Chapter 2419 - Major Event

 Chapter 2419 - Major Event

Kong Qiuci finally arrived before Chu Feng.

The bystanders all held their breath.

However, to the crowd’s surprise, she did not attack Chu Feng.

Instead, she bowed to Chu Feng in a very apologetic manner. Then, she said, “I’m sorry.”

Hearing those words, not to mention the others, even Chu Feng was startled.

Chu Feng had clearly killed Kong Qiuci’s son and left her in enormous pain, like a knife being twisted in her heart, with tears filling her face. She should be feeling enormous hatred and fury toward Chu Feng. Yet, why was it that she did not attack Chu Feng, and instead apologized to him?

However, compared to the confusion the rest of the crowd was feeling, Kong Shunlian and Kong Moyu’s gazes turned complicated.

While others did not understand why Kong Qiuci apologized to Chu Feng, the two of them did.

Unable to help themselves, they said in their hearts, ‘Qiuci is, after all, Qiuci. Her nature is still good and honest. It is truly unfortunate.’

After Kong Qiuci finished saying those words, she picked up Kong Rouzeng’s corpse and began to walk away.

She knew that they had brought this result upon themselves, and could not blame others. Even though her son had been killed, it remained that it was their fault

After Kong Qiuci and Kong Yao brought Kong Ruozeng’s corpse away together, the bystanders also began to leave one by one.

However, when they recalled that Chu Feng had really killed a Kong Heavenly Clan’s genius in the Kong Heavenly Clan, their hearts were unable to remain calm.

What had happened here today was destined to spread. Once word of the matter spread, it would definitely create an enormous sensation in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

After all, a guest staying in the Kong Heavenly Clan killing someone from the Kong Heavenly Clan was something that had never happened before.

At that moment, only three people remained in the palace. They were Chu Feng, Wang Qiang and Kong Shunlian.

“Senior, you have also borne witness to what happened here today. Although senior treated us brothers very well, the rest of the people in the Kong Heavenly Clan still felt deep hatred for us brothers.”

“Today, it was only Kong Ruozeng that came to attack us. However, if it turns out in the future that the ones to attack us are no longer people of the younger generation, but people that we brothers cannot handle, what are we to do then?”

“Thus, senior, we brothers actually do not wish to continue to stay here,” Chu Feng said to Kong Shunlian.

Chu Feng was not afraid that there would be retaliation against him after killing Kong Ruozeng. He felt that the Kong Heavenly Clan was not stupid enough to retaliate against him for only that.

What Chu Feng was worried about was that his intrusion into the Grief Calamity Mountain Range would be exposed.

Thus, to Chu Feng and Wang Qiang, the current Kong Heavenly Clan was most definitely a tiger’s den. As it would be extremely dangerous for the two of them to stay in a tiger’s den, Chu Feng would naturally want to leave immediately.

“Truth be told, little friend Chu Feng, some things have happened in our Kong Heavenly Clan. At this time… not to mention guests, even our own Kong Heavenly Clansmen are not allowed to leave. I will not stop two little friends from leaving. However, please stay for a few more days so that we can handle this matter first,” Kong Shunlian said.

“Since that’s the case, we’ll do as senior says,” Chu Feng felt helpless, but nodded his head.

Chu Feng was currently lacking confidence. He had no idea how much the Kong Heavenly Clan knew about what had happened in the Grief Calamity Mountain Range.

With what Kong Shunlian had said, if Chu Feng still insisted on leaving right away, it would instead make him appear more suspicious. As such, he could only reach a compromise and agree to stay.

“Two little friends, I…”

Suddenly, Kong Shunlian’s expression turned complicated. It seemed as if he wanted to say something. However, he had no idea how to start. Thus, he suddenly clasped his fist at Wang Qiang and Chu Feng as he sighed, “This old man has let you two down in regards to what has happened today.”

After he finished saying those words, Kong Shunlian soared into the sky and left. He did not give Chu Feng and Wang Qiang the opportunity to reply.

Actually, Kong Shunlian had a lot of things he wanted to say. Merely… he felt that he had no face to say those words. In fact… he felt ashamed to even look at Chu Feng and Wang Qiang for an extended period of time.

After Kong Sunlian left, Wang Qiang walked toward Chu Feng and said, “B-Brother, it s-seems that y-you’ve succeeded?”

“Yes, it was a success. However, I still ended up creating some troubles. I think that I’ve already been exposed slightly, and they have already grown suspicious of me.”

