Chapter 2418 - Kong Ruozeng’s Death

 Chapter 2418 - Kong Ruozeng’s Death

“Father, mother, save me! Save me!!!”

Kong Ruozeng started to panic after seeing that Chu Feng was determined to kill him. He hurriedly cried for help from his parents.

“Little friend Chu Feng, please stop. We can talk things out. You must absolutely not kill him,” Kong Ruozeng’s parents immediately started to plead for him.

It was not only Kong Ruozeng’s parents who spoke; others from the Kong Heavenly Clan also started to plead for leniency.

Kong Ruozeng was, after all, their Kong Heavenly Clan’s genius. He was someone that was rare to come by in many years. As such, they would naturally not wish for Kong Ruozeng to die just like that.

“Shut up!!!” Right at that moment, Kong Shunlian shouted. Then, he said, “They have already decided on a battle to the death. For you all to beg for forgiveness now, are you planning to utterly humiliate our Kong Heavenly Clan?!”

Once Kong Shunlian said those words, all of the Kong Heavenly Clans’ clansmen shut their mouths.

They had already realized what Kong Shunlian meant. That is, he planned to have Kong Ruozeng die.

“Lord Supreme Elder.”

While others did not dare say anything, Kong Ruozeng’s parents were unwilling to give up. With no other option, they turned their gazes to Kong Moyu.

Kong Moyu was the only hope that they had to save Kong Ruozeng.

“Shut up, you all actually have the nerve to ask me for help?” Kong Moyu shouted angrily and swept forth his oppressive might.

His oppressive might knocked Kong Ruozeng’s parents hundreds of meters away. When they landed, both of them vomited blood. They had been seriously injured.

“This…” Seeing that scene, no one dared to have the slightest thought of pleading for Kong Ruozeng anymore.

However, right at that moment, Kong Moyu looked to Chu Feng and said, “Little friend Chu Feng, it is fine for you to kill Kong Ruozeng. After all, he has brought this upon himself.”

“However, this old man does hope that you can be lenient. After all… it is a life that we’re talking about here. Furthermore, there is not that much of a hatred between the two of you.”

Once Kong Moyu said those words, the people that were worried about Kong Ruozeng heaved a sigh of relief.

Kong Moyu’s intention was very clear. He could punish Kong Ruozeng, and even punish Kong Ruozeng’s parents. However, he still wished that Chu Feng would spare Kong Ruozeng.

What sort of status did Kong Moyu possess? What sort of existence, what sort of character, was he?

After he spoke, the crowd all felt that the situation had been decided. They felt that Chu Feng would not go against Kong Moyu’s desire.

They felt that he would, to a greater or lesser degree, give Kong Moyu face.

However, who would’ve thought that Chu Feng would completely ignore Kong Moyu’s words. It was as if he did not hear them at all.

Chu Feng’s gaze was still fixed onto Kong Ruozeng.

Furthermore, the hand that he held his Magma Emperor Sword with was clenching tighter and tighter.



Suddenly, the sword descended. Blood splattered everywhere, and Kong Ruozeng let out a miserable scream.

The Magma Emperor Sword Chu Feng held in his hand had pierced into Kong Ruozeng’s body. Although it had yet to destroy his dantian, it had already pierced into it.

This scene deeply frightened the bystanders.

Kong Moyu had already spoken. Could it be that Chu Feng was planning to go against Kong Moyu’s desire?

Could it be that Chu Feng was really planning to kill Kong Ruozeng in the Kong Heavenly Clan’s territory?

That… would be truly too audacious!!!

“Little friend Chu Feng, are you really insistent on killing him?” Kong Moyu frowned and revealed a displeased expression.

“Senior, why are you not allowing me to kill him?” Chu Feng asked.

“I never said that I wouldn’t allow you to kill him. If you insist on killing him, I will not stop you.”

“Merely... It remains that it is a life that we’re talking about here. He still has parents he has to look after. Thus… I still hope that you can think over your decision.”

“Very well. What you have said is very reasonable. Merely, why did you not say those words when this Kong Ruozeng planned to kill my brother Wang Qiang earlier?”

“Could it be that you do not consider my brother Wang Qiang’s life as a life?” Chu Feng asked.

“......” Kong Moyu was left speechless. He did not know how to answer Chu Feng’s question, and his expression grew gloomy.

At that moment, many of the bystanders started to feel cold sweat for Chu Feng.

Even though what Chu Feng said was reasonable, it remained that the person he was speaking to was Kong Moyu. What Chu Feng did was simply putting Kong Moyu on the spot.

