Chapter 2411 - Rank Nine Half Martial Ancestor

 Chapter 2411 - Rank Nine Half Martial Ancestor

“Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom~~~”

At that moment, explosions were resounding nonstop outside of the palace that served as Chu Feng’s residence.

They were caused by the battle between Wang Qiang and Kong Ruozeng.

Very rarely would battles occur in the Kong Heavenly Clan. Even when sparring among the younger generation, they would do so in special sites.

As for that place, it was a residence for guests. As such, there would hardly ever be any battles in that place to begin with. As such, the sudden appearance of a battle inevitably caused countless people to gather and watch in a circle.

At that moment, not only were there a lot of people from the Kong Heavenly Clan gathered outside the palace, there were a lot of guests who had come to pay their respects to Chu Feng.

Perhaps it might be because the Divine Tribulation’s lightning had struck down twice but caused no destruction, that the crowd was no longer worried about the Divine Tribulation’s lightning. As such, they began to eagerly enjoy the lively show.

“As expected of an extraordinary genius. This Wang Qiang is the one that obtained Grandmaster Kai Hong’s inheritance with Chu Feng, right?”

“Amazing indeed. Judging by their appearances, this Wang Qiang should be much younger than that member of the Kong Heavenly Clan’s younger generation. Yet, his cultivation is much stronger. If it wasn’t for that Kong Heavenly Clan’s younger generation possessing a Heavenly Bloodline, he would simply be no match for that Wang Qiang.”

“Amazing, truly amazing. As expected of a genius known to be able to contend against that Young Master Li Ming.”

The surrounding crowd was praising nonstop as they looked at the battle between Wang Qiang and Kong Ruozeng.

However, the great majority of them were praising Wang Qiang. Their praise could even be said to be unending.

“You bastard, you actually concealed your cultivation?” At that moment, Kong Ruozeng had unleashed both his Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings, the signature abilities of Heavenly Bloodline possessors.

At that moment, his cultivation had increased from rank nine Half Martial Ancestor to rank two Martial Ancestor.

Adding on his heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting three levels of cultivation, the current Kong Ruozeng was truly powerful.

However, he was unable to defeat Wang Qiang.

The reason for that was because Wang Qiang’s cultivation was no longer that of a rank one Martial Ancestor. Rather, he was a rank two Martial Ancestor.

Furthermore, Wang Qiang also possessed a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting three levels of cultivation.

“C-concealed my c-cultivation?”

“Humph, y-your granddaddy I am n-never one to conceal m-my cultivation. I-it’s merely t-that your granddaddy I m-managed to r-reach a breakthrough during m-my closed-door t-training,” Wang Qiang said with a beaming smile.

Wang Qiang was not lying. He had indeed reached a breakthrough in closed-door training. After all, he possessed that spittoon that contained comprehensions toward the way of martial cultivation. As long as he comprehended the contents within the spittoon, he would be able to successfully reach a breakthrough. Thus, Wang Qiang’s rank two Martial Ancestor-level cultivation had been obtained through the martial cultivation spittoon.

That said, Kong Ruozeng did not believe Wang Qiang in the slightest. He mocked and ridiculed, “Reached a breakthrough in closed-door training? You’ve only been in closed-door training for a short period of time. Yet you’re telling me you managed to reach rank two Martial Ancestor from rank one Martial Ancestor in such a short period of time?”

“Hehe, h-h-how could m-mere t-trash like you p-possibly understand the l-loneliness of a g-genius like y-your granddaddy I?” Wang Qiang mocked and ridiculed back. He was mentally attacking Kong Ruozeng nonstop. While he was doing that, he did not stop his onslaught of attacks either.

At that moment, both fighters were holding Incomplete Ancestral Armaments. They both possessed the same level of cultivation and the same heaven-defying battle power. As such, the two of them fought to a wild frenzy and were unable to determine a victor.

“Kong Ruozeng, stop immediately!!!”

Right at that moment, a furious shout was heard. It was Kong Shunlian.

Once Kong Shunlian arrived on the scene, the people from the Kong Heavenly Clan immediately felt enormous veneration for him.

They had all heard of Kong Ruozeng being punished with the medicinal punishment after provoking Chu Feng earlier.

Thus, they knew that Kong Shunlian shielded Chu Feng enormously. And now, with his arrival, Kong Ruozeng would likely end up suffering.

“Brother Shunlian, it is merely a spar between members of the younger generation. There’s no need for you to be this furious, no?” Right at that moment, Kong Moyu also arrived. And stopped Kong Shunlian.

Like Kong Yuehua, Kong Moyu also suspected that Chu Feng was the intruder. Since Kong Yuehua had plotted this, he would naturally not want Kong Shunlian to destroy their plan.

“Hehe, t-this senior, i-it’s fine, we are merely sparring,” Wang Qiang said to Kong Shunlian with a beaming smile.

“Look, this little friend here has no objection to it. As such, why must you insist on obstructing them? A spar between people of the younger generation is nothing major to begin with,” Kong Moyu said to Kong Shunlian.

However, once Wang Qiang said his following words, that Kong Moyu’s expression turned ugly.

“R-rest as-assured, I will n-not beat him to death; at the v-very most, I’ll beat him till he p-pisses and shits himself, and is unable to p-provide for himself,” Wang Qiang said with a complacent expression.

