Chapter 2427 - Bloodline Grand Formation

 Chapter 2427 - Bloodline Grand Formation

“I refuse to believe this.”

That Supreme Elder did not dodge and flee like the other Supreme Elders when faced with the incoming sword ray.

Instead, he raised his Ancestral Armament horizontally before him.


Dazzling golden light shone from the Ancestral Armament. Then, it turned into an enormous ferocious beast.

That ferocious beast was a hundred meters tall and a thousand meters long. It looked like an impenetrable wall as it let out an ear-piercing roar and emitted an invulnerable sensation.

It was as if that ferocious beast was alive, as if it were a living fort.

“That is…”

Kong Shunlian revealed an astonished expression. As a member of the Kong Heavenly Clan, he recognized that martial skill with a single glance.

What that Supreme Elder used was one of the Kong Heavenly Clan’s Ancestral Taboo Martial Skills, the Ancestral Taboo: Guardian Beast.

As its name implied, the Ancestral Taboo: Guardian Beast was not an offensive martial skill, but rather a defensive martial skill.

One could very well imagine how powerful an Ancestral Taboo-level defensive martial skill was.

If one wanted to describe it, then it could be described with two words: absolute defense.


Right at that moment, the crimson sword ray landed on the Ancestral Taboo: Guardian Beast.


The Ancestral Taboo: Guardian Beast that was known to be an absolute defense actually let out a miserable roar the moment it came in contact with the crimson sword ray.

It was as if a wolf had come across a lion, a ferocious beast of the mortal world encountering a demon from hell. The roar that Ancestral Taboo: Guardian Beast emitted was not only miserable-sounding, it was also trembling.

As that voice sounded, the Ancestral Taboo: Guardian Beast started to distort. Like the Emperor Taboo Martial Skill before it, it was assimilated into the crimson sword ray.

“Damn it!”

Witnessing that scene, that Supreme Elder finally realized how bad the situation was. Light immediately flashed under his feet, as he tried to escape.

However, the crimson sword ray was simply too fast. At such a close distance, the crimson sword ray arrived in an instant. Before that Supreme Elder could fully escape, that crimson sword ray pierced through his left arm.


Blood sprinkled through the sky. Although that Supreme Elder had managed to escape, a large chunk of flesh was missing from his left arm.

Most importantly, an injury like that should not be anything serious to a True Immortal.

However, that Supreme Elder had a very miserable expression on his face. His twisted face was unable to conceal the pain that he was suffering.

Blood was flowing from his wound nonstop and there didn’t seem to be any indication of healing.

“That sword is actually that powerful?” Kong Shunlian, that mysterious individual and even Kong Moyu were dumbfounded.

At that moment, the proud and arrogant Kong Moyu finally revealed an expression of panic on his face.

The reason for that was because that was truly no small matter, the martial skill that Supreme Elder had used was the Ancestral Taboo: Guardian Beast.

The Ancestral Taboo: Guardian Beast, that overwhelmingly powerful defensive martial skill, was actually completely ineffective before that crimson sword ray. This matter caused him to feel fear toward Chu Feng.

At that moment, he seemed to have finally realized why Grandmaster Prophet said that Chu Feng would bring about the destruction of their Kong Heavenly Clan.

That prophecy was not just some frightening words to scare them. Merely by relying on that sword, Chu Feng seemed to really be able to bring about the destruction of their Kong Heavenly Clan.

“He actually injured a Kong Heavenly Clan’s Supreme Elder?! He’s a True Immortal!” Far away, Zhuge Mingren uttered a cry of alarm.

“Ah? Chu Feng actually injured a True Immortal?!” The crowd were all astonished upon knowing about it. At the same time, they all grew extremely excited.

Although they were very far away from the battlefield, they were still witnesses to the battle.

Today, they were witnessing a matter that could shock the world, something that had never happened in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

That is, a Half Martial Ancestor-level person of the younger generation was fighting against True Immortals and winning against them.

That was something that should be impossible. Yet, it was actually happening at that moment.

As such, how could they not be emotional? How could they not be excited?

“Kong Shunlian, do you not see? This child possesses a Demon Armament, an extremely heaven-defying Demon Armament. He really does possess the power to bring about the destruction of our Kong Heavenly Clan!” Kong Moyu said to Kong Shunlian. He had become extremely emotional.

“What sort of power I possess is my own matter. However, if your Kong Heavenly Clan did not force me to this, why would I end up fighting against you all?” Chu Feng said.

“Enough of your nonsense! Today, regardless of what you say, you absolutely cannot leave here alive!” Kong Moyu shouted angrily. Then, he unleashed an attack.

The mysterious individual did not stop him from attacking Chu Feng this time around. The reason for that was because he was able to tell that Chu Feng could answer it himself without his assistance.


