Chapter 2171 - Heaven-defying Battle

Chapter 2171 - Heaven-defying Battle

“Father, you…” Tang Ying began to cry in an even more heart-broken manner. She truly never expected that her father would be this sort of person.

“Tang Ying, go ahead and move aside,” Right at that moment, Chu Feng pushed Tang Ying to the side. Not only did he push her aside, he also used a spirit formation to restrict Tang Ying’s movements.

He was already able to determine that if Tang Ying still refused to move, the Tang Family’s Family Head, that vicious and merciless old fox, would really disregard the fact that she was his daughter and personally kill her.

“Chu Feng, you have courage. Tell me, which Heavenly Clan are you from, for you to dare to kill our Pavilion Master’s personal disciple,” Elder Yuan Zhen asked.

“Haha, what’s this? Are you also afraid? What a bullshit Luyang’s Pavilion. Turns out you’re afraid of my identity too.”

“This is the reason why you do not dare to personally attack me, right? You also fear that you will offend the power behind me should you kill me, isn’t that right?”

“That is why you want the Tang Family and the Cao Family to kill me instead. Like that, even if the power behind me is to come and demand justice, you will have scapegoats to excuse yourselves from all responsibility.”

“Most laughable of all is that this Tang Family is actually so stupid. They are actually willing to become the scapegoat. Hahaha!!!”

“It is no wonder your Tang Family would end up in its current state. I can only say, serves you right,” Chu Feng laughed mockingly.

Hearing those words, the expressions of the everyone from the Tang Family changed. Originally, they were confused as to why Elder Yuan Zhen refused to personally kill Chu Feng.

However, they now finally realized the reason why. It turned out that Elder Yuan Zhen was afraid of Chu Feng’s identity. That was why he did not dare to personally kill Chu Feng.

However, Elder Yuan Zhen demanded that the Tang Family kill Chu Feng. This was simply equivalent to having their Tang Family become his scapegoat.

At that moment, the expressions of everyone from the Tang Family became very unsightly. After all, no one was willing to become a scapegoat.

“You’re very smart. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do,” Elder Yuan Zhen laughed mockingly. Then, he looked to the Tang Family’s Family Head and said, “Tang Haichuan, kill him.”

“Father, have you not heard what Chu Feng just said? Luyang’s Pavilion is simply exploiting you. They are planning to make you their scapegoat,” Tang Ying shouted loudly.

At that moment, the Tang Family’s Family Head was once again stuck between a rock and a hard place. He had actually already guessed Elder Yuan Zhen’s intentions.

Merely, there was nothing he could do about it. For the sake of the continued existence of his Tang Family, he could only choose to rely on Luyang’s Pavilion. After all, Luyang’s Pavilion’s Pavilion Master was someone from the Chu Heavenly Clan.

Originally, he had already made the firm resolution to kill Chu Feng. However, Chu Feng had declared to everyone what Elder Yuan Zhen’s intention was, that their Tang Family would become the scapegoat should they kill Chu Feng.

If he continued to choose to kill Chu Feng at such a time, not only would he be a treacherous betrayer, he would also be an utter fool.

Thus, this left him hesitant to kill Chu Feng.

“Tang Haichuan, if you refuse to kill that Chu Feng today, your Tang Family will definitely not be able to continue to exist.”

“However, if you are to kill that Chu Feng, I will guarantee you that your Tang Family will achieve meteoric success in the future; your Tang Family will become the Pavilion Master’s trusted aide,” Elder Yuan Zhen said.

“Elder Yuan Zhen, is what you said for real?” asked the Tang Family’s Family Head. He knew very well that Elder Yuan Zhen, although having the same cultivation as him, was a trusted aide to the Luyang’s Pavilion’s Pavilion Master. As such, there was a lot of weight behind his words.

“How could I, Yuan Zhen, a trusted aide to the Luyang’s Pavilion’s Pavilion Master, deceive you?” Elder Yuan Zhen spoke in a displeased manner.

“I was ignorant. Elder Yuan Zhen, please forgive me,” Seeing that Elder Yuan Zhen was angered, the Tang Family’s Family Head hurriedly apologized.

“Truly great dog material,” Chu Feng mocked with a sneer. If he had known that the Tang Family’s Family Head was this sort of person, Chu Feng would definitely not have healed him.

[1. Being a dog = a servant/slave.]

“Courting death!”

