Chapter 2407 - Kill Chu Feng

Chapter 2407 - Kill Chu Feng

“There are very deep feelings between myself and this Flame Dragon Greatsword. If you are able to have it recognize you as its master, I hope that you will treat it well. After all, it is something with life,” As the old man spoke, he gently stroked the Ancestral Armament.

He said, “Old friend, we will soon be separated completely. Yet, I am still reluctant to part with you. Merely, as I am no longer in this world, I really shouldn’t have you accompany me the entire time, burying your sharpness with me. Go ahead and accompany him. For him to be able to reach this place, it most definitely means that he is qualified to match you.”

It could be seen that the old man possessed very deep feelings for this Ancestral Armament.

Then, the old man turned around and pointed to the most alluring martial skill among all the numerous martial skills behind him, that one Ancestral Taboo Martial Skill.

“This Ancestral Taboo Martial Skill is the strongest martial skill in this place. Its name is Ancestral Taboo: Thundercloud Displacement.”

“The Ancestral Taboo: Thundercloud Displacement is the most difficult martial skill among all the martial skills this old man has obtained throughout his life. It is also the strongest of all my martial skills.”

“When this old man was only a Martial Ancestor, I was simply unable to unleash the might of this martial skill. It was only when my cultivation reached the True Immortal level that I was capable of unleashing this martial skill’s true power.”

“If I am to leave the Ancestral Taboo: Thundercloud Displacement to my Kong Heavenly Clan’s descendants, they might not necessarily be able to master it. However, since you were able to reach this place, you should be extraordinarily talented. I hope that you do not let this Ancestral Taboo: Thundercloud Displacement down.”

After that, the old man began to introduce all of the treasures stored in that place one at a time.

However, what Chu Feng was concerned with the most was the way of martial cultivation that the old man had left behind.

Although the old man should've been a grand character in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm before his death, it remained that he was only someone who was able to move about unhindered in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm. Thus, Chu Feng was afraid that the profoundness of the way of martial cultivation he had left behind might not be able to provide Chu Feng with much benefits.

In fact, he feared that it would take him a lot of effort to comprehend it too. Thus, Chu Feng hoped that he would be able to obtain indications from this old man so that he could obtain comprehension easier.

“All the things this old man has left behind were acquired by this old man from the remnants of my seniors. Only one thing here is left behind by this old man himself.”

“That would be the writings all over the walls. Those writings are no ordinary writings. Rather, I have used a special method to engrave my comprehension of the way of martial cultivation into those writings.”

“The way of martial cultivation can only be understood, but not described. Thus, it will be overwhelmingly difficult for one to inherit the contents of those writings.”

“However, since this old man has left it in this land of inheritance, I must naturally make it so that the person who arrives here will actually obtain the inheritance.”

“Those writings took this old man a total of one thousand eight hundred and thirty-nine years to engrave onto the walls. As long as you wholeheartedly comprehend them, I believe they will be helpful to you,” The old man pointed to the veined patterns that filled the walls.

“One thousand eight hundred and thirty-nine years?”

“Doesn’t that mean nearly two thousand years?”

At that moment, Chu Feng felt great astonishment in his heart. He suddenly felt very ashamed of his opinion of the old man earlier.

Earlier, he felt that since the old man’s cultivation was limited to being at the apex of the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm, the profoundness toward the way of martial cultivation he left behind would definitely be limited too.

However, that old man had actually spent nearly two thousand years leaving behind the way of martial cultivation engraved on the walls. This caused Chu Feng to feel deep veneration for the old man.

A person’s lifespan would always come to an end eventually. Even though True Immortal-level experts would easily live for over ten thousand years, how many two thousand years could they possibly have in their life?

Heart’s-blood. These things left behind through nearly two thousand years of meticulous effort were most definitely this senior’s heart’s-blood.

“Finally, this old man has one last thing to say,” After the old man finished explaining the final contents, his gaze suddenly turned serious. He said, “If you are a descendant of my Kong Heavenly Clan, I hope that you will bring honor to your ancestors and lead our Kong Heavenly Clan to a new heights.”