“The way I see it, Kong Ruozeng provoking us this time around was no longer of his own accord. Rather, it was what the Kong Heavenly Clan wanted,” Chu Feng said.

“I c-can tell. O-Otherwise, w-why would no one t-try to stop him when t-there were so many grand c-characters present? N-no, Elder Kong Shunlian tried to stop him. M-merely, he w-was stopped b-by that old man.”

“A-Actually, t-this E-Elder Kong Shunlian is n-not bad,” Wang Qiang said with a laugh. It was as if all that had happened earlier didn’t matter to him.

“That’s true. Sandwiched between his clan and us, he has been placed in a truly difficult situation. As a member of the Kong Heavenly Clan, to be able to accomplish what he did must not have been an easy task,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

Neither Chu Feng or Wang Qiang blamed Kong Shunlian.

“Not mentioning this, brother, you were clearly able to easily kill Kong Ruozeng. Why did you not do so, and instead allow yourself to be bullied?” Chu Feng asked Wang Qiang.

“That guy used a f-forbidden medicine t-that pushed his battle power ab-above mine,” Wang Qiang said.

“He possessed a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting three levels of cultivation, whereas yours is capable of surmounting four levels of cultivation, why did you deliberately conceal one level?” Chu Feng asked.

Chu Feng had already discovered this when Wang Qiang’s cultivation had increased to rank one Martial Ancestor. Merely, he did not point it out bluntly.

“Hehe, s-so you’ve a-already discovered it. Y-your powers o-of observation are t-truly remarkable,” Wang Qiang scratched his head as he laughed.

“I truly don’t understand you,” Chu Feng looked at Wang Qiang and Confusion filled his heart.

With Wang Qiang’s battle power, not to mention Kong Ruozeng, even the current Chu Feng would not be a match for him.

However, Wang Qiang had deliberately concealed his true strength. Even after Kong Ruozeng had cut off his arm and planned to kill him, Wang Qiang still did not reveal his battle power that was capable of surmounting four levels of cultivation. This caused Chu Feng to feel very puzzled.

“I-I’ve said it b-before, I-I like to e-enjoy an amusing l-life. T-Thus, d-don’t worry too much about this. You m-merely need to keep in mind that Kong Ruozeng cannot k-kill me,” Wang Qiang said with a mischievous smile.

“I truly don’t know what to do with you,” Seeing Wang Qiang’s expression, Chu feng felt helpless.

Right at that moment, Her Lady Queen’s mischievous voice suddenly sounded. “Perhaps this guy was deliberately allowing you to be in the limelight. It seems that he’s truly in love with you. It’s no wonder that demonic woman Zhao Hong is jealous.”

“Milady Queen, please don’t scare me,” Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s body became covered with goosebumps.

Thinking about it, Wang Qiang was truly extremely good to him; it was so strong that it surpassed that of ordinary people.

Due to the fact that Wang Qiang was a man, this would naturally mean a brotherly affection. However, if he were a woman, it would become something completely different.

However, with how enormous the world was, nothing would be too bizarre. Furthermore, Chu Feng had indeed heard that there were men who liked men.

Seeing Wang Qiang laughing this happily even after being clearly oppressed by Kong Ruozeng today, Chu Feng inevitably felt his heart tighten.

However, the misgivings Chu Feng had soon disappeared. He recalled how lustful Wang Qiang appeared when he saw beauties, and concluded that he did not resemble someone who liked men.

“B-Brother, s-since they’ve grown suspicious of us, w-wouldn’t it b-be very d-dangerous for us to stay here? How a-about the t-two of us t-try escaping?” Wang Qiang said.

“Indeed, it’s very dangerous. However, if we try to escape right away, we will definitely not be able to escape. Thus, we must set up that Immortal-avoiding Concealment Formation once again,” Chu Feng said.

“Hehe, b-brother, w-we’re thinking the same thing,” Wang Qiang said.

Neither Chu Feng or Wang Qiang were people that wanted to resign themselves to fate. And now, the only thing capable of helping them escape would be the Immortal-avoiding Concealment Formation.

The two of them did not dare to hesitate. Immediately, they started to jointly set up the spirit formation.


However, they had no clue that the Kong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief had returned to the Kong Heavenly Clan.

Furthermore, he had gathered all of the Kong Heavenly Clan’s upper echelons in one place. Even the Supreme Elders that were in closed-door training were summoned by him.

Even though the Kong Heavenly Clansmen had no idea what their Lord Clan Chief planned to do, the fact that even their Supreme Elders that were in closed-door training were summoned meant that this… was absolutely no small matter.

Something major had most definitely occurred.

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