Chapter 2500 - Mountain Of Blades, Sea Of Flames

Chapter 2500 - Mountain Of Blades, Sea Of Flames

“If the legend is true, then the Exalted from this place is no ordinary individual either,” Chu Feng gasped with admiration.

He felt that the bamboo slip would not appear on Mount Cloud Crane for no reason. He felt that it must be related to that Exalted.

After all, that Exalted was a legend of the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm to begin with. No one knew exactly what sort of ability he possessed, and no one could be certain as to exactly what sort of cultivation he possessed.

When he arrived at that place, he became the true ruler of the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm, an existence that no one dared to provoke.

“It is most likely related to him. Merely, this place has only been discovered in recent days. Before this, I have never felt such a place existing in the Mount Cloud Crane,” The Golden Crane True Immortal said.

“In other words, it appeared by itself?” Chu Feng understood the Golden Crane True Immortal’s intention. This was actually a hidden forbidden area. It was so hidden that even someone with the Golden Crane True Immortal’s strength was unable to detect it.

Thus, for this place to appear now, it was most definitely unrelated to the Golden Crane True Immortal.

“That is indeed the case. But, precisely because this is the case, Chu Feng, you should also be able to imagine that it would not appear here without reason. There is most definitely something strange about this.”

“Furthermore, even if it will only allow people of the younger generation to enter it, it is absolutely not as simple as it appears to be. If you manage to enter it, you will most likely encounter danger. It might even be possible for you to end up losing your life inside.”

“Thus, I will ask you again. Are you willing to enter it to help me retrieve the God Bestowment Bamboo Slip?” The Golden Crane True Immortal asked.

“Senior Golden Crane, if I do not enter to retrieve the God Bestowment Bamboo Slip, would you help me treat my brother?” Chu Feng asked the Golden Crane True Immortal.

The Golden Crane True Immortal did not answer Chu Feng’s question. He only smiled profoundly.

Seeing this reaction from the Golden Crane True Immortal, Chu Feng also smiled, “Senior, even if you are willing to help me treat my brother now, I must still help you accomplish this matter.”

“Why’s that?” The Golden Crane True Immortal asked in a surprised manner.

“Because this is our agreement. I, Chu Feng, am someone who will keep my promises,” After he finished saying those words, Chu Feng smiled casually. Then, his footsteps started moving forward.


Soon, Chu Feng’s foot stepped into that formless formation. A splash-like ripple emerged from the formation.

However, the formation did not stop Chu Feng. Just like that, Chu Feng walked into it.

“Sure enough, only people of the younger generation are able to pass through,” Seeing Chu Feng entering the formation, the Golden Crane True Immortal heaved a sigh of relief.

For a legendary treasure like that, if it were to be said that he was not tempted by it, then it would most definitely be a lie.

Even though he knew very well that Chu Feng would most likely face dangers by entering the formation, he still wanted Chu Feng to attempt it.

After all, Chu Feng’s life and death was unrelated to him. However, if Chu Feng were to succeed, he would have picked up a legendary treasure.

Perhaps this might be the greatest fortune he would ever encounter in his life. As such, he would naturally not be willing to miss such an opportunity.


However, right after Chu Feng stepped into the formation, before he could even take more than a few steps, the area Chu Feng was in started to tremble violently.

Rumbles began to sound from underneath the ground nonstop.

At the same time, the vast earth before Chu Feng started to crumble. As large amounts of earth crumbled, the area before Chu Feng turned into a bottomless abyss. Only the mountain peak that was supporting the God Bestowment Bamboo Slip remained.

Soon, a boundless aura began to emerge in waves from the deep abyss. It was as if something was trying to emerge from within the abyss.

However, such a situation only existed in the region where Chu Feng was.

In the area where the Golden Crane True Immortal was standing, everything was normal and without the slightest change.

In other words, that invisible spirit formation was a wall. That wall had separated the region into two.

The location where Chu Feng was at was already in utter devastation, with landslides and cracked earth. However, there was not the slightest bit of rupture where the Golden Crane True Immortal was.

“That is?”

The Golden Crane True Immortal had a serious expression on his face. His gaze was focused on the transformation of the region Chu Feng was in the entire time.

However, when a transformation truly occurred to that region, even the Golden Crane True Immortal started to frown.

A mountain and a sea had appeared before Chu Feng.

However, they were neither an ordinary mountain nor an ordinary sea.

That mountain was not very tall. However, it was covered with sharp blades. The blades were flashing with cold light. Some blades were only an inch long, whereas others were hundreds of meters long.

It was a mountain of blades!!!

As for that sea, it was surging with vast waves. However, those waves were raging with flames. Fire dragons could be seen galloping within the sea.

It was a sea of flames!!!

