Chapter 2169 - You’re Mistaken

Chapter 2169 - You’re Mistaken

If one must describe what had happened, then all the people that were able to see what was happening over at Chu Feng’s side were all stunned.

This was especially true for the Cao Family’s Family Head. As he was absolutely confident in his son, it was even more difficult for him to accept the truth before him.

Cao Yuxuan, the pride of their Cao Family, had been defeated. He had only fought Chu Feng for a short moment, but had already been defeated.

Just then, he had collapsed onto the ground. The Incomplete Ancestral Armament he had held in his hand before was currently in Chu Feng’s grasp. However, he was unable to take back his Incomplete Ancestral Armament.

The reason for that was because not only was he covered in blood, his aura was also extremely weak, and his body was shivering nonstop. He had completely lost his ability to fight.

The only thing that he could do was stare at Chu Feng fiercely.

“If I knew that you were this useless, I would not have gone all-out from the very beginning.”

“You have truly disappointed me,” Chu Feng was saying what he was really feeling.

After hearing how Tang Ying had described Cao Yuxuan, and seeing the reaction from the crowd, Chu Feng had truly thought that this Cao Yuxuan before him was an exceptional genius with overwhelming strength.

Thus, Chu Feng did not wish to waste time on him, and also did not want to be careless against him. Therefore, he had unleashed his Incomplete Ancestral Armament from the very beginning, and also used his Emperor Taboo Martial Skill.

However, the result was that while the two fighters both possessed heaven-defying battle power on par with rank six Half Martial Ancestors, Chu Feng managed to easily triumph over Cao Yuxuan.

“Cao Yuxuan was actually defeated?!”

At that moment, the crowd finally came to believe what they were seeing. One by one, they revealed a whole new level of respect as they looked to Chu Feng again.

This was especially true for the people in the Tang Family; they had truly never expected that Chu Feng would be this powerful, so powerful that he could defeat Cao Yuxuan.

As both of their families served Luyang’s Pavilion, they both knew very well how powerful Cao Yuxuan was. Cao Yuxuan was practically unequaled among those of the same battle power.

Back then, their Tang Family’s Eldest Young Master had fought against that Cao Yuxuan, only to suffer a crushing defeat by his hand.

Their Eldest Young Master was someone that had trained in martial cultivation for over five thousand years. Yet, Cao Yuxuan was someone who had only trained in martial cultivation for several hundred years. From this, it could be seen how enormous the disparity between the two men’s talent was.

If the appearance of Cao Yuxuan had caused the people from the Tang Family to become extremely depressed, then Cao Yuxuan’s defeat by Chu Feng’s hands had lifted the spirits of the people from the Tang Family by the same extreme degree.

Instantly, all kinds of noises began to resound nonstop. There were even those from the Tang Family that were bold enough to start insulting Cao Yuxuan, saying that he was not up to much either.

Cao Yuxuan was burning with fury as he shouted while pointing at Chu Feng, “Damned bastard, return my Incomplete Ancestral Armament!!!”

“Do you know what is meant by spoils of war? This Incomplete Ancestral Armament is my spoil of war from defeating you,” As Chu Feng spoke, he smeared the Incomplete Ancestral Armament with his palm.

“Puu…” Immediately, Cao Yuxuan vomited out a mouthful of blood.Immediately after, his aura became even weaker. He appeared like someone on the verge of dying.

“You damned bastard! You dared to server my connection with my Incomplete Ancestral Armament! I will kill you!!!” Using all his strength, Cao Yuxuan stood up and pounced toward Chu Feng.

However, how could the current him be a match for Chu Feng? Chu Feng raised his leg and kicked. “Bang,” Cao Yuxuan was kicked to the ground.

Then, Chu Feng held his Magma Emperor Sword and pointed it at Cao Yuxuan’s dantian. While looking in the direction of the Cao Family’s Family Head, he shouted, “Cao Family, immediately surrender yourselves without fighting. Else, I will kill your Cao Family’s Third Young Master.”

“Delusional,” The Cao Family’s Family Head said.


Chu Feng waved the Magma Emperor Sword he held in his hand and hacked off one of Cao Yuxuan’s arms.


With his arm hacked off, Cao Yuxuan let out a miserable scream. He screamed so miserably in pain not only because of the pain he felt from losing his arm. Rather, Chu Feng’s slash caused even his soul to suffer damage. An unbearable pain was tormenting him from the place where he had lost his arm.

“I’ll kill you!!!”

Seeing that Chu Feng had actually attacked his son, the Cao Family’s Family Head immediately surged with overwhelming killing intent. He moved his palm and gathered boundless Ancestral-level martial power with the intention of attacking Chu Feng.

However, right after his Ancestral-level martial power was gathered, another surge of Ancestral-level martial power appeared and blocked it. It was the Tang Family’s Family Head.

