Chapter 2175 - Rank Two Half Martial Ancestor

Chapter 2175 - Rank Two Half Martial Ancestor

“Exactly who was that person?” Chu Feng’s gaze grew complicated.

Even though he didn't know who that old monk was, Chu Feng had decided to follow his advice, and began to put forth great effort to pacify the grief and indignation he was feeling.

Chu Feng had to do his best to comprehend the way of martial cultivation so that he could break through to rank two Half Martial Ancestor as soon as possible.

As long as he became a rank two Half Martial Ancestor, Chu Feng would be able to take care of the Cao and Tang Families. Even if he were to encounter that Elder Yuan Zhen again, Chu Feng would also not be afraid.

However, there was one thing that Chu Feng did not listen to the advice of the old monk on; he did not leave the Darknight Ghost Forest.

Wang Qiang had died by the hands of that demonic woman. Chu Feng absolutely could not leave the matter at that. In fact, Chu Feng was unable to wait; he was impatient to kill that demonic woman. Else, the regret and hatred in his heart would not be alleviated.

Thus, Chu Feng set up many layers of spirit formations around the residence of that demonic woman. As long as the demonic woman returned, Chu Feng would be able to discover and track her.

Simply put, Chu Feng was planning to ambush her.

While Chu Feng was hiding in the Darknight Ghost Forest, training and lying in wait for the demonic woman, Luyang’s Pavilion had already gained news of what had happened in the Tang Family.

In a certain sleeping chamber in Luyang’s Pavilion, Elder Yuan Zhen was kneeling on the ground. In the direction that he was kneeling toward was a large bed.

The square-shaped bed was over a hundred times the size of an ordinary bed. Special gauze cloth dangled on the four sides of the bed.

Within the gauze cloth, one could not clearly see what was happening on the bed even when using world spirit techniques to do so.

Although one could not see what was happening on the bed clearly, one could faintly see through the gauze with one’s naked eye that there were several tens of women absolutely naked on the bed. They were all serving a single person. As for that person… he was the Luyang’s Pavilion Pavilion Master.

“If he’s dead, then let it be. After all, I have only ever taken on three personal disciples because of a sudden urge.”

“Merely, that fellow by the name of Chu Feng absolutely cannot be allowed to escape. I must let the people of the world know that, not to mention a disciple of mine, a disciple of this Chu Luyang, even if it’s a dog of mine, no one can be allowed to kill them,” From the bed sounded the voice of the Luyang’s Pavilions Pavilion Master, Chu Luyang. [1. The name Luyang… lu → land. Yang → as in yin and yang. Yang is the male/positive/hot principle.]

“Merely, Lord Pavilion Master, since that Chu Feng is surnamed Chu, could he be from your Chu Heavenly Clan?” Elder Yuan Zhen asked.

“Chu Feng? I do not recall there being a person by that name in our Chu Heavenly Clan,” After Chu Luyang said those words, his tone suddenly changed. He added, “No, there seems to have been one by such a name.”

“There is someone by the name of Chu Feng?” Hearing those words, Elder Yuan Zhen’s expression changed enormously. At that instant, he was covered with sweat as fear and nervousness filled his face.

The people from the Chu Heavenly Clan were not people that a minor character like himself could afford to offend. If Chu Feng was truly someone from the Chu Heavenly Clan, he feared that even his Lord Pavilion Master would not be able to protect him.

“Indeed, there is a fellow by that name. However, he has long since died. Furthermore, even if he were alive, it would be useless. The reason for that is because he was trash that did not even possess a Heavenly Bloodline.”

“Hahahaha…” Chu Luyang burst into sudden laughter, “If you hadn’t mentioned it, I would’ve forgotten about that father and son. They are the greatest joke to our Chu Heavenly Clan. Hahahaha.”

Chu Luyang laughed frantically. It was as if he had truly recalled a very funny joke.

However, Chu Luyang’s laughter caused Yuan Zhen to feel completely baffled. He truly did not understand how a single person would make Chu Luyang indulge in such laughter.

“Lord Pavilion Master, even if that Chu Feng is not a part of the Chu Heavenly Clan, he is most definitely someone from another Heavenly Clan.”

“For him to have escaped, I fear that there will be trouble in the future,” Elder Yuan Zhen said worriedly.

