Chapter 2499 - God Bestowment Bamboo Slips

Chapter 2499 - God Bestowment Bamboo Slips

At that moment, Chu Feng felt as if he had already left Mount Cloud Crane. His surroundings consisted of a field of dried up plains.

Those plains extend as far as the eye could see. There were no grass or trees. The earth was not only completely withered and filled with cracks, but one could even see a magma-like radiance shining from within the cracks.

That place simply did not resemble a place where humans could survive. Chu Feng felt that he had entered the Magma World.

However, what attracted Chu Feng’s attention the most was a mountain in the distance.

The mountain was very special. Even though it clearly seemed to be formed through natural means, it possessed a supernatural shape.

It was a giant hand. The hand extended out from the surface and reached straight toward the blue sky.

That hand was open. It seemed to be propping something up. Merely, there was clearly nothing visible on the hand.

Indeed. At such a distance, ordinary people would indeed not be able to see anything. However, Chu Feng was able to.

The reason Chu Feng was so astonished was because of the thing that he saw.

It was a bamboo slip. That bamboo slip greatly resembled the bamboo slip in Chu Feng’s dantian.

“Chu Feng, could it be that… there’s more than one such bamboo slip?”

Eggy shared Chu Feng’s vision and hearing. Thus, she was able to see what Chu Feng saw. She too saw the bamboo slip.

“It’s too far. I’m unable to sense its aura. However, it truly resembles the bamboo slip,” Chu Feng exclaimed in admiration.

At that moment, the most precious treasure Chu Feng had on him, apart from the uncontrollable Evil God Sword, would be the bamboo slip in his dantian that emitted the Ancient Era’s aura.

Not only did that Ancient Era’s Bamboo Slip gift Chu Feng with martial comprehension far surpassing that of ordinary individuals, it had also greatly increased Chu Feng’s battle power.

In fact, when Chu Feng nearly died while receiving the backlash from the Evil God Sword, he faintly remembered that a surge of power from his dantian had saved him.

Chu Feng had actually felt that it was caused by the Ancient Era’s Bamboo Slip the entire time.

Thus, Chu Feng had felt the entire time that the Ancient Era’s Bamboo Slip must be a treasure from the Ancient Era.

Yet now, another such Ancient Era’s Bamboo Slip actually appeared before him. Chu Feng was certain that if that Ancient Era’s Bamboo Slip was the same as the one in his dantian, it would most definitely be a priceless treasure, a treasure that could bring about a rain of blood, a treasure that would cause countless martial cultivators to kill one another.

“Chu Feng, I believe that you can see it too. That is what I want you to retrieve,” The Golden Crane True Immortal said to Chu Feng.

“One can easily obtain that item. Senior, why must you have me retrieve it for you?” Chu Feng asked.

The Golden Crane True Immortal did not answer. Instead, he extended his palm and pushed forward.


Suddenly, his palm was stopped. At the same time, ripples began to emerge from the location of his palm.

“A spirit formation?” Chu Feng was greatly surprised.

Even though that spirit formation was right before him, before the Golden Crane True Immortal triggered it, Chu Feng did not notice it at all.

“Only the people of the younger generation are able to enter this place. Thus, I need your help.”

“However Chu Feng, I have a feeling that God Bestowment Bamboo Slip is not that easily obtained,” The Golden Crane True Immortal said.

“God Bestowment Bamboo Slip?” Chu Feng was surprised. This was the first time he had heard of that name.

However, from what the Golden Crane True Immortal said, Chu Feng was able to tell that the Golden Crane True Immortal must know about the origin of that Ancient Era’s Bamboo Slip.

Thus, Chu Feng hurriedly asked, “Senior, could that God Bestowment Bamboo Slip possess some sort of extraordinary origin?”

“The God Bestowment Bamboo Slip is a legend. There are many different versions to the legend of its origin.”

“The version that is most widely accepted is that it came to be in the Ancient Era.”

“Reportedly, it was at the beginning of the Ancient Era. Back then, there was a special bamboo forest. That bamboo forest did not reside on any world. In a towering manner, it continued to exist in the vast Outer World.”

“It was shining with radiance, and appeared to be the smallest star in the vast Outer World. However, it contained an enormously powerful amount of Natural Energy. The Natural Energy it contained was so enormous that not a single world was capable of matching it.”

