Chapter 2507 - Rank Eight Martial Ancestor

Chapter 2507 - Rank Eight Martial Ancestor

Chu Feng, Zhao Hong and Chu Xuanlang were still standing there even after the Golden Crane True Immortal left with Wang Qiang.

They had no idea that the Golden Crane True Immortal had deceived them, nor did they know that Wang Qiang’s poison had been neutralized by the Golden Crane True Immortal.

Thus, at that moment, Chu Feng and Zhao Hong were both fretting over how to find the antidote.

“Brother Chu Feng, like the Golden Crane True Immortal, I too will not involve myself in what is to happen.”

“I hope that Brother Chu Feng will not blame me for that,” Chu Xuanlang said to Chu Feng in a slightly apologetic manner.

“Elder Brother Xuanlang is overthinking things. You have already helped us enough. How could we blame you?” Chu Feng said.

Chu Xuanlang sighed, then said, “If possible, I truly want to help you. Merely, there are rules from above. I cannot interfere in the things of the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm. My decision to interfere last time around was already an exception.”

“That said, even though I cannot interfere, I am able to provide you with some information.”

“What sort of information?” Zhao Hong asked.

“Whoever started it should end it. To find the antidote for Wang Qiang’s poison, you would naturally have to go find the individual who injured Wang Qiang,” Chu Xuanlang said.

“Brother Xuanlang, do you know any information regarding that individual?” Chu Feng revealed a joyous expression.

Indeed, if they wanted to find the antidote, they would indeed have to find the person that poisoned Wang Qiang. However, Chu Feng had no clue as to who it was that had injured Wang Qiang.

However, if they were able to find out who it was that had injured Wang Qiang, their target would be clear-cut, and they would be able to skip many roundabout routes.

“I have guessed that you all would try to find that individual to avenge Wang Qiang. However, if you all are to try to find out about that individual from the Kong Heavenly Clan’s headquarters, it will be very dangerous with the strength that you all currently possess. Thus, I have already helped you two make inquiries about it.”

“The person who injured Wang Qiang is called Kong Doumoyuan. He possesses the cultivation of a rank nine Martial Ancestor, and was deemed to be the strongest individual in the Kong Heavenly Clan apart from the True Immortals.”

“Thus, you all must be careful when facing this individual. His strength is no small matter. You must not underestimate him.”

“At the very least, to the current you two, he is an extremely dangerous existence.”

“Furthermore, this Kong Doumoyuan is very conceited. Very rarely does he reside in the Kong Heavenly Clan’s headquarters. Instead, he possesses his own personal residence and will generally cultivate, undergo closed-door training and meet his friends there.”

“Thus… if you all want to find him, then go here. You will definitely be able to find him there,” As Chu Xuanlang spoke, he handed a map to Chu Feng.

A location was marked on the map. Naturally, that place was where Kong Doumoyuan resided.

“Brother Chu Feng, as this Kong Doumoyuan was deemed to be the strongest in the Kong Heavenly Clan apart from the True Immortals, this means that he most definitely possesses actual abilities.”

“Thus, you must remember this at all costs. Before you feel that you possess absolute certainty in victory, it is best for you not to find him.”

“After all, for a nobleman to take revenge, ten years is not too long,” Chu Xuanlang reminded Chu Feng again.

“Thank you for your reminder, Elder Brother Xuanlang. We will definitely act carefully,” Chu Feng said.

“Since that’s the case, then let’s meet again in the future. I will wait for you in the Upper Realms,” Chu Xuanlang said.

“Elder Brother Xuanlang, you’re planning to leave?” Chu Feng asked.

“Mn, I have something important that I must return to take care of. I’m afraid that I will not be able to return any time soon,” Chu Xuanlang said.

“Very well, we shall meet again in the Upper Realms,” Chu Feng said.

“Farewell,” After saying those words, Chu Xuanlang entered the void and disappeared.

Only Chu Feng and Zhao Hong remained.

“That guy is actually a rank nine Martial Ancestor? It’s no wonder that my husband and I were unable to fight back even after joining hands,” After Chu Xuanlang left, Zhao Hong revealed a worried expression.

At that moment, they had the information on how to find Kong Doumoyuan. However, their strength was inferior to their opponent’s.

On the other hand, her husband Wang Qiang was still waiting for the antidote.

Even though she knew that Wang Qiang would be fine with the Golden Crane True Immortal stabilizing his condition, she was unable to not feel worried for Wang Qiang upon recalling that he was still poisoned.

As such, Zhao Hong was extremely impatient to find the antidote.

As for Chu Feng, he too was very impatient to find the antidote.

