Chapter 2501 - Changed Beyond Recognition

Chapter 2501 - Changed Beyond Recognition

“Chu Feng, what’s wrong? Did it glue you to it?” Her Lady Queen asked worriedly.

“No,” Chu Feng released the bamboo slip and retrieved his arm.

“Then what happened?” Her Lady Queen was very surprised. The reason for that was because Chu Feng had managed to successfully retrieve his arm. Yet, the bamboo slip was still there; it was not retrieved by Chu Feng.

“I am unable to move that bamboo slip,” Chu Feng said.

“How could that be? Where did the problem arise?” Her Lady Queen was puzzled.

At that moment, Chu Feng turned around and looked at the mountain of blades and sea of flames.

“Could it be that one must pass through the mountain of blades and sea of flames in order to retrieve the bamboo slip?” Her Lady Queen asked.

“That’s most likely the case,” Chu Feng said.

Chu Feng felt that the mountain of blades and the sea of flames were definitely not decorations. He also felt that it was definitely not a loophole that he was able to fly over here.

He felt that it was as Her Lady Queen had said, if he wanted to retrieve the bamboo slip, he would most likely have to pass through the mountain of blades and the sea of flames.

“But, you are simply unable to enter that region. How are you supposed to pass through it?” Her Lady Queen said.

“There must be a way,” Chu Feng flew back and returned to the Golden Crane True Immortal’s side.

“It would appear that one must pass through that mountain of blades and sea of flames,” The Golden Crane True Immortal sighed.

Evidently, that grand expert had also discovered what Her Lady Queen and Chu Feng discovered.

“Senior, I have a method that might be feasible. However, I will need your help,” Chu Feng said.

“What is your method? Go ahead and tell me,” The Golden Crane True Immortal said.

“We are unable to breach that formation.”

“However, that mountain of blades and sea of flames is very ordinary. Even though we are unable to breach that formation surrounding it, with the strength I currently possess, if I am to enter that mountain of blades and sea of flames, I will not be injured in the slightest.”

“Thus, I dare ask, why would a mountain of blades and a sea of flames like that require such a powerful spirit formation to seal it off?” Chu Feng asked.

“Chu Feng, could you mean to say that spirit formation simply cannot be passed through using brute force, but rather one must use a special method to pass through it?” The Golden Crane True Immortal asked.

“If that mountain of blades and sea of flames is a trial, then there is most likely only one way to pass through it. That is, I must turn it into an extremely difficult obstacle.”

“Since I am unable to change it, that means that I must change myself,” Chu Feng said.

“Could it be that, you want…” The Golden Crane True Immortal’s gaze changed.

“Senior, it is as you think. However, something like that is impossible for me to accomplish. As such, I need your help.”

“I need you to help me seal off my cultivation. You must seal off all of my cultivation, returning me to an ordinary individual.”

“Only with that would that mountain of blades and sea of flames become an unsurpassable obstacle to me.”

“That is also the only way for me to step into that mountain of blades and sea of flames,” Chu Feng said.

“But, if I am to seal your cultivation, your physical body’s composition will also be sealed. At that time… you will really end up suffering the pain from the sharp blades piercing through your body and the pain from the burning of the raging flames. All that you can do would be to brace yourself with willpower.”

“Most importantly, if something is to happen to you, no one will be able to save you. You will die in there. This is extremely dangerous, and you will lose your life very easily. Are you really planning to do this?” The Golden Crane True Immortal asked.

“Senior, let’s give it a try. If this is the only option available for me, we have no choice but to take it,” Chu Feng said.

“Have you really considered this properly?” The Golden Crane True Immortal asked again.

The reason why he asked Chu Feng this was because he knew that if things were truly as Chu Feng said, then it was simply too dangerous.

After all, that was a mountain of blades and a sea of flames. If one were to enter a mountain of blades and a sea of flames with the body composition of an ordinary individual, it would simply be an impossible task.

Most would be sliced or pierced to death upon entering the mountain of blades, without even having a chance to enter the sea of flames.

Even though the current Chu Feng was a Martial Ancestor, if the Golden Crane True Immortal were to seal his cultivation, his body’s composition will be not much different from ordinary individuals.

The only difference between them would be that he would possess willpower that surpassed ordinary individuals.

