Chapter 2511 - Lightning Splitting The Sky

Chapter 2511 - Lightning Splitting The Sky

“That’s Chu Feng? He really appeared again!!!”

The members of the crowd were all astonished. After all, Chu Feng was much more famous-and had many more controversies surrounding him-than Zhao Hong or Wang Qiang.

After Chu Feng disappeared two years ago, he was never seen again. Thus, when Chu Feng appeared before the crowd, their astonishment was incomparable to when they saw Zhao Hong.

“This Chu Feng possesses enormous killing intent!!!”

At the same time as they were astonished by Chu Feng’s appearance, the crowd was deterred by Chu Feng’s killing intent.

Even though the majority of the people present were peak Martial Ancestor-level experts, there were still many that started to cower before Chu Feng’s killing intent.

Firstly, they all knew that Chu Feng must have come for Zhao Hong.

Then, and most importantly, the killing intent Chu Feng was emitting from his eyes truly caused their blood to run cold.

Seeing that some among the crowd had started to panic, Zhou Fukong mocked, “You all are simply too timid, how could you be scared by this Chu Feng?”

“This Chu Feng has come at the perfect time. Today, I will have him experience what an actual genius is,” As Dugu Jianxu spoke, a ‘clank’ was heard as he pulled out a sword from behind his back.

That sword was silvery white. Not only was it forged exquisitely, but the aura that it emitted was also capable of affecting the weather.

It was an Ancestral Armament, a superb quality Ancestral Armament.

At the same time he pulled out the Ancestral Armament, Dugu Jianxu soared into the sky and flew out of the island.

“Brother Dugu, I have wanted to take on this Chu Feng for a long time now. There’s no need for you to act today, why don’t you allow me to take care of him?” The Wine-Meat Monk also soared into the sky.

Although many among the crowd were frightened by Chu Feng’s killing intent, Dugu Jianxu and the Wine-Meat Monk were not at all afraid.

On the contrary, the two of them were both extremely eager to fight Chu Feng, and even started to scramble with one another to be the one to take care of Chu Feng.

At that moment, Chu Feng was growing closer and closer to the island. He had already managed to see the situation inside the island with his Heaven’s Eyes.

The reason why Chu Feng was so furious was precisely because he saw the miserable condition Zhao Hong was in.

With his close friend being tortured, how could Chu Feng not be furious?

“Chu Feng, Zhao Hong has only suffered superficial wounds. Her life is not in danger.”

“Thus, don’t be overly emotional. You must maintain your calm. After all, your opponent is Kong Doumoyuan,” Her Lady Queen reminded Chu Feng.

She knew very well that even though Chu Feng was very strong, he was, after all, only a rank eight Martial Ancestor, whereas that Kong Doumoyuan was a rank nine Martial Ancestor.

Even though Chu Feng possessed an extremely powerful secret skill, the Ancient Era’s War Axe, there was no way for anyone to know whether or not Kong Doumoyuan might have a trump card of his own before they actually battled one another.

If one was not calm, it would be very easy for one to lose one’s judgment. Something like that would be very detrimental to Chu Feng.

“Eggy, you don’t have to worry, I have this under control.”

After hearing what Her Lady Queen said, Chu Feng’s killing intent lessened greatly.

At that moment, he had arrived before the island. He was only several thousand meters away from Dugu Jianxu and the Wine-Meat Monk.

Upon reaching that place, Chu Feng stopped flying forward. He planned to first take care of them before going to save Zhao Hong.

As Chu Feng anticipated, Kong Doumoyuan, Zhou Fukong and all of the others in the palace hall also flew out of the island.

At that moment, the two parties were standing in confrontation with one another.

“I have traveled far and wide looking for you, never would I have expected to find you this easily. And here I was worrying about how to find you, never would I have expected that you’d be so daring to come over by yourself.”

“Very well, I’ll have you accompany Zhao Hong and die with her today.”

“As for that Wang Qiang, having been poisoned by me, he will not likely live for long either. Soon, the three of you will reunite with one another in the underworld.”

Kong Doumoyuan arrived at the forefront of the crowd and looked at Chu Feng with an expression filled with contempt. His gaze seemed to be indicating that he would definitely be able to defeat Chu Feng, that Chu Feng would die by his hands.

“Indeed, there are people who are going to die today,” Chu Feng said coldly.

“What arrogance!” As Kong Doumoyuan spoke, he unleashed his peak Martial Ancestor-level aura.

Once his aura emerged, not only did it bring forth great wind that blow away the clouds, but the sky also turned dark. Thick lightning strikes that looked like lightning dragons emerged from the black clouds and struck down in all directions. Their might was extremely shocking.

“Brother Moyuan, is there a need to use an ox-butchering knife to kill a chicken?”

“For a mere Chu Feng, there is simply no need for you to act. I, Dugu Jianxu, will be able to take care of him on your behalf,” Dugu Jianxu said.

“I have always wanted to confront this Chu Feng. You all should have me take care of him today,” The Wine-Meat Monk said with a sigh.

