Chapter 2410 - Continuous Breakthrough

 Chapter 2410 - Continuous Breakthrough

Frightening lightning surrounded a single person with the intention to kill, destroy and extinguish that person.

As for this person, he was none other than Chu Feng.

Faced with such a situation, Chu Feng could only endure. He had no other choice.

After all, this was the Divine Tribulation.

If he failed to endure it, even if he managed to survive, he would be seriously injured. In fact, his future prospects would likely end at that point as well.

However, if he was able to endure it, Chu Feng would be able to reach a breakthrough in cultivation.


Suddenly, the frightening lightning started to dissipate. The next moment, the painful expression on Chu Feng’s face grew better, his complexion became rosy, and his aura became more powerful.

He had reached a breakthrough. From rank seven Half Martial Ancestor, Chu Feng had reached a breakthrough to rank eight Half Martial Ancestor.

However, Chu Feng’s eyes were still closed. The martial power within his body was still flowing following a special trajectory, pouring into his dantian and then rushing out.

Chu Feng was attempting to continue to breakthrough. He was attempting to batter the bottleneck to rank nine Half Martial Ancestor.

However, Chu Feng was only concerned about making breakthroughs in cultivation, and had completely forgotten about the power of his Divine Tribulation and the commotion that it might cause.

Even though the Kong Heavenly Clan had not really suffered the attack of the Divine Tribulation, they were still filled with chaos and panic.

When speaking of it, it was quite ironic. The Kong Heavenly Clan was clearly one of the powers in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm that possessed the most robust foundations and the strongest strength.

Yet now, they were panic-stricken and restless. Their appearance was as if they were experiencing the arrival of doomsday. It was as if an invisible shadow had enveloped this huge monster that was the Kong Heavenly Clan.

“Could it really be that the inheritance has been snatched?”

“But, if the inheritance has been snatched, why would it give rise to such an abnormal sign?” Kong Shunlian did not feel that the lightning strike earlier was caused by their inheritance being snatched.

“We have no idea how powerful Lord Primogenitor was. However, one thing is certain, the inheritance he left behind was definitely extraordinary.”

“Furthermore, the power of our Heavenly Bloodline is related to lightning to begin with. The more dreadful that abnormal sign appears to be, the more it signifies how amazing that inheritance was,” Compared to Kong Shunlian, Kong Moyu was determined that their Kong Heavenly Clan’s inheritance had been snatched.

By associating the lightning earlier with the still-lingering black clouds in the sky, Kong Moyu was able to imagine how powerful the inheritance was.

The more he thought about it, the more furious he became. With overwhelming anger, he clenched his fists and gnashed his teeth. His killing intent was filling the air in an completely unconcealed manner.

In fact, the people that knew about there being an intruder in the Grief Calamity Mountain Range basically had two different opinions.

They either felt that the lightning was related to the inheritance.

Or they felt that the lightning was unrelated to the inheritance.

However, no one ever thought that this might be the legendary Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique. In fact… not to mention the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique, the people of the Kong Heavenly Clan had never even seen the Heaven Punishment Mysterious Technique before.

The great majority of them trained in the Mortal Punishment Mysterious Technique. Even though the Mortal Punishment Mysterious Technique would also cause its users to receive punishments during their breakthroughs, those punishments would only originate from their own bloodlines.

The punishments from the Mortal Punishment Mysterious Technique was simply not one that would startle the heaven and earth, not one visible to others and definitely not one that could arouse such a frightening abnormal sign.

Thus, they simply would never imagine that such a frightening abnormal sign was created by the breakthrough of a Heavenly Bloodline possessor.

“Could it be that that thing being related to Chu Feng was merely a coincidence?” At that moment, Kong Zheng, who had suspected the lightning to be related with Chu Feng, was feeling puzzled.

If the frightening lightning being caused by Chu Feng made sense the last time around, then it didn’t make sense this time.

The reason for that was because the location where that lightning struck was truly quite far away from Chu Feng’s residence.

“Rumble, rumble~~~”

Right at that moment, the still-dispersing black clouds that were lingering in the sky suddenly started to gather once again. Together with the gathering of the black clouds, the frightening lightning once again started to gallop through the clouds. Furthermore, it was even mightier this time around.

“It’s here again?!!!”

Even though the lightning had descended upon the Grief Calamity Mountain Range and had not injured anyone from the Kong Heavenly Clan, the people of the Kong Heavenly Clan were once again immersed in panic and fear the moment that frightening abnormal sign appeared again.

They had no idea as to exactly what sort of power that Divine Tribulation’s lightning possessed. However, they were certain that the power it possessed was capable of destroying an entire region.

