Chapter 2508 - Inside the Moyuan Palace

Chapter 2508 - Inside the Moyuan Palace

There was a vast sea in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm that was called the Ten Thousand Beasts Sea.

The reason why that sea was called the Ten Thousand Beasts Sea was because there were countless sea beasts inside the Ten Thousand Beasts Sea. Their exact amount was most definitely more than ten thousand. Instead, they numbered greater than a hundred million.

Those so-called sea beasts were actually ferocious beasts that lived deep underwater. Those ferocious beasts did not possess intelligence, and only knew murder. Thus, they were extremely fierce.

That said, those ferocious beasts that lived deep underneath the sea possessed powerful cultivations. The weakest among them were Martial Emperors, whereas the majority of them were Half Martial Ancestors. There were reportedly some ferocious beasts with cultivations reaching Martial Ancestor.

Thus, the Ten Thousand Beasts Sea was very dangerous. Those below Half Martial Ancestor would simply not dare to set foot into the Ten Thousand Beasts Sea. Even if one were to fly in the sky, one could forcibly be sucked into the sea and eaten alive by the ferocious beasts hidden deep underneath the sea.

Furthermore, the vast and boundless Ten Thousand Beasts Sea was a place with no cultivation resources or treasures apart from the countless amount of ferocious beasts.

Thus, the Ten Thousand Beasts Sea became a desolate place with no sign of human activity.

However, in the center of the Ten Thousand Beasts Sea was a man-made island.

On the island were extravagant buildings. At the entrance to the island was a gate reaching a hundred meters tall. On the gate was a signboard. There were three large characters on the signboard: Moyuan’s Palace. [1. Moyuan is two characters.]

That place was Kong Doumoyuan’s residence.

Generally, only Kong Doumoyuan, as well as his servants, were present in Moyuan’s Palace.

However, at that moment it was different from the other days. In recent days, Kong Doumoyuan’s friends had all rushed to his Moyuan’s Palace.

They naturally arrived there per Kong Doumoyuan’s invitation.

At that moment, several hundred figures were gathered in one of the Moyuan’s Palace’s vast palace halls.

That said, as that palace hall was capable of containing several tens of thousands of people, several hundred people still appeared to be very empty.

That said, these several hundred people were all people with status in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

Not to mention some hidden experts, there were also reputed individuals from the four tier one powers present among them.

For example, there was the genius who was said to rarely appear in ten thousand years from the Immortal Sword School, Dugu Jianxu.

From the Zhou Heavenly Clan, the person with the same status as Kong Doumoyuan, the person deemed to be strongest in the Zhou Heavenly Clan apart from the True Immortals, Zhou Fukong.

There was also a strange individual from Buddha’s Heavenly Temple. Even though he was clearly a monk, he was someone who enjoyed the four vices of wine, sex, avarice and temper; Wine-Meat Monk. [1. Wine-Meat Monk is a term used to describe a monk that indulges in vices.]

Those three individuals were all people with the greatest reputation and strongest power apart from True Immortals among the three tier one powers.

The three of them were close friends of many years with Kong Doumoyuan.

Apart from them, there were also many other peak Martial Ancestor-level experts present. Although they were all of different ages, they were like-minded individuals, and they all got along with one another extremely well.

From that Wine-Meat Monk, it could be seen that even though those people were all from reputed and upright powers, none of them were good-natured individuals.

While they were not actual evildoers, they were all hypocrites.

As they chatted, a peak Martial Ancestor-level white-haired old man asked, “Brother Moyuan, I’ve heard that Chu Feng hasn’t died, that someone has seen him already.”

“Say, will he come to take revenge on your Kong Heavenly Clan?”

“Revenge? Does he even possess the ability to do so?” Although Kong Doumoyuan was already over a thousand years old, he had the appearance of a young man. At that moment, the corners of his mouth were lightly raised as he revealed his contempt toward Chu Feng.

“Two years ago, that Chu Feng nearly eliminated your entire Kong Heavenly Clan. Are you to say that he does not have the ability to take revenge?” The white-haired old man continued to ask.

“Old Monster Fengjin, you couldn’t possibly believe that Chu Feng really does possess some sort of Demon Armament, and is capable of eliminating our Kong Heavenly Clan by himself, right?” At that moment, Kong Doumoyuan had a slightly displeased expression as he looked at the white-haired old man.

“Eh…” Seeing that Kong Doumoyuan had revealed an ill-intended gaze, Old Monster Fengjin, a grand peak Martial Ancestor, actually revealed a timid expression. He hurriedly smiled in a good-natured manner, bowed and said, “This is only conjecture. I actually did not believe it much myself. I merely wanted to seek an answer today.”