“Two ignorant fools. They’re actually fighting over taking care of you. With their strength, aren’t they simply courting death??”

“They have simply been driven insane by the desire to become famous,” Her Lady Queen mocked.

She knew very well that this Dugu Jianxu and Wine-Meat Monk were only fighting over the chance to take care of Chu Feng because they wanted to seek fame in being able to defeat Chu Feng.

After all, Chu Feng was extremely famous at the moment. If they were able to defeat Chu Feng, they would most definitely become much more famous.

Her Lady Queen knew very well what sort of strength Chu Feng possessed. It would be one thing if a Heavenly Bloodline possessor were to challenge him. However, neither Dugu Jianxu or the Wine-Meat Monk were Heavenly Bloodline possessors. Even if they were both peak Martial Ancestors, it would still be impossible for them to be a match for Chu Feng.

Of course, Chu Feng had been concealing his cultivation the entire time. Thus, they had no idea what sort of cultivation Chu Feng possessed.

Perhaps they believed that Chu Feng’s cultivation was very weak, and were so confident because of that. They all thought Chu Feng to be a pushover, and were fighting over the opportunity to completely dominate Chu Feng.

“Monk, your cultivation is higher than mine. Thus, it is better that I go first. If I cannot take care of him, it’ll be your turn.”

“Merely, I’m afraid that you will not be able to have the chance to take care of Chu Feng.”

As Dugu Jianxu spoke, he soared forth toward Chu Feng with sword in hand.

At that moment, the Ancestral Armament sword in his hand was emitting a dazzling light formed from enormous martial power.

“Ancestral Taboo: Sword Sea Onslaught!!!”

Dugu Jianxu pointed his sword forward. In an instant, countless sword silhouettes of light emerged. They overlapped one another and began to fly toward Chu Feng to hunt and kill him.

There were simply too many sword silhouettes. It was like a wave composed of swords. In succession, the sword waves filled the sky as they flew toward Chu Feng. It was an exceptionally ferocious attack.

“He actually used the Ancestral Taboo: Sword Sea Onslaught from the get-go?”

Many people were extremely shocked by that scene.

They all knew very well what the Ancestral Taboo: Sword Sea Onslaught represented. The Ancestral Taboo: Sword Sea Onslaught was one of the most powerful martial skills from the Immortal Sword School.

At that moment, the Wine-Meat Monk had an upset expression on his face. He cursed in his heart, ‘This brat Dugu Jianxu used his strongest killing attack from the very start. He’s simply planning to kill Chu Feng directly, and not give me the opportunity to fight at all. Damned scheming bastard.’

As the Ancestral Taboo: Sword Sea Onslaught was one of the strongest attacks from the Immortal Sword School, its might was naturally no small matter.

At the moment when the crowd exclaimed in surprise, the Ancestral Taboo: Sword Sea Onslaught had completely engulfed Chu Feng. Powerful energy ripples began to rise in succession, wreaking havoc throughout that region of the sky. As the waves of energy ripples emerged, the surrounding seawater was blown thousands of meters high.

However, regardless of how powerful the energy ripples or the hurricane-level wind it brought forth might be, they were unable to harm anyone present.

At that moment, the crowd were staring at the water raining from above, as well as the enormous waves and hurricane-level winds. Their gazes were fixed onto the location where Chu Feng was at.

They had all used their various abilities to observe the situation Chu Feng was in right now.

However, no matter how hard they tried, they were unable to detect Chu Feng’s aura at all.

“Could it be that Chu Feng has died?”

Unable to see Chu Feng’s body and unable to feel Chu Feng’s aura, the crowd all thought that Chu Feng had been killed by the Ancestral Taboo: Sword Sea Onslaught’s myriad of sword silhouettes of light.

“Seems like Chu Feng is only this strong. His reputation is truly ill-deserved.”

After feeling that Chu Feng had already died, many people revealed disappointed expressions.

“Humph, sure enough, he’s unable to withstand a single attack,” As for Dugu Jianxu, he revealed a proud smile.

He felt that since he had defeated Chu Feng, he would definitely become much more famous, so famous that his fame would surpass Kong Doumoyuan’s and the others’ to become the most famous individual beneath True Immortals in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.


Right at that moment, a dazzling ray of lightning suddenly emerged before Dugu Jianxu.

The next moment, all the people present were stunned.

It was Chu Feng. Without any sign, Chu Feng had appeared before Dugu Jianxu.

Furthermore, behind Chu Feng’s back were his Thunder Wings, and on his body was his Thunder Armor. His aura had surpassed even that of rank nine Martial Ancestors.

That said, he was still a Martial Ancestor, and had yet to truly reach the True Immortal realm.

However, his current level of cultivation was something that Dugu Jianxu was far from being able to compare to.

Most importantly, Chu Feng’s hand had pierced through Dugu Jianxu’s dantian.

His hand had pieced into the place where Dugu Jianxu’s cultivation was stored!!!

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