Chapter 2173 - The Cicada Sheds Its Carapace

Chapter 2173 - The Cicada Sheds Its Carapace

“Big brother, don’t be like this. This is only a sudden impulse from our little sister.”

Upon seeing this, Tang Hu and Tang Yong hurriedly rushed over. No matter what, they were unable to watch as Tang Long beat Tang Ying to death.

The scene of the Tang Family’s four siblings was seen by the people from the Cao Family. Furthermore, they were immensely enjoying themselves. The way they saw it, this was merely a rare show.

However, at the moment when the Tang Family’s four siblings were making a ruckus, Elder Yuan Zhen slowly walked toward the Magma Emperor Sword.

“This Incomplete Ancestral Armament is no small matter. Through this Incomplete Ancestral Armament, that Chu Feng’s origin can be determined.”


Suddenly, Elder Yuan Zhen extended his hand and grabbed. Chu Feng’s Magma Emperor Sword was pulled into his hand.

When speaking of it pleasantly, he wanted to use this Incomplete Ancestral Armament to determine Chu Feng’s origin. However, he had actually just planned to seize it for himself.

“This…” However, right after he grabbed the Magma Emperor Sword, Elder Yuan Zhen’s expression changed enormously. Then, he clenched his fist, and with a “boom,” the Magma Emperor Sword was shattered.

“How could this be?!” Seeing this scene, many people revealed shocked expressions.

After all, that was an Incomplete Ancestral Armament. Regardless of how powerful that Elder Yuan Zhen might be, with his cultivation, he would not be able to so easily destroy an Incomplete Ancestral Armament.

“Crap! We’ve been deceived!” At that moment, the Tang Family and the Cao Family’s Family Heads were the first to react.

At the moment when the Magma Emperor Sword was shattered, they had realized that the Magma Emperor Sword was not an actual Incomplete Ancestral Armament.

However, as they had fought against Chu Feng earlier, they knew very well that the weapon Chu Feng had used was an actual Incomplete Ancestral Armament.

For the situation at hand to occur, it would only mean one thing -- that Magma Emperor Sword was a fake created by Chu Feng, whereas the real one was taken away by Chu Feng.

In other words, Chu Feng had not died. Instead, he had seized the opportunity to escape.

Merely, no one noticed how Chu Feng had escaped.

“Why are you all still standing there? Quickly, go and chase after him! If that Chu Feng isn’t killed, all of you will have to suffer the consequences!” Elder Yuan Zhen shouted angrily. After he finished saying those words, he disappeared.

He had left the area through the breach In the spirit formation that was created by the Cao Family to search for and capture Chu Feng.

“Damn it!” In response, the Tang Family’s Family Head and the Cao Family’s Family Head’s bodies shifted as they rushed in pursuit of Chu Feng.

At that moment, only the people from the Tang Family and the Cao Family remained. They all had bewildered expressions on their faces.

Even though Elder Yuan Zhen had not declared it clearly, they were able to realize that it seemed that Chu Feng had not died, and had instead escaped.

Upon thinking that they had tried to kill someone from the Heavenly Clans, only to end in failure and with that person’s escape, everyone became extremely frightened. In fact, those that were more cowardly even started to shiver.

Even though they were all martial cultivators, and should have great wisdom and the capability to withstand shock, it remained that they were filled with endless fear when they thought of how there would be people from the Heavenly Clan coming here to attack them.

After all, what they would face at that time would be the calamity of certain death.

“Chu Feng is alive?” However, at this moment when the great majority of people were filled with fear, Tang Ying revealed an expression of happiness.

Even though she knew that the Tang Family would be in an extremely dangerous situation should Chu Feng escape alive, that her family might face fatal dangers, she still wished for Chu Feng to be able to escape alive.

She did not want Chu Feng to die.

As for Chu Feng, he was naturally alive.

Chu Feng had utilized the undying and indestructible property of his body that he had gained after fusing with the Five Elements Secret Skills. He had dispersed his body into the five different energies of wood, gold, water, fire and earth.

