Chapter 2428 - Crimson Gaze

 Chapter 2428 - Crimson Gaze

“What shameless boasting!!!” Kong Moyu shouted angrily and then immediately unleashed an attack.

It was not only him who unleashed an attack, as Kong Yuehua and the other two Supreme Elders also joined him in attacking Chu Feng.

Furthermore, all four of them used Ancestral Taboo Martial Skills.

A total of four Ancestral Taboo Martial Skills turned into four lightning dragons that roared with voices capable of penetrating the sky itself as they moved to oppress Chu Feng together.

“Chu Feng, run away!”

Once the four lightning dragons appeared, Kong Shunlian’s expression changed enormously.

As a member of the Kong Heavenly Clan, he knew very well how frightening the lightning dragons were.

This Martial Skill that the four Heavenly Immortals had used was named Ancestral Taboo: Lightning Dragon Transformation.

The ‘Transformation’ was in its name for a major reason. That is, the Ancestral Taboo: Lightning Dragon Transformations could fuse with one another to become an even more powerful martial skill.


Accompanying the dragon roars, as the four lightning dragons galloped toward Chu Feng, they gathered in one location and fused into one.

Not only was this new lightning dragon many times larger than the four before, it was also emitting an aura many times more powerful.

As it roared, it caused vibrations that shook everything.

Not to mention the people on the battlefield, even the bystanders far away felt the violent trembling of its roar.

The bystanders ended up covering their ears. Some among them even activated special methods to block the dragon’s roar.

However, even with that being the case, there were still those with low levels of cultivation that ended up shaken, bleeding from all seven of their facial orifices and losing consciousness.

There were even those who were so shaken by the roar that they died on the spot.

From that, one could tell how powerful that lightning dragon was.

“Evil God Sword, go ahead and allow them to experience exactly how powerful you are.”

Chu Feng thrust forth the Evil God Sword in his hand once again, shooting out another sword ray.


Right at that moment, a shocking sight occurred.

That crimson sword ray actually changed. Not only did it rapidly increase in size, it also turned into two enormous crimson sharp claws.

The crimson claws ruthlessly grabbed onto the lightning dragon’s body.


At that moment, that astonishingly powerful lightning dragon was actually unable to approach Chu Feng in the slightest. It could only violently flutter its enormous body in midair and let out miserable shrieks.

That’s right, the lightning dragon was letting out miserable shrieks. It was the sort of sound that one would let out when under incomparable pain and misery.


Suddenly, the crimson claws shot forth by the Evil God Sword forcibly tore the lightning dragon to pieces.

Lightning lingered in the sky and scattered about in all directions. The miserable shrieks from the lightning dragon were still echoing.


At that moment, not to mention Kong Moyu and the others, even Kong Shunlian and that mysterious individual were filled with fear.

They were able to tell that the sword Chu Feng held in his hand most definitely possessed life.

It had done that deliberately; deliberately tearing the lightning dragon to pieces.

“Did you all really think that you were qualified to contend against me?”

Right at that moment, Chu Feng’s eyes turned red. The Evil God Sword he held in his hand was suddenly swept across the space before him.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

In an instant, several crimson sword rays shot forth from the Evil God Sword. Densely packed, they filled the sky. Like a crimson meteor shower, they flew toward Kong Yuehua and the others.

Furthermore, the speed of the sword rays was even faster than before.


Witnessing that scene, Kong Yuehua and the others all revealed dejected expressions.

The reason for that was because they knew that they would not be able to dodge the incoming sword rays with how close and how fast they were.

“Puu, puu, puu, puu, puu~~~”

The very next moment, many crimson sword rays pierced through the bodies of Kong Yuehua and the others.

Bringing streams of blood with them, the crimson sword rays exited their bodies and even severed their Bloodline Grand Formation.

Finally, everything ended. That region turned silent for the time being.

“Cough, cough, cough…”

Suddenly, miserable coughing sound shattered the quietness of this place.

It was Kong Yuehua and the others. At this moment, not only were the four of them violently coughing, they were also coughing up blood.

It was not only their mouths that were covered with blood; their bodies were also covered with blood. The reason for that was because their bodies were filled with thousands of holes.