“A mountain of blades and a sea of flames?!” At that moment, Chu Feng’s gaze changed, his heart moved, and a slightly surprised expression emerged on his face.

[1. To ascend a mountain of blades and cross a sea of flames is a chinese term for undergoing extreme danger.]

He had thought of many different kinds of traps that might be waiting for him. However, he had never expected a literal mountain of blades and a sea of flames, such an old fashioned trial, to be waiting for him.

After all, this place had been established by an Exalted. As such, Chu Feng was disappointed for the trials to only be a mountain of blades and a sea of flames.

“That mountain of blades and sea of flames are simply too ordinary. They are unable to harm you at all,” Her Lady Queen said.

“Indeed,” Chu Feng slightly smiled. Then, without any worry, he walked forward.

With Chu Feng’s current level of cultivation, things like these were simply unable to harm him in the slightest.


However, right after Chu Feng took a step forward, before he even entered the mountain of blades, he felt a pain in his head. Then, he was shot back explosively and forcibly driven out of the formation.

“How could this be?”

At that moment, Chu Feng sat on the ground with a perplexed expression.

“It’s a spirit formation. There’s a spirit formation before the mountain of blades and sea of flames. It seems that you will not be able to enter it using ordinary methods,” The Golden Crane True Immortal said.

“What should I do then? I am unable to even see that spirit formation, it is clearly a very brilliant spirit formation. With my world spirit techniques, I am simply unable to undo the spirit formation at all,” Chu Feng said.

“The earth won’t do, perhaps the sky will. Chu Feng, try seeing if you can fly past that mountain of blades and sea of flames,” The Golden Crane True Immortal said.


After hearing what the Golden Crane True Immortal said, Chu Feng did not bother with any superfluous words, and directly soared into the sky. He once again passed through that spirit formation that acted like a separating line and arrived above the mountain of blades.

“There’s no formation in the sky.”

Chu Feng was overjoyed. The reason for that was because after he arrived in the sky, he did not encounter the same formation that had repelled him earlier.

This meant that there wasn’t a formation in the sky, and he could pass through that region from the sky.

“Chu Feng, be careful. Perhaps there are still traps in the sky,” The Golden Crane True Immortal warned.

“Understood,” Chu Feng was not a careless individual. Even without the reminder from the Golden Crane True Immortal, he was already on guard against anything unexpected that might appear ahead.

However, to Chu Feng’s surprise, he managed to fly past the entire mountain of blades and sea of flames without encountering any obstructions.

“There’s actually no trap? In that case, this place is truly filled with mistakes for one to breach,” Her Lady Queen spoke in a doubtful manner.

She didn’t feel that there were no more traps here. Rather, she was reminding Chu Feng that this place might not be as simple as it appeared to be.

“The truth will soon be known.”

Chu Feng did not cower. The reason for that was because he had already arrived at the peak of the mountain. He descended from the sky, and the God Bestowment Bamboo Slip was right before him.

“Sure enough, this is it. However, it’s giving off a slightly different sensation. I truly wonder what sort of power this God Bestowment Bamboo Slip contains.”

Upon arriving at such a close distance from it, Chu Feng was able to ascertain that the aura of that God Bestowment Bamboo Slip, that aura from the Ancient Era, was exactly the same as the aura given off by the bamboo slip in his dantian.

Thus, Chu Feng was certain that they were from the same place.

However, in terms of overall sensation, they were a bit different. It was as if the God Bestowment Bamboo Slip was reminding Chu Feng that it was different from the one in Chu Feng’s dantian.

“It would appear that regardless of whether or not the legend is real, this bamboo slip is most definitely a priceless treasure. Oh how great it would be if you could seize it for yourself,” Her Lady Queen said with a beaming smile.

At that moment, a peculiar gaze was being emitted from her beautiful eyes.

It could be seen that she truly wanted Chu Feng to obtain this bamboo slip.

“I also wish for that. However, I cannot do it, and it is also impossible for me to do it,” Chu Feng laughed wryly. Then, he extended his hand and grabbed the bamboo slip.

He had actually managed to successfully retrieve the God Bestowment Bamboo Slip.

“Success,” Her Lady Queen was overjoyed.

As for Chu Feng, the boulder weighing down upon his heart had also been lifted.

He had originally thought that some sort of mishap would occur at that final moment. He thought that maybe an invisible spirit formation would block him from obtaining the bamboo slip. However, it would appear that there was no such thing.

“Indeed, it’s a success,” Chu Feng revealed a relaxed smile. Then, he retrieved his arm and planned to leave.

“This sensation?” Suddenly, Chu Feng’s expression changed enormously.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng was astonished to discover that he was actually unable to retrieve his arm, his hand that had grabbed the God Bestowment Bamboo Slip.

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