Then, using his world spirit techniques, he had altered the aura of the energies, as well as how evident they appeared to be.

Then, taking advantage of the energy ripples formed by the collision of the three Heaven Taboo Martial Skills that engulfed the entire surrounding area, he snuck into the energy ripples and secretly escaped from the Tang Family.

As for the reason why Chu Feng had decided to escape, it was because he did not possess absolute certainty in being able to defeat the Tang Family’s Family Head, the Cao Family’s Family Head, and that Elder Yuan Zhen, those three rank seven Half martial Ancestors.

Today, the Tang Family had decided to betray Chu Feng, their benefactor, for the sake of their own self-interest. Chu Feng was determined to obtain revenge.

Thus, for the sake of his vengeance, Chu Feng had to escape. When he held certainty of being able to defeat the Tang Family’s Family Head, he would return to take care of the Tang Family.

In short, Chu Feng would absolutely not swallow what was done to him here today. He would definitely teach the Tang Family a ruthless lesson.

Furthermore, it would not only be the Tang Family. Chu Feng would also not spare that Cao Family.

Chu Feng had not been joking around when he said that he would eliminate the Tang and Cao Families.


After escaping the Tang Family, Chu Feng proceeded for the Darknight Ghost Forest directly. Although Chu Feng should have hidden himself, as he had just escaped danger, and should be escaping as far away from the Tang Family as possible, Chu Feng had not forgotten about Wang Qiang’s safety.

Since he had already obtained the Demon Subduing Spring Water, Chu Feng must proceed for the Darknight Ghost Forest immediately to search for that demonic woman and save Wang Qiang.

Else, Chu Feng feared that if he were to delay too long, Wang Qiang would be killed by that demonic woman.

The Darknight Ghost Forest was located opposite the Radiance Immortal Mountain. Although its area was not as vast as the Radiance Immortal Mountain, the Darknight Ghost Forest was still very large.

Most importantly, the trees inside the Darknight Ghost Forest were very special. Not only were the branches and leaves like sharp blades, they were also pitch-black in color.

Furthermore, there were no living creatures in the Darknight Ghost Forest. Even the wind was unable to penetrate the forest. That place looked as if it had been cursed. It was so quiet that it was scary.

As Chu Feng walked in the forest, the place could be said to be pitch-dark. Even though this sort of darkness was unable to block Chu Feng’s vision, the stifling sensation still caused Chu Feng to feel uneasy.

“Wang Qiang, you disappointing fellow, you must stay alive.”

At that point in time, Chu Feng had already been searching in the Darknight Ghost Forest for several days now. However, he was still unable to find any traces of Wang Qiang or that demonic woman.

This caused Chu Feng to feel even more uneasy. After all, that demonic woman was said to feed on men. The more time passed, the greater the possibility that Wang Qiang would be killed by her.

“That is?!!!”

Suddenly, Chu Feng revealed a stunned expression as terror and unease appeared in his eyes.

Immediately afterward, Chu Feng’s body shifted as he rapidly flew forward.

Soon, Chu Feng arrived at a very dangerous forest. There were many Ancient Era’s formations in that place. Furthermore, they were hidden very well. It would be simply impossible for ordinary people to discover them. Furthermore, if they were to trigger those Ancient Era’s formations, they would definitely be killed.

After Chu Feng passed through the Ancient Era’s formations, he arrived at the central region of the vast forest. In that place, Chu Feng saw a whole bunch of bones.

The current state of those bones were all exactly the same; all their source energies had been refined. They were extremely frail.

Due to the fact that the bones had already deteriorated, Chu Feng was unable to determine the cultivations that the owners of the bones had possessed when they had been alive, nor was he able to determine their genders.

However, Chu Feng was able to tell that it had not been a long time since the owners of the bones had been killed. If he had to calculate the time of their death, Chu Feng felt that they must be the group of people that had been brought away together with Wang Qiang that day.

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