“So powerful, that sword… is so powerful,” Far away, Zhuge Mingren let out another cry of surprise.

“Senior, what has happened now?”

“Exactly who won?”

The crowd asked in succession. Through the narration from Zhuge Mingren earlier, they already came to know that the Kong Heavenly Clan’s four Supreme Elders had unleashed their Bloodline Grand Formation and activated their special Lightning Marks, symbols of their Heavenly Bloodlines, for the sake of killing Chu Feng.

The crowd knew very well what Lightning Marks were. They were methods for Heavenly Bloodline possessors to increase their battle power.

However, upon reaching the True Immortal realm, their Bloodline powers would be sealed. As such, they would not be able to form their Lightning Marks.

Earlier, the four Kong Heavenly Clan’s Supreme Elders had utilized their Bloodline Grand Formation to once again form their Lightning Marks.

That caused the bystanders to become extremely worried about Chu Feng’s well-being.

True Immortals with Lightning Marks, that was a very powerful matter.

“Chu Feng won. They were simply unable to contend against Chu Feng.”

“And now, they have all been injured by Chu Feng. Furthermore, it seems that it is very difficult for them to heal their wounds. As such, they are very badly injured,” Zhuge Mingren was very emotional. It was the first time he had seen such a shaking scene.

“It’s actually that powerful?”

After knowing about this matter, the bystanders grew even more emotional.

They all knew that the bodies of True Immortals had already surpassed those of mortals, and could be said to be indestructible and undying. Even if an attack was able to injure them, their bodies would rapidly heal those injuries.

An attack that caused True Immortals to be unable to recover would only mean one thing -- that that attack was too powerful, and greatly surpassed the limits of what a True Immortal’s body could withstand.

“Come, kill me, why are you all only standing there?”

Chu Feng’s eyes grew more and more red. A dense killing intent was being emitted from his body. Most importantly, that killing intent was actually visible to the naked eye; it was crimson red in color.

The current Chu Feng looked as if he had fused with the crimson clouds in the sky.

Holding the Evil God Sword in his hand, he stepped through the air and slowly moved toward Kong Yuehua and the others.

With each step from Chu Feng, Kong Moyu and the others grew a bit more nervous.

At that moment, Kong Moyu and the others were extremely weak. They were simply unable to contend against Chu Feng anymore.

With Chu Feng moving toward them, they knew what was going to happen to them.

It was not that they did not wish to escape. Merely… a powerful oppressive might was binding them. They did not have the strength to escape.

As for the oppressive might that bound them, it was naturally from the Evil God Sword.

“Little friend Chu Feng, please let it go and spare their lives.”

Seeing that Chu Feng was determined to kill, Kong Shunlian hurriedly grabbed his arm.

After all, those four were his clansmen. While he did not wish for his clansmen to kill Chu Feng, he also did not wish for Chu Feng to kill his clansmen.

“What did you say? You want me to spare them? You actually want me to spare them? Them? People who wanted to kill me?” Chu Feng turned around and asked Kong Shunlian coldly.


When Kong Shunlian saw Chu Feng’s current expression, he immediately released his hand from Chu Feng’s arm and even moved several steps away.

From Chu Feng’s eyes, he saw a frightening gaze that he had never seen before.

At the moment when his eyes met Chu Feng’s, he had felt a sensation.

He felt that that was simply not Chu Feng, but rather a demon whose second nature was killing.

Kong Shunlian was not someone who was afraid of death. Yet, the moment he saw Chu Feng’s gaze, he felt enormous fear in his heart.

“Do you know what sort of consequence one will suffer if they fail to kill me?” Chu Feng arrived before Kong Moyu and asked him.

“If you want to kill, then go ahead and kill me. If you want to torture, then go ahead and torture me. If this old man begs you once, I will consider you my ancestor,” Kong Moyu said loudly.

He knew that he would definitely be killed today. Thus, he had no intention of begging for forgiveness.

“As you wish.”

As Chu Feng spoke, he abruptly waved the Evil God Sword he held in his hand. A crimson light flashed past, and Kong Moyu’s head was sliced off.

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