Chapter 2170 - Treachery

Chapter 2170 - Treachery

Seeing that Chu Feng had actually killed Cao Yuxuan, everyone revealed stunned expressions. Regardless of whether they were people from the Tang Family or the Cao Family, they all stood there blankly.

At that moment, it was as if space itself had frozen.

Tang Ying, who stood behind Chu Feng, was so frightened by Chu Feng’s action that her face turned pale and her mouth opened wide.


After a moment of silence, the Cao Family’s Family Head let out a hysterical and painful snarl.

After all, Cao Yuxuan was the most outstanding genius to have appeared in the Cao Family in many years. Practically everyone from the Cao Family had placed their hopes onto Cao Yuxuan. They all hoped that Cao Yuxuan would one day lead the Cao Family to emerge in power and become a region’s hegemon.

However, Cao Yuxuan had actually been killed. This was equivalent to their Cao Family’s hopes being extinguished. This result was something that the people from the Cao Family could not accept, something that they were unwilling to accept.

“You damned animal! Today, I must dismember your body into ten thousand pieces!!!”

After his furious howl of grief, the Cao Family’s Family Head let out a soaring killing intent. He ignored the Tang Family’s Family Head, turned around and flew toward Chu Feng with the intention to kill him.


However, right after the Cao Family’s Family Head started to fly toward Chu Feng, a figure immediately followed after him and began to unleash fatal attacks at him.

That person was naturally the Tang Family’s Family Head.

“Tang Haichuan, my son is the personal disciple of Luyang’s Pavilion’s Pavilion Master. Now that he has been killed, are you planning to protect the person that killed him?”

“Can your Tang Family shoulder this responsibility?” Being blocked by the Tang Family’s Family Head, the Cao Family’s Family Head could only bring up Luyang’s Pavilion to threaten the Tang Family’s Family Head.

After all, he also knew that if the Tang Family’s Family Head were to insist on getting in his way, he would have no opportunity to kill Chu Feng.

Furthermore, with how powerful Chu Feng was, if he were to continue to help the Tang Family fight against the Cao Family, the Cao Family might really end up being eliminated today.

“You are the great enemy of our Tang Family. Even if it wasn’t for little friend Chu Feng, I would still kill you, let alone when little friend Chu Feng is our Tang Family’s honored guest,” The Tang Family’s Family Head declared.

“Since you’re insistent on this, your Tang Family shall die together with that animal,” Seeing that his threats were useless, the Cao Family’s Family Head began to unleash ferocious attacks at the Tang Family’s Family Head. He planned to quickly kill the Tang Family’s Family Head.

“Soldiers of the Tang Family, listen up. Kill all of these unwanted guests from the Cao Family,” The Tang Family’s Family Head seemed to be determined. With a single order, he increased the morale of the Tang Family’s fighters, leading them to enter a fierce battle against the people of the Cao Family again.

“Chu Feng, quickly, leave this place.”

“The identity of Cao Yuxuan is truly extraordinary. If people from Luyang’s Pavilion were to come, you will be met with a disaster,” Tang Ying urged Chu Feng to escape.

“You wish to leave? I fear that it’s too late now,” Right at that moment, an aged voice sounded. Following that, an old man appeared before Chu Feng.

That old man had a head full of black hair, a sinister expression and a frightening appearance. Especially that pair of eyes, they were murderous-looking. How could he possibly resemble a human? His appearance was simply akin to that of an oni. [1. Bee used the character ghost. It is the same character as the Japanese oni. While there are many different kinds of ghost appearances, I felt that this man’s appearance would resemble that of an oni.]

After this old man appeared, Chu Feng started to frown. The reason for that was because not only was the aura that this old man emitted very strong, that of a rank seven Half Martial Ancestor, the outfit that he was wearing was also that of Luyang’s Pavilion.

It was very clear that old man was someone from Luyang’s Pavilion.

“Tang Haichuan, Cao Kuofeng, how much longer are the two of you going to continue with your internal strife?!!!” After that old man appeared, he shouted loudly, and caused space and the void to tremble. The echoes of his voice resounded nonstop.

“Elder Yuan Zhen?” Upon seeing that old man, the expressions of the Tang Family’s Family Head and the Cao Family’s Family Head both changed. They both revealed expressions of surprise.

“Elder Yuan Zhen, the Tang Family has colluded with that Heavenly Clan child to kill my son. Please, you must obtain justice for my son,” The Cao Family’s Family Head declared.