At that moment, the Tang Family’s Family Head suddenly pointed his Incomplete Ancestral Armament at Chu Feng, and an oppressive might that contained surging killing intent shot toward him.


However, right at that moment, a dragon’s roar suddenly sounded. Not only had Chu Feng dodged the Tang Family’s Family Head’s attack, he was also standing atop the Azure Dragon.

Not only was Chu Feng’s speed extremely fast, his might was also very powerful. The inescapable net formed by the people from the Tang Family was instantly broken through by Chu Feng.

Although Chu Feng had broken through the net, the surroundings of the Tang Family were sealed off by a spirit formation. As such, it would be difficult for Chu Feng to easily break through the spirit formation barrier in a short period of time. If he wished to escape, there would only be a single path to escape. That was through the direction where the Cao Family had come from, through the breach in the spirit formation opened by the Cao Family’s Family Head.

“Where do you think you’re escaping to?” Seeing that Chu Feng was flying toward him, how could the Cao Family’s Family Head sit and watch without doing anything? He held his Incomplete Ancestral Armament and rushed to attack Chu Feng.

“Did you think you can stop me just because you’re a rank seven Half Martial Ancestor!” Chu Feng shouted loudly. Then, holding the Magma Emperor Sword in hand, he sliced at the space before him.


Immediately, a slash of flames appeared out of thin air. The might of that slash seemed to be capable of slicing through space itself.

That was not an ordinary martial skill. Rather, it was a Heaven Taboo Martial Skill.

Seeing such a powerful attack, the expression of the Cao Family’s Family Head changed. Regardless of how much he detested Chu Feng, he had to admit that Chu Feng’s strength was truly heaven-defying.

Even though Chu Feng’s battle power was clearly only on par with ordinary rank six Half Martial Ancestors, the attack that he had unleashed right now caused even the Cao Family’s Family Head, a rank seven Half Martial Ancestor, to feel life-threatening danger.

In such a situation, even that Cao Family’s Family Head did not dare to act carelessly toward Chu Feng. He hurriedly unleashed a Heaven Taboo Martial Skill to block Chu Feng’s incoming attack.


The two Heaven Taboo Martial Skills collided with one another. Immediately, they turned into surging energy ripples that began to spread in all directions. However, the two attacks were at a stalemate.

“Both you and your son will die by my hand.”

After that attack, not only did Chu Feng not seize the opportunity to escape, he instead unleashed another Heaven Taboo Martial Skill aimed at the Cao Family’s Family Head.

“What shameless boasting!” The Cao Family’s Family Head was not to be outdone. He also held his Incomplete Ancestral Armament and rushed to attack Chu Feng.

Before the two men actually approached one another, violently surging energy ripples were already wreaking havoc through their surroundings. However, once again, their attacks ended up in a stalemate.

Chu Feng was fighting against a grand rank seven Half Martial Ancestor with his cultivation of rank three Half Martial Ancestor and a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting three levels of cultivation.

At that moment, not to mention the people from the Tang Family, even the people from the Cao Family were stunned. None of them anticipated for Chu Feng to be this powerful.

“Tang Haichuan, join hands with me to kill this child. Not only will our Cao Family settle all grudges with your Tang Family, I am also willing to compensate your Tang Family immediately,” The Cao Family’s Family Head shouted.

At the beginning, he was unwilling to compensate the Tang Family when Yuan Zhen demanded that he do so. However, after having fought against Chu Feng and discovering that Chu Feng was much stronger than he had imagined, fear emerged in the Cao Family’s Family Head’s heart.

As Elder Yuan Zhen would not interfere, the Cao Family’s Family Head could only ask the Tang Family’s Family Head to join him in killing Chu Feng.

“You must keep your word,” The Tang Family’s Family Head needed to kill Chu Feng to begin with. It was only after he saw the Cao Family’s Family Head attack Chu Feng that he decided to watch with folded arms.

However, now that the Cao Family’s Family Head had spoken those words, he would naturally not continue to watch with folded arms. He held his Incomplete Ancestral Armament in hand and joined the battle.

At that moment, two rank seven Half Martial Ancestors were fighting against Chu Feng.

Although Chu Feng was pushed into a disadvantaged state after the Tang Family’s Family Head entered the battle, there was still no sign that he would be defeated.

“This Chu Feng, how could he be so powerful?”

At that moment, the people from the Tang Family and the Cao Family were all stunned. After all, Chu Feng was fighting against both of their Family Heads by himself.

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