Chapter 2483 - Amount Of Secret Skills

Chapter 2483 - Amount Of Secret Skills

It was said that the stronger an Ancestral Armament was, the more difficult it would be to subdue it.

As for the Stormwind Edge, one did not have to doubt its quality. As Chu Feng was able to subdue it, it meant that Chu Feng’s strength was undoubtedly strong.

Thus, upon seeing that Chu Feng was holding the Stormwind Edge in his hand under absolute control, even Chu Luxuan’s gaze changed.

“That’s a pretty decent weapon. Unfortunately, it has chosen the wrong master,” As Chu Luxuan spoke, his eyes started to flicker with lightning. Then, both his Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings appeared in unison. With a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting four levels of cultivation, he flew toward Chu Feng.


Chu Feng was not to be outdone. He too unleashed the power of his Heavenly Bloodline. Then, with the Stormwind Edge in hand, he flew toward Chu Luxuan to confront him.

“Clank, clank, clank, clank~~~”

The two Heavenly Bloodline possessors did not use any martial skills when fighting. Instead, each with an Ancestral Armament in hand, the two of them entered a melee battle.

The two Ancestral Armaments collided with one another nonstop. At the same time as they caused dazzling sparks, the special powers of the two Ancestral Armaments began to bombard their opponents.

The energies were extremely powerful. They had already filled the entire battlefield with energy ripples.

However, to Chu Feng and Chu Luxuan, while the energies created by the collision of their Ancestral Armaments might affect them, those energies were unable to truly harm them.

To them, the actual threat would be their opponent’s Ancestral Armament. As long as they were not struck by the Ancestral Armament, they would not be in fatal danger.

As such, what the two of them must do right now was not merely dodge and block their opponent’s Ancestral Armament. Most importantly, they had to pierce their opponent’s body with their own Ancestral Armament.

“Amazing! So these are Heavenly Bloodline possessors. Even though they were clearly only rank seven Martial Ancestors, their cultivation increased to rank nine Martial Ancestor upon activating the power of their Heavenly Bloodlines. Furthermore, they even both possess a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting four levels of cultivation.”

“This is simply too frightening. Unless their opponents are also possessors of Heavenly Bloodlines, it is likely that no one else other than True Immortals will be able to contend against them.”

At that moment, the crowd all revealed marvelous expressions.

The great majority of them were Martial Ancestors. Thus, when Chu Feng and Chu Luxuan began fighting, they were able to personally realize how frightening the two of them were.

This was especially true for those experts who had reached the peak Martial Ancestor realm of cultivation. At that moment, they felt even greater reverence for Chu Feng and Chu Luxuan.

Although they were only two people from the younger generation, and had trained in martial cultivation for far fewer years than themselves, they were able to imagine very well what sort of end they would meet should they fight against either Chu Feng or Chu Luxuan.

Upon thinking about it, they had no choice but to revere those two individuals from the younger generation.

The reason for that was because they knew that they would undoubtedly be defeated if they were to fight either of them.


Suddenly, a loud explosion sounded in the sky.

At the same time, surging golden energy took the form of a tornado that ravaged the skies, spreading wider and outward.

It was Chu Luxuan. Chu Luxuan had suddenly used a martial skill during his confrontation with Chu Feng. Furthermore, it was an Emperor Taboo Martial Skill from the get-go.

Merely, his Emperor Taboo Martial Skill was blocked by Chu Feng’s Black Tortoise Armor Technique.

Following Chu Feng’s increase in strength, his Four Symbols Secret Skills had also grown much stronger. Although it was still somewhat difficult for him to use the Black Tortoise Armor Technique to block Ancestral Taboo Martial Skills, the Black Tortoise Armor Technique was more than sufficient to block Emperor Taboo Martial Skills.

“You actually grasped a secret skill?”

Chu Luxuan frowned slightly. Evidently, he was surprised that Chu Feng had grasped a secret skill.


Chu Feng replied with a chuckle. He felt this Chu Luxuan to be extremely despicable to suddenly unleash a Taboo Martial Skill at him. Fortunately, he responded quickly. Else, if he were someone else, Chu Luxuan’s sneak attack might have ended up being successful.

