Chapter 2174 - Wang Qiang’s Dead?

Chapter 2174 - Wang Qiang’s Dead?

Other than the bones, there was also a small bed formed by piling up trees. Furthermore, there were traces of a campfire.

All of this signified that someone had been living here before.

What sort of people would have lived in this sort of place? Naturally, it would definitely be that demonic woman.

Thus, Chu Feng was certain that this place must be that demonic woman’s base, that the bones here were the remains of the people captured by that demonic woman that time.

However, as the bones were already deteriorated, Chu Feng was unable to determine which set of bones were Wang Qiang’s. However, he must determine whether or not Wang Qiang’s bones were among this pile of bones.

It would be fine if Wang Qiang’s bones were not present in the pile of bones. However, if Wang Qiang’s bones were present, it would mean that Wang Qiang had died by the hands of that demonic woman. As for that, it was something that Chu Feng did not wish to happen.

With no other alternative, Chu Feng decided that he would count the number of bones present. The reason for that was because Chu Feng had realized that the situation was amiss when Wang Qiang decided to harass the demonic woman. At that time, Chu Feng had subconsciously paid attention to all the people present at that time.

Intentionally or otherwise, Chu Feng remembered the number of people captured by that demonic woman.

Thus, through counting the number of bones, Chu Feng could have a rough determination as to whether or not Wang Qiang’s bones were present here.

Although there was no reliable basis for his theory, Chu Feng felt that Wang Qiang would be the last to die among that group of men captured.

“Damn it!”

“Damn it!!”

“Damn it!!!”

Suddenly, Chu Feng’s expression changed enormously, and he began to gnash his teeth in anger. At the same time, an intense sense of grief surged forth in his eyes.

“God damn it!”

Then, Chu Feng clenched his fist and ruthlessly smashed it down onto the ground. He caused the earth to tremble as if an earthquake had hit. The trembling continued.

Chu Feng had counted the pile of bones. Their numbers was actually the same as the amount of people captured that day. This meant that Wang Qiang’s should also be among them.

However, those were bones. If Wang Qiang’s bones were also among them, it would mean that Wang Qiang was definitely dead.

“Why am I this weak? Why am I this weak?”

“I’m useless, I’m truly useless! When I am unable to even protect my friend, how am I supposed retrieve my dignity?”

“Trash! Chu Feng, you are simply trash! Through and through, you are trash!!!”

Chu Feng started to shout hysterically. He was truly heartbroken and filled with sorrow in that moment. Although he did not shed tears, he was feeling extremely pained.

While Chu Feng and Wang Qiang had not known each other for a very long time, Chu Feng felt that Wang Qiang was someone that could be befriended ever since he had first met him.

After knowing that Wang Qiang had protected him in the shadows before, Chu Feng felt extremely grateful toward him.

Especially when Wang Qiang told him that he only felt Chu Feng to be pleasant, Chu Feng was determined that Wang Qiang would be his brother.

Yet now, Chu Feng saw Wang Qiang being captured by the demonic woman, but was powerless to do anything about it. Due to him being unable to do anything, Wang Qiang ended up being eaten alive by that demonic woman.

When he thought of how Wang Qiang would've been skinned and had his tendons pulled by that demonic woman before being eaten one large bite at a time and dying miserably, Chu Feng felt enormous hatred for that demonic woman. At the same time, he detested himself for being useless, for being weak.

Suddenly, a dull voice sounded. “Was a relative of yours eaten by that demonic woman?”

Chu Feng abruptly stood up upon hearing that voice. He cast his fierce gaze toward the direction of the voice.

However, upon seeing it, Chu Feng stood there in a stunned manner. It was actually an old monk.

This old man was very thin, and his outfit was extremely worn. There were a lot of patches on his already worn-out cotton clothes, causing him to look like a beggar.

However, although his clothes were worn, they were very neat and tidy; they were actually untainted by even a speck of dust.

Chu Feng was able to tell with a single glance that this shriveled old monk was no ordinary person.

The reason for that was because he possessed no cultivation, and appeared no different from an ordinary person that had never embarked on the path of martial cultivation. However, how could an ordinary person reach such a dangerous place?

“Who are you?” Chu Feng held down his sorrow over Wang Qiang’s death and questioned the old monk cautiously. However, Chu Feng did not address that old monk as ‘senior.’

The reason for that was because Chu Feng was unable to ascertain whether this old monk was friend or foe. In fact, he was unable to determine whether this old monk was even human or not.