However, once one’s body’s resistance was greatly weakened, passing through a mountain of blades and a sea of flames using only willpower was simply too difficult.

“I’ve finished considering it. Allow me to give it a try,” Chu Feng said.

“Very well. Since you’ve decided, I will help you.”

The Golden Crane True Immortal nodded. Then, he began to set up a spirit formation. With enormous spirit power, he completely sealed off Chu Feng’s cultivation.

At that moment, not only did Chu Feng lose his martial cultivation, but he was also no longer capable of using his spirit power.

In fact, even his secret skills were sealed. He no longer possessed an undying and indestructible body. His flesh had also lost the firmness of a Martial Ancestor.

If Chu Feng’s body could be said to be invulnerable before, if his skin were tougher than even special weapons, then the current Chu Feng was incomparably weak. Even the most ordinary blades would be able to cut through his skin and pierce through his body.

“Chu Feng, return if you cannot bear it. Do not force yourself.”

“Regardless of success or failure, I will heal your friend’s injury,” The Golden Crane True Immortal said to Chu Feng.

“Thank you senior. However, please rest assured. I, Chu Feng… will definitely succeed.”

The corners of Chu Feng’s lips were raised. His eyes were brimming with absolute confidence.

Then, under the watch the Golden Crane True Immortal, Chu Feng resolutely walked into the spirit formation separating the two areas and toward the mountain of blades.

He… succeeded. He had successfully entered the area with the mountain of blades.

Chu Feng had guessed correctly. If one wanted to enter the mountain of blades, one must endure the sufferings brought forth by the mountain of blades.

As for this painful suffering, it was definitely not fake. Regardless of how careful Chu Feng tried to be, he was still unable to avoid some blades.

Soon, bloody cuts emerged all over Chu Feng’s body.

His feet were also pierced through by the many blades.

That sort of pain was something intolerable for ordinarily individuals. They would definitely not be able to continue onward.

It was already no longer a question of perseverance. Rather, after one’s body has been injured to a certain state, they would lose the ability to continue moving.

However, Chu Feng was able to rely on his firm willpower to control his body. As long as his body remained intact, he would be able to force himself to move.

This willpower of his was something that he had gradually cultivated through the countless tribulations, the countless sufferings, he had endured through the many years.

However, without his cultivation and spirit power, the pain brought forth by the blades was felt completely by him. They had engulfed him through their most ruthless and most overwhelming method.

Chu Feng was truly experiencing the pain of every blade that pierced and cut into his flesh.

Soon, from head to toe, he was covered in blood.

Due to the fact that Chu Feng was unable to stop his bleeding, his blood was flowing from him non-stop, turning him into a person of blood.

In fact, it could even be said that he simply did not resemble a human at all at that moment.

“Chu Feng, are you able to continue? If you really cannot continue, then just turn around. After all, that old man Golden Crane agreed to help you treat Wang Qiang,” Her Lady Queen was observing Chu Feng the entire time. She felt very pained seeing Chu Feng’s sufferings, and was tightly clenching her fists for Chu Feng.

“It’s fine. I can still endure this. To me, this can also be considered a trial for me to temper myself. As such, I do not wish to miss this opportunity to temper myself,” Chu Feng said with a faint smile.

“How could this be considered tempering oneself? This is simply torturing oneself. Why must you do this?” Her Lady Queen was unable to understand Chu Feng.

“I was entrusted with a great task by another. As such, I must put forth my greatest effort. Rest assured Milady Queen, I will be able to endure this,” Chu Feng said with a faint smile.

However, one could no longer see his smile anymore. The reason for that was because his face had been so wounded by the blades that it was already beyond recognition. His appearance was extremely frightening.

Even though Chu Feng said that he was fine, his body had started to shiver. The wounds from the blades had covered his entire body, slicing off his flesh to the point where they had started to reach his bones.

The current Chu Feng resembled a skeleton dragging a badly damaged body with it as it proceeded onward through the mountain of blades in a swaying manner.

“Why must you be this stubborn?”

“Fine, this Queen will not concern herself with you anymore.”

Seeing that urging Chu Feng against this was useless, Her Lady Queen sat down on the ground angrily. Although she declared that she would not concern herself with Chu Feng anymore, sparkling and translucent teardrops were flickering in her beautiful eyes.

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