Chapter 2168 - Huge Change In Expression

Chapter 2168 - Huge Change In Expression

Chu Feng was surprised by the intense reaction from Tang Ying. He realized that this man seemed to be truly extraordinary.

However, Chu Feng remained calm and collected. With a smile on his face, he said to Tang Ying, “Have you forgotten that I am your bodyguard? How could I abandon you?”

“But… Chu Feng,” Hearing what Chu feng said, Tang Ying immediately revealed a touched expression. However, she was still worried about Chu Feng.

“There’s no but. Regardless of who it is, as long as they pose a threat to you, I will protect you from them,” Chu Feng said.

“Oh, this is truly a story of love. It is no wonder that Tang Ying would refuse to marry into our Cao Family. It turns out that she has an affair with her bodyguard,” The man sneered. However, Chu Feng noticed dense killing intent in that man’s smiling gaze.

“You’re still here? It would seem that you are truly planning to die by my hands,” Chu Feng’s eyes narrowed, revealing a dense amount of chilliness.

In a battle between two armies, the soldiers would fight for their own masters. Although this man was smiling, daggers were hidden in his smile.

Chu Feng had already sensed his killing intent; that man was determined to kill Chu Feng. Thus, there was no need for Chu Feng to act leniently toward someone like him. Even if he wanted to escape, Chu Feng would not allow him to escape.

“Yoh, what shameless boasting. No matter what, I am a rank four Half Martial Ancestor. Where did you, a mere rank one Half Martial Ancestor, obtain the courage to hoot at me like that?” Finally, mockery appeared in that man’s smile.

“Rank one Half Martial Ancestor? Are you certain of that?” As Chu Feng spoke, lightning flashed in his eyes. As lightning serpents intertwined with one another, his Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings appeared. At the same time, Chu Feng’s aura increased from that of a rank one Half Martial Ancestor to that of a rank three Half Martial Ancestor instantly.

“You’re someone from the Heavenly Clans?” The man’s expression changed to one of surprise upon seeing Chu Feng’s current appearance.

However, his surprised expression persisted for merely a moment. Soon, he smiled again, “Since you’re from the Heavenly Clans, it would mean that you possess a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting three levels of cultivation. In other words, your true battle power is on par with ordinary rank six Half Martial Ancestors. No wonder you’re this confident.”

“However, it would appear that you might not have known that I have killed people from the Heavenly Clans before too. Thus, do not think that I will spare you just because you’re from the Heavenly Clans.”

“For you must know that I am the Third Young Master of the Cao Family, the renowned Cao Yuxuan!!!”

When he spoke that last sentence, that man suddenly started to shout his words. His voice spread through the entire Tang Family. Even the people outside the city heard his voice.

“Cao Yuxuan?” Hearing that name, the expressions of countless Tang Family experts changed. Involuntarily, they turned their gazes over.

“It’s really him! Why would he be here?” After the crowd used their various methods to verify the status of the man far away from them, their expressions became even uglier.

Noticing the reaction from the people of the Tang Family, Chu Feng felt that the situation was amiss. Thus, he turned to Tang Ying and asked, “Tang Ying, tell me about this Cao Yuxuan.”

“Chu Feng, Cao Yuxuan is the Cao Family’s third son. He is a Divine Body. Although he is a rank four Half Martial Ancestor, he possesses a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting one level of cultivation. Furthermore, his Divine Power is capable of increasing his cultivation by another level. Thus, his actual battle power is that of a rank six Half Martial Ancestor.”

“He is the strongest genius to appear in the Cao Family in the past twenty thousand years. My eldest brother fought against him before. However, he was defeated from a single strike.”

“Most importantly, he is part of Luyang’s Pavilion, one of the three personal disciples of Luyang’s Pavilion’s Pavilion Master. Even in Luyang’s Pavilion, he possesses an extremely high status. Even my father does not dare to act rudely toward him.”

“Originally, he should have been in closed-door training in Luyang’s Pavilion. Furthermore, he also declared that he would not participate in the struggle between the Tang Family and the Cao Family.”

“However, it is evident that he has gone against what he had declared before and is planning to participate in this struggle.”

“But… with his special status, practically no one would dare to fight against him. I’m afraid that our Tang Family will…”

“Chu Feng, quickly escape from here. You are unrelated to our battle to begin with. I do not want you to be implicated,” Tang Ying said.

“Are the people of your Tang Family actually stupid?” Black lines filled Chu Feng’s forehead.

When the Cao Family possessed such a trump card, their Tang Family should have given in to them sooner. Yet, the Tang Family did not do that, and even believed that this Cao Yuxuan would not participate in his family’s battle.

