Chapter 2412 - Hero City, Ying Mingchao

Chapter 2412 - Hero City, Ying Mingchao

“Don’t be scared, I am like you, an enemy of the Kong Heavenly Clan,” Right at that moment, that gloomy voice sounded again.

This time around, Chu Feng was able to be certain of the location where the voice had come from. However, even after using his Heaven’s Eyes, that powerful observation ability, Chu Feng was unable to find anyone at that location.

“Exactly who are you? Why do you say that I am an enemy of the Kong Heavenly Clan?” Chu Feng asked with a stern voice.

“In that case, you’re not an enemy of the Kong Heavenly Clan. If that’s the case, I cannot allow you to leave here alive,” After saying those words, that voice sounded once again.

Merely, this time around, a dense killing intent and boundless oppressive might accompanied the voice. That oppressive might was too powerful. It had managed to instantly envelop Chu Feng.

Before that oppressive might, Chu Feng was like a fallen leaf before a violent gale; he simply have no way to withstand it.

“True Immortal?” Chu Feng subconsciously felt that this unknown individual was at least a True Immortal-level expert.

Furthermore, this individual was not formed through a spirit formation. Rather, he was an actual human.

No, to be exact, this individual was no longer human. His cultivation had reached the True Immortal level, and thus surpassed the limits of humanity, becoming an Immortal. An actual Immortal had appeared before Chu Feng’s eyes.

However, this place was the place containing the Kong Heavenly Clan’s inheritance. Yet, there was someone in this place. In that case, why were the treasures here left completely intact?

Could it be that this individual was like Grandmaster Kai Hong, who had discovered this place but did not have the intention to take away the treasures, and instead decided to leave it for others?

But, that shouldn’t be the case. This person had declared himself to be the Kong Heavenly Clan’s enemy, and even revealed killing intent toward Chu Feng.

“Indeed, the Kong Heavenly Clan and I are not enemies. However, judging from the situation at hand, we are no different from being enemies,” Chu Feng said.

“Why do you say that?” That voice asked.

“Because I’ve obtained the treasures here. It is equivalent to snatching away their inheritance. I believe that if they were to know about this matter, they would definitely not let me get away,” Chu Feng continued to explain.

It was not that Chu Feng was afraid after encountering a True Immortal-level expert. Rather, what Chu Feng said was the truth.

“You should’ve said that from the very start. If you did, you wouldn’t have forced this great sir to reveal his might. I think that to be the case too. After all, the Kong Heavenly Clan is a group of narrow-minded individuals. They will definitely not spare you.”

As that voice was heard again, the killing intent disappeared following it. Merely, that oppressive might still enveloped Chu Feng, sealing his path to leave.

“Senior, since you do not want me to leave, it seems like you have something you wish to say to me. In that case, can you reveal yourself?” Chu Feng asked.

“Brat, it seems that you are a smart person. Since you’re a smart person, you should be able to think of the reason why this great sir is not revealing himself,” That voice said.

“Could it be that senior is unable to reveal yourself?” Chu Feng asked.

“That’s right. This great sir is currently without the freedom to act independently,” That voice said.

“Then, may I know who senior might be, and why you’ve come to this place?” Chu Feng asked again.

“You must’ve heard this great sir’s name before. Thus, I urge you best prepare yourself, for you will likely be scared witless after hearing my great name,” The voice said in a very proud manner.

“Who is this guy? He’s too arrogant, no?” Her Lady Queen pouted her lips with an expression of contempt.

As for Chu Feng, he had a smile on his face as he courteously said, “Senior, please inform me of your identity.”

“This great sir is called Ying Mingchao. I am the Hero City’s City Master,” That voice said.

“Ying Mingchao? Hero City?” Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s expression turned sluggish. The reason for that was because he had truly never heard of that name or that place before.

“Boy, what the fuck is with your expression?! You couldn’t possibly have never heard of this great sir’s name before, right?!” Seeing Chu Feng’s dazed expression, the voice was immediately agitated. Evidently, he realized that Chu Feng might not know of him.

