Chapter 2482 - Arrival Of The Genius

Chapter 2482 - Arrival Of The Genius

Seemingly sensing the discontent among the crowd, Chu Luxuan turned around and cast his gaze to the crowd.

With a proud and arrogant tone, he said, “Perhaps you all might think that it is somewhat inappropriate for me to place this signboard here right now. After all, the news of me challenging Chu Feng to a battle has yet to spread to the entire Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm. Perhaps Chu Feng still doesn’t know that I have challenged him.”

“However, I dare to guarantee to you all that Chu Feng… is nothing more than a coward. After he arrives, I will personally prove to you that not only is he a coward, but he is also an utter weakling.”


After he finished saying those words, a boundless surge of martial power swept forth from Chu Luxuan and into the crowd’s bodies.

“Rank seven Martial Ancestor. Chu Luxuan is actually… a rank seven Martial Ancestor.”

The crowd were all astonished. For a member of the younger generation to possess such a cultivation and the Heavenly Bloodline’s formidable power, everyone knew what it meant.

It meant that Chu Luxuan’s reputation as a genius was fully justified.

After all, when Chu Feng became famous two years ago, he was merely a Half Martial Ancestor.

“No wonder Chu Luxuan is so confident. His cultivation is indeed not something that ordinary people could contend against. Likely, Chu Feng will not be a match for him.”

“It’s not that its unlikely, but rather absolutely impossible. Regardless of how powerful Chu Feng might be, it would still be impossible for him to become a rank seven Martial Ancestor in two years’ time.”

“Sure enough, a genius of the Chu Heavenly Clan is no small matter. He is not someone that we people from an Ordinary Realm could compare to.”

The crowd began to discuss Chu Luxuan spiritedly. Astonishment filled the tones of their words. They were all awed by Chu Luxuan’s strength.

In fact, even those people who supported Chu Feng started to sway.

They felt that even if Chu Feng were still alive, could he really defeat a genius from the Upper Realms, a genius from the Chu Heavenly Clan?

“You all are overthinking things. Chu Feng might not even have the courage to come. After all, once this news spreads, the people from the Kong Heavenly Clan might rush over to take care of him too.”

“Say, when faced with a situation like this, would that Chu Feng really dare come?”

“Thus, in my opinion, what Young Master Chu said is very true. That Chu Feng is simply a coward.”

There were actually many people among the crowd that thought that Chu Feng would not dare to come. Some even seized the opportunity to flatter Chu Luxuan, and began to talk maliciously about Chu Feng.

At that moment, the people that supported Chu Feng felt extremely furious.

However, when faced with Chu Luxuan, they were unable to say anything, and did not dare to voice their own feelings. As such, they could only sullenly hold their anger in.

“Those who felt that I would not dare to come, I’m afraid that I’ll have to disappoint you all.”

Right at that moment, a voice was suddenly heard. It came like a thunderbolt striking that region.

Space itself trembled violently, and cracks appeared in the ground. At the same time… everyone present felt shaken by the voice.

They all turned their gazes toward the direction of the voice, and revealed very complicated emotions.

There was anticipation, worry and fear.

They were all wondering whether or not that person was the person from two years ago.

If that person was the same person, wouldn’t it mean that he was still alive?

Two years ago, he was said to have nearly extinguished the entire Kong Heavenly Clan. Was that real or not?

How much had he matured in two years’ time?

Before the gazes of the crowd, that empty space started to tremble. Following that, the crowd’s hearts began to accelerate.

Finally, a crack appeared in that space. Then, a figure stepped out from thin air and appeared before the crowd.

That person was none other than Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng! It is Chu Feng!!!”

“Chu Feng is actually alive! He is actually still alive!!”

Upon seeing Chu Feng, the crowd all revealed exceptionally marvelous expressions. Many among them did not dare to believe it to be true.

After all, Chu Feng had disappeared for two years. According to the rumors, he had already died two years ago.

Yet now, Chu Feng had actually appeared before them in the flesh. How could they not be astonished by this?

While there were people who were overjoyed by Chu Feng’s appearance, there were also people that were scared by his appearance. Those that were overjoyed would naturally be Chu Feng’s supporters. As for those who were scared, they were naturally the ones who had spoken ill of Chu Feng earlier.

Although they had spoken maliciously of Chu Feng, that did not mean that they were not afraid of Chu Feng.

After all, all the rumors regarding Chu Feng were extraordinary. This was especially true when it came to the battle he had fought against the Kong Heavenly Clan two years ago. That one rumor had turned Chu Feng into a legend.

