Chapter 2502 - Strange Smile

Chapter 2502 - Strange Smile

In the end, Chu Feng managed to successfully cross the mountain of blades. However, the current him no longer resembled a person.

Instead, he resembled a walking corpse.

“Chu Feng, if you cannot continue, turn around. It’s still not too late now.”

“However, if you are to step into that sea of flames, you will truly be placing yourself in great danger.”

Seeing that Chu Feng was still persisting onward even though he was so badly mutilated that he resembled a walking corpse, the Golden Crane True Immortal also started to urge him to turn around.

However, it was unknown as to whether or not it might be because Chu Feng could not hear him, or whether Chu Feng deliberately didn’t answer him, but Chu Feng dragged his badly mutilated body into that sea of flames.

When compared to the sea of flames, Chu Feng’s body was simply pitifully small.

Upon entering the sea of flames, he was immediately engulfed by the flames. He disappeared as if he had truly fallen into a vast sea.

Merely, that was no ordinary sea. Rather, it was a sea raging with heat and fiery flames.

Most importantly, after entering the sea of flames, even the Golden Crane True Immortal, with all his strength, was unable to see Chu Feng anymore.

“This sea of flames is not that simple. It simply does not resemble how ordinary it appeared to be. Will Chu Feng be able to endure this trial?” A voice sounded from behind. It was the plain-clothed old monk.

The plain-clothed old monk was actually there the entire time. Merely, he had not shown himself. Thus, Chu Feng had no idea at all that this old senior was also beside him, observing all that had happened the entire time.

“Let’s hope that he’ll be fine. Else… if a genius like him is to die because of me, I will also feel very apologetic,” The Golden Crane True Immortal sighed emotionally

The plain-clothed old monk did not say anything. He who remained calm toward everything actually had a worried expression in his eyes.

He naturally did not wish for something to happen to Chu Feng.

Time passed. However, to these two grand characters, time was simply passing too slowly. Enduring the passage of time was simply a painful torment.

They had already grown restless. Very few things were capable of causing the two of them to act in such a manner. However, this was, after all, a matter that concerned Chu Feng’s life and death. As such, how could they not worry?


Suddenly, strange noises began to sound from the mountain of blades and the sea of flames.

Soon, the mountain of blades started to sink, and the sea of flames started to disappear. Following that, the ground that had collapsed earlier began to recover.

The mountain of blades had disappeared and the sea of flames also dissipated. However, a figure was still present. It was Chu Feng.

“It’s Chu Feng, he succeeded.”

Upon seeing Chu Feng, the Golden Crane True Immortal and the plain-clothed old monk were both overjoyed and feeling deeply distressed.

They were overjoyed because Chu Feng was standing at the other end of the sea of flames. This meant that he had successfully traversed through that sea of flames.

The reason why the sea of flames and the mountain of blades disappeared was because he had succeeded.

As for why they were feeling distressed, it was naturally because the current Chu Feng had changed beyond recognition.

Not only was all his flesh gone, but even his skeleton was pitch-black in color and emitting steam.

Fortunately, he was, after all, a Martial Ancestor-level expert. Thus, even though his cultivation had been sealed, his foundation as a Martial Ancestor still remained.

Else, to walk through the sea of flames without any protection at all would most likely have already incinerated him to ashes. How would he possibly be able to walk out of it alive?

However, even though Chu Feng had managed to walk out of the sea of flames, one could imagine how enormous the suffering he had endured was from his tottering appearance, where he found difficulty in even standing.

Due to his cultivation being sealed, Chu Feng had already lost the ability to fly in the sky. Thus, he had no way to directly ascend to the summit of the mountain, and thus had to climb the mountain one step at a time.

Fortunately, he had already passed the most difficult mountain of blades and sea of flames. Thus, even though Chu Feng was filled with injuries, with how powerful his willpower was, he was still able to continue on.

After a very long time, Chu Feng finally managed to climb to the summit of the mountain.


Chu Feng let out a bitter laugh. Even though he no longer possessed a throat, tongue, heart, liver, spleen or lungs, he was still able to speak.

It was a sound let out using enormous spirit power.

After all, Chu Feng was a martial cultivator who had managed to train to the Martial Ancestor realm one step at a time.

Even though his cultivation and power had been sealed, there were certain things that could not be sealed. For example, there was his difficult-to-destroy bones and soul.