“Brother, f-forget about it. If y-you a-are to truly kill t-this Kong Ruozeng, y-you’ll be p-playing it big,” Right at that moment, Wang Qiang’s voice entered Chu Feng’s ear. [1. Play it big → kinda like causing a major disaster, being reckless, etc.]

Chu Feng turned around and saw that Wang Qiang was looking at him with a smile.

This was the first time that Chu Feng saw Wang Qiang urging him not to kill someone.

However, Chu Feng knew very well what sort of character Wang Qiang was. He was someone who feared nothing, someone who was willing to sacrifice himself for his friends.

However, the more loyal Wang Qiang was to his friends, the more determined Chu Feng was to kill Kong Ruozeng.

Suddenly, the corners of Chu Feng’s lips lifted into a smile. He said to Wang Qiang, “Brother, today, I, Chu Feng, am precisely planning to play it big.”

“Else, the people of the world will really think that we brothers are people who are easily bullied.”

After Chu Feng finished saying those words, killing intent suddenly flashed through Chu Feng’s eyes. Abruptly, the Magma Emperor Sword he held in his hand descended.

“Puchi,” Chu Feng’s Incomplete Ancestral Armament completely penetrated Kong Ruozeng’s dantian.

Soon, Kong Ruozeng’s aura was completely gone. Like clay, he spread onto the ground. He was dead.

He was killed by Chu Feng with his sword.

At that moment, heaven and earth grew completely silent.

Even though the crowd were already able to tell that Chu Feng was determined to kill Kong Ruozeng, they still felt endless astonishment after Kong Ruozeng was actually killed by Chu Feng.

After all, Kong Ruozeng was a genius of the Kong Heavenly Clan, and this place was the Kong Heavenly Clan itself!!!

“I’ll kill you!!!” Suddenly, a furious roar exploded in the sky.

Boundless martial power and intense killing intent swept forth from the sky. It was coming straight for Chu Feng.

It was Kong Yao. He was planning to kill Chu Feng to avenge his son.


However, before Kong Yao could approach Chu Feng, he was knocked flying by a strong burst of power.

It was Kong Shunlian.

“It was your son who caused this upheaval. It’s also your son who personally agreed to a life and death battle against Chu Feng. You and your wife were also present when he agreed.”

“At that time, neither of you said anything. Yet now, you want to reveal your might? Do you not know what it means to accept one’s losses?”

“Or could it be that you feel that your son’s actions today were not humiliating enough? You, as his father, still seek to avenge him? Are you planning to utterly disgrace our Kong Heavenly Clan?!”

At that moment, Kong Yao grew silent.

At the same time, many of the Kong Heavenly Clansmen moved forward and surrounded Kong Yao. They began to earnestly advise and console Kong Yao.

As for Kong Yao, even though he was filled with unwillingness, he was still able to understand the situation at hand. Even though he felt endless fury in his heart, he no longer tried to attack Chu Feng.

“All of you, listen carefully. If anyone dares to cause troubles for Chu Feng and Wang Qiang again, I will cripple their cultivation,” Kong Shunlian said those words with his oppressive might.

His oppressive might surged forth, and his voice echoed. Everyone closed their mouths. They could tell that Kong Shunlian was serious.

After Kong Shunlian said those words, the guests present all nodded their heads to display their approval.

At the very least, there was still a person in the Kong Heavenly Clan who was willing to support Chu Feng.

“Qiuci, go and bring Ruozeng back,” Kong Shunlian said.

At that moment, Kong Qiuci was feeling a pain like a knife being twisted in her heart. She was shedding tears like falling rain. Slowly, she walked toward Chu Feng.

At that moment, the guests started to worry again.

Even Kong Shunlian’s gaze was tightly fixed onto Kong Qiuci.

They were afraid, afraid that Kong Qiuci would also try to avenge her son and attack Chu Feng after approaching him.

However, Chu Feng did not have any intention to move away from the slowly approaching Kong Qiuci.

Instead, as he looked at Kong Qiuci’s tear-stained face, he actually felt pain in his heart.

This was maternal love, something that Chu Feng had never experienced before. Yet, Kong Ruozeng had possessed maternal love.

Chu Feng realized that he had destroyed the happiness of Kong Ruozeng’s family. Likely, from today onward, Kong Ruozeng’s parents’ hearts would be shadowed.

However, Chu Feng did not regret killing Kong Ruozeng.

To have a family, paternal love and maternal love was definitely not an excuse for one to commit malicious deeds.

Thus, when faced with his enemy, Chu Feng would never show compassion.

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