During the two years Chu Feng had been gone, many people felt that he had died.

However, now that he had appeared in the flesh, who would dare to look down on him? Who would dare to hold him in contempt?

Not to mention the crowd composed of Half Martial Ancestors and Martial Ancestors, it was likely that not even True Immortals would dare to casually attack Chu Feng.

After all, regardless of how Chu Feng had managed to accomplish it, it remained that Chu Feng had killed the Kong Heavenly Clan’s True Immortals.

Seeing the surprised, scared, overjoyed and saddened expressions of the crowd, Chu Feng revealed a faint smile.

He did not pay attention to the crowd. Instead, he cast his gaze to the spirit formation cage not far away. Imprisoned within that cage were the people from the Sunset Cloud Valley. Among them were naturally people Chu Feng was familiar with.

There was the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master, Xu Yiyi, Xu Yiyi’s master and many others with decent relationships with Chu Feng imprisoned there.

With a smile on his face, Chu Feng nodded at the people inside the cage.

It was as if he was telling the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master, Xu Yiyi and the others that they shouldn't worry, because he would definitely save them.

Strangely, even though it was only a simple action, the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master, Xu Yiyi and the others all managed to calm down. One by one, they returned Chu Feng’s smile.

They were, after all, people who had interacted with Chu Feng before. Thus, they knew Chu Feng relatively well, and were completely confident in him.

They felt that Chu Feng was someone capable of bringing about miracles. Thus, they believed that since Chu Feng dared to show up, he would definitely have the ability to save them from this crisis.

Finally, Chu Feng turned his gaze to the rest of the crowd. His gaze also landed on Chu Luxuan, the World Spiritist Saintess and the others.

At that moment, Chu Feng smiled again. It was a very meaningful smile. Then, he added to what he had said earlier.

“I, Chu Feng, am a coward? There’s no need for anyone else to determine whether or not I am a coward for I, Chu Feng, will prove whether or not I am a coward myself.”


After Chu Feng finished saying those words, a burst of aura emerged from Chu Feng’s body. It swept through heaven and earth and filled the air.

It was the aura of Chu Feng’s cultivation!!!

Chu Feng’s aura transformed the weather and darkened the sky. The previously sunny and cloudless sky was suddenly filled with thunder and lightning.

“Heavens! Quickly, feel Chu Feng’s aura. He… he is actually also a rank seven Martial Ancestor!”

“Wasn’t Chu Feng said to only be a Half Martial Ancestor two years ago? How did he manage to become a rank seven Martial Ancestor in merely two years?!”

“This is simply too unimaginable!!!”

The crowd was extremely astonished. For many people, two years’ time would not even be enough to reach a single breakthrough in cultivation. Yet, Chu Feng had actually managed to grow this much. This caused them to be unable to contain their astonishment.

If Chu Feng was able to fight against the Kong Heavenly Clan two years ago because he had relied on the power of his Demon Armament, then the current Chu Feng was proving himself to the crowd with his actual cultivation. Even if he didn’t use any special weapons, he, Chu Feng, was still not someone to be looked down upon.

He was still someone qualified for the title of genius!!!

“Chu Feng, never did I expect that you actually really dared to come. I admire your courage. However… do you know why I admire your courage?” Chu Luxuan said to Chu Feng.

“Why?” Chu Feng asked.

“Because your arrival in this place will only bring about your own disgrace.”

“Even though you already knew this would happen, you still dared to come. How could I not admire that courage of yours?” Chu Luxuan mocked.

“Haha…” Chu Feng chuckled. Then, he said casually, “As fellow rank seven Martial Ancestors, how are you so certain that you will be able to defeat me?”

As Chu Feng spoke, he flipped his palm, and an Ancestral Armament appeared in his hand.

That Ancestral Armament looked as if it had been made of crystal. It was translucent, and measured seven and a half feet long. It was like a blade, yet not a blade; like a sword, yet not a sword. Contained within the body of the blade were faint golden veined patterns. The veined patterns were flickering with light and giving rise to winds. Those winds were visible to the naked eye. Like a tornado, they revolved around the Ancestral Armament.

“That is…”

Upon seeing that Ancestral Armament, the World Spiritist Saintess’ expression changed. The reason for that was because she managed to recognize with a single glance that that Ancestral Armament was the Stormwind Edge.

Originally, this Stormwind Edge was something that she had purchased with an enormous sum. However, during a gamble against Chu Feng, she had lost it to him.

At that moment, the Ancestral Armament that had originally belonged to her was being used by Chu Feng. It caused the World Spiritist Saintess to feel extremely pained in her heart.

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