Chapter 2503 - It’s You?!

Chapter 2503 - It’s You?!

The Golden Crane True Immortal’s gaze instantly grew alert.

“Who is it?!” he shouted angrily.

Evidently, the Golden Crane True Immortal had also heard the strange laughter, and realized that someone else was present.

“This aura?!!!”

At the same moment the Golden Crane True Immortal shouted angrily, Chu Feng’s expression changed.

He had sensed the Golden Crane True Immortal’s oppressive might. That oppressive might was extremely powerful and simply indescribable.

Chu Feng had no idea as to exactly what sort of cultivation the Golden Crane True Immortal might possess. However, he felt that the Golden Crane True Immortal’s strength was most likely not merely that of a True Immortal.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng had encountered True Immortal-level experts before. The oppressive might emitted by the Golden Crane True Immortal right now was countless times more powerful than that of True Immortal-level experts.

The Golden Crane True Immortal had unleashed his oppressive might so that he could manifest his strength to cow his opponent.

However, due to the fact that he realized that whoever this person might be, they most definitely came with ill intent, he rushed toward Chu Feng to protect him and the God Bestowment Bamboo Slip in his hand the moment he unleashed his oppressive might.


However, right after the Golden Crane True Immortal managed to approach Chu Feng, an invisible yet enormous power suddenly knocked the Golden Crane True Immortal away.


At that moment, Chu Feng was stunned.

The reason for that was because of seeing the inestimably powerful Golden Crane True Immortal actually being knocked away with his own eyes.

This most definitely meant that the person who let out that strange laughter was much more powerful than the Golden Crane True Immortal.


At the moment when Chu Feng was astonished, violent winds began to appear around him.

The violent winds carried crimson gaseous flames with them. Soon, the winds completely covered Chu Feng, sealing him within.


The Golden Crane True Immortal was endlessly furious. As he shouted angrily, the weather started to change. The sky immediately darkened.

Soon, his body started to radiate golden light. Like a sun, he started to illuminate his surroundings.

At that moment, the aura emitted by the Golden Crane True Immortal was much stronger than the aura Chu Feng had felt from him earlier.

His clothes fluttered about as he walked toward Chu Feng. With each step, the area underneath his feet trembled. Even space itself was trembling because of him.

At that moment, the Golden Crane True Immortal simply did not resemble a human at all. Rather, he appeared like a ruler who governed the entire world.


Right at that moment, that strange voice was suddenly heard.

Immediately after that, the red gaseous flames that were revolving around Chu Feng suddenly shot forth toward the Golden Crane True Immortal.

The Golden Crane True Immortal waved his sleeve, sending forth golden radiance. He was planning to block the incoming red gaseous flames.


However, before the Golden Crane True Immortal could finish his movement, the red gaseous flame landed right on his chest.


The Golden Crane True Immortal was once again knocked flying. However, this time around, he was not completely uninjured. When he landed on the ground, there was blood flowing from the corner of his mouth.

That enormously powerful Golden Crane True Immortal was actually unable to withstand a single blow when before those red gaseous flames.

“If you dare mess around with me again, I’ll take your little life.”

Shortly after, that strange voice sounded again. Merely, this time around, that voice was no longer strange-sounding. Instead, it was extremely domineering. It was as if it could take away the Golden Crane True Immortal’s life instantly should it wish to.

“Damn it.”

The Golden Crane True Immortal frowned deeply and revealed an incomparably furious expression. As he spoke, he planned to attack again.

“Golden Crane, don’t act rashly. This individual is not someone that we can handle.”

Right at that moment, a voice sounded from beside the Golden Crane True Immortal. At the same time, a figure descended beside him, stopping the Golden Crane True Immortal, who was planning to rush forward and attack again.

Naturally, that individual was the plain-clothed old monk who had been hidden beside the Golden Crane True Immortal the entire time.

