Chapter 2177 - The Pitiful Tang Ying

Chapter 2177 - The Pitiful Tang Ying

“Don’t address me as ‘Lord,’ merely Chu Feng will do,” Chu Feng said with a light smile.

“Lord Chu Feng, d-did you return with reinforcements? Have you come to eliminate our Tang Family?” That servant girl asked.

“If you’re talking about the group of people in the Tang Family now, then no, I, Chu Feng, will not kill them. I, Chu Feng, am not one who kills the weak,” Chu Feng shook his head. To Chu Feng. the people remaining in the Tang Family right now were all powerless individuals. As such, Chu Feng would not kill them.

“Lord Chu Feng, you are truly a good man. I-In that case, can you save our Young Miss?” The servant girl begged Chu Feng.

“Your Young Miss? Are you talking about Tang Ying?” Chu Feng asked.

“Yes, it’s our Young Miss Tang Ying,” That servant girl said.

“What happened to Tang Ying? Quickly, tell me about it,” Chu Feng asked.

The servant girl did not conceal the matter from Chu Feng, and began to inform him of everything that had happened.

“Tang Haichuan, you are truly bold. For the sake of preserving your Tang Family, you actually refuse to let off even your own daughter,” Fury immediately emerged in Chu Feng’s eyes after knowing what had happened.

It turned out that after Chu Feng escaped, although Elder Yuan Zhen was furious that the Tang and Cao Families allowed Chu Feng to escape, he did not violate his promise, and really made the Tang and Cao Families reconcile with one another. Furthermore, at the same time, he made the Cao Family compensate the Tang Family for their loss. He also made them hand over many territories to the Tang Family.

After that battle, although the Tang Family’s loss was great, the benefits they had obtained were much greater than their losses.

To the Tang Family, this was truly a profit from a disaster. However, Elder Yuan Zhen had a demand. That was, he wanted the Tang Family’s Family Head to marry his youngest daughter Tang Ying to the Cao Family’s Family Head’s youngest son, that retard.

Faced with that decision, the Tang Family’s Family Head chose the interests of the Tang Family without the slightest hesitation, and sold his own daughter to the Cao Family.

When speaking of that matter, it was quite a coincidence. The Alliance Ceremony between the Tang and the Cao Families was to be held in several days’ time. At that ceremony, Tang Ying would officially be married off to the Cao Family.

“Lord Chu Feng, the reason why Elder Yuan Zhen disliked our Young Miss is precisely because she pleaded for you that day.”

“Right now, our Young Miss can be said to be completely isolated; the people that were closest to her have betrayed her.”

“Right now, the only person that could save our Young Miss would be you, Lord Chu Feng.”

“Lord Chu Feng, I beg of you, please, please save our Young Miss.”

“If our Young Miss is truly to be married off to the Cao Family, she might end up dying there. That Cao Family most definitely plans to torture our Young Miss.”

“After all, Cao Yuxuan was killed by you, and all the people in the Cao Family know that you possess an extraordinary relationship with our Young Miss. They will definitely aim their hatred for you at our Young Miss,” When she spoke to this point, the servant girl fell to her knees before Chu Feng. Her cheeks were already covered in tears.

“You are very loyal to your Young Miss. Rest assured, I will save her.”

“However, do not mention that you have seen me to anyone. Pretend like I never appeared, because it will only serve to harm you.”

Hearing Chu Feng’s words, the servant girl raised her head and planned to express her thanks. However, to her surprise, she discovered that Chu Feng was already gone. Furthermore, there was a floating Cosmos Sack where Chu Feng had previously been standing.

After receiving that Cosmos Sack, the servant girl’s expression immediately turned sluggish. The reason for that was because the riches and treasures contained in the Cosmos Sack were things that she would find very difficult to obtain in her entire lifetime.


Chu Feng traveled rapidly. He managed to arrive at the Cao Family before the Alliance Ceremony of the Tang and Cao Families.

For the sake of the marriage, the Cao Family had invited a vast amount of guests. Not only had the nearby powers arrived, even some of the people from Luyang’s Pavilion had arrived. Elder Yuan Zhen was naturally among their ranks.

Tomorrow was the day of the Tang and Cao Families’ Alliance Ceremony. It would also be the day that Tang Ying would be married into the Cao Family.

Chu Feng planned to save Tang Ying beforehand. He absolutely could not allow Tang Ying to undergo that marriage ceremony with the Cao Family’s youngest son.

However, to Chu Feng’s surprise, the Tang Family had already handed Tang Ying to the Cao Family at an earlier date. They had truly and completely sold Tang Ying away.

After a series of inquiries, Chu Feng finally found out where Tang Ying was located. Not only did she not receive the treatment of a bride, she was even imprisoned in an underground prison.

The prison was very heavily guarded. It would simply be impossible for ordinary people to enter it. However, this posed no threat to Chu Feng.

In order to not alarm anyone, Chu Feng did not kill anyone. Instead, he used a special technique to render the people inside the underground prison unconscious. It was only then that he entered the prison.

Before Chu Feng even reached the cell that Tang Ying was held in, Chu Feng was already able to see Tang Ying being held inside the prison.

At that moment, Tang Ying was tightly bound by spirit formation ropes. Not to mention moving, she was unable to even speak.

Although Tang Ying was not crying, her reddened eyes were already swollen. This meant that she had cried for a very long time before.

Her eyes were dispirited. It was as if she had no more longing for living anymore; it seemed she was determined to die.

The way Chu Feng saw it, if it wasn’t for the fact that her movements were restricted by spirit formation, she would’ve likely killed herself by now.

After all, she had been betrayed by her closest people, her family.

When Chu Feng saw the scene in the underground prison, what emerged in his heart was not only pain, but also anger.

The reason for that was because Tang Ying was not the only person in that prison cell. Standing before her was a woman.

That woman was quite good-looking, and was dressed quite gorgeously. In a revealing outfit, she appeared very alluring.

However, although this woman might appear to be young, Chu Feng was able to tell with a single glance that she was at least a thousand years old.

“Why aren’t you speaking? You damned bitch, tell me why you decided to break the promise of marriage, why did you refuse to marry my son? Is it because of that Chu Feng?”

“Speak, speak! Oh, I nearly forgot, you are unable to speak. Even your ability to speak has been taken from you by your family members.”

“However, you cannot blame your family. After all, you are so shameless.”

“Hehe, I might as well tell you this. Cao Yuxuan’s death by that Chu Feng’s hand is also related to you. Cao Yuxuan’s mother will definitely not spare you. Sooner or later, you will die.”

“However, there is simply no need for Cao Yuxuan’s mother to take care of you. The reason for that is because I will not spare you. Your decision to break the marriage with my son before is simply an insult to my son.”

“Thus, don’t you think that you will really become our Cao Family’s daughter-in-law because we allowed you to be married to my son.”

“After the marriage ceremony tomorrow, it will be the time of your death, Tang Ying. However, I will not let you die easily. I will make you first wish that you were dead.”

“I have already gathered a hundred homeless wanderers, as well as a hundred of the ugliest monstrous beasts. I will have them rape you in succession.”

“You want to remain chaste? You want to look down upon my son? I’ll have you suffer torment, pain and ruin before you die!!!” That woman pointed to Tang Ying and said fiercely.

After hearing those words, Chu Feng knew that this woman was most definitely the Cao Family’s youngest son’s mother.

Being insulted like that, Tang Ying would naturally also be furious. However, as she was unable to speak, she could only glower at the retard’s mother.

“Bitch, you dare glare at me?!” The retard’s mother was immediately furious. She raised her hand and made to swat Tang Ying’s cheek.

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