Chapter 2172 - If I Survive

Chapter 2172 - If I Survive

“The Half Martial Ancestor realm is indeed different from the Martial Emperor realm,” At that moment, Chu Feng was also frowning.

Back when he was a Martial Emperor, not only was Chu Feng peerless among those of the same battle power, he was able to defeat even those with battle power that surpassed him by a level.

However, when Chu Feng was now facing two rank seven Half Martial Ancestors, not to mention defeating them, he felt enormous pressure just fighting them.

Although Chu Feng possessed another trump card, as he had not yet used his Emperor Taboo Martial Skill, Chu Feng was not certain as to whether the Cao Family’s Family Head and the Tang Family’s Family Head would have any more trump cards.

After all, this place was the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm, and his opponents were actual rank seven Half Martial Ancestors. Since they even possessed Incomplete Ancestral Armaments, it would not be impossible for them to have learned Emperor Taboo Martial Skills.

Furthermore, other than those two Family Heads, there was also that Elder Yuan Zhen, who was standing to one side like a tiger watching its prey.

Although that Elder Yuan Zhen was also a rank seven Half Martial Ancestor like the two Family Heads, Chu Feng was able to sense that his aura was stronger than that of the Tang Family’s Family Head and the Cao Family’s Family Head.

Currently, he had yet to do anything, because he did not want to shoulder the responsibility of killing Chu Feng, a responsibility that might lead to trouble in the future.

However, Chu Feng was able to sense that he was not planning to let him escape. If the Cao Family’s Family Head and the Tang Family’s Family Head were truly unable to defeat him, then that Elder Yuan Zhen would definitely act to take care of him.

“Exactly who is that Chu Feng?” Seeing that the two Family Heads were unable to defeat Chu Feng even after joining hands, that Elder Yuan Zhen started to frown. His deep gaze grew increasingly colder.

Although Chu Feng was a person from the Heavenly Clans, could activate his Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings to increase his cultivation to that of a rank three Half Martial Ancestor, and possessed a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting three levels of cultivation, his battle power should only be on par with ordinary rank six Half Martial Ancestors.

However, according to what he knew about the Heavenly Clans, it would be difficult for ordinary Heavenly Clansmen to defeat rank six Half Martial Ancestors even if they could increase their battle power to be on par with rank six Half Martial Ancestors after using their various abilities like Chu Feng had.

After all, their power was something that they had obtained by relying on their Inherited Bloodline, and not their actual cultivation.

However, not only did Chu Feng easily kill Cao Yuxuan, who also possessed a battle power equivalent to that of a rank six Half Martial Ancestor, he was even fighting against two actual rank seven Half Martial Ancestors right now.

He was simply too heaven-defying. Chu Feng had already surpassed the comprehension Elder Yuan Zhen had of Heavenly Bloodlines.

Thinking of that, Elder Yuan Zhen’s body shifted. He began to approach Chu Feng and the two Family Heads. At the same time, his wrinkled old hand began to move toward his Cosmos Sack.

It was as Chu Feng had anticipated; Elder Yuan Zhen was not planning to spare Chu Feng, regardless of which Heavenly Clan he might be from.

If the two Family Heads were truly unable to kill Chu Feng, he would immediately act to kill Chu Feng.


Right at that moment, a ray of blood flashed in the sky. Then, Chu Feng’s body moved back explosively.

At that moment, Elder Yuan Zhen’s eyes began to shine. A trace of joy appeared in his previously grave gaze.

The reason for that was because a bloody wound had appeared on Chu Feng’s left shoulder. That wound reached deep into his bone. Not only had Chu Feng lost a huge chunk of his flesh, a large scar was left on his shoulder bone. Currently, a large amount of blood was rushing out from that wound. It was a truly frightening sight.

“That Chu Feng is injured. He was injured by the two Family Heads,” Seeing this, the people from the Tang Family and the Cao Family, the two powers that were fighting one another before, actually started to cheer.

“It would seem that you’re only this much too,” Seeing that they had successfully injured Chu Feng, the Tang Family’s Family Head revealed a relaxed smile.

