Chapter 2408 - Framing

 Chapter 2408 - Framing

“Ruozeng, come in, we’ll talk inside,” Hearing what Kong Ruozeng said, his father hurriedly called for him to enter the room.

Then, he took out a pearl. That pearl was the size of a palm. Golden-bright and dazzling light was flowing in the pearl. That was Immortal level spirit power.

Kong Ruozeng’s father instilled his own aura into the pearl. Then, he raised his arm, and that pearl turned into golden gases that scattered about in all directions before attaching themselves to the walls of the room.

It turned out that the pearl was a world spirit treasure that even non-world spiritists could use. As for its usage, it was precisely to isolate sound.

“Ruozeng, you said that you have a plan to kill Chu Feng?”

“What sort of plan might that be?” Kong Ruozengs’ father asked him.

“Lord Father, I am unable to endure the grievances. I absolutely cannot allow that Chu Feng to leave our Kong Heavenly Clan alive. Else, I fear that he will cause no end of trouble,” Kong Ruozeng said.

“Then what do you have in mind? Go ahead and tell me,” Kong Ruozeng’s father said.

“I heard that someone has managed to intrude into the Grief Calamity Mountain Range. Furthermore, I have heard that it is a member of the younger generation.”

“We can insist that Chu Feng is that intruder,” Kong Ruozeng said.

“Insist that Chu Feng is the intruder?” Kong Ruozeng’s father’s expression changed.

“That’s right. Chu Feng is a member of the younger generation, and an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist on top of that. Furthermore, he is not a person of our Kong Heavenly Clan. Thus, he greatly fits the identity of that foreign intruder,” Kong Ruozeng said.

“According to the people that we know, that Chu Feng really does fit the identity of the intruder a lot. However, what sort of place is the Grief Calamity Mountain Range? The people in our Kong Heavenly Clan know what sort of place it is very well.”

“Over the past generations, countless of our powerful seniors have attempted to enter that place. However, the great majority of them ended up dying in there. With Chu Feng’s strength, it should clearly be impossible for him to accomplish something like that. Thus, the people of our clan all suspect the intruder to be a genius from an Upper Realm,” Kong Ruozeng’s father said.

“Naturally, Chu Feng would not actually be the intruder. However, it will all be fine as long as he fits the status of the intruder,” Kong Ruozeng said.

“You mean… to frame him?” Kong Ruozeng’s father asked.

“That’s right. Lord Father, I want to frame him. Even if the intruder is someone else, we can still say that Chu Feng is his accomplice.”

“As for the Grief Calamity Mountain Range, it is no small matter. It concerns our Kong Heavenly Clan’s inheritance. To our Kong Heavenly Clan, there is nothing more serious than this matter.”

“Thus… I believe that Lord Clan Chief and the various Supreme Elders will rather wrongly kill someone than let the intruder escape,” Kong Ruozeng said.

“Ruozeng, for you to be able to think of this, I believe there are many others in the clan that have thought of this too. However, no one has voiced their opinions. Do you know why?” Kong Ruozeng’s father asked.

“I know. I know the reason why. But, I am truly unable to understand exactly what is so extraordinary about that Chu Feng. Isn’t it just because he was lucky enough to obtain Grandmaster Kai Hong’s inheritance? Are you to tell me that he is truly that amazing for even that old bastard Kong Shunlian to shield him like that?” When mentioning this matter, Kong Ruozeng revealed an expression filled with grievances.

“What you have said is only part of the reason. There’s also a very important point. That is, Chu Feng has declared that he will be in closed-door training. During the time when he is in closed-door training, there have been people guarding his residence the entire time. Among them are peak Martial Ancestor-level experts. Logically, it should be impossible for Chu Feng to have left. Even if he left, someone would’ve noticed it.”

“Thus, our words will have no proof behind them. I fear that it will be very difficult to make Lord Clan Chief and the various Supreme Elders believe us,” Kong Ruozeng’s father said.

“That’s simple. I merely need to say that I saw Chu Feng outside during the time when he was in closed-door training. This will raise suspicions,” Kong Ruozeng said.

“Ruozeng, you absolutely must not. Doing something like that will be too dangerous,” Kong Ruozeng’s father said.

“Lord Father, do you still not understand our current position? We have already offended that old codger Kong Shunlian because of that Chu Feng. All of our clansmen know about this matter.”

“What is an Supreme Elder? All the people who have ever ended up offending an Supreme Elder will be given the cold shoulder by our fellow clansmen. I fear that it will be very difficult for the two of us to rise in power again.”

