Chapter 2429 - Assimilation Of Demonic Aura

 Chapter 2429 - Assimilation Of Demonic Aura

Kong Moyu was beheaded. However, he was not dead. His head floated before Chu Feng, and he burst into loud and mocking laughter.

“Ignorant fool, I am a True Immortal. My body is undying and indestructible. Even if you are to behead me, you will not be able to kill me.”

“Who said that I’ve beheaded you for the sake of killing you?” Chu Feng asked.

“Then why did you behead me?” Kong Moyu frowned. From Chu Feng’s words, he felt misgivings.

“Don’t be anxious, you’ll come to know,” Chu Feng chuckled. The next moment, his other hand pierced into Kong Moyu’s dantian.

“It’s useless. I’m a True Immortal. Even if you destroy my dantian, you will still not be able to destroy my cultivation,” Kong Moyu thought that Chu Feng would do something to him. However, after seeing that what Chu Feng did was still common practice, he started to mock Chu Feng again.

Only other True Immortals knew how powerful they truly were. Thus, Kong Moyu was very confident that Chu Feng’s methods would not be able to kill him.

After thinking that, he became completely confident. After all, Chu Feng was only able to confront them by relying on his Demon Armament.

However, it remained that he was a True Immortal. While Chu Feng possessed the Demon Armament, he did not possess the cultivation. Thus, Kong Moyu felt that Chu Feng might not necessarily be able to kill him.

However, Chu Feng completely ignored Kong Moyu. Instead, he said, “Milady Queen, do you wish to see what a True Immortal’s source energy tastes like?”

Naturally, Chu Feng’s words were meant toward Eggy. Merely, he did not say those words in his heart, but rather spoke them out loud.

Thus, everyone, including Kong Moyu, heard what Chu Feng said.

“I do, of course I do.”

Her Lady Queen nodded her head repeatedly in excitement. She even involuntarily extended her little tongue to lick her sexy lips. It was truly an adorable and enchanting sight.

How could she not want to taste a True Immortal’s source energy?

“Haha, so you wanted to have your world spirit refine my source energy?”

“Chu Feng, it’s not that I am looking down on you. If you were a True Immortal, then perhaps you might be able to accomplish that. However, you are only relying on the power of a Demon Armament to be able to contend against me right now. What makes you think you’ll be able to refine my source energy?”

“You should know that I’m a True Immortal. My body is different from that of ordinary mortals. With merely your Half Martial Ancestor-level cultivation, you wouldn’t even know where my source energy is,” Kong Moyu mocked Chu Feng again.

“Is that so?” Chu Feng chuckled. He said, “Isn’t it here?”


Once Chu Feng’s voice landed, a boundless suction power was emitted from Chu Feng’s palms and enveloped Kong Moyu’s body.


The next moment, Kong Moyu let out an incomparably miserable scream.

“How… how is this possible? How… how did you a-accomplish this? No… no… no…!!!!!”

Kong Moyu let out a snarl of irreconciliation. The reason for that was because his source energy was being refined by Chu Feng.

“Not only am I able to find your source energy, I am also able to let you be in so much pain that you’d wish you were dead,” Chu Feng’s smile grew denser and denser.

Merely, not only was Chu Feng’s smile strange, it was also very sinister. Chu Feng had never had that sort of smile on his face before. It was as if… this was not Chu Feng at all.

“Stop! Stop!!!” Kong Moyu’s face was distorted. Even his face started to shiver.

Not only was his True Immortal source energy being refined by Chu Feng, he was also suffering from a pain that he had never suffered from before. That sort of pain felt truly unbearable for him.

“You want me to stop? Beg me,” Chu Feng said.

“......” Evidently, Kong Moyu did not wish to beg Chu Feng for forgiveness. Thus, he clenched his teeth and said no more.

Chu Feng seemed to have already expected Kong Moyu’s reaction. He was still smiling as he continued to stare at Kong Moyu. It was as if he was waiting for Kong Moyu to give in.

At that moment, the others present were all stunned. They were confused as to exactly how Chu Feng was able to accomplish that how he was able to bring Kong Moyu such overwhelming pain.

After all, Chu Feng was using his own abilities, and not the Demon Armament to pierce into Kong Moyu’s body.

Could it be that Chu Feng did not need the Demon Armament, and possessed this sort of power himself?

Kong Moyu’s face grew more and more distorted. His expression changed unceasingly. Finally, he opened his mouth and used an even more trembling and weaker voice to say, “I… I beg you, p-please spare me, please s-spare me.”

Kong Moyu began to actually beg Chu Feng for forgiveness.

At that moment, Kong Yuehua, Kong Shunlian and the other were all stunned.

They had known Kong Moyu since when they were children, and knew that he had always been an extremely stubborn individual. They had never seen him beg someone for forgiveness before.

Yet now, Kong Moyu was actually begging Chu Feng for forgiveness.


However, after Kong Moyu begged for forgiveness, Chu Feng’s smile remained unchanged. It was as if he did not see this at all.

Thus, Chu Feng continued to refine Kong Moyu’s source energy. He did not lessen his torment of Kong Moyu.

“Chu Feng, I’ve already begged you for forgiveness, why are you not stopping?!!!”

“Stop! Stop immediately!”

“Exactly what do you want me to do?”

“Do you even have integrity?!”

Kong Moyu let out an incomparably furious snarl.

However, the smile on Chu Feng’s face grew even stronger. He said, “I don’t have to be sincere towards someone as despicable as you.”

