn’t that individual nearly extinguish your entire Kong Heavenly Clan? Why would he feel misgivings toward your Kong Heavenly Clan?” Someone said.

“Fool!” Hearing those words, Kong Doumoyuan suddenly stood up. With a displeased expression on his face, he said loudly, “Did you all really think that that individual really nearly eliminated our Kong Heavenly Clan?”

“Let me ask you all this, if you all possessed the ability to eliminate your opponent, would you stop midway so that your opponent can come back for revenge in the future?”

“This… we wouldn’t,” The crowd said.

“When you all wouldn’t do something like that, why would that individual do something that foolish?” Kong Doumoyuan asked.

“Then, exactly what is going on?” The crowd asked.

“The truth is, he did not stop by himself, but was instead beaten back by our Kong Heavenly Clan,” Kong Doumoyuan said.

“So that’s the case, no wonder...” The crowd nodded their heads as if they had suddenly realized the truth.

However, the people present were all old foxes. Although they were acting as if they had suddenly realized the truth, they were actually skeptical toward what Kong Doumoyuan said.

After all, the Kong Heavenly Clan had never provided an explanation.

For a power like the Kong Heavenly Clan, when they did not provide an explanation, they would generally avoid doing so because they felt shame.

Of course, they also couldn’t be certain as to whether or not Kong Doumoyuan was lying. Thus, they were half trusting of his words and half trusting of the rumors.

Suddenly, someone asked curiously, “In that case, Brother Moyuan, may I ask exactly what cultivation that Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong had?”

Once that question was asked, the crowd all revealed curious gazes. After all, the rumors regarding Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong in the past two years were simply too enormous.

Yet, very few people knew of their actual strength. All they knew was that Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong were among the strongest geniuses in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

Thus, the crowd were extremely curious as to what their cultivations were.

“The two of them are merely rank eight Martial Ancestors,” Kong Doumoyuan spoke in a very disdainful manner.

“Rank eight Martial Ancestors?” The crowd revealed complicated expressions.

Initially, the crowd truly did not feel much surprise after hearing that Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong were rank eight Martial Ancestors. After all, the people present were all very powerful, and many among them were peak Martial Ancestors.

This was especially true for the possessors of Heavenly Bloodlines. When their cultivation reached peak Martial Ancestor, they would become extremely frightening to deal with when their Heavenly Bloodline’s power was added onto their peak Martial Ancestor-level cultivation.

Thus, to the crowd present, rank eight Martial Ancestor was not enough to shock them.

However, upon closer thinking, they recalled that Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong were only people of the younger generation with very young ages.

They were people who had only trained for some dozens or twenty-odd years. Yet, they had already managed to become rank eight Martial Ancestors. Thus making it no small matter.

After all, when they themselves were still members of the younger generation, their cultivations were pathetically weak. Not to mention rank eight Martial Ancestors, merely just the Martial Ancestor realm itself was already out of reach for them.

By comparison, they realized how frightening Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong’s talent toward martial cultivation and their speed of progress were.

“Brother Moyuan, although Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong’s cultivations are not to be feared right now, it is very frightening that they, with how young they are, managed to obtain their current level of cultivation.”

“Furthermore, both of them are Grandmaster Kai Hong’s successors. Their world spirit techniques are no small matter either. In the future, it is best to be wary of them,” Someone spoke to advise Kong Doumoyuan.

“Be wary of them?”




At that moment, Kong Doumoyuan burst into loud and frantic laughter.

Witnessing that scene, the crowd looked at one another. They were all confused as to why Kong Doumoyuan was acting that way.

After laughing for a long time, Kong Doumoyuan said, “What sort of ability do they possibly possess to make me, Kong Doumoyuan, be wary of them?”

“But…” Someone opened their mouth and tried to explain their worry.

However, before that individual could finish what he wanted to say, Kong Doumoyuan suddenly interrupted him, “Actually, I have another gift that I wish to show brothers here.”

“Gift?” Hearing the word gift, the crowd all revealed confused expressions.

“Bring up that trash,” Kong Doumoyuan waved his sleeve. Then, two servants immediately pushed forth a cage.

On that cage was a cloth. That cloth was composed of special materials. Thus, even the world spiritists present were unable to see through it.

“Brother Moyuan, could it be that you’ve captured some sort of rare gourmet beast?”

At that moment, many people revealed avaricious smiles.

Those people frequently captured rare gourmet beasts. As for the so-called rare gourmet beasts, they were either ferocious beasts or monstrous beasts with special bloodlines that were useful toward their cultivation.

Their purpose in capturing those so-called rare gourmet beasts would naturally be to drink their blood and eat their flesh, using their blood and flesh to enhance their own body’s constitution.

Thus, upon seeing the cage, the first reaction from the crowd was that they would be able to enjoy a delicacy.

However, faced with the crowd’s reaction, Kong Doumoyuan laughed even more. He only stopped laughing when the cage arrived at the center of the palace hall. He slowly walked toward the cage and grabbed the cloth that covered the cage, pulling it off.


“That is?”

When that cloth was pulled off, the crowd that was filled with anticipation all revealed surprised expressions.

The reason for that was because within the cage was not the rare gourmet beast that they were expecting. Rather… it was a human.

Inside the cage was a woman. Although she had a pale complexion, she revealed an ominous glint in her eyes. Her gaze seemed to be saying that she wanted to eat someone.

However, there was nothing she could do, for she was completely bound by special chains. Her cultivation had been entirely restricted.

As for that woman, she was none other than Zhao Hong.

“Zhao Hong, she… why would she be here? Didn’t you say that she was saved?” The crowd questioned in astonishment.

Although this was the first time they had met Zhao Hong face to face, Zhao Hong and Wang Qiang’s portraits, like Chu Feng’s, had already been spread through the entire Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

Thus, they all knew what Zhao Hong and Wang Qiang looked like.

“Indeed, she was saved,” Kong Doumoyuan said.

“She was captured by you again?” Someone asked.

“No,” Kong Doumoyuan smiled faintly. Then, he added, “This trash showed up by herself.”

“She thought her world spirit techniques were exceptional, and tried to steal my possessions while I was not paying attention. Unfortunately for her, she was caught red-handed by me.”

“This time around, there was no one to protect her. As such, she was unable to escape, and could only be captured.”

After saying those words, Kong Doumoyuan turned to the crowd and said, “Everyone, is there really a need for me to be worried about trash like this?”

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