“However, right now, one such opportunity has presented itself before us. As long as we can successfully frame that Chu Feng, we would have provided outstanding service to our Kong Heavenly Clan. In the future, even if Kong Shunlian is dissatisfied with us, no one will dare to despise us,” Kong Ruozeng said.

“Ssss~~~” At that moment, Kong Ruozeng’s father took in a long breath of air. Then, he closed his eyes. Only after a long time passed did he open his eyes again. Merely, this time around, there was no longer any hesitation in his eyes. Rather, they were filled with determination. It was a determination to face death with equanimity.

“This matter is very dangerous. We either succeed or we die trying. However, Ruozeng, as this matter concerns your future, we can take this risk.”

“Merely, you cannot be the one to report this matter, nor can I be the one to report this matter. The reason for that is because there is already conflict between we father and son and that Chu Feng. That is something that everyone knows about. If either one of us is to declare Chu Feng to be the intruder, we will definitely be struck down by others,” Kong Ruozeng’s father said.

“Then who is to report this matter then?” Kong Ruozeng asked.

“Have your mother do it. Our clansmen will definitely believe what your mother says,” Kong Ruozeng’s father said.

“My mother? We’re going to involve even her?” Kong Ruozeng was stunned. His mother was different from him and his father. His mother was someone who possessed a very grand status in the Kong Heavenly Clan. In addition to being very talented, the reason why Kong Ruozeng was pampered by the people of the Kong Heavenly Clan was actually not because of his father. Rather, it was because he was borne of his mother.

Furthermore, his mother possessed numerous connections. She was someone who never had disputes with others. Thus, his mother possessed great prestige in the clan, and was someone that people trusted.

“This matter concerns your future. I believe that your mother will be willing to help,” Kong Ruozeng’s father patted Kong Ruozeng’s shoulder.

Originally, Kong Ruozeng was concerned. He did not wish to have his mother take this mess upon herself. However, upon thinking about his own future, a determined expression flashed through his eyes. He said, “We can only trouble mother then.”

Then, Kong Ruozeng mentioned this matter to his mother. Originally, his mother was completely against it. Even though his mother did not know about that Chu Feng, and knew that it was because of Chu Feng that her son and husband ended up suffering medicinal punishments, his mother did not want to frame Chu Feng.

However, after Kong Ruozeng implored her nonstop, and even threatened her with his own death, his mother finally agreed to help.

As the saying goes, one’s parents will always worry about oneself. Motherly love… was always the greatest.

Then, Kong Ruozeng and his parents entered the ancient pagoda and found the Supreme Elder Kong Yuehua.

With Kong Ruozeng’s mother being the one voicing the claims, she declared that Kong Ruozeng had seen Chu Feng in the vicinity of the Grief Calamity Mountain Range.

Once the claim was spoken, it immediately brought forth a huge ruckus.

“Sure enough, it’s that Chu Feng. Our Kong Heavenly Clan treated him as a honored guest, and received him with kind intentions. Yet, he actually wants to seize our Kong Heavenly Clan’s inheritance? This is truly unforgivable!” Many of the elders present were endlessly furious.

“Indeed, that Chu Feng is very suspicious. However, does he really possess the capabilities to intrude into the Grief Calamity Mountain Range, and undo a spirit formation on top of that?” However, there were also people voicing their suspicions to Kong Ruozeng’s mother’s claims.

“It’s better to kill him wrongly than to let the intruder escape. After all, this matter concerns our Kong Heavenly Clan’s inheritance,” Someone said.

“While that is the case, this Chu Feng is no ordinary individual. Right now, he is extremely famous in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm, and many people know that he is staying in our Kong Heavenly Clan as a guest. If we do not possess concrete evidence, we cannot do anything to him,” Another elder voiced their worry.

“Who cares? Wouldn’t it be fine if we are to find a reason to ask that Chu Feng out? If he is truly still in closed-door training, we can forget about this. However, if he’s not in closed-door training, he must be the intruder of the Grief Calamity Mountain Range,” Someone said.

“No, that is too reckless. There are still a lot of people staying as guests in our Kong Heavenly Clan,” Someone felt that to be inappropriate.

“This won’t do, that won’t do. What do you suggest then?” The two sides started to argue.

“Lady Supreme Elder, what do you think we should do about this?” At that moment, all of the elders turned their gazes to Kong Yuehua.

A matter such as this was of the utmost importance. When their Clan Chief was not present, the only ones capable of making such a decision were the Supreme Elders.

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