Chapter 2417 - The Outcome Of The Battle Has Been Decided

 Chapter 2417 - The Outcome Of The Battle Has Been Decided

The fire dragon soared into the sky. Immediately, the temperature started rising. Even space itself was burned to a fiery red color.

“Damn it!”

After Kong Ruozeng boasted, he had originally wanted to display his might by defeating Chu Feng.

However, at that moment, he had no choice but to turn to escape. The reason for that was because that fire dragon was not only extremely powerful, but also extremely fast. Furthermore, the distance between him and Chu Feng was very close. As such, he simply had no chance to unleash a counterattack.

If Kong Ruozeng did not flee, he would definitely be struck by Chu feng’s attack. If he was struck, even if he managed to survive, he would definitely be injured.

However, never did Kong Ruozeng imagine that Chu Feng would continue to not give him the opportunity to fight back.

Following that fire dragon, Chu Feng began to unleash multiple Taboo Martial Skills in succession. They forced Kong Ruozeng to flee all over the sky, trapping him in a dilemma.


At that moment, the surrounding crowd were all unable to contain themselves from sucking in a mouthful of cold air.

Kong Ruozeng was a genius at martial cultivation. Else, it would be impossible for him to have fought against Wang Qiang for so long. As he had taken a forbidden medicine that increased his battle power, it made it so that very few people with the same level of battle power could contend against him.

However, it was precisely such a Kong Ruozeng that was beaten fleeing by Chu Feng after a mere two exchanges. He actually no longer possessed the ability to fight back. With that being the case, they could naturally imagine how powerful Chu Feng was.

Thus, not to mention the guests, even many of the Kong Heavenly Clansmen started to have a whole new level of respect for Chu Feng.

They were all subdued by Chu Feng’s strength.

“He is truly qualified to be known as a genius.”

Some of the elderly individuals among the crowd began to look at Chu Feng with eyes filled with praise.

A Kong Heavenly Clan’s elder turned to ask Kong Shunlian, “Lord Supreme Elder, Ruozeng took a forbidden medicine. His battle power has reached the limits of rank two Martial Ancestors. How is that Chu Feng… still able to suppress Ruozeng like this?”

“While it is true that Ruozeng’s battle power has reached the limits, it does not mean that Chu Feng’s battle power would be inferior to Ruozeng’s. Furthermore… there is one aspect regarding Chu Feng that surpasses Ruozeng,” Kong Shunlian said.

“Which aspect?” That elder asked.

“Chu Feng’s understanding and mastery over his martial skills is extremely exquisite. It greatly surpasses that of Ruozeng.”

“This is the first time that I have encountered a Half Martial Ancestor-level expert who is able to utilize martial skills to this degree. It is precisely because Chu Feng’s comprehension and mastery toward martial skills surpasses that of ordinary people that he has managed to completely suppress Ruozeng after unleashing his martial skills,” Kong Shunlian explained.

“That Chu Feng, he’s actually that powerful?”

After hearing Kong Shunlian’s explanation, the Kong Heavenly Clan’s elders beside him all started to have a whole new level of respect for Chu Feng.

If one only possessed overwhelming battle power, it would only mean that one was gifted in martial cultivation. However, that would not amount to anything too extraordinary. After all, a lot of the Heavenly Bloodline possessors possessed overwhelming battle power.

However, to be able to comprehend martial skills to such a degree would mean that individual was not only gifted with talent, but also possessed great comprehension ability. A genius like that would be very rarely seen, even among the Heavenly Bloodline possessors.

“Indeed, he’s amazingly powerful. Else, how would he be able to become famous throughout the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm in such a short period of time, and even obtain Grandmaster Kai Hong’s inheritance?” Kong Shunlian said.

“Regardless of how amazing he might be, if he has snatched away our Kong Heavenly Clan’s inheritance, he will still die today,” Suddenly, an ice-cold voice sounded. It was a voice transmission that entered the Kong Heavenly Clan’s elders’ ears. That voice shattered the current atmosphere.

It was Kong Moyu. At that moment, Kong Moyu was staring at Chu Feng. His ice-cold gaze grew colder and colder. Merely by looking at his gaze, one would tremble with fear.

“Lord Supreme Elders,” Right at that moment, space slightly trembled. Then, a figure appeared.