“However, if you are not a person of my Kong Heavenly Clan, I reckon that my Kong Heavenly Clan must’ve already entered desolation for you to obtain all these. If you possess animosity toward my Kong Heavenly Clan, I hope that you will spare them, and not ruthlessly kill them all. Please leave my Kong Heavenly Clan with some lives left so that they can continue to exist.”

“This old man shall express his respect and thanks to you here,” After the old man said those words, he actually kneeled onto the ground and bowed respectfully to Chu Feng.

“Senior, you absolutely must not,” Seeing this scene, even though Chu Feng knew that this old man was merely an image created by a spirit formation, Chu Feng’s heart was still moved. He hurriedly rushed forth to support the old man.

However, before Chu Feng could reach the old man, he turned into a ray of light that dove deep into the ground. He had disappeared.

“This old man has truly suffered. Even though he has been dead for so long, he is still worrying for the Kong Heavenly Clan.”

“However, he had no idea that it is not you that will make things difficult for the Kong Heavenly Clan but rather the Kong Heavenly Clan that will make things difficult for you,” Her Lady Queen said with a sigh.

“I hope that the Kong Heavenly Clan will not make things difficult for me,” Chu Feng said with a wry smile.

“What if they insist on making things difficult for you?” Her Lady Queen asked.

“That senior already said it himself. The things here cannot be considered to be the Kong Heavenly Clan’s possessions. I can take them away as much as I wish. There is no justification for them to attack me. If they insist on attacking me, I can only fight to the death,” Chu Feng said.

Chu Feng was not boasting. After all, he possessed the Evil God Sword. Chu Feng still had no idea how powerful that Demon Armament was. However, he was certain of one thing -- that Demon Armament possessed a power that absolutely could not be looked down upon.

“If possible, I really do not wish for you to have to use the Evil God Sword,” Her Lady Queen said.

“Neither do I. We can only hope that they will not force me to that,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

Then, he gathered up all of the treasures in that place. The only things left were the cultivation resources.

Chu Feng did not have the time to master the martial skills, nor was he capable of subduing that Ancestral Armament. However, he was still able to refine the cultivation resources.

There were a lot of cultivation resources. However, for a martial cultivator that would never be picky about their food and would never be full no matter how much they ate, the cultivation resources here would naturally not suffice.

In merely a short moment, Chu Feng completely refined all of the cultivation resources left behind by the old man.

Then, Chu Feng closed his eyes and began to comprehend the writings engraved on the walls. Contained within those writings was profoundness toward the way of martial cultivation.

Whether or not Chu Feng would be able to reach a breakthrough in cultivation in a short period of time and the amount of breakthroughs he might be able to achieve would all be dependent on him.


At the moment when Chu Feng was wholeheartedly focused on comprehending the profoundness of martial cultivation contained in the treasure deposit, the Kong Heavenly Clan was in utter chaos.

They had mobilized all their forces for battle. Even though the great majority of them had no idea what had happened, that didn’t stop the crowd from making wild guesses.

Furthermore, there were no walls in the world that wind couldn’t pass through. As such, Kong Ruozeng and his father also came to know about that matter.

“Lord Father,” Kong Ruozeng arrived before his father’s door.

“Ruozeng, why did you come? You’ve just suffered the medicinal punishment, shouldn’t you be properly resting?” Kong Yao looked at his own son whilst grief filled his heart.

He had also been present when his son was punished with medicinal punishment. He himself had also personally suffered the pains associated with the medicinal punishment. Thus, he knew that the pain truly made him feel like he would rather die. It was an unforgettable pain that he would never want to experience again in his lifetime.

However, to him, what was the most painful was hearing the painful screams of his son, Kong Ruozeng.

As a father, he felt himself to be very powerless. He felt extremely pained. He wished that he was able to endure all of the pains that Kong Ruozeng had suffered.

“Lord Father, although the medicinal punishment is a painful torture, it only lasted for a period of time. I am already fine now.”

“I have come here today to discuss one thing with Lord Father,” Kong Ruozeng said.

“What is it?” Kong Ruozeng’s father asked.

“I have a plan that could kill Chu Feng,” Kong Ruozeng said.

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