At the same time, there was also his mental strength, as well as his extraordinary willpower.

“I hope that I can succeed this time around. Else… I really don’t know what else I can do.”

Chu Feng was a bit worried. If he was unable to move the God Bestowment Bamboo Slip even after passing through the mountain of blades and the sea of flames, there would likely be no way for him to obtain the God Bestowment Bamboo Slip.

However, regardless, he must give it a try. Whether he would succeed or fail would all be determined at that moment.

Chu Feng extended his hand in a trembling manner and moved it toward the God Bestowment Bamboo Slip.

At the moment Chu Feng extended his hand, the Golden Crane True Immortal and the plain-clothed old monk also grew extremely nervous.

The two of them were also afraid that Chu Feng would fail. If that were to happen, they would really have no way to retrieve the God Bestowment Bamboo Slip.



At that moment, Chu Feng easily held the God Bestowment Bamboo Slip in his hand.

“Look, Chu Feng accomplished it! He succeeded! The God Bestowment Bamboo Slip is ours!”

At that moment, even someone like the Golden Crane True Immortal was unable to keep from shouting.

After all, that was the legendary treasure, the God Bestowment Bamboo Slip.


Upon obtaining the God Bestowment Bamboo Slip, Chu Feng was wild with joy. He did not walk down from the mountain. Instead, he started to jump from atop the summit. He had jumped down from the mountain.

Having lost his cultivation, Chu Feng naturally started to fall straight toward the ground. In the end, he smashed firmly into the surface.

However, Chu Feng immediately climbed back up. His frail flesh was already all burned away. All that remained of him were his incomparably hard bones.

Thus, an impact like falling down from a mountain was simply unable to affect him in the slightest.

At the very most, it would only bring him the pain of falling to the ground from a very high altitude. However, when Chu Feng had managed to endure the pain of having his flesh cut off at the mountain of blades and having his entire body burned in the sea of flames, how could he possibly care about a slight pain from falling?

“This boy’s willpower has truly surpassed my imagination,” Seeing that Chu Feng immediately climbed back up after falling to the ground and began to drag his body that was on the verge of collapse to happily walk toward the location where he stood, the Golden Crane True Immortal was unable to contain himself from exclaiming in admiration.

“Indeed. Without his cultivation, even though his bones cannot be destroyed and his soul cannot be extinguished, the pain should still be unbearable.”

“Fortunately, it is him. If it were anyone else, they would most likely have had a nervous breakdown and died already,” The plain-clothed old monk also exclaimed in admiration.

As martial cultivators, an ordinary wound would be like a tickle to them. Unless they were struck with special attacks, they would not feel any pain. The reason for that was because of their enormous cultivations.

With cultivation, all aspects regarding their bodies would be increased, their resistance to pain included.

However, Chu Feng’s cultivation had been sealed. As such, he had lost all the power that he had obtained through his many years of cultivation.

He would thus be suffering the same sort of pain as ordinary people. As for that, it was not something that just anyone could accomplish.

The reason why the plain-clothed old monk and the Golden Crane True Immortal exclaimed in admiration like this was because they felt that if they were in Chu Feng’s shoes, they would not be able to accomplish what he had.

Finally, Chu Feng passed through the spirit formation. With the God Bestowment Bamboo Slip in hand, he stood before the Golden Crane True Immortal.

The Golden Crane True Immortal immediately walked toward Chu Feng. He had an excited yet ashamed expression on his face.

Although Chu Feng had succeeded, the current Chu Feng was truly extremely injured.

As a world spiritist himself, the Golden Crane True Immortal could tell that Chu Feng would be able to instantly restore his physical body the moment he regained his cultivation. These would only amount to superficial wounds.

However, due to the fact that he had been tormented by that sort of pain for an extended period of time, Chu Feng’s psyche had undergone an enormous attack. This sort of mental wound would be very hard to recover from.

To put it simply, although Chu Feng had succeeded, he had paid an enormous price.

“Senior, I’ve succeeded,” As Chu Feng spoke, he opened his palm and revealed the God Bestowment Bamboo Slip to the Golden Crane True Immortal.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk.”

However, right at that moment, a strange laughter sounded beside Chu Feng’s ear.

Hearing that voice, Chu Feng’s heart tightened immediately. The reason for that was because that voice was not the Golden Crane True Immortal’s voice.

Most importantly, when that voice was heard, Chu Feng felt an indescribable oppressive sensation.

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