“Oh Yuan Zhen, I have nurtured you for this long, how could you not even understand something as simple as this?” Chu Luyang said.

“Please forgive this subordinate for his ignorance,” Elder Yuan Zhen lowered his head.

“Let me ask you, if you were someone from the Chu Heavenly Clan, would you not declare the name of the Chu Heavenly Clan should you encounter trouble?”

“Even if you are not from the Chu Heavenly Clan, but instead from another Heavenly Clan, you would still declare your Heavenly Clan’s name should you encounter trouble, no?” Chu Luyang said.

“Lord Pavilion Master is very wise. This subordinate would indeed do so,” Elder Yuan Zhen nodded.

“It would not only be you, any normal person would do so. However, did that Chu Feng ever mention his clan?” Chu Luyang asked.

“He did not,” Elder Yuan Zhen replied.

“There you go. Why did he not mention his clan?” Chu Luyang asked.

“Could it be, that even if he declared his clan, his clan would not help him?” Elder Yuan Zhen asked.

“That’s right. If his clan would protect him, why would he not bring forth his clan’s name?”

“Thus, do not tremble with fear whenever you encounter someone with a Heavenly Bloodline.”

“There are a lot of people in the Heavenly Clans. As for bastards that possess Heavenly Bloodline but not the acknowledgement of their clans, they are even more numerous,” Chu Luyang said.

“This subordinate understands,” Elder Yuan Zhen came to a sudden realization. His expression turned to one of joy.

At that moment, he finally realized why Chu Feng had the name Chu Feng even though he was not part of the Chu Heavenly Clan. The reason for that was because he simply did not belong to any Heavenly Clan. Instead, he was a bastard renounced by his Heavenly Clan.

“It’s good that you understand. Furthermore, remember this: even if he is someone from a certain Heavenly Clan, my Luyang’s Pavilion will still have no fear.”

“You can withdraw now,” Chu Luyang said.

“This subordinate shall take his leave,” Elder Yuan Zhen bowed respectfully. Then, he turned to leave.

“Wait,” Suddenly, Chu Luyang’s voice sounded.


Then, a title plate flew out from the bed and landed in Elder Yuan Zhen’s hand.

“Lord Pavilion Master, this is?” Upon receiving that title plate, Elder Yuan Zhen immediately revealed an overjoyed expression on his aged face.

That was a title plate that allowed one to mobilize Luyang’s Pavilion’s elders. In other words, it was an emblem of power. With that title plate in hand, even those with strength greater than Elder Yuan Zhen would have to follow his orders obediently.

“After you capture that Chu Feng, do not kill him immediately. You must properly torture him,” Chu Luyang said.

“Lord Pavilion Master, could it be that you know who he is?” Elder Yuan Zhen asked.

“Know who he is?”

“How could I know some trash like him? I merely dislike his name. That’s why I will not let him have a comfortable death. This is the price he must pay for having the wrong name,” Chu Luyang said.

“This subordinate understands. I will definitely not disappoint Lord Pavilion Master,” Elder Yuan Zhen vowed.


Chu Feng had no idea what had happened in Luyang’s Pavilion. The entire time, he had been in the Darknight Ghost Forest waiting for the return of the demonic woman while painstakingly training.

Just like that, several more days passed in a flash...

Although the demonic woman had never returned, Chu Feng’s training had not been in vain.

Currently, Chu Feng was sitting in a concealment formation. He was concentrating fully.


Suddenly, a boundless aura spread out from Chu Feng’s body. If it wasn’t for the fact that his spirit formation had stopped the spreading of the aura, it would definitely have created a huge commotion.

The very next moment, Chu Feng opened his eyes. Not only were his eyes brightly spirited, they were also sharper than before.

However, at the same time, ice-cold killing intent emerged in Chu Feng’s eyes.

He slowly clenched his right fist and sensed the surging power in his body. Suddenly, he looked to the direction of the Tang Family and declared with a low voice, “Tang Family, it is time for you all to pay.”


Suddenly, Chu Feng’s body shifted. His speed was many times faster than before.

It turned out that Chu Feng’s current cultivation was no longer that of a rank one Half Martial Ancestor. Instead, he had became a rank two Half Martial Ancestor.

After several days of laborious training, Chu Feng had finally managed to break through the barrier, and become an actual rank two Half Martial Ancestor.

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