“Old Demonic Substance, that is the God Bestowment Bamboo Slip we’re talking about here. Are you really planning to allow someone to take advantage of us like this?” The Golden Crane True Immortal revealed an extremely unreconciled expression.

“Golden Crane, you’ve been in Mount Cloud Crane for so long, yet never managed to find this place.”

“Then, this place appeared out of nowhere. Why do you think that is the case?” The plain-clothed old monk asked.

Hearing those words, the Golden Crane True Immortal’s gaze flashed. He had calmed down slightly. Not only did the scowl on his face decline rapidly, but a fearful expression also emerged in his eyes.

He naturally understood what the plain-clothed old monk was saying.

This place would naturally not appear by itself without any reason or cause. However, the appearance of this place was unrelated to him.

This meant that it was most likely related to that individual.

“Boy, I trust you have been well since we last met.”

Right at that moment, that voice sounded again.

“Who are you? Do we know each another?”

Chu Feng gazed around nervously.

The crimson gaseous flames were spinning rapidly like a tornado whilst He was located in the eye of the storm.

Other than the crimson gaseous flames that were rapidly spinning around him, Chu Feng was unable to see anything.

Most importantly, the crimson gaseous flames made Chu Feng feel the oppressive sensation of death.

Chu Feng felt that if he were to touch those crimson gaseous flames once, even if it was only in the slightest, he would instantly be killed.

Those crimson gaseous flames had power that greatly surpassed his understanding. Before this power, Chu Feng felt that he was weaker than even an ant. He felt that he was pitifully weak, like a speck of dust.

As the saying went, there is always someone stronger. Thus, although Chu Feng was surprised by the appearance of this expert, he was not astonished.

Yet now, judging from what this individual said, it seemed like they knew him.

With this, Chu Feng felt very curious. When had he ever known someone so powerful?

Soon, a silhouette gradually appeared in the area sealed off by the crimson gaseous flames.

“It’s you?”

Seeing that individual, Chu Feng’s expression changed enormously. He revealed incomparable astonishment.

“Why would it be her?”

It was not only Chu Feng, even Her Lady Queen inside Chu Feng’s world spirit space revealed an incomparably astonished expression.

That was an exceptionally beautiful woman. She was so beautiful that all men would feel their heartbeat accelerate and become unable to control themselves upon seeing her.

As for that beauty, she was someone that Chu Feng knew. The reason for that was because she was originally the same as Her Lady Queen. She was a world spirit that had been sealed in his world spirit space for many years.

She was… Xue Ji.

Although Xue Ji had appeared, she did not say anything. She was looking at Chu Feng with a very cold and detached expression.

“What’s going on with you?”

Upon closer inspection of Xue Ji, Chu Feng grew even more astonished and puzzled.

Crimson shackles had been placed around Xue Ji’s body. The shackles were flickering with light. Although the shackles were only around her arm and waist, all of Xue Ji’s aura had been sealed off.

At that moment, Xue Ji looked like a prisoner as she stood there.

Most importantly, the other end of the shackles led into the void. This meant that there was most definitely something else at the other end of the shackles.


Right at that moment, the void that the other end of the shackles led to started to tremble. Then, a silhouette emerged from the void.

That individual’s size was very short and small. To be exact, it was simply not a human at all. Rather, it was an old yellow cat.

That old cat had a very wretched appearance. It held a very long tobacco pipe with its left paw. As for its right paw, it was holding onto a red chain. That was the same chain connected to the shackles that were around Xue Ji.

When the old cat saw Chu Feng, it did not reveal the slightest bit of hostility. Instead, it had a vulgar smile on its face, “Hehe, boy, did you forget about this Lord Tiger so quickly?”

“It’s you?!”

Chu Feng was shocked once again upon seeing the old cat. He had thought of many possibilities. However, he truly never expected that it would be the old cat.

“Not bad, seems like you still remember your Lord Tiger,” Upon seeing that Chu Feng recognized it, the old cat smiled even more vulgarly.

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