Merely, he had already boasted of his greatness earlier. If Chu Feng really didn’t know him, he would find himself in a very awkward situation.

At that moment, Chu Feng laughed awkwardly. Then, he said, “Senior, to tell the truth, this junior is not from the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm. Furthermore, I have only been in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm for a short period of time. Thus, I know very little about the people and events of the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.”

“So that’s the case. You’re a member of the younger generation from an Upper Realm. No wonder, no wonder. If that’s the case, it is normal for you to not know about this great sir,” The man who declared himself to be Ying Mingchao had determined Chu Feng to be someone from the Upper Realms.

As for Chu Feng, he did not bother to explain this misunderstanding. Instead, he asked, “Then, senior, might you be willing to explain to this junior?”

“That’s of course not an issue,” Ying Mingchao was very frank and straightforward. He began to tell Chu Feng about himself.

After hearing about it, Chu Feng found out that this Ying Mingchao was truly a top existence.

He could be said to be the person in the several tens of thousands of years between Zhan Haichuan and Grandmaster Kai Hong to possess the greatest talent for martial cultivation. He was someone who had been very likely to become the number one expert of the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

This Ying Mingchao had not belonged to any powers, and had originally been a bandit.

Merely, although he was a bandit, he would never bully the commoners. Instead, he was someone who would perform righteous acts, and rob the rich to help the poor.

This bandit Ying Mingchao possessed extraordinary talent. His cultivation also rapidly increased. As such, his banditry grew more and more grandiose.

By relying on his extraordinary abilities, he turned from a nameless bandit into a widely famous hero in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

Furthermore, as he possessed a straightforward and frank temperament, he managed to befriend a group of like-minded individuals. Furthermore, those friends of his were all extraordinary individuals.

This group of people were all talented individuals that did not belong to any power. They gathered together, settled in one location and established the so-called Hero City.

As for this Hero City, it would only recruit the able and virtuous individuals of the world. Regardless of their cultivation, as long as they wanted to join them, they would be allowed to join their Hero City.

However, the Hero City had a strict rule. That was that the people of the Hero City were not allowed to willfully slaughter the innocent, not allowed to bully the weak, not allowed to bring about misfortunes upon others, and not allowed to ignore others in need.

Those who went against this rule would all be killed without exception.

In short, this Hero City was a power that would root out the strong and support the weak. They did not let down the title of ‘hero.’

As for Ying Mingchao, he was a cultivation genius. When he was only a thousand years old, he became a True Immortal-level expert and was deemed to be the existence that was most hopeful to stand at the apex of the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm after Zhan Haichuan and Grandmaster Kai Hong.

This also caused Hero City to grow and bustle with publicity. Furthermore, as they became very popular, Hero City grew larger and larger.

Everyone felt that Hero City had become another tier one power in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm. Furthermore, they felt that it would surpass the Kong Heavenly Clan, Zhou Heavenly Clan, Immortal Sword School, and Buddha’s Heavenly Temple to become the strongest power in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

“Hero City was actually that famous. In that case, I shouldn’t have never heard of it,” Chu Feng said.

“Boy, you’re thinking that this great sir is lying to you?”

“You can go and make inquiries about me. When have I, Ying Mingchao, ever lied? When have I ever boasted? I am someone who says one thing and means just that. I am someone who will always keep my word,” Ying Mingchao had a very annoyed tone to his voice. In fact, there was even a trace of agitation. It could be seen that he was very displeased with how Chu Feng questioned his words.

“Senior, your strength is before me. How could this junior suspect you of lying?”

“However, this junior has never before heard of your accomplishments. Furthermore, it is also true that I’ve never heard of the Hero City.”

“That is why it is suspicious. Thus… might this be related to the reason why you’re here?” Chu Feng asked.

“It seems that my Hero City is already no longer present,” Hearing what Chu Feng said, that Ying Mingchao’s voice immediately grew downcast. Then, he suddenly laughed bitterly and said, “Kong Heavenly Clan, Zhou Heavenly Clan, you all are truly ruthless.”

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