“Chu Feng, with Wang Qiang being with the Golden Crane True Immortal, he will be fine for the time being. Thus, you shouldn’t worry yourself,” Her Lady Queen said.

Her Lady Queen understood Chu Feng extremely well. She knew that he was capable of disregarding his own life for the sake of his friends.

She was truly worried that Chu Feng would utilize the Evil God Sword’s power for the sake of obtaining the antidote for Wang Qiang sooner.

“Milady Queen, please rest assured. I will not act recklessly,” Chu Feng pondered for a moment. Then, he said to Zhao Hong, “Give me some time. I will have to undergo closed-door training.”

“Training?” Hearing those words, Zhao Hong’s expression changed.

Although Chu Feng was very powerful now, he was still only a rank seven Martial Ancestor. Compared to that Kong Doumoyuan, he was two entire levels of cultivation weaker.

Furthermore, both of them were Heavenly Bloodline possessors. As such, their various abilities should be practically identical. The two levels of difference in cultivation would assure Chu Feng would be no match for Kong Doumoyuan.

Even if Chu Feng were to train, he would have to increase his cultivation to rank nine Martial Ancestor in order to contend against Kong Doumoyuan.

Zhao Hong believed that Chu Feng would one day become a rank nine Martial Ancestor. Merely, she was uncertain as to how long he would be in closed-door training for.

Thus, she was somewhat hesitant. The reason for that was because she truly did not wish to delay this matter too much.

“Do you want me to accompany you in your closed-door training?” Zhao Hong asked.

“It is best that we stay together for now. It will be safer for us to act together,” Chu Feng said.

“But…” Zhao Hong was hesitant.

“Rest assured, it will not take long,” Chu Feng was able to see through Zhao Hong’s hesitation. He spoke to comfort her.

“Okay then. We’ll do as you suggested,” Although Zhao Hong was slightly hesitant, she still forced herself to agree with Chu Feng.

Then, Chu Feng and Zhao Hong reached a hidden location and began to enter closed-door training.

Actually, there was definitely more than a single path before Chu Feng.

Chu Feng could actually search for help.

However, to request the assistance of others would definitely pose some sort of uncertainty. As the saying goes, if one wanted something done well, one must do it oneself.

Thus, compared to requesting help, Chu Feng felt that reaching breakthroughs in cultivation and relying on himself would be more reliable.

Of course, Chu Feng’s target was not to increase his cultivation to rank nine Martial Ancestor. The reason for that was because it would definitely take a long time for him to reach rank nine Martial Ancestor. In fact, he was unable to be certain as to exactly how long it would take.

However, if it was to only increase his cultivation to rank eight Martial Ancestor, Chu Feng possessed a certain amount of certainty of being able to do so in a short period of time.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng had already managed to sense the junction toward rank eight Martial Ancestor back when he was at the War Clan’s Ancient Domain. It was merely due to the fact the Ancient Era’s War Clan was attacked that he was delayed from reaching a breakthrough.

After that, Chu Feng never had the chance to fully concentrate on training. However, he knew that as long as he fully concentrated on training, it would not be difficult for him to reach rank eight Martial Ancestor.

Furthermore, with his abilities, he felt that if he was able to increase his cultivation to rank eight Martial Ancestor, he would be able to fight against that so-called Kong Doumoyuan.


Chu Feng entered closed door training, and Zhao Hong began to stand on guard for him.

The speed at which Chu Feng reached his breakthrough in cultivation was extremely fast. In merely a short ten days, he successfully reached a breakthrough from rank seven Martial Ancestor to rank eight Martial Ancestor.

After the Divine Tribulation’s lightning filled the sky and then descended upon him, Chu Feng had managed to successfully increase his cultivation to rank eight Martial Ancestor.

“Zhao Hong, we can set off now.”

After successfully reaching his breakthrough, Chu Feng hurriedly walked out from where he was undergoing closed-door training to announce the good news to Zhao Hong.

“Where’s Zhao Hong?” However, after he walked out, his expression sunk. The reason for that was because Zhao Hong was nowhere to be seen.

Not only was Zhao Hong not present, but Chu Feng was unable to sense her aura nearby either.

“Could she have left because of some business?” Her Lady Queen said.

“No, her aura has disappeared for a long time. Likely, she left ten days ago, right after I entered closed-door training,” Chu Feng said.

“In that case, there’s only one possibility. She is truly one to not let others be worry-free,” Her Lady Queen said.


Once Her Lady Queen said those words, Chu Feng’s body shifted. He turned into a flash of light and started to fly rapidly in the sky.

If it was as Her Lady Queen had said, then there would indeed only be one possibility. That is, that Zhao Hong was most definitely too impatient.

She must have left to find Kong Doumoyuan for revenge by herself.

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