Chapter 2176 - Lingering Fear

Chapter 2176 - Lingering Fear


Right at that moment, a figure suddenly appeared in the place near where Chu Feng was previously meditating.

It was actually that mysterious old monk.

At that moment, the old monk's gaze was fixed to the sky. Astonishment filled his deep gaze.

If others were to look at the sky that he was looking at, they would not discover anything special about it. However, the old monk saw a scene, a scene that surprised and even astonished him as he looked to the sky.

“That seemed to be the legendary Divine Tribulation.”

“But, ninety percent of its power is still lingering in the sky. Such a frightening power, but only a tenth actually descended?”

“Could it be that it’s because only a tenth of its power descended that the might of the Divine Tribulation did not appear?”

“How did he accomplish that? Not only does he train in the legendary Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique, he also managed to make the legendary Divine Tribulation weaken its power to use only a tenth of its power to punish its cultivator?”

Suddenly, the old monk turned his gaze toward the direction that Chu Feng had left in. His gaze remained in that direction for a very long time. He had started to ponder.

“That child, exactly what is his origin?”

“Chu Feng; could it be that he’s from the Chu Heavenly Clan?” The more he pondered, the more complicated the old monk’s gaze became.

If someone who recognized this old monk saw his current gaze, they would definitely feel disbelief.

The reason for that was because very few people had ever managed to make him reveal that sort of gaze, let alone a young man.


“Father and grandfather are truly amazing. If it wasn’t for the experience that they have imparted me with, breaking through would definitely be as difficult as scaling the heavens.”

Chu Feng was concealed in the void as he flew toward the direction of the Tang Family. Even though he was already a rank two Half Martial Ancestor, he was feeling lingering fear.

The reason for that was because while his breakthrough appeared to be normal, it was anything but normal. It was not as simple as Chu Feng having reached a breakthrough from rank one Half Martial Ancestor to rank two Half Martial Ancestor. In addition to that, he had also experienced the cleansing process of the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique.

Merely, the first cleansing process was not as world-shaking as the legends had it. In fact, it could be said that it did not cause any change to the world.

However, even with that being the case, Chu Feng still felt as if he had just survived a calamity.

When Chu Feng first broke through his bottleneck, before he even broke through in cultivation, Chu Feng sensed a very frightening power appearing in the sky. Furthermore, that power was aimed at him. That was the power of the Divine Tribulation.

Chu Feng felt that if all of the power of the Divine Tribulation were to land, he would definitely die without even his soul remaining.

However, the power of the Divine Tribulation did not all descend upon him. In the end, only a tenth of its power descended upon him.

As for the reason why this was the case was all thanks to his father Chu Xuanyuan and his grandfather Chu Hanxian.

At the same time when Chu Feng’s father had imparted the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique to Chu Feng, he had also imparted to him the method to handle the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique.

After all, the power of the Divine Tribulation was capable of causing massive destruction. The higher a cultivation one tried to reach a breakthrough in, the more frightening the power of the Divine Tribulation. Although one needed a very powerful willpower when facing the Divine Tribulation, it would simply be impossible for one to withstand the power of the Divine Tribulation should one try to meet it head-on.

Thus, if one wanted to withstand the might of the Divine Tribulation, there needed to be a certain method of doing so. The easiest method of doing so would be to temper oneself. Through the power of the Divine Tribulation, one could cleanse one’s body so that it could adapt to the power of the Divine Tribulation.

With each breakthrough, one could gradually increase the strength of the cleansing process so as to be able to take on an even more powerful Divine Tribulation.

However, it remained that the Divine Tribulation was extremely frightening. If one did not undergo any treatment before receiving all of the Divine Tribulation’s powers, not to mention adapting to it, one might directly be killed by the Divine Tribulation.

As for this time, Chu Feng had received the Divine Tribulation’s first cleansing. The reason why he had only received a tenth of the Divine Tribulation’s power was precisely because of that concealment formation.