Upon seeing that person, Kong Shunlian, Kong Moyu and some of the elders present revealed tense expressions.

The reason for that was because this elder was precisely the elder that Kong Moyu had dispatched to inquire about the situation at the ancient pagoda.

What he said would determine Chu Feng’s life and death.

“How was it? Is that intruder still inside?” Kong Moyu asked.

“Lord Supreme Elders, Lady Yuehua said that the intruder has appeared again. Furthermore, that intruder is currently inside the Grief Calamity Mountain Range,” That elder replied.

“Ah?” Hearing those words, Kong Moyu immediately revealed a disappointed expression. Then, he asked, “Are you certain?”

“Lord Supreme Elder, as this matter is of the utmost importance, this junior would not dare to be careless. I have asked Lady Yuehua three times, and received the same answer each time.”

“On the way back, Lady Yuehua even said that she had wrongly accused Chu Feng. She told me to tell Lord Supreme Elders that you two must definitely stabilize the situation and return Chu Feng’s innocence to him,” That elder said.

Hearing those words, Kong Shunlian did not say anything. However, he was unable to keep himself from heaving a long sigh of relief. From the bottom of his heart, he did not wish for Chu Feng to be related with that intruder.

And now, the boulder on his heart was finally lifted.

“This is bad,” At that moment, Kong Moyu also revealed a worried expression. He took a glance at Wang Qiang, and then took a glance at Chu Feng.

Then, he looked to Kong Shunlian and said, “Brother Shunlian, it seems that you were correct. I truly never expected for that girl Kong Qiuci, that girl who had been honest all these years, to tell such an enormous lie to all of us for the sake of her disappointing son and husband.”

“I will definitely look into this matter, and not forgive them easily,” After saying those words, Kong Moyu cast a glance at Kong Ruozeng’s parents, Kong Yao and Kong Qiuci, in the distance. Anger filled his eyes.

However, he soon turned his gaze to Kong Shunlian again. With a wry smile, he said, “However, the situation at hand has already reached this point. Thus, I will have to trouble you to explain this matter to little friend Chu Feng.”

“Rest assured, I know how to handle this. What we should do now is just continue watching the battle,” Kong Shunlian said with a smile. Then, he turned his gaze to the battle in the sky again.


“This is truly too…”

Upon seeing the scene in the sky, the elders’ expressions all changed to one of utter astonishment.

In merely a blink of an eye, Kong Ruozeng was forced into a corner by Chu Feng. Even though he was still fleeing nonstop, there were already many wounds on his body.

There were cut marks, burn marks and even marks of being struck by lightning.

Most importantly, the crimson gaseous flames that were interwoven with the lightning covering his body were gradually disappearing.

Following the disappearance of those crimson gaseous flames, Kong Ruozeng’s aura grew weaker and weaker.

As for Chu Feng, his attacks grew fiercer and fiercer.

“It would seem that Ruozeng’s forbidden medicine is starting to lose its effect. The outcome of this battle is decided,” The Kong Heavenly Clan’s elders started to shake their heads and sigh.

Today, they of the Kong Heavenly Clan had truly been humiliated.


Right at that moment, a scream was heard. One of Chu Feng’s slashes had landed on Kong Ruozeng.

Like a loose kite, Kong Ruozeng spun in the sky. Then, he ruthlessly fell to the ground.

Thick smoke immediately filled the air. However, by looking through the smoke, the crowd were able to see that Kong Ruozeng’s left shoulder and left arm had both been sliced off.

Blood was bubbling from his wound, and his aura grew extremely weak. An expression of pain filled his face.


Right at that moment, a figure suddenly landed from the sky and ruthlessly stepped on Kong Ruozeng’s legs, shattering them.

“Chu Feng, I admit defeat, I admit defeat!!!” Kong Ruozeng endured the pain and started to strenuously beg for forgiveness.

“Indeed, you’ve lost. However, I’m not going to spare you.”

Chu Feng was expressionless toward Kong Ruozeng’s begging for forgiveness before his deathbed. Instead, he slowly swung his Magma Emperor Sword.

In the end, Chu Feng’s Magma Emperor Sword was aimed at Kong Ruozeng’s dantian.

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