Sure enough, Chu Feng shot forth a thrust with his Evil God Sword again. Then, a crimson sword ray was shot out again.

Like last time, the crimson sword ray directly devoured Kong Moyu’s attack and started to fly toward Kong Moyu.

“Damn it!”

Kong Moyu had experienced how powerful the crimson sword ray was. Thus, how could he possibly hesitate? Immediately, he moved to dodge.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

However, Chu Feng was unwilling to let him get away. He thrust forth the Evil God Sword repeatedly, and shot consecutive crimson sword rays.

At that moment, it was not only Kong Moyu who was fleeing. The Kong Heavenly Clan’s two other Supreme Elders were also only able to flee.

Thinking about it, three grand True Immortals were actually forced to flee all over the place by Chu Feng, a mere Half Martial Ancestor.

This scene was truly a bit ridiculous.

“Set up the formation!!!”

Right at that moment, a female’s voice suddenly sounded.

Then, another True Immortal’s oppressive might appeared out of nowhere.

It was Kong Yuehua. Kong Yuehua had suddenly appeared before Kong Moyu.

After Kong Yuehua appeared, the other two Supreme Elders hurriedly moved to Kong Yuehua’s side.

Seeing Kong Yuehua, Kong Moyu and the other two Supreme Elders said in unison, “Elder Yuehua, you’ve finally decided to show yourself.”

“I am unable to attack my own clansman. However, since that Chu Feng wants to kill you all, I cannot disregard you either,” As Kong Yuehua said those words, she took a profound glance at Kong Shunlian.

Kong Shunlian and that mysterious individual did not reveal much surprise at Kong Yuehua’s appearance.

From this, it could be seen that Kong Yuehua must have been here for a while now. Likely, she had arrived together with Kong Moyu and the others.

Merely, Kong Yuehua was considering former affections, and did not want to attack Kong Shunlian. That was why she had not revealed herself the entire time.

However, Kong Moyu and the others were now in a crisis. As such, she had no choice but to reveal herself.

“That child’s sword is extremely strange. Even when sword rays are shot forth from the sword, it will let out a demonic roar.”

“That is most definitely not an ordinary Demon Armament. Rather, it is a very powerful Demon Armament. We cannot be careless against it.”

“Set up the Bloodline Grand Formation. We will link our origin lives and use the spirit formation to take care of him,” As Kong Yuehua spoke, a body of light appeared from her dantian.

That body of light was very strange. It looked like a living snake moving about through the air and approaching Kong Moyu and the other two Supreme Elders.

“Very well, we’ll use the Bloodline Grand Formation to take care of this animal.”

Kong Moyu and the other two Supreme Elders did not hesitate. As they spoke, they also emitted bodies of light from their dantian.

Soon, the four bodies of light shining from the four True Immortals interweaved with one another.

The next moment, nine-colored lightning emerged in the eyes of Kong Yuehua and the others.

After the nine-colored lightning appeared, they began to gather at their foreheads.

Soon, a pattern resembling the character ‘Mortal’ appeared on their foreheads.

And now, their auras had become much more powerful than before.

“Lightning Mark?” Chu Feng’s eyes flashed.

“Indeed, it’s the Lightning Mark. After Heavenly Bloodline possessors reach the True Immortal realm, a portion of their Heavenly Bloodline’s power will be sealed off. The weaker the Self-Punishing Mysterious Technique one trains in, the more of their Heavenly Bloodline’s power will be sealed.”

“The Self-Punishing Mysterious Technique that we trained in was the simplest and weakest Mortal Punishment Mysterious Taboo. That is why, after we reach the True Immortal realm, practically all of our Heavenly Bloodline’s power will be sealed off.”

“However, as long as we utilize the special Bloodline Grand Formation, we will be able to activate our Lightning Marks.”

“Merely, the Bloodline Grand Formation is related to our origin life, our bloodlines. It is a heaven-defying method.”

“Every time it is used, the person using it will drain their lifespan. Furthermore, their lifespan will be burned very quickly.”

“To put it simply, although they have successfully activated their Lightning Marks using the Bloodline Grand Formation and unleashed the power of their Lightning Mark once again, they are using their remaining lifespan as the price,” Kong Shunlian explained.

“So that’s the case. They’re truly willing to part with their lives for the sake of killing me.”

“Unfortunately, I fear that they will still not be able to kill me with only this bit of power,” Chu Feng said.

Chu Feng was not boasting. At that moment, the power of the Evil God Sword had been unleashed. As such, he had a rough understanding of how powerful the Evil God Sword was.

At the very least, the Evil God Sword was not something that the four Kong Heavenly Clan’s Supreme Elders before him could contend against.

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