After all, this place was not only the Darknight Ghost Forest, it was also the demonic woman's base. As such, there would be no reason for this old monk to come here for no reason at all.

“Judging from the reaction you had earlier, I know for certain that you must have a relative that died by that demonic woman’s hand.”

“However, if you wish to find that demonic woman for revenge, I’d urge you to leave this place as soon as possible. Even if you have brought Demon Subduing Spring Water with you, the disparity between your cultivations is still too enormous. As such, it is impossible for you to be a match for that demonic woman,” The old monk said calmly.

“You know that demonic woman?” Chu Feng asked.

“What if I do?” The old monk asked.

“Quickly, tell me where that demonic woman is ,” Chu Feng flipped his wrist and revealed his Incomplete Ancestral Armament, the Magma Emperor Sword.

At the same time, he unleashed his Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings. Chu Feng’s boundless aura soon engulfed the entire surrounding region.

However, even when faced with such a Chu Feng, the old monk’s expression remained unchanged. Instead, he smiled lightly and said, “Not to mention that I do not know, even if I did, I would not tell you.”

“Taking the side of evil, you also deserve to die!” The anger Chu Feng had held back with great difficulty exploded. He gripped his Magma Emperor Sword and rushed to attack the old monk.


The old monk waved his sleeve and caused a light burst of wind. That wind actually blew Chu Feng back repeatedly. Not only was Chu Feng blown back, even his oppressive might and killing intent was dispersed by that gentle breeze.

At that moment, Chu Feng felt a chill in his heart. Although he had already guessed that the old monk might be a cultivation expert, Chu Feng did not expect that he would be so powerful.

If Chu Feng were to fight against the demonic woman straightforwardly, he would be no match for her.

Likewise, if Chu Feng were to fight against this old monk straightforwardly, even a hundred Chu Fengs would not be enough to kill this old monk.

“Seeing that you have only done such a foolish action due to your grief over the death of your relative, this old monk will not bicker with you today,” The old monk said calmly.

“Are you a human or not?” Chu Feng asked.

“So what if I am, and so what if I’m not?” The old monk refused to answer.

“That demonic woman willfully slaughters innocents. How can you ignore her actions?” Chu Feng asked. He was trying to pry into whether the old monk was on the side of the demonic woman or not.

After all, that old monk’s strength was definitely above that demonic woman’s. If he wanted to kill that demonic woman, it would be impossible for that demonic woman to survive.

“Willfully slaughter innocents? If the death of humans would be innocent, then what about the deaths of ferocious beasts and monstrous beasts?”

“Even the grass and trees have lives. Your casual steps will easily trample countless living things.”

“A single martial skill from you would destroy an innumerable amount of lives. Are you to say that you are not willfully slaughtering innocents?”

“If I must eliminate evil in the world, then this old monk should eliminate all the people in the world,” The old monk said.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s heart sunk. Even though the old monk was using sophistry, what he said was not without reason.

After all, it was true that flowers, plants and trees were all living things. When experts fought with one another, merely an energy ripple from them could destroy a region; a single martial skill would cause the death of countless flowers, plants and trees.

If innocents must be mentioned, those flowers, plants and trees had never offended anyone. Thus, their deaths would truly be very innocent.

“Since we have met, it would mean that it is fate. As you are feeling aggrieved and heartbroken from the death of your relative, it would mean that you are an affectionate and honest individual. As such, I will give you a word of advice.”

“To obtain revenge, one must first have the strength to do so. As for comprehending the path of martial cultivation to reach successive breakthroughs, one must have a calm heart.”

“Thus, you are hopeless the way you are,” The old monk said. After he finished saying those words, he stepped into the air and began to walk away. Although his footsteps were very slow, his speed was extremely fast. In merely a blink of an eye, he had reached the sky.

“Senior, exactly who are you?” Chu Feng shouted.

Although that monk did not have any intention of eliminating the demonic woman, he also had no intention of attacking Chu Feng. Even though Chu Feng had lost his reasoning from anger earlier and attacked the old monk while also offending him repeatedly, the old monk still did not harm Chu Feng.

Instead, he provided Chu Feng with advice. It could be said that he had indirectly helped Chu Feng. Thus, regardless of whether the old monk was a human or not, he had earned Chu Feng’s respect, earned the title of ‘senior.’

“I am merely a nobody. Pretend like you never met me. Do not mention me to anyone else, it will be of no benefit to you,” The old monk’s voice sounded. However, his figure had already disappeared without a trace.

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