“Rumble, rumble~~~”

Soon, the Divine Tribulation’s lightning struck down once again. As for its target, it was the Grief Calamity Mountain Range again.

“It actually struck down twice in succession? It’s over, it’s over, the inheritance must’ve been snatched.”

“Damn it! Exactly who is the intruder that actually dared to snatch away our Kong Heavenly Clan’s inheritance?!”

Not only was Kong Moyu furious, he was also feeling very anxious, so anxious that his face was covered with sweat, and his body was restless.

The reason for that was because he had determined with certainty that it was their Kong Heavenly Clan’s inheritance that was being snatched away by the intruder to have caused that abnormal sign. Merely, he was powerless to do anything in this sort of situation. As such, he would naturally become anxious.

“Lord Supreme Elders, this is bad!”

Suddenly, an elder ran over.

“What’s wrong? What’s happened now?” Kong Moyu asked in an annoyed manner.

“Kong Ruozeng has gone to challenge Chu Feng again. Furthermore, he has smashed apart the palace’s entrance gate and started fighting against that Young Master Wang Qiang,” That elder said.

“What utter impudence!!!” Upon finding out about it, Kong Shunlian was immediately furious. As he spoke, he planned to move to stop it. However, suddenly, his expression changed. He asked, “Didn’t I have people guarding Chu Feng’s residence? How did Kong Ruozeng manage to charge in?”

“This… actually, this is Lady Yuehua’s intention,” That elder replied.

“Elder Yuehua?” After hearing that, not to mention Kong Shunlian, even Kong Moyu revealed a change in expression.

“What is wrong with Yuehua? Does she not know that Chu Feng is an honored guest that Lord Clan Chief personally ordered Elder Shunlian to invite?”

“Earlier, that Kong Ruozeng had already committed a mistake and left behind a very bad impression.”

“Yet now, why did even Elder Yuehua involve herself in this? Could it be that she has gone foolish before such a great catastrophe?” Elder Kong Moyu said in a very displeased manner.

His mood was bad to begin with. Thus, upon hearing the news, he naturally felt even more dipleased.

“Lord Supreme Elders, there’s a reason for this,” That elder said with a difficult expression.

“Exactly what is going on?” Kong Shunlian urged.

After being urged by Kong Shunlian, that elder relayed what had happened to Kong Shunlian and Kong Moyu.

“So it’s actually that Chu Feng! What an utter ungrateful bastard! Our Kong Heavenly Clan treated him so well, yet he actually wanted to steal our Kong Heavenly Clan’s inheritance,” After hearing about what had happened, the killing intent Kong Moyu was emitting grew even stronger.

“Brother Moyu, have you gone muddled? What sort of place is the Grief Calamity Mountain Range? How could Chu Feng possibly be able to enter it?” Kong Shunlian said.

“But, isn’t that Chu Feng in closed-door training? Why would he appear in the Grief Calamity Mountain Range’s vicinity?”

“Don’t you tell me that Qiuci is lying so as to help her son and husband obtain revenge.”

“We have watched Qiuci grow up. We know very well what sort of character she is.”

“In the past, even if she was bullied by others, she would not be willing to tell on them. How could someone as kind-hearted as her possibly do something like lying?” Kong Moyu said.

“That child Qiuci will naturally not lie. Merely… it’s impossible for Chu Feng to be able to enter the Grief Calamity Mountain Range. Furthermore, even if he did enter it, he would not be capable of opening that spirit formation,” Kong Shunlian said.

“This matter is of the utmost importance. Neither you nor I can determine the truth of this matter. However, since that Chu Feng is suspicious, we absolutely cannot let him get away.”

“I feel that Elder Yuehua’s decision to have a member of the younger generation act is very correct. If Chu Feng is really undergoing closed-door training, it would mean that Qiuci is lying. At that time, even if you didn’t say anything, I would definitely not spare her.”

“However, if that Chu Feng is not in closed-door training, it would mean that he must’ve entered the Grief Calamity Mountain Range. In that case, we absolutely cannot allow him to leave here alive,” Kong Moyu said.

“Moyu, I understand your state of mind. The interest of our clan surpasses everything else.”

“However, it was I who invited little friend Chu Feng over here. At that time, I said that I would guarantee his safety. Even if what is happening today concerns our clan’s inheritance, I still cannot go against my promise.”

“Thus, I cannot watch with folded arms.”

After he finished saying those words, Kong Shunlian soared into the sky and began to fly toward Chu Feng’s residence.

“Truly foolish,” Seeing that, Kong Moyu actually went chasing after Kong Shunlian. The two Supreme Elders guarding the entrance of the Grief Calamity Mountain Range actually left at the same time.

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