No one would’ve thought that a mere concealment formation would be able to misguide the Self-punishment Mysterious Formation and let the legendary Divine Tribulation only descend with a tenth of its power.

However, Chu Feng knew about it. As for the reason why he knew, it was all thanks to his father and grandfather.

“The Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique truly possesses a well-deserved reputation. It would appear that my future cultivation journey will be very difficult,” Chu Feng frowned slightly. After the Divine Tribulation’s first cleansing, the always confident Chu Feng was no longer that confident anymore.

Although a tenth of the Divine Tribulation’s power might not appear to have created any commotion, to the point where even the grasses and trees in the surrounding region were unaffected, that didn’t mean that a tenth of the Divine Tribulation’s power would be extremely weak.

On the contrary, the power was not weak at all. In fact, it was much more frightening than the complete power of the Heaven Punishment Mysterious Technique.

The reason for that was because all one-tenth of the Divine Tribulation’s power had struck Chu Feng. Not a single bit was wasted.

Even though Chu Feng had managed to withstand it without suffering any injuries, he had done so with great difficulty. Thus, this allowed him to know that what had happened here today was merely the beginning, that his next breakthrough would definitely be even more challenging.

The reason for that was because even if he were to use a concealment formation when attempting his next breakthrough, it would be impossible for the Divine Tribulation to only descend with a tenth of its power.

The power of the Divine Tribulation that would strike him the next time would be twenty percent.

Furthermore, the power of the first Divine Tribulation would be incomparable to that of the next one. After all, the stronger one’s cultivation was, the more powerful the Divine Tribulation would be.

Most importantly, when the power of the Divine Tribulation that descended upon Chu Feng surpassed fifty percent, it would no longer be formless. Instead, it would become visible to everyone.

At that time, not only would its power be boundless, it would also have enormous momentum.

In other words, if Chu Feng did not wish to create a grand commotion when attempting to break through to rank six Half Martial Ancestor, he must find a hidden location to conduct his breakthrough.

Else, he would most definitely create an enormous commotion.

Furthermore, when Chu Feng attempted to break through to rank two Martial Ancestor, the concealment formation will lose its effectiveness.

At that time, what Chu Feng would have to withstand would be the entire power of the Divine Tribulation.

Thus, before that, Chu Feng must grow accustomed to the boundless power that the Divine Tribulation possessed. Else, he would definitely be killed.

All of those things combined to determine that Chu Feng’s future path of martial cultivation would be filled with difficulties.

“This Tang Family truly did not place me in their eyes.”

In merely a blink of an eye, Chu Feng had arrived at the Tang Family. He discovered that the Tang Family had not even activated their defensive formation, and their security was extremely lax. Compared to the time when they had fought against the Cao Family, it could be said to be a difference of heaven and earth.

“Could it be a trap?” Chu Feng’s gaze changed. In the end, he decided to conceal his aura and secretly infiltrate the Tang Family.

Because what the Tang Family did to him was truly too excessive, no matter what, Chu Feng was unable to contain the anger and hatred he held toward them.

At the beginning, Chu Feng was very cautious after infiltrating the Tang Family. However, he soon discovered that he was overthinking things. There was simply no trap at all. Rather, the Tang Family truly did not place him in their eyes.

The reason for that was because not only was the Tang Family’s security extremely lax, none of the experts had remained in the Tang Family. Of the people from the Tang Family that remained, there was actually not a single Half Martial Ancestor.

Suddenly, Chu Feng saw a servant girl. Chu Feng recognized that servant girl. It was the same servant girl that had secretly reported to Tang Ying that her two older brothers were planning to marry her off to the Cao Family.

Chu Feng felt that this servant girl could be considered to be Tang Ying’s trusted aide. Thus, he captured her when she was off guard and brought her to a secluded area.

“Lord Chu Feng, it’s you?!”

To Chu Feng’s surprise, the frightened servant girl’s fear disappeared the moment she saw Chu Feng. Furthermore, she even revealed a delighted expression.

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