“Little friend Chu Feng is our Tang Family’s honored guest, how could I allow your Cao Family to injure him?” The Tang Family’s Family Head spoke coldly.

“Tang Haichuan, if something is to happen to my son, even without my Cao Family doing anything, Luyang’s Pavilion will definitely eliminate your Tang Family,” The Cao Family’s Family Head roared angrily.

Hearing those words, the Tang Family’s Family Head’s expression changed slightly. He naturally knew of Cao Yuxuan’s special status. While their Tang Family could kill anyone from the Cao Family, Cao Yuxuan was someone that they absolutely could not kill.

Merely, if they were to allow the Cao Family to attack Chu Feng, their Tang Family would likely also be unable to escape from a calamity after Chu Feng’s death. At that moment, the Tang Family’s Family Head was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

“The person that injured your son is me, Chu Feng. The one that is tormenting your son is also me, Chu Feng.”

“This matter is unrelated to the Tang Family. If you wish for revenge, aim it at me, Chu Feng. I, Chu Feng, will keep you company at any time,” Chu Feng spoke loudly.

“Chu Feng, you…”

At that moment, not to mention Tang Ying, the rest of the people from the Tang Family also revealed surprised expressions.

They had truly never expected Chu Feng to be such an upright and loyal individual. He actually planned to shoulder all the responsibility himself.


Right at that moment, Cao Yuxuan let out another miserable scream. Chu Feng had actually hacked off his other arm.

“Bastard! Do you know who my son is?! He a personal disciple of Luyang’s Pavilion’s Pavilion Master!”

“You dared to injure him! You will definitely have to bear the consequences of your actions!” The Cao Family’s Family Head shouted.

“Is Luyang’s Pavilion’s Pavilion Master that amazing?” Chu Feng sneered. If it were another power, Chu Feng might be scared.

However, that Luyang’s Pavilion’s Pavilion Master was a person from the Chu Heavenly Clan. Chu Feng possessed resentment toward the Chu Heavenly Clan to begin with.

Furthermore, after he knew about the conduct and deeds of that Luyang’s Pavilion’s Pavilion Master, Chu Feng felt great antipathy toward him.

Thus, while using the Luyang’s Pavilion’s Pavilion Master to threaten others might do, it was completely useless against Chu Feng.

“You are called Chu Feng, right? Let me ask you, are you someone from the Chu Heavenly Clan?” The Cao Family’s Family Head asked.

“No,” Chu Feng answered without the slightest hesitation. The reason for that was because he was truly not a part of the Chu Heavenly Clan right now.

“There we go. I knew that you wouldn’t be.”

“However, I believe that you should know what sort of existence the Chu Heavenly Clan is. They are rulers from the Upper Realm!”

“Regardless of which Heavenly Clan you might be from, you will never be able to compare to the people from the Chu Heavenly Clan. As for the Luyang’s Pavilion’s Pavilion Master, he is someone from the Chu Heavenly Clan,” The Cao Family’s Family Head declared.

“Haha…” Chu Feng laughed. He truly never expected for the Chu Heavenly Clan to have such a grand reputation in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

If he were still someone from the Chu Heavenly Clan, perhaps he would truly have much fewer obstructions should he announce the title of the Chu Heavenly Clan.

However, he could not. After all, he was someone who had been discarded by the Chu Heavenly Clan, someone driven out of the Chu Heavenly Clan.

It was precisely because of that Chu Feng felt it to be very laughable. He was laughing at himself for being so lamentable.

At the same time as he felt pity for himself, Chu Feng’s heart surged with resentment, resentment toward the Chu Heavenly Clan.

Right at that moment, Cao Yuxuan began to threaten Chu Feng while gnashing his teeth angrily. “Continue laughing, there will be a day when you cannot laugh anymore.”

“Brat, I will give you two options. You can either kneel, kowtow and apologize right now, and I might be in a good mood and consider sparing your life.”

“Else, you can go and kill me right away. However, my master will definitely not spare you. Not only will you die, all those around you will die too.”

“At that time, you will come to regret, regret everything that you’ve done today. Unfortunately, there is no medicine for regret.”

Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s eyebrows narrowed. He did not expect that Cao Yuxuan, a fish on the chopping block, would dare to threaten him like this.

This caused Chu Feng to become very furious. He was very furious because this guy only dared to act this arrogantly because he was relying on a single scum from the Chu Heavenly Clan.

“Did you think that I wouldn’t dare kill you?” Chu Feng pointed the Magma Emperor Sword at Cao Yuxuan.

“If you truly consider the consequences, you will definitely not dare,” Cao Yuxuan said fiercely. His eyes were emitting absolute confidence.


However, right after his words left his mouth, the Magma Emperor Sword pierced downward. The sword penetrated his heart and let out overwhelming Ancestral might. As flame surged forth from the sword, Cao Yuxuan was turned to ash instantly. He had been utterly killed.

“It would appear that you were mistaken,” Chu Feng said coldly.

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