As for Chu Feng, not only did he have a painful expression on his face, he was also glowering angrily. He tightly clenched onto his Magma Emperor Sword as he swept his gaze at the Tang Family’s Family Head and the Cao Family’s Family Head. Gnashing his teeth, he said fiercely, “If I, Chu Feng, survive today, I will definitely extinguish your Tang and Cao families!”

“What arrogance! Unfortunately, you will not have the chance to do so, because you will definitely die today!” Right after the Tang Family’s Family Head said those words, he once again started to unleash an attack at Chu Feng.

The Cao Family’s Family Head also held his Incomplete Ancestral Armament and rushed to attack Chu Feng again.



As if they followed up on their victory and pressed home the attack, the Cao and Tang Family Heads both unleashed their Heaven Taboo Martial Skills simultaneously.

The two Heaven Taboo Martial Skills were one fire-based and the other water-based. As they interweaved with one another, not only did they not decrease one another’s strength, their might even increased enormously.

“Come!” Furious, not only did Chu Feng not dodge the attack, he instead raised the Magma Emperor Sword he held in his hand and unleashed a Heaven Taboo Martial Skill composed of both wind and lightning toward the two Family Heads.


The three Heaven Taboo Martial Skills collided with one another. The powers of wind, lightning, water and fire turned into surging energy ripples that swallowed the entire region.


A scream was heard from within the rumbling. It was Chu Feng’s voice.

At that moment, all of the Half Martial Ancestor-level experts revealed joy on their faces. After Chu Feng’s scream stopped, they were no longer able to sense Chu Feng’s aura.

This was especially true for the two Family Heads that had their attention fixed onto Chu Feng the entire time. They were able to sense that Chu Feng’s body had exploded into pieces after his violent scream.


Suddenly, a blazing sword fell from the sky, piercing the ground.

It was Chu Feng’s Magma Emperor Sword.

Seeing that, the Tang Family and Cao Family’s Family Heads immediately waved their sleeves to disperse the energy ripples.

At that moment, the crowd present were all overjoyed. The reason for that was because Chu Feng’s figure was no longer capable of being seen in the sky.

This meant that Chu Feng had been killed. Furthermore, he had been killed without even a corpse remaining.


Seeing this scene, Tang Ying knelt onto the ground with tears flooding out from her eyes uncontrollably.

“Chu Feng, I am the one who caused your death, it is all because of me.”

At the same time, Tang Ying began to ruthlessly slap herself.

Self-blame. Extremely pained self-blame. The way she saw it, if it wasn’t for her, Chu Feng would not have died.

“Little sister, what are you doing? That Chu Feng was extremely daring, and actually killed Lord Pavilion Master’s personal disciple. His death is the fault of his own crimes. Do not harm yourself for someone like him. It is unworthy of you.”

Seeing that, Tang Long removed the spirit formation that had restricted Tang Ying and used his own power to completely seal off Tang Ying’s movements. He feared that she would continue to inflict harm upon herself due to self-blame.

“Release me! Release me! I no longer want to be part of the Tang Family! I no longer want to stay in such a despicable family!” Tang Ying shouted hysterically.

“What did you say? Say it again!” Hearing those words, Tang Long who was deeply distressed for his younger sister earlier immediately revealed an expression of anger.

“I said that I refuse to stay in a family that breaks faith and abandons right, I will no longer be a part of the Tang…”


Before Tang Ying could finish her words, a resounding slap landed on her face. That slap knocked her fiercely to the ground.

After that slap, blood began to flow from Tang Ying’s face. That slap was from Tang Ying’s eldest brother, Tang Long. His slap was many times more powerful than the slaps which Tang Ying had given herself earlier.

“You insolent fool! How long did you even know that Chu Feng?! Yet, for a mere outsider, you actually plan to disregard the family that has given birth to you and raised you?!”

“Since you are that shameless and are willing to leave our Tang Family for a mere outsider, I might as well beat you to death today, so that you don’t shame our Tang Family anymore!” Tang Long pointed at Tang Ying and spoke in a very fierce manner.

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