“However, Chu Feng, you are not the only one with a secret skill. If we are to compare the amount of secret skills we possess, then I will definitely make you feel endlessly ashamed.”

Suddenly, Chu Luxuan retreated backwards explosively. Following that, a red radiance began to shine from his body.

The next moment, the red radiance turned into six. Then, all six of them shone from his body together.

Soon, the six red radiances turned into six figures that stood before Chu Luxuan.

Those six figures were each over thirty meters tall. They stood like humans, but possessed the bodies of beasts and extremely fierce faces.

They were all emitting a red glow, as well as auras capable of shaking one’s core. They resembled four demons that had crawled out from the depths of hell.

“Secret skills! He actually managed to grasp six secret skills?!” Upon seeing those six red figures, someone cried out in alarm.

“His secret skills don’t seem to be very powerful. Even if he is to send out six, they don’t seem to be Chu Feng’s match, no?” A person from the younger generation spoke in a questioning tone. He was unable to understand why Chu Luxuan would release those six secret skills even though they would clearly not be able to defeat Chu Feng.

This was simply a superfluous act.

“You don’t understand. While there are strong and weak secret skills, one thing is constant. That is, secret skills are attached to the souls of their user. As their user grows more powerful, the secret skills will also grow more powerful.”

“Thus, for identical levels of cultivation, secret skills are generally stronger than martial skills.”

“And, precisely because of that, secret skills place an enormous burden on a cultivator’s body. As such, for ordinary people, containing two secret skills would be extremely difficult, and three secret skills could be said to be the limit. Those capable of using four are all geniuses.”

“This Chu Luxuan is able to use six secret skills. From this, it can be seen how outstandingly talented he is. He is fully deserving of the title of genius,” An experienced and knowledgeable old man explained.

After hearing the explanation from that old man, many people came to realize that Chu Luxuan being able to grasp six secret skills was extremely exceptional.

Seemingly able to hear the exclamations of admiration and praise from the crowd, Chu Luxuan revealed a proud smile. The gaze with which he looked to Chu Feng was also filled with contempt and provocation.


Right at that moment, with a single thought from Chu Feng, the Vermilion Bird, Black Tortoise, White Tiger and Azure Dragon, the Four Symbols Secret Skills, were all unleashed.

The Four Symbols Secret Skills were currently not attached to Chu Feng’s body. Rather, they took the form of four enormous beasts and appeared in the sky.

Merely in terms of size and imposing might, the Four Symbols Secret Skills completely overshadowed Chu Luxuan’s six secret skills.

“Chu Feng actually grasped four secret skills. He is truly a genius. The tolerance of his body is incomparable to ordinary people.”

Upon seeing Chu Feng’s four secret skills, the crowd started to exclaim in admiration again.

At that moment, Chu Luxuan’s proud expression dwindled slightly. However, he still said mockingly, “Four? Pretty good. However, compared to me, you’re still lacking.”

“They all say that the amount of secret skills one can support represents one’s talent and potential. It would seem that your potential is merely of this level.”

“Is that so?” Chu Feng smiled. Then, with a thought, five rays of light flew out from his body and appeared before him.

Naturally, they were the Five Elements Secret Skills, the Gold Immortal Profound Technique, Wood Immortal Profound Technique, Water Immortal Profound Technique, Fire Immortal Profound Technique and Earth Immortal Profound Technique.

“The auras of those five, could it… could it be that they’re also secret skills?”

“Chu Feng, Chu Feng actually grasped nine secret skills?!!!”

“This is simply too inconceivable!!!”

“Is… is he still human?!”

At that moment, the crowd were completely stunned. Many people even started to shiver with goosebumps all over.

If four secret skills could already signal one to be a genius, then one could very well imagine what nine secret skills represented.

At that moment, the crowd were completely captivated by Chu Feng’s nine secret skills, feeling envy and admiration for Chu Feng’s secret skills.

As for Chu Luxuan, he was no longer able to endure It. He no longer showed the complacence he had revealed before. On the contrary, his expression turned extremely ugly. Even the corners of his mouth were twitching.

Nine secret skills. Indeed, it was something that not even he could accomplish.

Six secret skills was his limit. This was something that he knew very well.

If the amount of secret skills one could hold represented the strength of one’s talent...

It was obvious that he had lost to Chu Feng in that.

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