After he finished saying those words, the suction emitted from Chu Feng’s palm grew even stronger, and Kong Moyu let out even more miserable screams.

His source energy was rapidly being sucked out and refined by Her Lady Queen.

“Chu Feng, just release him,” At that moment, Kong Shunlian started to entreat Chu Feng.

However, Chu Feng completely ignored him. He did not plan to stop at all.


Finally, Kong Moyu let out a final scream. That scream was so loud that he shouted himself hoarse. Then, he grew quiet.

He died... A True Immortal was dead. He died after his source energy was completely absorbed and refined.

“Chu Feng, he, he killed the Kong Heavenly Clan’s Supreme Elder, Kong Moyu.”

“A True Immortal has fallen. He was killed by Chu Feng.”

Far away, Zhuge Mingren saw everything, and let out a cry of alarm.

After finding out about it, all of the bystanders revealed faces of disbelief.

After all, the one that had died was a True Immortal!!!

“It’s your turn next.”

After killing Kong Moyu, Chu Feng did not plan to stop. Instead, he turned his gaze to Kong Yuehua and began to walk toward her.

“Chu Feng, stop!”

In response, Kong Shunlian shouted. He held his Ancestral Armament and rushed toward Chu Feng. He was planning to stop Chu Feng by force.

However, Chu Feng raised his arm, and a red stream of gaseous flames was emitted from Chu Feng’s arm.

That red gaseous flames was incomparably ferocious. It forcibly knocked Kong Shunlian away just as he was about to reach Chu Feng.

“Crap, it’s the assimilation of the demonic aura.”

Seeing that scene, Her Lady Queen’s heart tightened.

Earlier, Chu Feng had said himself that he could only use the Evil God Sword.

However, it was now evident that it was not only the Evil God Sword itself, but also Chu Feng who possessed the Evil God Sword’s power.

With the understanding Her Lady Queen had of Chu Feng, she knew that he would not attack Kong Shunlian no matter what.

Thus, there was only a single possibility for it. That was that Chu Feng had already been invaded by the Evil God Sword. Not only had he received the Evil God Sword’s power, he was also being eroded by the demonic nature of the Evil God Sword.

A Chu Feng like that would be very dangerous. The reason for that was because while Chu Feng possessed emotions, the Evil God Sword did not.

Chu Feng might end up unleashing a massacre afterwards. Not only would it be dangerous for the people of the Kong Heavenly Clan, it would also be dangerous for Kong Shunlian and Wang Qiang.

“Ta, ta, ta~~~”

Sure enough, it was as Her Lady Queen expected, after Chu Feng knocked Kong Shunlian flying, Chu Feng did not bother to take a single glance at him. With overwhelming killing intent and his Evil God Sword in hand, Chu Feng began to walk toward Kong Yuehua one step at a time.


Right at that moment, a golden flash of light suddenly swept past Chu Feng from behind. It flew toward Kong Yuehua and enveloped her.

It was that copper bowl, Kong Shunlian’s origin life treasure.

Kong Shunlian had moved his copper bowl from Wang Qiang and enveloped Kong Yuehua with it.

“Are you insistent on hindering me?” Chu Feng finally looked at Kong Shunlian.

However, Chu Feng’s gaze had completely changed right now. There was not a single trace of emotion in the gaze with which he looked at Kong Shunlian. It was as if Kong Shunlian was a stranger.

“Kong Shunlian, get away from here. Don’t worry about us. He will really kill you.”

Kong Yuehua had also noticed the abnormality in Chu Feng’s behavior. She started to urge Kong Shunlian to leave, and tried hard to move her body. She wanted to walk out of Kong Shunlian’s origin life treasure that had enveloped her body and was protecting her.


However, right after Kong Yuehua struggled out of the origin life treasure, the origin life treasure immediately moved and enveloped Kong Yuehua again.

Naturally, it was Kong Shunlian who was operating his origin life treasure.

“Chu Feng, if you want to kill her, you must kill me first,” Kong Shunlian said to Chu Feng resolutely.

Kong Shunlian was acting the same way he had toward Kong Moyu and the others earlier.

He would not allow the Kong Heavenly Clan to kill Chu Feng. But by the same account, he would not allow Chu Feng to kill the people of the Kong Heavenly Clan.

Earlier, when Chu Feng had killed Kong Moyu, he had been unable to react in time. However, now, he was able to react.

Thus, even if he must risk his aged life, he would still protect Kong Yuehua.

It would be the same as how he had protected Chu Feng and Wang Qiang from the Kong Heavenly Clan earlier.

“Did you really think that you could hinder me?” Chu Feng asked Kong Shunlian. Not only were Chu Feng’s eyes blood red, but his voice was also exceptionally ice-cold.

“I know that I cannot stop you now. However, even if that is the case, I still cannot watch with folded arms. Come, since you insist on killing, kill me first.”

After saying those words, Kong Shunlian closed his eyes. He was prepared to face death.

“B-Brother, c-calm down. T-That is Senior Kong Shunlian, y-you m-must not kill him.”

Wang Qiang also started to urge Chu Feng against it. The reason for that was because he had also realized that Chu Feng might be controlled by the Demon Armament and lost his reason.

In that sort of situation, Chu Feng might really end up killing Kong Shunlian.


Suddenly, Chu Feng burst into laughter. Merely, that laughter was very sinister and strange. One could not determine exactly what Chu Feng was thinking.

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