“Most importantly, that bamboo forest actually contained profoundness of martial cultivation.”

“If one was fortunate enough to encounter that bamboo forest, one’s cultivation would definitely increase enormously. They would become a peak expert capable of traveling about unhindered through the various Starfields and even the entire vast starry sky.”

“However, that bamboo forest was always moving. The possibility of encountering it was practically next to impossible”.

“However, there were always fortunate individuals capable of encountering that bamboo forest.”

“Later on, a pair of brothers managed to encounter the bamboo forest together.”

“The two of them were extremely talented. The two of them were already extremely famous throughout the entire Outer World before even encountering the bamboo forest. They were ferocious individuals that even the various Starfield Masters from many different Starfields held in restraining fear.”

“After the brothers encountered the bamboo forest, they did not leave the bamboo forest after attaining some strength like the rest of the people. Instead, they began to wholly concentrate on training, and actually stayed in the bamboo forest for tens of thousands of years.”

“Reportedly, when the two of them were training in the bamboo forest, there would occasionally be lucky individuals that encountered the bamboo forest.”

“However, those people were all killed by the two brothers. The two of them were planning to seize the bamboo forest for themselves.”

“The brothers were extremely talented to begin with. Thus, with how profound the bamboo forest was, after training in the bamboo forest for tens of thousands of years, their cultivations reached an unimaginable level. They became existences at the apex of the entire Outer World.”

“Reportedly, the brothers both possessed the strength to rule over the entire Outer World.”

“However, there could only be a single overlord in the world. For the sake of ruling over the entire Outer World, the brothers became unparalleled existences akin to gods.”

“However, both brothers possessed ulterior motives. For the sake of becoming the overlord, they fell out with one another, and started to battle one another with the intent to kill each other.”

“The location where the two brothers started battling was precisely that bamboo forest.”

“That battle was extremely overwhelming. Their oppressive might filled the entire sky, and the heavens itself trembled.”

“Reportedly, the entire Outer World was affected by their battle, and countless worlds were destroyed.”

“With how devastating that battle was, the final result was also equally astonishing.”

“Not only did the two brothers completely destroy the bamboo forest, but they also fatally injured one another.”

“It was only in the moment before their deaths that the two brothers came to this realization. However, they were unable to continue living.”

“In the end, the two brothers gathered up some of the shattered yet still usable bamboo pieces from the devastated bamboo forest. They formed them into bamboo slips, and infused all that they had learned in their lives into the bamboo slips.”

“There are a total of three hundred and sixty seven such bamboo slips, forming a book of bamboo slips. They were the riches the two brothers left for future generations.”

“However, when the two of them finished making the book of bamboo slips, when they were about to die, the book of bamboo slips, for some unknown reason, was scattered.”

“From that point on, the scattered bamboo slips were dispersed all over the entire vast Outer World. Reportedly, every single bamboo slip contains extraordinary power.”

“Rumor has it that if one is able to gather all of the bamboo slips, one will obtain the strongest power in this world, and become the ruler of the Outer World, become a god and rule the entire world.”

“Because of that, the bamboo slips are known as the God Bestowment Bamboo Slips,” The Golden Crane True Immortal explained to Chu Feng with a serious expression on his face.

“Haha, never would I have expected that bamboo slip to have such a grand origin. They are simply the most precious treasures in the entire Outer World.”

“Chu Feng… you actually possess one such bamboo slip with your cultivation. Haha, you are simply too fortunate,” After learning the origin of the bamboo slips, Her Lady Queen was endlessly excited.

“Haha, truly. I have accidentally picked up an enormous fortune,” Chu Feng was also endlessly excited at that moment.

Although that was only a legend and could very well be fake, if it was real, the bamboo slip in Chu Feng’s dantian would simply be too valuable.

After all, one could tell how amazing the bamboo slips were just by the serious expression that the Golden Crane True Immortal had on his face.

At that moment, the Golden Crane True Immortal exclaimed, “Originally, I had thought that the God Bestowment Bamboo Slips were only legends. However, that bamboo slip on the mountain peak is exactly the same as the other God Bestowment Bamboo Slips.”

“It would appear that the legend is very possibly real.”

Unconcealable excitement and endless anticipation filled his eyes as he looked to the bamboo slip.

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