Chapter 2484 - The Battle Between Geniuses

Chapter 2484 - The Battle Between Geniuses

“Chu Feng, don’t you think that you’re actually stronger than me just because you possess more secret skills.”

“What martial cultivation demands is strength. That is the same for secret skills.”

“Today, I, Chu Luxuan, will let you realise the strength of powerful secret skills.”

After Chu Luxuan said those words, he suddenly clasped his hands together. Then, a red radiance once again started to emit from his body.

The red radiance began to enter the six red figures nonstop. Following that, the six red figures began to grow indistinct. Then, they began to fuse in one location.

In the blink of an eye, the six red figures fused into a huge monster.

That huge monster was several hundred meters tall, and over a thousand meters long. It possessed a total of six heads and twenty six claws.

There were too many claws. It was as if it were permanently attacking. It was an extremely disgusting appearance.

However, not a single person present dared to look down on that monster.

The reason for that was because the aura that the monster emitted was exceptionally powerful. Its aura was actually much more powerful than even Chu Luxuan’s aura.

Naturally, it would also mean that that powerful monster was much more powerful than Chu Feng.

“What is happening? Did he fuse the secret skills together?”

“Amazing! The aura of that fused secret skill is simply too powerful. Its power has simply surpassed that of Ancestral Taboo Martial Skills!”

The crowd were all awed by Chu Luxuan’s fused secret skill.

It could also be said that they were frightened. After all, the aura that that fused secret skill was emitting was something that no one present could withstand.

They knew very well that if that monster born of Chu Luxuan’s secret skills were to unleash a slaughter, it was likely that not a single person present would be able to escape death. In fact, they would not even have the opportunity to flee.

“This secret skill is called the Six Demons Transformation. It was created by the renowned Lord Six Demons.”

“Likely, a country bumpkin like you must’ve never heard of Lord Six Demons’ distinguished name.”

“Thus, you merely need to keep in mind that Lord Six Demons is an existence that you can only look up to your entire life.”

“As this secret skill, the Six Demons Transformation, was created by Lord Six Demons, not to mention its power, merely its value is already inestimable.”

“This is the greatest reward I’ve obtained from the Chu Heavenly Clan. Of course, while it is a reward, I relied on my own strength to master it.”

“The reason for that is because there are six people who have obtained this secret skill before me. However, they all failed to withstand the Six Demons Transformation, and ended up having no choice but to give up,” Chu Luxuan spoke very proudly.

His actions could be said to be openly blowing his own horn, flattering himself in public.

However, it just so happened that not a single person felt disgusted with his actions. On the contrary, they merely felt admiration upon hearing those words.

After all, what Chu Luxuan said was the truth. If it were them, they would definitely not be able to control such a powerful secret skill.

“Pah! Fucking disgusting. This Chu Luxuan is simply even more shameless than his older brother,” However, when Her Lady Queen heard those words, she spit in disgust.

Then, she said, “Chu Feng, use the Ancient Era’s War Axe. Have this so-called Chu Heavenly Clan’s genius realize what it means by ‘no matter how strong you are, there is someone stronger than you,’ that no matter how powerful a secret skill might be, there is always a secret skill more powerful than it.”

“Since Milady Queen has spoken, I will naturally comply with Milady Queen’s order,” Chu Feng answered with a smile.

The conversation between Chu Feng and Her Lady Queen was something that only Chu Feng and Her Lady Queen could hear. However, the smile that Chu Feng revealed was visible to everyone.

While it would be one thing if others saw it, Chu Feng’s smile just so happened to be seen by the boasting Chu Luxuan. Upon seeing Chu Feng’s smile, Chu Luxuan’s expression turned extremely ugly.

“The hell are you smiling for? Are you looking down on my secret skill, my Six Demons Transformation?!” Chu Luxuan asked furiously.

“No, it’s not that I’m looking down upon it. Rather, it’s just that after hearing you blow your own horn, I found it kind of ridiculous. Are you that afraid of others not knowing how extraordinarily amazing you are?” Chu Feng asked mockingly.

“Blow my own horn, you say? Very well, this Young Master will have you understand whether I am blowing my own horn, or whether I possess actual ability,” After Chu Luxuan said those words, his eyes started to shine red.

