Chapter 2178 - Friends

Chapter 2178 - Friends


After a crisp sound, that woman’s expression immediately changed. The reason for that was because not only did her slap not land on Tang Ying’s face, it was instead caught by someone.

Naturally, the person who had blocked her slap was Chu Feng.

“W-Who are you?” Evidently, this woman did not know who Chu Feng was. She had an extremely startled expression.

“I am Chu Feng,” Chu Feng declared.

“What, y-y-you are Chu Feng?” Hearing those words, that woman immediately turned around to flee. However, her hand was still in Chu Feng’s grasp. As such, how could she possibly escape?

“Men! Help! Chu Feng is here!” In panic, the woman started to shout for help.

“Humph,” However, Chu Feng merely snorted coldly. Then, with a flip of his sleeve, he knocked that woman into the corner of the prison.

Then, with another flip of Chu Feng’s sleeve, he undid the spirit formation sealing Tang Ying.

“Punish her however you wish. For someone like her, there is no need to show any mercy,” Chu Feng said as he pointed to that woman.

“No, don’t!” Upon hearing that, the woman immediately screamed in terror. However, her voice grew weaker and weaker. It was not only her voice that became very weak; even her aura became very weak. She was completely restricted by Chu Feng.

“Who are you calling a bitch?! If you want to talk about bitches, you’re the bitch. Who doesn’t know about your actions of inciting the Cao Family’s Family Head?”

“In order to be married to the Cao Family’s Family Head, you even killed your twin younger sister. You are simply inhuman!”

Tang Ying was finally able to unleash her anger now. Unrestrained, she started to beat up the woman, leaving her face completely bruised and lacerated.

Tang Ying beat her unconscious.

After seeing that she had lost consciousness, Tang Ying finally ceased her attacks. Her anger seemed to have been alleviated, as the anger that she had shown previously was substituted by nervousness.

“Chu Feng, why would you be here? The Cao Family and the Tang Family are searching for you all over,” Tang Ying said to Chu Feng nervously.

“I have naturally come here to save you. Don’t forget, I am your bodyguard,” Chu Feng said with a beaming smile.


“There’s no but. I’ll ask you this: if I were to bring you away, would you be willing to leave with me?” Chu Feng asked.

“The current Tang Family is no longer my, Tang Ying’s, family. As for the people in the Cao Family, they are determined to torture and humiliate me. I would naturally want to leave. But…”

“There’s no but. If you wish to leave, I can bring you away now. Although you will have no relatives from this point on, you will have friends,” Chu Feng said to Tang Ying with a smile.

“But…” As Tang Ying spoke, she looked to the place where she had been tied up earlier.

Her intentions were very clear. If she were to leave, the Cao Family would definitely discover that she had escaped. If that were to happen, the situation would be bad.


Right at that moment, Chu Feng suddenly extended his finger and pointed at that woman.

With each flick of his finger, a strand of spirit power entered that woman’s body.

In the blink of an eye, an enormous change occurred to that woman’s body. Not only did her facial appearance turn into Tang Ying’s appearance, even her clothes turned into Tang Ying’s clothes.

Then, with a wave of Chu Feng’s sleeve, that woman ended up at the place where Tang Ying had previously been tied up. Even the spirit formation that had been restraining Tang Ying, that had been canceled by Chu Feng, once again reemerged.

Merely, the spirit formation ropes were no longer tying up Tang Ying. Instead, they were tying up that woman.

However, to others, it appeared just as if the ropes were tying up Tang Ying.

“Chu Feng, you couldn’t possibly…” Seeing this scene, Tang Ying immediately thought of something. She was both startled and delighted.

“That’s right. I’m going to have that retard marry his deranged mother. I’ll completely humiliate the Cao Family,” Chu Feng declared.

“I truly never expected for you to be this malicious,” Although Chu Feng’s plan was extremely crazy, Tang Ying supported it absolutely. Just thinking about the expression the people from the Cao Family would have caused Tang Ying immense satisfaction.

“Malicious? When facing good people, I, Chu Feng, will be the best person. However, when facing bad people, I, Chu Feng, will be the worst person.”

“Perhaps I will not be able to compare to others in terms of goodness, but in terms of evilness, I, Chu Feng, will not lose to anyone,” Chu Feng said.

Hearing what Chu Feng said, Tang Ying felt warmth in her heart. This was especially true as she had just been betrayed by her family, by the people that she had trusted most in her entire life. She felt so extremely warm that tears began to roll down her eyes.

“Hey, hey, hey, stop crying. This is the way life is. This is the nature of your family. Although it might be cruel for you to see their true nature today, it remains a good thing. As for why, you will understand in the future,” Although Chu Feng’s words were a bit harsh, he had also raised his hand to personally wipe away Tang Ying’s tears.

At that moment, Tang Ying felt extremely glad. She was glad that she had decided to go to the Radiance Immortal Mountain that day. She was glad to have met Chu Feng.

Before, she felt that there was nothing left for her in this world. However, she now discovered that that wasn’t the case.

At the very least, she had a true friend. As for that person, it was Chu Feng.

Although she and Chu Feng had only known one another for a short time, Chu Feng was willing to brave dangers for her.

Then, Chu Feng brought Tang Ying out of the Cao Family.

As for the guards of the underground prison, Chu Feng naturally woke them back up. The guards did not know that they had lost consciousness earlier. However, they felt that something was amiss. Thus, the first thing they did was to run to the prison cell that Tang Ying was imprisoned in to survey her.

It was only after they opened the prison cell and discovered that Tang Ying was still there that the guards breathed a sigh of relief.

Suddenly, the warden asked. “Eh, this is strange, when did the Sixth Madam leave?” He only remembered when the Sixth Madam arrived at this place, and did not remember the Sixth Madam leaving.

“She should have just left, right?” In response, the various guards started to hurriedly lie.

Naturally, they would not dare to say that they did not know when the Sixth Madam had left.

The reason for that was because if they said it like that, it would mean that they had neglected their duty, something that they would be punished for.

“Mn, it’s good that that’s the case. Sixth Madam has been in a bad mood recently. We cannot afford to offend her,” As the warden spoke, he began to lead the guards out.




Right at this moment, that woman suddenly regained consciousness. When she saw the prison guards, she tried to cry for help. However, she was surprised to discover that not only was she unable to speak, she was also unable to move in the slightest. All she could do was let out muffled groans.

In panic, tears started to roll down her cheeks.

“Damned bitch, the fuck are you shouting about?!” The warden walked into the prison cell, raised his hand and ruthlessly slapped that woman.

“Milord, is this really fine? After all, she is to be married off to our Young Master tomorrow,” The other guards were all startled to see this.

“The hell are you all afraid of? Do not forget that I, your lord, know world spirit techniques,” The warden said. As he spoke, he began to use his world spirit techniques to heal that woman. Soon, the cheek with the bloody handprint was healed.

“Haha, Milord, you’re truly amazing,” In response, the guards started to flatter their warden.

“Of course,” The warden had a proud expression. As he spoke and laughed, he walked out of the prison cell.

However, he had no idea that the woman he had hit earlier was not Tang Ying. Rather, it was the Sixth Madam that he did not dare to offend.

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