Wang Qiang had totally not considered this place to be the Kong Heavenly Clan, nor did he put the people of the Kong Heavenly Clan in his eyes at all. He was unhesitant to say anything he wanted. This was who Wang Qiang was.

“You’re fucking spouting bullshit!” Kong Ruozeng was already furious to begin with. Thus, he overflowed with immense anger the moment Wang Qiang dared to insult him before their Kong Heavenly Clan’s Supreme Elders. He unleashed a fatal attack at Wang Qiang. This was simply not a sparring match at all; he was simply trying to take Wang Qiang’s life.

“Kong Yao, Qiuci, what is going on here?” Seeing that he could not stop this battle, Kong Shunlian turned his gaze to Kong Ruozeng’s parents.

In response, Kong Ruozeng’s parents hurriedly sent voice transmissions to Kong Shunlian to explain what had happened.

In actuality, Kong Shunlian already knew what had happened.

“I will only tell you all one thing. Little friend Chu Feng is an honored guest invited over by our Kong Heavenly Clan. Today, if you all are to have wrongly accused him, I will absolutely not let you get away with it,” Kong Shunlian said through his own voice transmission. That voice transmission entered only Kong Ruozeng’s parents’ ears.

Upon hearing those words, Kong Ruozeng’s parents immediately shivered. Even their hearts started to tremble.

Killing intent. The two of them actually felt killing intent from Kong Shunlian’s words.

This was the first time in their entire lives that they had seen Kong Shunlian targeting his killing intent at his own clansmen, and at them, to top it off.

As matters stood, they finally realized how serious the situation was. However, as they’d already gone too far, there was no way for them to back out. They could only insist that Chu Feng had appeared at the entrance of the Grief Calamity Mountain Range.

Fortunately, they had Kong Yuehua standing behind them. That was why they were still able to withstand Kong Shunlian’s pressure.

Furthermore, as he was stopped by Kong Moyu, Kong Shunlian was unable to stop this farce, and could only remain as a spectator.

Merely, he no longer possessed any confidence. He thought in his heart, ‘Little friend Chu Feng, I hope that the intruder is not you. Else, even this old man will not be able to protect you.’

As Wang Qiang and Kong Ruozeng continued to remain locked in battle, more and more people arrived to spectate the battle.

Although there were many guests who felt that it was inappropriate for a member of the Kong Heavenly Clan’s younger generation to provoke Wang Qiang like this, it remained that this was a showdown between geniuses. Thus, as they took pleasure in watching the excitement, they did not say anything, and instead grew more interested the more they watched.

However, Chu Feng had no idea about this battle and crisis.

At that moment, Chu Feng was still inside the palace in the Grief Calamity Mountain Range.

He had opened his eyes. As for his aura, it was actually even stronger than before. He was already no longer a rank eight Half Martial Ancestor, but instead a rank nine Half Martial Ancestor.

Chu Feng had managed to make two successive breakthroughs, and became an actual rank nine Half Martial Ancestor, an actual peak Half Martial Ancestor.

“Chu Feng, why aren’t you continuing to attempt to break through? Could it be that the engravings containing the profoundness of martial cultivation that old fellow spent so much time engraving are only sufficient for you to reach rank nine Half Martial Ancestor?” Her Lady Queen asked nervously upon seeing that Chu Feng had stood up and seemed like he did not plan to continue to attempt to break through.

“I’ve already made two successive breakthroughs, is that still not enough? This here is even more powerful than what my Chu Heavenly Clan’s senior left behind,” Compared to Her Lady Queen, Chu Feng was quite satisfied with the result.

“But, that stutterer managed to break through to the Martial Ancestor realm. Furthermore, he even left behind that martial cultivation spittoon. That thing is extremely powerful; he might even be able to reach another breakthrough after comprehending it.”

“You are simply too foolish. He offered you the martial cultivation spittoon, so you should’ve accepted it. If you had accepted it, you would be a Martial Ancestor now too,” Her Lady Queen said.

“It’s enough. My dear Eggy, my dear Queen, that is my brother’s possession, how could I accept it?” Chu Feng smiled and shook his head.

He knew very well that Her Lady Queen was thinking for his sake. However, her concern had reached an excessive state.

That is, as long as it was beneficial to Chu Feng, Her Lady Queen would completely disregard the lives and deaths of others.

This sort of consideration was not something that ordinary people could have. Chu Feng was actually very emotionally moved by it. Merely, he also possessed his own principles. That is, he could not touch what was useful to his brother.

“What is with that old fart Kai Hong anyways? Isn’t the disparity for the treasures in these two places too enormous?” Her Lady Queen felt aggrieved, and sighed. She was truly angry because the benefits Chu Feng had obtained was inferior to what Wang Qiang had obtained.

“Well then, Milady Queen, it is time for us to leave this place,” Chu Feng comforted Eggy with a smile. As he spoke, he planned to leave.

“Young man, don’t leave.”

Suddenly, a voice sounded from behind Chu Feng.

“Who? Who is speaking?”

Hearing that voice, Chu Feng’s heart tightened. The reason for that was because that voice was very gloomy. Merely by hearing that voice, Chu Feng felt as if his hair was standing on end.

Turning around, Chu Feng felt even greater unease.

The reason for that was because he discovered that there was nothing behind him at all.

“Don’t be afraid. I am like you, an enemy of the Kong Heavenly Clan,” Right at that moment, that gloomy voice sounded again.

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