The next moment, the Six Demons Transformation also shone with the same sort of redness in its many eyes. It was as if the Six Demons Transformation was being controlled by Chu Luxuan.

Most importantly, the aura of the Six Demons Transformation became many times stronger than before.

“Oh no! That secret skill is simply too powerful. Chu Feng will likely not be a match for it.”

At that moment, Chu Feng’s supporters all revealed worried expressions. They were all afraid that Chu Feng would not be able to withstand an attack from that secret skill.

“Chu Feng, I’ve heard that you possess a Demon Armament. You should take it out right now. Else… don’t say that I didn’t give you a chance to do so,” Chu Luxuan said to Chu Feng. While he spoke as if he was allowing Chu Feng to use his Demon Armament, he was actually mocking Chu Feng.

At that moment, the bystanders started to anticipate Chu Feng’s reveal of the Demon Armament even more.

After all, it was rumored that Chu Feng was only able to battle against the Kong Heavenly Clan two years ago because of that Demon Armament.

However, it remained that a rumor would only be a rumor. For the majority of the crowd, they had no idea as to what had really happened.

Thus, they all wanted to know whether or not Chu Feng actually possessed that powerful Demon Armament, whether or not that rumor was real.

“It seems that you’re quite knowledgeable with your information. Indeed, I possess a Demon Armament,” Chu Feng said with a smile on his face.

“He really possesses a Demon Armament. In that case, would that mean that the rumor is true? Chu Feng really managed to nearly extinguish the entire Kong Heavenly Clan using that Demon Armament?” Hearing what Chu Feng said, the crowd burst into a complete uproar. That bit of news was truly shocking.

“However, for someone like you, there is simply no need for me to use my Demon Armament,” Chu Feng added.

“What do you mean by that?! You actually dare to underestimate me?!” Fury emerged in Chu Luxuan’s eyes as his facial expression turned extremely fierce.

As a genius of the Chu Heavenly Clan, he was someone adored by everyone his entire life. Never had he ever been held in such contempt in such a manner before.

For someone as proud and arrogant as him, this was simply unbearable.

“Aren’t you fond of using secret skills? In that case, I will have you experience today what an actually powerful secret skill is.”

After Chu Feng finished saying those words, he pointed the Ancestral Armament he held in his hand toward the sky.


The next moment, rumbles began to sound in the sky as golden radiance began to spread about. Then, an enormous golden war axe appeared in the sky.

The moment that golden war axe appeared, the aura of the Six Demon Transformation was completely suppressed.

Naturally, the secret skill that possessed such overwhelming battle power was the secret skill that Chu Feng had obtained from the Ancient Era’s War Clan, the Ancient Era’s War Axe!!!

“Heavens! I am not dreaming, right? Chu Feng, he… he… he actually possesses ten secret skills!”

“His body is capable of tolerating ten secret skills!”

“Not only that, but this tenth secret skill’s aura is simply too frightening! It seems to be an entire realm stronger than Chu Feng!”

After the Ancient Era’s War Axe appeared, everyone was stunned. Many people even began to rub their eyes nonstop. They were trying to carefully distinguish whether or not they were seeing things.

“False bravado! I refuse to believe that this secret skill of yours will be able to surpass my Six Demons Transformation!” At that moment, Chu Luxuan urged the Six Demons Transformation to rush to attack Chu Feng.

In the blink of an eye, crimson radiance covered half of the entire region. It seemed to possess the imposing power capable of contending against Chu Feng’s Ancient Era’s War Axe.

At this moment, the Six Demons Transformation’s twenty-six tentacle-like claws were all extending. With rapid speed, they rushed to attack Chu Feng.

Witnessing that scene, the crowd began to worry deeply for Chu Feng again.

After all, the attack of the Six Demons Transformation was frighteningly powerful. Even though Chu Feng had revealed his extraordinary might, the crowd was still not absolutely confident in him.


However, right at that moment, a golden flash swept through the sky.

At the moment that golden flash appeared, the red radiance instantly grew dimmer.

The next moment, the crowd was stupefied.

This was especially true for those people who were worried about Chu Feng. They finally realized that their worries...

...were unnecessary.

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