“Elder Yuan Zhen, don’t listen to his crazy and unfounded ravings. Although it is true that Cao Yuxuan was killed by Chu Feng, it is completely unrelated to my Tang Family,” The Tang Family’s Family Head declared.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s gaze immediately changed. He did not expect that the Tang Family’s Family Head, who had acted in righteousness and declared that Chu Feng was his honored guest earlier, would immediately distance himself the moment someone from Luyang’s Pavilion appeared.

The Tang Family’s Family Head’s actions had verified the opinion that Chu Feng had of him before. Sure enough, the Tang Family’s Family Head was no loyal individual.

“If you are truly unrelated, go and personally kill that child to prove your innocence.”

“As long as you kill that child, I will guarantee that the Cao Family will not be allowed to make your Tang Family enemies again,” That Elder Yuan Zhen said.

“Elder Yuan Zhen, there are neither grudges nor grievances between our Tang Family and the Cao Family to begin with. Yet, they decided to attack our Tang Family with such a large force, leaving a disastrous amount of casualties in our Tang Family. We cannot just settle this matter like this,” The Tang Family’s Family Head declared.

“Although the Cao Family is indeed in the wrong this time around, it remains that Cao Yuxuan has died in your Tang Family’s territory. Although he was not killed by someone from your Tang Family, your Tang Family cannot escape responsibility. You know this very well in your heart.”

“Right now, you have two choices. You can continue to protect that child. However, if you are to do so, it would mean that you have decided to go against our Luyang’s Pavilion. How much longer could your Tang Family continue to exist if that were to happen? You should have a very clear idea of that.”

“As for your other choice, you are to immediately settle your grudges with the Cao Family and then personally kill that child. As for the damages the Cao Family has caused your Tang Family, I will ask Lord Pavilion Master to order the Cao Family to compensate your Tang Family for it.”

After Elder Yuan Zhen said those words, he looked to the Cao Family’s Family Head and added, “Cao Family’s Family Head, do you have any objections?”

At that moment, the Cao Family’s Family Head was filled with unwillingness. However, he did not dare to disobey Elder Yuan Zhen. Thus, he nodded and said, “If the Pavilion Master is to order it, I am willing to compensate the Tang Family. However, Tang Haichuan must personally kill that Chu Feng.”

“Tang Haichuan, the Cao Family has declared their position. It is your turn now,” Elder Yuan Zhen said to the Tang Family’s Family Head.

“Little friend Chu Feng, excuse my offense.”

Suddenly, coldness flashed through the eyes of the Tang Family’s Family Head. Then, while holding his Incomplete Ancestral Armament, he flew toward Chu Feng.

At the same time, the other people from the Tang Family also understood their Family Head’s intentions. Thus, one by one, they unleashed their weapons and surrounded Chu Feng from all directions.

“Stop!” Seeing this, Tang Ying hurriedly spread open her arms and stood before Chu Feng.

“Lil’ Ying, move aside!” The Tang Family’s Family Head shouted. He had already approached Chu Feng.

“Father, you cannot do this. Chu Feng only killed Cao Yuxuan for the sake of our Tang Family.”

“Chu Feng is the benefactor of our Tang Family. If you are to do this, you will become a treacherous betrayer. If news of this matter were to spread, what face would our Tang Family have left to exist with? You absolutely must not do this,” Tang Ying said while crying.

She had truly never expected things to turn out this way. Chu Feng had only disregarded consequences and killed Cao Yuxuan for the sake of helping their Tang Family.

Yet, her father, the Tang Family’s Family Head, actually wanted to personally kill Chu Feng for the sake of their Tang Family’s interests, their Tang Family’s existence. She was truly unable to accept this.

“Tang Haichuan, your daughter’s heart has already run into the grasp of an outsider. For the sake of the Tang Family’s future, I suggest you… place righteousness before family,” That Elder Yuan Zhen spoke coldly.

At that moment, he acted as if he was a spectator. He did not plan to personally attack Chu Feng. However, he very much wanted to personally see the Tang Family’s Family Head kill Chu Feng.

“Lil’ Ying, move aside immediately. Are you truly planning to go against your father for a mere outsider? Are you really planning to disregard the safety of the Tang Family?” The Tang Family’s Family Head’s sharp gaze narrowed. Dense killing intent appeared in his eyes.

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