Chapter 2481 - Coward Chu Feng

Chapter 2481 - Coward Chu Feng

“Young Hero Chu is extraordinarily talented. Your understanding of martial cultivation is something that no commoner could compare with. The Ying Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief had been unable to make any progress in cultivation for many years. Yet, with instructions from you, he managed to reach a breakthrough in merely a short period of time.”

“The reason why the Ying Heavenly Clan was daring enough to go and attack the Three Stars Hall by themselves was all thanks to Young Master Chu,” Someone flattered.

“Young Master Chu is, without a doubt, extremely talented. You’re so young, yet you’re already a rank seven Martial Ancestor. In my opinion, even that extremely arrogant Young Master Li Ming would not be able to compare to Young Master Chu.”

“Oh, that’s right. Young Master Chu is a possessor of a Heavenly Bloodline. After activating your Heavenly Bloodline, with your cultivation of rank seven Martial Ancestor, it will truly be difficult for anyone below the True Immortal level to contend against you.”

“That Chu Feng will probably not show up. However, if he dares to show himself, he will undoubtedly be defeated and bring about his own disgrace.”

The many old monsters standing behind Chu Luxuan that had lived for thousands of years were flattering him, a member of the younger generation, nonstop.

Furthermore, they spoke in an extremely serious manner, without feeling the slightest bit of shame. From this, it could be seen that they truly had thick skin.

For the sake of obtaining benefits, they were willing to discard their status and dignity.

“Have you all encountered Chu Feng? Have you all seen Chu Feng fight before?” Right at that moment, the World Spiritist Saintess suddenly spoke out, questioning the crowd.

“Eh…” The crowd were left speechless. The great majority of them had never met Chu Feng, much less seen him fight.

“Since you all do not understand Chu Feng in the slightest, it is best that you do not say this sort of thing. Else, you might end up harming Young Master Chu,” The World Spiritist Saintess said.

“World Spiritist Saintess, it seems that you’re not confident in me?” At that moment, Chu Luxuan frowned slightly and revealed a displeased expression.

“Young Master Chu, it is not that I am not confident in you. If I was, why would I submit to you?”

“I merely do not want you to underestimate your enemy. The reason for that is because I have personally fought that Chu Feng before. That child is no ordinary character. At the very least, I was unable to gain any advantage over him. Instead, I suffered enormously,” The World Spiritist Saintess said.

“Just because you were unable to gain an advantage over him doesn’t mean that I cannot. What makes you think that he could be discussed alongside me?”

“At the very most, he was someone who bullied my older brother while I was not around. If I were here, the one to die would’ve been him.”

When mentioning that matter, Chu Luxuan clenched his fists tightly and revealed a strong killing intent from his eyes.

From that, it could be seen that he hated Chu Feng to his bones.

“Young Master Chu, I am the same as you. That Chu Feng is also my enemy. More than anyone else, I wish for the death of that Chu Feng.”

“That is why I submitted to you. It’s because I know that it will be very difficult for me to kill him with my strength. However, it will be different for…”

“Enough, you don’t have to say anymore.”

The World Spiritist Saintess wanted to explain. However, before she could finish, Chu Luxuan cut her off.

At that moment, intense battle intent had appeared in Chu Luxuan’s eyes. He looked at the World Spiritist Saintess and said, “Listen carefully. If that Chu Feng dares to appear before me, I will have him know who the true genius is, that he, Chu Feng, is simply unable to compare to me.”

After he finished saying those words, Chu Luxuan turned and left the mountain peak.

“World Spiritist Saintess, why did you bother saying those words? It is not beneficial for you in the slightest to provoke the anger of Young Master Chu.”

“That’s right, what’s happened to you in the past few days? How can you not be able to discern the situation? Do you not know who Young Master Chu is?”

After Chu Luxuan left, those old monsters began to speak to the World Spiritist Saintess.

“I merely did not wish for Young Master Chu to be careless, for I have also underestimated Chu Feng like you all.”

“However, it ended up being that… I suffered enormously by that Chu Feng’s hands. Thus, I merely want you all to know that you must absolutely not underestimate that Chu Feng.”

“Don’t forget that he nearly extinguished the Kong Heavenly Clan by himself two years ago. If he is really still alive after these two years, have you all ever thought of how powerful he would’ve become?” The World Spiritist Saintess asked.

As she said those words, her eyes that were generally filled with a condescending expression actually showed intense worry and fear.

“World Spiritist Saintess, it is not that we are looking down on you. However, you are simply thinking too highly of that Chu Feng.”

“He nearly extinguished the Kong Heavenly Clan by himself? If that were the case, why did he disappear? Why was the one that disappeared not the Kong Heavenly Clan instead?”

“None of us were present back then. As for those rumors, we must not easily trust them. After all, for a lot of things, one can only believe them should one witness them.”

“In short, I do not believe that Chu Feng, a mere Half Martial Ancestor, would possess the strength to kill True Immortals.”

“Furthermore, I must remind you of this. Regardless of how powerful Chu Feng might be, he remains only a genius of the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm. However, who is Young Master Chu? He is a genius of the Chu Heavenly Clan!”

“I believe you know very well what the Chu Heavenly Clan is without me having to explain it to you. They are a clan that could drown the entire Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm with merely a spit. A genius from a clan like that is most definitely a dragon among men, an existence that no one in our Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm could contend against.”

“Thus, you shouldn’t have groundless fears and worry about all that.”

“Unless that Chu Feng does not dare come, he will definitely bring about his own destruction by coming,” After the crowd finished saying those words, they dispersed.

At that moment, only the World Spiritist Saintess remained. She looked into the distance and saw the figures that were appearing nonstop and entering the Sunset Cloud Valley.

She knew that those were all individuals that had received news of the challenge, people that had come to watch the battle between Chu Feng and Chu Luxuan.

However, at that moment, the World Spiritist Saintess still had an expression filled with worry in her eyes. Quietly, she muttered, “I suddenly hope that Chu Feng doesn’t come.”

After saying those words, the World Spiritist Saintess looked to the direction that Chu Luxuan and the others had left in. With a voice that only she could hear, she muttered, “Else, you will all regret it.”

The following two days, more and more people arrived upon receiving the news.

They came mainly for two purposes. The first was to see whether or not Chu Feng was still alive.

As for the second, it would naturally be to see exactly who, between the renowned Chu Feng and the genius of the Chu Heavenly Clan, Chu Luxuan, was stronger.

On the third day, more and more people arrived at the Sunset Cloud Valley. From the few people that would arrive from time to time, it became groups of people that would arrive together. Furthermore, the great majority of the people that arrived were people that held some status in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

On the fourth day, a large signboard was erected above the Sunset Cloud Valley.

The signboard was a thousand meters tall and two thousand meters wide. It stood horizontally in the sky, and was extremely eye-catching.

The signboard was completely blank. No one knew why such a signboard was floating in the sky.


Right at that moment, a figure holding a sword suddenly appeared before that signboard.

At that moment, the crowd’s gazes grew serious. Even though it was the first time that many people encountered that person, they were able to guess that that man was the genius from the Chu Heavenly Clan.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Chu Luxuan held an Ancestral Armament sword in his hand. Before the crowd, he began to move his sword on the signboard.

Golden brilliance radiated all around as metallic sparks swirled in the air. Chu Luxuan personally carved three words onto the signboard.

“That is…”

“That is simply too excessive, no?!!!”

Upon seeing those three words, the crowd all revealed astonished expressions.

Many of the people that had come to support Chu Feng revealed angry expressions.

The reason for that was because those three words were related to Chu Feng.

‘Coward Chu Feng!!!’

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