How could that possibly be real? One must know that that was his family. How could he disregard the life and death of his family? How could he not use his special status?

At that moment, Chu Feng had no choice but to admire the intelligence of the Tang Family. The reason for that was because the overall intelligence of the Tang Family was truly low.

It was no wonder they were so passive in all respects in the battle against the Cao Family, no wonder they have ended up in such a state.

“But, Luyang’s Pavilion has never participated in this sort of thing. Who would’ve thought that Cao Yuxuan would…?” Tang Ying said with grievances.

“Fool, Cao Yuxuan is part of the Cao Family. How could he disregard the life and death of the Cao Family?” Chu Feng said with an expression of helplessness.

“Yoh, judging from your tone, it seems that you’re afraid?”

“If you’re scared, you can scram right now. I will spare your life.”

“However, rest assured, even if you are to scram right now, I will also not kill Tang Ying.”

“No matter what, Tang Ying was the fiancee of my younger brother. Although our Cao Family will not take her as our bride again, we will also not kill her.”

“I will bring her to our Cao Family as a slave, and make her the plaything of our Cao Family’s servants.”

“Tang Ying, I will let you know the consequences of breaking the marriage agreement,” Cao Yuxuan stared at Tang Ying with a beaming smile. Coldness filled his gaze.

“Are you done speaking?” Chu Feng asked calmly.

“So what if I have, and what if I haven’t?” Cao Yuxuan said.

“If you are done, it is time to send you on your way. If you are not, I will give you time to say some more.”

Suddenly, Chu Feng moved. With a flip of his palm, he directly unleashed his Magma Emperor Sword. Then, he charged toward Cao Yuxuan to attack him.

“Come, arrogant Heavenly Clansman. Today, I will let you know that the people of the Heavenly Clans are not unequalled.”

With a loud shout from Cao Yuxuan, blue gaseous substances began to spread from his body.

After the blue gaseous substance appeared, it turned into a blue dagger that hovered above Cao Yuxuan’s forehead. At that moment, Cao Yuxuan’s aura began to rapidly increase. His cultivation increased to that of a rank five Half Martial Ancestor.


Cao Yuxuan then flipped his palm, and a giant silver axe appeared in his hand; It was an Incomplete Ancestral Armament.


At that moment, Chu Feng collided with Cao Yuxuan.

The battle between the two men caught the attention of practically everyone from the Tang Family and the Cao Family. Even the two Family Heads that were going all-out to kill one another would take glances at the battle between Chu Feng and Cao Yuxuan from time to time.

After all, Cao Yuxuan possessed a special status and powerful strength. He brought fear to the people of the Tang Family.

As for Chu Feng, his status of a member of the Heavenly Clans also caught the attention of the people from the Cao Family.

If he were someone else, they would not be afraid. However, as he was someone from the Heavenly Clans, they would, to a greater or lesser degree, feel fear.

“I truly never expected that you all would be able to request the assistance of someone from the Heavenly Clans,” The Cao Family’s Family Head said.

“Are you afraid now? The Heavenly Clans are not something that your mere Cao Family can offend,” The Tang Family’s Family Head said.

“Hahaha, our Cao Family would naturally not dare to offend the Heavenly Clans. However, our Yuxuan is able to.”

“Don’t forget that our Yuxuan is someone that has killed people from the Heavenly Clans before. After all, behind him is Luyang’s Pavilion’s Pavilion Master,” The Cao Family’s Family Head said proudly.

“That little friend is surnamed Chu, are you not afraid that he might be from the Chu Heavenly Clan?” The Tang Family’s Family Head asked.

“Ridiculous! The Chu Heavenly Clan is that noble, how could your mere Tang Family be able to request their help?”

“Cao Haichuan, do not be carried away with your wishful thinking. Today, you will be killed by me, and your Tang Family will be eliminated by my Cao Family.”

“Even that Heavenly Clan brat will be killed by my son, Cao Yuxuan. All of you will be killed,” The Cao Family’s Family Head said ruthlessly.

Furthermore, the Cao Family’s Family Head spoke those words very loudly. Practically everyone heard his words.

After hearing his words, the people from the Cao Family fought even more vigorously. At that moment, they started to overwhelm the Tang Family.

Evidently, their morale was strengthened by their Family Head’s words. They felt that they would definitely win today.


However, right at that moment, a loud explosion was heard.

After hearing that loud explosion, everyone turned their gaze to the battle between Chu Feng and Cao Yuxuan.

“This… this is impossible!!!”

Upon seeing the scene, the expressions of the crowd all changed enormously. They were all stunned.

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