“That’s true, exactly what is going on? The Kong Heavenly Clan has yet to give an explanation of what happened. We all wish to know the truth,” The crowd echoed.

“Regardless, I do not believe it. Chu Feng is but an insignificant member of the younger generation. How could he possess the ability to do that? Even if he truly possesses such a frightening Demon Armament, I do not believe that brat will be able to handle it.”

There were also many people who expressed their disbelief toward what had happened in the Kong Heavenly Clan two years before.

From their expressions of contempt, it could be seen that they were not just saying it to flatter Kong Doumoyuan. Rather, they were looking down on Chu Feng from the bottoms of their hearts.

Although those individuals were filled with disbelief toward the rumors, they were still looking at Kong Doumoyuan with gazes filled with anticipation.

Evidently, they all wanted to obtain a definite answer from Kong Doumoyuan so as to prove that their guesses were correct.

“Although you all might not know Chu Feng well, you all must’ve heard of Zhao Hong and Wang Qiang, right?” Kong Doumoyuan said to the crowd.

“Of course. Weren’t that Zhao Hong and Wang Qiang Chu Feng’s close friends? I’ve heard that the three of them all obtained Grandmaster Kai Hong’s inheritance.”

“I’ve also heard that Zhao Hong and Wang Qiang possess immeasurable talent, and are capable of fighting on par against Young Master Li Ming, that the two of them are demon-level geniuses.”

“To speak it unpleasantly, your Kong Heavenly Clan has suffered quite a bit at the hands of those two in the past two years.”

The crowd all spoke. Although many among them did not believe in the rumors regarding Chu Feng, they had a different level of respect toward Zhao Hong and Wang Qiang. In fact, one could even hear traces of admiration in their tones when speaking of Zhao Hong and Wang Qiang.

“Geniuses? Humph.”

Right at that moment, a youth among the crowd let out a snort of contempt.

That person was the Immortal Sword School’s genius rarely seen in ten thousand years, Dugu Jianxu.

That Dugu Jianxu could be said to be the youngest among the crowd. However, he was most definitely not a youth.

He had lived for over three hundred years. Even though he was only over three hundred years old, he possessed the cultivation of rank eight Martial Ancestor. In the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm, this made him fully deserving of the title of genius.

“Young Hero Dugu, it seems that you look down deeply on that Zhao Hong and Wang Qiang?”

“However, the two of them managed to become reputed all over the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm in merely two years, their reputations even surpassing that of Young Master Li Ming. They are most definitely not to be trifled with,” Someone said upon seeing Dugu Jianxu’s reaction.

“You’re saying they possess abilities and strength? If they really do, how could they be beaten fleeing by Brother Moyuan?” Dugu Jianxu mocked.

“Could it be that you’ve fought against Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong?” Hearing those words, the crowd all turned their gazes to Kong Doumoyuan.

Faced with the gazes from the crowd, Kong Doumoyuan deliberately tidied up his clothes.

Then, he revealed a faint smile and said in a proud manner, “I have indeed. That Zhao Hong and Wang Qiang are no commoners, they do indeed possess some skills.”

“However, they are simply nowhere as outstanding as they are rumored to be. Actually, the two of them were able to destroy so many of our Kong Heavenly Clan’s branches by relying on despicable methods.”

“The reason for that is because when I confronted them head-on, they simply did not have the ability to fight back at all,” Kong Doumoyuan said.

“In that case, have the two of them been killed by you?” The crowd asked.

“No, they have not. However, it is not because I couldn’t kill them. Rather, it’s because they were saved by someone,” Kong Doumoyuan said.

“Someone saved them? To be able to save someone from you, could it be… a True Immortal-level expert?”

“In that case, it would appear that they really do possess the backing of a True Immortal-level expert,” The crowd revealed surprised expressions.

They had all already heard rumors of Chu Feng possessing a True Immortal-level expert behind him. However, as they had not personally witnessed it, they were skeptical of it.

However, Kong Doumoyuan was their close friend. As such, they would trust what Kong Doumoyuan said a lot more.

“Indeed, that person was a True Immortal-level expert. Otherwise, how could he be able to save them from my hands?”

“Thus, I can tell everyone with certainty, that regardless of whether it is that Wang Qiang, Zhao Hong or even that Chu Feng, the only reason they were able to obtain their current reputation in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm was all because they possess the backing of a True Immortal, and not because of their own abilities,” Kong Doumoyuan said.

“In that case, two years ago, the one to inflict serious damage upon your Kong Heavenly Clan was simply not Chu Feng, but rather someone else?” Someone said.

“Of course. How could Chu Feng possibly be able to inflict serious damage upon our Kong Heavenly Clan?” Kong Doumoyuan said with certainty.

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